Soli Deo gloria

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Beauty and the Beast or the Hunchback of Notre Dame. HERE'S THE EPICLOGUE. I know, I misspelled it, BUT I DON'T REALLY CARE. IT FITS.

Gaston took her home, told her good night, exclaimed over the day they had. Belle merely nodded politely and walked inside. She was effected more than he had been, apparently.

She passed her father and he asked, "How did it go?"

She sighed, shrugged, and tossed the ruined book onto the dinner table. "I'd rather not talk about it," she said softly. Her father nodded understandingly.

When Belle went upstairs for the night, she made a silent vow to herself to be as nice as she could to people that other people considered ugly, deformed or an outcast, for she realized that she couldn't stand the thought anymore of people being so cruel toward others.

As she went through her ordeal and relationship with Beast, she kept all this in mind, being as kind and patient as she was with everyone else. He noticed, and they fell in love.

One day, many years later, she and Beast and their five little children went to Paris for a family vacation. Beast had had a bit of a time convincing her that was a good place to go to. She still had those memories of Quasimodo getting pelted with tomatoes, but when her little Henri, Nicolette, Guinevere, Nanny and Francois pleaded to see the cathedral, she remembered how much she had wanted to go there, and when Guinevere and Henri wanted to get books, she relented.

They went on Topsy-Turvy Day. The books they picked up were bright and clean, and somehow stayed that way all day. The parade of fools was glorious, for there was far more gypsies this year, and more gypsies meant more energy and fun. What was something that Belle noticed was she recognized Esmeralda dancing among the partiers while chasing a little boy.

She smiled and looked over to where the Judge's seat was. In what had been Judge Frollo's place, she saw Phoebus sitting on the throne, his legs tapping to the beat of the music. The person next to him made her gasp. It was Quasimodo, dressed quite ridiculously, but he was enjoying himself, clapping along to the music.

She later learned the whole story about Judge Frollo and Quasimodo from a man named Clopin who they sat next to when they broke out the family picnic. She kept looking toward Quasimodo and thought that he looked a bit lonely on the stage. That feeling was influenced by the years past of course, and nothing that day made her happier than to see a blonde haired women come up to him, place her arm around him and kiss him on the cheek. As long as he felt love and was no longer ridiculed, Belle thought, I can live my life out in peace knowing that.

The family came back to Topsy-Turvy Day every year after that, and Belle always looked out for the bell ringer of Notre Dame, clapping happily on the Judge's stage.


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