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"What are we looking at, Doctor?" Alexander sighed as he looked from monitor to monitor in the sterile white room.

"If you'll look at the first two monitors, you will see Vampire blood, the first is Miss Vieras' and the second is Miss Akashiya's. Both are healthy samples. The third screen shows what happens to human blood when Vampire blood is introduced." The doctor drawled, no emotion in his voice.

"In other words, a Ghoul."

"Precisely." The doctor pointed to the fourth screen. "This is the blood we drew from Mister Aono during his visit. As you can see, the Vampire blood has bonded completely with the Human blood. It is both, but neither at the same time."

Alexander was intrigued. When it came to Vampire blood, there were only two options; it either turned you into another Vampire, or you became a Ghoul. "This bond, do you believe that it can be replicated?"

"This is an unprecedented discovery, a perfect melding of Monster and Human, Mister Adelheid. This boy has single-handedly destroyed every medical text pertaining to your kind's blood." The doctor made a few grandiose waves of his hands, and all but the fourth screen went dark. "I am a man of science, and if this phenomenon can be recreated, it will be."

"I would expect nothing less from you, Doctor." The Headmaster's voice came from the doorway, startling the thin man. He then turned to Alexander. "Mister Adelheid, I would like to discuss reopening the Special Dormitory for our young bridge-builder."

"The Special Dorm? What is your scheme this time, my Exorcist friend?"

-Moka's Room-

Tsukune woke up with moonlight streaming through the window and into his eyes. He looked over to see Inner-Moka's Silver hair practically glowing in the faint light. 'She looks so peaceful when she's asleep.' He thought to himself as he watched her sleep, holding his arm loosely, like one would a teddy bear. "So this is the reason we're even in this situation." Despite the shock of hearing the voice in his head again, Tsukune managed not to jump. "I must say, boy, you have excellent tastes." The voice laughed, echoing in his skull. 'They all kind of chose me, actually.' "Then maybe I should question their tastes. Speaking of tastes, how about a nibble?" Tsukune thought about shaking his head as hard as he could. 'Are you kidding me? She's asleep. It wouldn't be right if I didn't ask first.' "Spoilsport. Just get some from one of your girls before you go to school." 'Why? I'm not thirsty at all.' "No, but don't forget that you're in bed with a Vampire. What do you think she's going to do the minute she wakes up?" Tsukune sighed, realizing that he was right. 'Fine, but can I grow fangs, at least? Moka's neck was still bruised a little this morning.' "Yes. Just focus on them, and they should extend."

Tsukune was yanked out of his internal conversation by the feeling of his arm nearly being crushed. He looked down to see Moka clutching tightly to his arm, her face scrunched into a frown. He was shocked, she had been okay just a moment ago, and now she looked like she was having the worst nightmare ever. He saw her mouth moving, and leaned in as close as he could, her trembling breaths tickling his ear. "Mother."

'That's right, her mother just disappeared one day. She must be reliving it.' He brushed the hair out of her face and was about to place his hand on her cheek to try to calm her, when he heard her again.

"Tsukune. Don't leave."

'I think I get it now. This must be why she kept pushing me away. She was afraid that if she let me close, that I'd leave her, just like her Mother did.' "No shit, Sherlock." The voice chimed sarcastically. "Don't take my word for it, but I'm damn certain that there's quite a bit more to it than that." Moka suddenly clutched tighter, her nails digging deep into Tsukune's upper arm. Turning as much as he could without trying to break her grip, Tsukune wrapped his free arm around her shoulders and kissed her forehead. "I'm right here, Moka. I'll never leave."

"Promise?" She looked up to him, her normally proud eyes shimmering with unshed tears.

"I promise. None of us will ever be alone again." He smiled, feeling her nails slowly extracting themselves from his flesh.

"Good. Be warned, though;" She grinned, her confidence returning quickly. "I'm not very good at sharing." She began to lick the indents in Tsukune's arm, slowly and deliberately.

"W-what are you doing?"

"You're bleeding, and I'm thirsty. I'll kill two birds with one stone and get my fill while cleaning you up." With that, her tongue continued to dart about, lapping up the blood as it trickled out of his wounds. Tsukune for his part, relaxed and enjoyed the sensation. It was far more pleasurable than getting bitten, and it was beginning to wake up other parts of his body as well. "Still delicious." Moka purred before kissing Tsukune full on the lips. He could taste the coppery blood on his tongue as it wrestled with hers.

As the kissing became more urgent, there was a sudden knock on the door. They waited, hoping whoever it was would just go away. The person on the other side knocked again and slowly opened the door. "Sister? Are you awake?"

-Flashback, two weeks ago-

"Sister, are you awake?" Kokoa asked as she knocked on the door.

Moka finished combing her shimmering pink hair and opened the door for the younger Vampire. "I was just getting ready for bed. What is it, Kokoa?"

"You love that Human, right?" She asked as she sat on the edge of Moka's bed.

"Y-yes, at least I think I do." Moka stuttered, eyeing the red-head.


"Well, he's kind, caring, wants everyone to get along and smarter than he gives himself credit for." Moka responded, placing a finger on her chin.

"Is that it?" Kokoa scoffed.

"No, he's also saved me from a lot of really mean people." "He's also partly responsible for a lot of the trouble you've found yourself in, don't forget that." Inner-Moka pointed out. 'And you're responsible for the trouble he's in right now, so hush.' She thought grumpily.

"He is pretty strong for a Human." Kokoa admitted.

"He's not just Human anymore, Kokoa. He has Vampire blood, too. He may be the first person to ever successfully control his Ghoul self. I just don't like when he changes, his eyes frighten me." Moka shivered slightly at the memory of the last time she saw Tsukune change into the Ghoul.

"How do you know when you're in love?"

Moka studied her sister a moment. Kokoa wasn't really that much younger than she was, she should have seen something like this coming. "Well, when you see that person, your heart starts to beat faster, and when you touch, you almost feel like you could melt. Being near Tsukune makes me really hungry, too, though, and I just can't resist his blood." She sighed dreamily. "Why? Are you in love with someone?"

"Of course not, I only care about fighting!" Kokoa crossed her arms in front of her chest indignantly.

"Oh, come on, what's he like?"

"There's one guy that's always around, and it's starting to bug me. He's always got this goofy smile that really gets on my nerves. No matter how hard I hit him he doesn't go away. Worst of all, he's always helping people!" Kokoa grumbled.

"He sounds like a really good person, Kokoa." Moka smiled, happy that her little sister was finally interested in something other than trying to hurt Tsukune or fighting her.

"I suppose he is, and he's gotten pretty strong. Not as strong as Big Sister, though." She said roughly, pointing to the Rosario around Moka's neck.

Moka resisted the urge to giggle at how quick her little sister was to talk up her Inner-self. "She's got a point, though, Outer. No one is as strong as I am." "Why don't you tell him how you feel? You're cute and smart and strong, he'd be lucky to have you."

"I don't know how." The younger girl admitted, rather sullenly. "All I know is fighting, because I always wanted to be better than you. Now, every time he makes me feel funny, I get frustrated with not having the answer for why, and it makes me angry and I hit him. Every time, though, he bounces back with that same goofy grin on his face."

"It sounds like he really cares about you, Kokoa." Moka sat on the bed next to her sister and draped an arm on her shoulders.

"Maybe." She sighed, a sound that was not at all happy. "I'm pretty sure he's in love with someone else, though."

"It never hurts to try, though." Moka said, trying to cheer the red-head up. "It would probably help if you tried to be a bit more honest about your feelings and not hitting him every time he does something that confuses you." "Honest with your feelings? Take your own advice, Pinky." Inner-Moka scoffed. 'I'm more honest than you are.'

"I'll try." She turned and hugged her big sister's kinder half so hard, Moka thought she felt her spine straighten. "Good night, Sister." Kokoa said over her shoulder as she left Moka's room.

-End Flashback-

"What is it? I'm in the middle of something." Moka growled, not at all pleased with the interruption.

Kokoa jumped slightly, hearing the angry tone of the more fearsome half of her sister. "I had a nightmare, and I don't want to sleep alone."

Tsukune noticed that Moka was about to say something rude, and silently reminded her that she just had a nightmare of her own. "I had a nightmare tonight, too. Come here."

Tsukune's eyes went wide, realizing he was naked under the sheets, but Moka just gave him an evil grin. "You're going to sleep between my 'teddy bear' and I. that way, neither of us should have another nightmare."

"You have a teddy bear?" Kokoa asked as she moved closer to the bed, her bat pajama shirt swishing around her thighs.

"I do tonight." Moka held out her hand and helped Kokoa onto the bed.

The younger Vampire slipped as she was crawling into the bed and landed roughly on Tsukune's chest, causing him to grunt in pain. "What the- Tsukune? What are you doing in my Sister's bed?"

"I told you, dear Kokoa, he is being my teddy bear tonight. Now, enough fussing. I am tired, and we need to get some sleep before Tsukune has to leave. Under the sheets with you." Moka lifted the sheets, revealing her nude body to the moonlight, and her little sister.

"Y-you're-" She stuttered, unable to tear her eyes from the well developed form before her.

"And so is he. Now shut up and come here." Before Kokoa could protest, Moka pulled her close, so that her back was to Tsukune. By the time Moka was done rearranging bodies, Tsukune's right arm was across the bed, being used as a pillow by both girls as he loosely spooned Kokoa, feeling the cotton of her panties brushing against his bare hip. He was certain that if he hadn't been so surprised by the situation, he'd have had quite the erection by now. Moka lay down facing them both, having to be very close to her little sister on the small bed. She grabbed Tsukune's left wrist and brought his hand to her waist, an involuntary sigh escaping her lips. She placed her own hand on Tsukune's shoulder, effectively sandwiching the smaller girl between the two of them. "Comfortable, Kokoa?"

"Mmm, smells good." She sighed dreamily, snuggling back against Tsukune.

Moka smiled warmly at Tsukune, causing him to forget about his state of undress and hold both Vampires to him as closely as he could, the three of them drifting quickly off to slumber.


When Tsukune woke up, he became aware of a number of things very quickly. The first was a severe case of morning wood. Second, there was very soft flesh pressing against his back, and there seemed to be two small pebbles between him and it. Third, his hands were being guided, gently caressing the thin fabric wrapped around a tiny frame. He opened his eyes and realized that it was Kokoa's body he was fondling. Over his shoulder, Tsukune could see Moka, a wicked smile plastered on her face.

"M-Moka, what are you doing?" He whispered, afraid to incur the wrath of either of the women in bed with him.

"She interrupted my time with you, Tsukune. So I have decided that it is now her turn."

"Don't I get a say in this?"

Moka let go of one of his wrists and gripped his manhood. "I think your body is answering for you." She went back to forcing Tsukune's hands to touch Kokoa. His fingertips gliding over her stomach before circling lightly around her small breasts. The red-headed Vampire moaned slightly, pressing her body closer to Tsukune's, her panties rubbing against his hardened member. "Squeeze them. Lightly, or you'll wake her up before she's ready." Moka whispered as she released his wrists.

"So much for not being good at sharing…" Tsukune mumbled as he began to knead her breasts through the fabric. For the longest time, he had not known what to think about the temperamental girl. For the first few months, if she wasn't trying to kill Tsukune or get Moka to fight with her, she had been trying to get the other girls to steal him away from her Beloved Sister.

All that seemed to have changed after Tsukune and Moka had been taken been by that shape-changing serial-killer. After the fight, she would give him backhanded compliments and threaten to squash him into nothing more than a human stain, but unlike before, she could no longer meet his gaze when doing so.

Tsukune smiled when his mind jumped back to the last couple of days. Kokoa had been getting shy around him, trying to acknowledge her own feelings for him when she saw the others being so open with him. He liked her fiery temper, her dedication to whatever she set her mind to, but he had to say he loved the cute way she would try to say how she felt without actually having to say it.

Kokoa moaned in her sleep when his hands brushed over her nipples. He continued to pay attention to her hardening nipples when he noticed one of Moka's hands slide down and begin to shimmy Kokoa's nightshirt up. Just as he was about to ask her what she was up to, two things happened in rapid succession. Moka's other hand wrapped tightly around his base, and Kokoa's hands went over his, making him fondle her with more force. "Mmm, more." She sighed.

"You heard her, Tsukune. Give her more." Moka purred as she began to stroke his length.

Tsukune smiled to himself, realizing just how many men would fantasize about this every night. He craned his head and kissed Kokoa's neck, nibbling gently as he finished pulling up her shirt, exposing her breasts. He continued fondling her breasts, hands moving with purpose now that she was awake. "Good morning, Kokoa." He whispered, smiling into her neck as her hair tickled his cheek.

"Shut up and keep touching me." She complained, the veiled threat losing it's luster when she moaned again.

"So stubborn." Moka sighed. Kokoa had interrupted her fun with Tsukune, so now she was going to have some fun at her little sister's expense. She took Tsukune's length and began rubbing his tip along Kokoa's thighs, causing the smaller girl to writhe.

"It itches, Tsukune. Scratch it for me." Kokoa mumbled as she pulled one of Tsukune's hands away from her chest and shoved it between her legs.

"I like this one, she's a regular firecracker." 'Inner'-Tsukune laughed. 'I wasn't expecting this tonight.' "Stop bitching and enjoy it, you little sissy." 'Easy for you to say, you just have to watch.' Tsukune thought as he began to softly rub the moistened cotton separating him from Kokoa's precious spot. The young Vampire used her hand to make him put more pressure into his movements. She moaned loudly when Moka pushed Tsukune's length between her thighs, squeezing between the pale flesh and rubbing against her panties.

"That's more like it." Moka chuckled darkly as Kokoa quickly climbed toward a small orgasm, voice muffled by Tsukune giving her a very passionate kiss. Barely waiting for the younger Vampire to catch her breath, she started to pull her clothes off. Once Kokoa's bat pajamas and panties were discarded, Moka began rearranging the bodies on the small bed. "Tsukune, you lay on your back, and Kokoa, you lay on your back on top of him." She ordered as she straddled Tsukune's knees. Once they had complied, Moka gripped Tsukune's length and began rubbing the tip against Kokoa's bare, pink flesh. "This is going to hurt a little, dear sister." Moka intoned as she pushed Tsukune into the smaller girl slowly. "Consider this your penance for interrupting my time with him."

"I understand." Kokoa whispered as she felt something thick slipping inside of her. Her mind was going a mile a minute, and she was very frightened. She had just gotten used to the idea of Tsukune being an okay person and realizing that she shared her sister's feelings for him. She was still trying to show him that she cared, but it always came out wrong, and now her Sister was practically forcing her to have sex with someone who she couldn't even tell that she liked him to his face. If his hands hadn't felt so good, she would probably have freaked out and run through the wall naked.

Tsukune noticed that she had tensed up and seemed scared. He wrapped his arms around her waist and began to nibble lightly on her ear. "It'll be okay, Kokoa. She was afraid to tell me how she felt until last night, so I won't expect you to tell me that you love me until you're ready."

"I'm not afraid, damn it." She grumbled indignantly. She would have called him an idiot if Moka hadn't suddenly grabbed her hips and fully impaled her on Tsukune. Kokoa suddenly felt like she was being torn in half, her body froze, and she bit her lip so hard that blood quickly rolled down her cheek and dribbled into Tsukune's open mouth.

Tasting the blood on his tongue, Tsukune almost lost himself, barely resisting the urge to help her rip her lip further. Instead, he licked the stream trailing down her cheek and began to suckle on her wounded lip while he waited for her to adjust to being so full. She was clamped down so tightly that he wasn't sure he could move if he had tried.

Moka, however, was feeling a little impatient, and more than a little hot and bothered. She leaned down and licked Tsukune and Kokoa where they were connected, tasting the blood that signaled the red-head's virginity with relish. She began to play with herself absently, rubbing her body over Tsukune's legs as she gazed up at her petite sister's writhing form. The pained expression had finally disappeared, and Kokoa seemed to need more touch, touch that Tsukune was more than happy to give in his current state of mind.

Tsukune slowly began to move his hips, gauging her reaction. The blood had finally stopped flowing, allowing him to clear his mind slightly, but the sensations that came from Kokoa's body had him fogging right back up. Hearing her soft moans, and those of Moka, he worked his hands feverishly, memorizing every inch of her flesh.

Kokoa was lost in a sea of new sensations. She had never so much as touched herself in an intimate manner before, and now she was having sex with Tsukune, and her Big Sister was doing something to her precious place that felt really good. It had hurt at first, she even thought she would die from the pain, but with the way Tsukune moved in and around her, she knew she would want to do this again sometime.

Moka was not satisfied, so she pulled Kokoa up into a sitting position and turned her around so that she could see Tsukune's body. With that complete, Moka straddled his face, showing him that she needed his touch as well. "This way, dear sister, Tsukune can make us both happy." She purred as Tsukune's tongue began to explore the proud Vampire. Moka guided Kokoa's body, making her lift herself nearly off of Tsukune before having her sink back down, causing moans of pleasure to echo in the small room.

All too soon, both girls fell off the cliff to orgasm. They collapsed against each other as they caught their breath. "That was amazing." Kokoa whispered, hardly believing what she had just done.

"Good that you think so, Kokoa." Moka breathed as she removed herself from Tsukune's face and smiled wickedly at him. "Now, since Tsukune was kind enough to please us, we are going to return the favor."

Kokoa, having regained some of her sense, however, looked down at Tsukune's flushed face. "Like hell I will! He hurt me, Big Sister!"

"Quit being a baby. It only hurt for a second, right?" Kokoa nodded, and Moka continued. "Then get off of him, and I'll show you how to do this right." She said with a haughty expression, despite her only experience being from watching Outer perform in memories.

Moka straddled one of Tsukune's legs and leaned in close, her hot breath tickling his sensitive tip. Kokoa nervously followed suit, looking between Moka and her target. "What do I do now, Big Sister?"

"This." Moka leaned forward and lightly licked Tsukune from base to tip, earning a pleased shiver from the boy. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around him, swirling her tongue slowly before releasing him. "Your turn."

"Do I have to?" Kokoa asked, earning a glare from her sister and an almost pitiful look from the only person who ever made her feel like she didn't need to fight, or be the best. "Fine." She mirrored Moka's movements, her tongue gliding clumsily over his flesh. "Smells good." She mumbled.

"Now, we'll both do it." Moka took one side, while Kokoa continued on the other, trying to keep up.

Tsukune watched the two girls lick and suck on him, wondering what miracles he had performed in a previous life to get this kind of pay-off. Moka was positively beautiful, and her commanding tone with her younger sister was really sexy. Kokoa, on the other hand, was tough, sassy, and could bring about the inner-lolicon in just about any guy on campus. The combination attack had his mind reeling, and the way Kokoa was so heavily focused on the task only added to his arousal. There was no longer any doubt in his mind that the fiery red-head had feelings for him. Watching them work, their tongues often fighting for a particular spot of flesh, Tsukune quickly felt his pleasure mounting.

The situation was too much for him to handle. "I'm about to-" He groaned before erupting between the two girls, thick globs of his seed landing on their faces. The warmth of it surprised Kokoa, and she fell away from Tsukune before his smell assaulted her once again. She had managed to clean off her face, and was licking her last finger clean when she realized what she was doing.

Unable to speak, Kokoa simply glared at Moka, who was savoring Tsukune's essence, cleaning him up after she took care of herself. "Quite delicious, isn't it?" Kokoa simply nodded. "Better than his blood by a long shot."

Both girls lay down next to a recovering Tsukune, catching a few more precious moments of sleep before the 'Luckiest Guy at Yokai' would have to leave.

Outside, a small group of shadows watched what had happened in the room. "You see, I told you that Aono was getting more tail than you ever did, Hokuto." A cloaked young man laughed as he turned to one of his companions.

"Must you always be so vulgar Kiria?" The taller man asked, mild irritation in his voice as he pushed up his glasses. "Perhaps your mouth would be better served telling me exactly why we sat here and watched that."

"Well, according to the rumors and reports, Aono and his friends beat down the whole Seventh Branch, and even vaporized that pretty-boy Siren. So, whether you two are buddies or not, he's a bit of a threat to the organization, and needs to be monitored for weaknesses."

Hokuto sighed, unwilling to correct his subordinate on the use of the word friend. "That still does not explain why I had to watch him with the Akashiya girl."

"What, you didn't like watching him get freaky with the Vampire bitches?" Kiria laughed again, until he found the shimmering hand of their other companion dangerously close to his throat.

"I do hope you aren't using that word to describe my precious sister, you half-breed." The girl said sweetly as she used her free hand to tuck some of her onyx hair back under her hood.

"Stop fooling around, you two. If we leave a mess, our presence will be noticed." Hokuto tightened his cloak and turned to the others. "Let's go make our report."

With that, the three cloaked shadows vanished into the wind, leaving no traces of their existence.

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