Rose looked up with her blurring eyes to where the Undertaker had been stood before and now she could make out his hazy image, "Why?" Rose asked as loud as she possibly could.

The Undertaker was not smiling and instead had a hard look on his face, "You'll only disappoint me again blossom, I have to let you go made the decision we can't do this again, didn't you?"

Grell darted forwards and caught Rose in his arms just as she nearly collapsed onto the floor, he lay her gently across his knees whilst shaking and starting to panic, he didn't know what to do, if he pulled the knife out then she would surely bleed to death but if he left it in it would cause her even more damage, "Rose! Rose!" Grell exclaimed, "What have you done!" Grell said turning to Sebastian with murderous eyes.

"It's nice to see you acting differently for once." Sebastian smiled, "I'm afraid it had to be done, her death would be the only thing that would bring back the memories."

"I'll kill you! I swear you're dead!" Grell shouted and was about to get up but he felt a hand on his cheek and turned to see Rose in unbearable pain with blood trickling from her mouth but still trying to smile up at him, "Rose, my darling, everything will be fine, I won't let you die. Not yet." Grell said cradling her gently and wiping the blood from her face. "And you!" Grell said looking up at the Undertaker, "Your own daughter, you really are the lowest of the low, deserter! Why?"

The Undertaker smirked, "She made her decision, there was nothing else to do. You made sure of that."

"What?" Grell exclaimed in fury and looked down at Rose, "This wasn't my fault, I never asked for this." Grell moved her hair away from her face and gripped on to her tightly as he watched the lids of her eyes closing slightly then he shook her and she opened them again, "Don't you dare leave me now, stay with me, don't you remember I made a promise."

"Could you hurry up and die, I don't have all night." Sebastian said coldly walking away from Grell and Rose, "I'll leave you to say your goodbye's."

"Grell." Rose said before Grell could get to his feet and catch up with Sebastian, "I'm sorry, I never meant for any of this to turn out like it did." Rose said as loudly as she could still resting her hand on his cheek, "You promised, just take what you wanted in the first place."

Grell took hold of Rose's hand tightly, he had to tell her before it was too late, he could see her failing already, "I wanted your soul, I said it would be mine but things have changed, I don't want it for the same reason I did before...I want it to mirror mine always, you made me realise so many things about myself I was frightened about...I can't take it, I won't."

Rose smiled, "I don't want anyone else to do it. You have to..." Rose paused, "I feel so cold."

"This life is failing in her." The Undertaker said walking over and hovering above them, "What choice will you make reaper? Will you run from it or face it? Or do I have to intervene once more?"

"I don't know what you're talking about but take one more step and it will be your last." Grell said shooting him a glare that might have set the Undertaker alight at that very moment.

Rose looked up at the Undertaker sadly, had she disappointed him so much that he'd had no choice but to do this to his own little blossom, she couldn't think straight, everything was starting to grow darker, she turned her eyes back up to Grell and red filled her vision lighting her way, "Don't lose my soul, please..." Rose felt herself lose the power to speak, her body felt like ice and completely numb, she couldn't feel anything, death was holding her tenderly and she knew he would do the right thing, "I love you..." Rose strained but then the blackness engulfed her and the red disappeared as she fell into darkness.

"I will never lose your soul darling, it was always mine from the start." Grell said as tears streamed down his face then he let go of her hand and her arm fell limply to the floor. Grell reached back into his red coat underneath and unclipped something attached to his hip belt and withdrew it, it was a small scythe, his initiate scythe, he always carried it in case something happened to his chainsaw, he'd never given it up, something had told him he would need it one day.

"I love you." Grell whimpered knowing his words were too late then he brought the scythe down forcefully into her chest.

Rose's body jerked in his arms and suddenly hundreds of reels on cinematic record started to spill out into the air from where he had pierced her, the scenes played in reverse showing earlier that night then their last few days and then finally it approached the point where Rose had rewritten the history from her, Grell and the others, but something was wrong.

"What's going on?" Sebastian said with a curious expression as he stood next to the Undertaker and all of them including Grell stared up at the records, "Why are they blank?" The records that had spilled from Rose's chest were now flickering with plain black scenes; nothing at all was showing on them. When Sebastian didn't receive an answer he turned and saw that the Undertaker was no longer at his side but a few feet away ginning malevolently.

"Indeed, why are they blank?" The Undertaker said looking down at Grell who was equally confused but still holding on to Rose's lifeless body. "It looks like there was nothing to tell of this life apart from what you've seen. Lady Burnett's life was rather short."

"You said that she's wasn't related to the earl at all, then who was she?" Sebastain said rather intrigued with the situation; The Undertaker merely smiled and said nothing, he was enjoying the butler and the Shingami's reactions to all this.

Grell's mind acted quickly and the confusion left him, "She wasn't Lady Burnett...she wasn't your daughter after all?"

"I certainly hope not. She was never part human until I decided it. She used to be very much like you and I." The Undertaker said with a knowing smile. "It was all a fabrication, something I chose this time around."

"This time around?" Grell said giving the Undertaker a furious stare, "What have you been doing? What did you do to her?"

"Only what she asked me to." The Undertaker said reaching in to his robes and pulling out a small black object and holding it between his thumb and forefinger and shaking it.

"Is that what I think it is?" Sebastian said looking at the small black object which seemed to be the key to unlocking the mystery of what had been going on.

"Yes it is. He's edited her records." Grell said laying Rose gently down on the floor and standing up next to Sebastian and holding out his hand; they both wanted to same thing now but for different reasons, Sebastian wanted it so that he could get back his memories, Grell wanted it because it because it would renew the life she once had and this one would disappear.

If he got hold of the missing piece of record he could save her.

"Give it to me now." Grell demanded. "Give me the missing part of her record."

"Are you sure you want to know the truth? Are you ready to face the past?" The Undertaker said shaking the little tube so that the reel inside rattled around. "I really wanted to hold on to this, I'm very attached to my little blossom after all these years."

"She's not yours anymore, she never belonged to you." Grell said through gritted teeth. "NOW GIVE IT ME!" Grell darted forwards at the Undertaker powering his chainsaw and raising it in the air, he didn't have time, if he left her long enough the mortal part of her would quickly die and she would be lost forever.

"For once we're on the same side." Sebastian said running forwards at Grell's side and taking out his silver knives in one hand, "I might assist you this once Grell." They both darted close to the Undertaker; Sebastian threw his knives which the Undertaker moved out of the way of quickly and then pulled back as the red reaper lunged in and narrowly missed his head with the roaring chainsaw blade and fell past him.

"Here then." The Undertaker said popping the lid of the small black tube and jerking the contents into the air so that they swept across the garden like a long think snake and attached itself to the rest of Rose's spilling reels, "Since you're both so adamant about it."

Rose's eyes snapped open and the reels waved wildly in the air completely out of control, Rose could feel the warmth returning to her body and she began to feel the control coming back into her limbs. There was unbelievable pain coursing through her and a high pitched sound screeching in her head as memories started to flood back, doors opening in locked parts of her mind that had been previously locked shut. Grell and Sebastian fell to the floor screaming and clutching their heads, the same thing was happening to them. The pain seemed to last forever but then it stopped and all three were left panting and shaking on the floor trying to understand what had just happened.

The Undertaker walked over to Rose and knelt by her side, "Hasn't it been fun?" He said as he watched her eyes turn to him full of mixed emotions. The Undertaker ran a black nail down the side of her face and she didn't move to push him away, instead she just stared at him panting heavily and trying to sit up, "I hope you don't think of me too badly now that you remember everything. After all, you wanted it." he grinned one last time and stood up, "I'll see you again, you know that, don't you...blossom." He said and then he walked away.

"So that's what happened. Interesting." Sebastian said sitting up and composing himself, "I imagine what just happened to us will have happened to the master as well...I must return...He will want me there." Sebastian looked at Grell who had just pushed himself up and was on his hands and knees staring down at the grass with wide eyes, "I trust you can handle things from here...I will come back...I feel thanks will be in order to the lady for stopping my master from finding out the truth about his past. Without her help our contract would have surely ended." Sebastian stood up and smoothed out his clothes, he looked over at Rose who was getting to her feet, "I will take my leave now, my regards." Sebastian said to Grell and then walking off.

Grell looked up from the grass straight into Rose's eyes, "It was all my fault..." he said looking away again. Everything made sense now, he remembered everything so clearly, how this had all started and he felt so guilty, "Everything..."

"Grell." Rose said.

Grell looked up, it was like seeing her for the first time all over again, so many new emotions and memories had come back to him, so many years of history nearly forgotten forever. Grell watched as Rose scrambled to her feet and ran over to him, his heart pounded and he too quickly got to his feet and ran towards her catching her in his arms and holding her so tightly, he would never let her go again, nothing could keep them apart this time.

"It wasn't your fault, it was mine, I went to him and asked him to take away all the pain, I'm the one who's sorry. I should have never got involved; I should have learnt my place." Rose said burying her face into his chest and gripping on to him so tightly like he might disappear again. "I made such a terrible mistake, forgetting everything, I just wanted the pain to go away...god I thought I hated you but I didn't."

"I thought I hated you too." Grell said pushing her back so that he could look into her beautiful Shinigami eyes, he smiled, "But we did hate each other at the many arguments, do you remember them now? Screaming and fighting with each other."

"So young and so stupid." Rose said pushing his fringe aside with her hand and running her fingers down through his long hair, "Your hair got so long."

"And you got more beautiful." Grell said taking her hand and bringing it up to his mouth, he took one of her fingers and bit it hard drawing blood then he licked it off her finger, "I hated you so much because you were what I wanted to be more than anything, I was so jealous of you."

"I was jealous of you too...and that's how this all started." Rose said running the finger he had just bitten across his lips smearing the blood, "I wanted to be like you."

"Rose...I should have told you so long ago..." Grell paused tilting her chin up to him, "I was in love with you, I was always in love with you, right from the start, I just couldn't accept it, you knew what I was like...and how confused I was going through feelings I thought I could never feel for a woman."

"I was in love with you...but...always in the back of my mind there was...well...there was...your intentions...towards..." Rose trailed off; she knew he would know what she meant.

"Don't you mean someone not something getting in the way of us being mean..." Grell said trailing off too; they both remembered what had been getting in the way of them being together.

Almost a whole century had passed since that fateful day when their futures would be thrown into chaos and they were torn apart. Somehow though they had managed to find each other so many times over and over again, life it seemed, could not keep them apart not matter what happened, their destinies were hopelessly interwoven.

"I'll never make such a stupid mistake ever again." Rose said stroking Grell's cheek tenderly.

"And I wont ever give you the chance to my darling, my sweet Rose. I love you." Grell said leaning forwards and kissing Rose passionately.

"I love you Grell." Rose said breathlessly between their kisses.

So many times they had kissed before but this time it felt like the first time all over again, back when they were young and naive, back when they had hated each other, back in those first few months iof their training and graduation.

Dispatch 1799.