Alone On Earth

^~The blue wonder's tale~^


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Time froze for a moment. When Umi Ryuuzaki opened her eyes she had been returned to Tokyo Tower once again. This may have been her last trip to Cephrio for along time, she didn't know when she'd be able to visit again. Umi sighed as she weaved her way around the bustling traffic of people in Tokyo Tower. Nothing had changed since she had last left, except for the fact that she was alone this time. Sure, there were people all around her but there was no Hikaru and no Fuu. She sighed as she thumbed the braided blue bracelet around her wrist - her last parting gift from Cephiro. They all had one...Hikaru's was red and Fuu's was green. It was supposed to be a symbol of their friendship, but friendship was the last thing Umi was feeling right now. Much to Umi's dismay Hikaru and Fuu had decided to stay in Cephiro while Umi had desperately wanted to return to Tokyo. She had tried to talk them out of it but they wouldn't be swayed. They had both fallen in love and that was an obvious barrier that Umi couldn't get around. ---

"What do you mean you're not coming back!?" Umi screamed. She stood tall and angry with her fists tucked by her waist. Tears of confusion and anger flowed freely from her eyes in disbelief. Her closest friends and fellow Magic Knights Hikaru and Fuu stared back at her in astonishment.

"Miss Umi, we tried to explain before-" Fuu started.

"Yeah I know, you guys don't want to leave because you fell in love...but it just isn't right! Tokyo is where we belong!" Umi interrupted. There was a moment of silence between the three before Hikaru broke it trying to hold back her tears.

"Umi...I feel Cephiro is where I belong, it needs our protection! You can go back if you want too, but I really want you to stay!" Hikaru said as she ran up and hugged Umi. Umi hugged her back as Fuu joined in the embrace also.

"Yes Miss Umi...please don't leave." Fuu whispered. The moment between the three friends was interrupted by an indignant cough causing the three to look up. Ferio stood looking a bit tense along with Lantis who wore his usual unreadable expression.

"Just what are you trying do now Umi?" Ferio demanded. Umi wiped away her tears and gave Ferio and upset glare. "You can leave if you want to but don't you dare try to take them with you!"

"Ferio! don't start this now-" Fuu protested only to be interrupted again.

"No Fuu, I won't let her sway you two into leaving too. You three belong here, but Umi has always been selfish and can't let anyone be happy but her. If she wants to leave...I won't stop her!" Ferio locked eyes with Umi as she choked back a sob. Before anyone could protest Umi turned around and ran.

"UMI! Wait!" Hikaru broke out in a run after Umi. Fuu looked at Ferio revealing a trait not often seen in her-anger.

"That was uncalled for Ferio." Lantis stated hiding his feelings in his expression.

"I really wish you hadn't done that..." Fuu said to Ferio as he turned his back to her. Umi ran with Hikaru hot on her tail.

"Please wait Umi, he didn't mean it!" Hikaru screamed toward Umi. Umi tripped on the ground and stared up at the sky.

Cephiro...I want to go home!

Hikaru fell to her knees where Umi once lie. She sighed and stared down at the grass. "Wait..."

Umi looked down at her scraped knee from the fall and sighed heavily. As she was coming out of her daydream a man slammed her. "Move it or lose it lady!" The man bellowed. There were some things about Tokyo that she would never miss. Umi finally made her way outside the tower as she started trekking her way home. It had been so long since she had been in Tokyo that she had almost forgotten the way. On the way, she stopped by her school and picked up her fencing bag. She figured she could get a few good exercises in before she had practice the next day. Umi pulled a fencing pole out of her bag and twirled it around as she walked. The sidewalk wasn't very crowded for some reason so no one seemed to notice. Except, for perhaps the arguably most annoying child on the planet...

"HI YAH!" Before she could react she was on her back with a lavender-haired (estimated 6-year old) sitting on her stomach with a sword strapped to his back. "YAY! Look Gohan I caught one!"

"Just for the record...I don't have any money!" Umi yelled. A teenaged boy came running toward the two carrying a couple bags in each hand who she guessed was "Gohan." Great, I must be involved in some strange crime syndicate-teenager and purple haired maniac at your service.

"TRUNKS! Get off of her! You're not supposed to 'catch' girls." Gohan yelled at the young boy. Trunks blushed profusely and turned to Gohan.

"I wasn't trying to catch a GIRL ewww...she's a bad guy! Look she's got a sword!" Trunks pointed at the broken fencing stick lying beside the girl. "Err...had a sword!" Gohan shook his head and 'lightly' shoved Trunks off the girl, but not without a 'hey!' response from the purple devil himself. Gohan gave her his hand and pulled her up to her feet. Gohan must have underestimated his strength because he pulled her in as she went crashing against his well muscled chest. It was now Gohan's turn to blush as he stared into the face of the blue-haired, blue-eyed wonder. It wasn't long till Umi was blushing as well. Umi was a tall girl but Gohan was at least a head taller then she. The two stood staring into each other's eyes for what seemed like hours until terror struck again. Trunks looked back and forth between them several times before he spoke up. "My mom says that when you talk to someone you should at least be an arms length apart...but when she's mad she gets right in dad's face..." Before Trunks could finish to two scrambled a foot away from each other and blushed bright red. After a minute of calming down Gohan spoke up.

"I'm sorry about all this...Trunks can be a real case." Gohan looked down at her fencing pole, "oh...and uh..sorry about the pole." Umi picked up her the broken item.

"Aw man...I's ok, you can't help it when...well...IT happens." Umi replied. Trunks snorted at her reply.

"I'm not an IT I'm Trunks!" Trunks yelled. Gohan covered Trunks mouth and gave Umi a cheesy smile.

"He's really...a sweet kid." Gohan grinned. Trunks fought Gohan's steel grip while he continued to speak. "His mother will be very willing to pay for the pole..." Umi smiled.

"I'll write down my address." Umi pulled a piece of paper and pen out of her bag and wrote down her address and phone number while Gohan let go of Trunks as long as he promised to behave. Umi reached to hand Gohan the paper while Gohan did the same to retrieve it. They were still pretty embarrassed about the "not arms-length" incident.

"Again...I'm really sorry about all this," Gohan continued. Umi smiled and shrugged.

"It's alright, 6-year olds are often crazy!" Umi laughed along with Gohan. Trunks opened his mouth wide.

"I'm SEVEN!" Gohan covered his mouth again while breathing out a sigh. Umi looked at her watch and panicked.

"Oh no! I'm really late! I have to go, bye!" Umi ran past them on her way home. She stopped and turned around when she heard Gohan's voice and found that he was right in front of her.

"I never got your name." he told her.

"It's Umi, nice meeting you!" she smiled and ran home. On her way home she reminisced about her meeting with the two. She had forgotten how cute boys on earth were...and boy, they sure could run fast too! Umi laughed at herself as soon as she reached the gate to her yard. "I met a guy...imagine that! I'll have to tell..." she didn't finish her sentence. She sighed as she unlocked the gate and walked toward her rather large home. It was doubtful that she would ever see her friends again. Damn that Ferio... When she walked in the door she saw her parents sitting in the living room. She gave each of them a hug and stood back to look at them both. It'd had been a long time, but they still looked the exact same way as they did when she left. Umi's mother stood up and stroked Umi's long blue hair.

"Darling, I'm afraid you missed dinner because you came home so late, but I could whip something else together for you if you'd like." Umi's mother said sweetly. Umi plastered on a smile.

"No thanks Mom, I'm not that hungry actually, I had a big lunch at Tokyo Tower..."

"Oh yes! How was your trip today? Did you get a relax a bit? You've been so tense when you went there."

"Oh...yeah it was alright. I'm fine mom." Umi lied. Umi's mom gave her a strange look and tilted her head to the side.

"Are you sure you're fine honey? you look a bit sad. And I swear! you must have grown a whole inch taller today!" Umi's mom mused. Umi laughed and smiled more wholly.

"I'm fine mom, it must be your imagination! I'm really tired, good night." Umi smiled as her parents bade her goodnight. Umi walked upstairs to her room and sat on the cushioned seat by her window. She gazed up at the stars as they lit her face in a pale glow. "Did I make the wrong decision? Should I have stayed in Cephiro...?" She was cut off as a bright light behind her lit up her room. She whipped her head around causing her long blue hair to surround her. On her bed sat none other then Mokona holding a bag and a note. "Mokona!" Umi squealed as she hugged Mokona so tight she almost squeezed marshmallows out of him. "What are you doing here?"

"Puu, PuuPuu, Puu!" Mokona said in his odd language.

"You missed me! Really? I missed you too...what's this?" Umi took the note and the bag from Mokona as he sat on her bed expectantly. She opened the note and read it.

Dear Umi,
I know you were very upset when you left Cephiro today and I am incredibly sorry for the way you felt. However, your want to return to Tokyo was not selfish, it was a need to return. I believe that there is danger approaching your world quickly. In the bag I have enclosed your jeweled glove, call on your armor and escudo when it is needed. I have sent Mokona with this item because he wanted to be with you. I think the magic you know will work in your world...all you have to do is have a strong will, and believe.

Mage Clef

Umi rapidly opened the bag and stared at her jeweled glove. She then looked at a rather amused Mokona sitting on her bed. "And here all along I thought Hikaru was your favorite!" Mokona rapidly shook his head and jumped into her arms. Umi kissed his forehead and said to him. "I don't know how I'm going to hide you from my parents, but I'll try!"


At the Son residence Gohan sat at his desk by the window rapidly working on some calculus problems. He took a small break and noticed that stars in the sky. "Looks like they're pretty bright tonight." Gohan commented.

"You're such a nerd Gohan!" Gohan turned around to look at his mischievous little brother standing in the doorway. Gohan smirked at him. "I bet your mad! Are you gonna fight me now!?" Goten started getting excited as he jumped back and forth in a fighting stance.

"Not in your dreams kid." Gohan said as he looked out the window. Goten smirked and began to try and anger his brother.

"Trunks told me that you met a GIRL today," Goten snickered, "what was her name? Umbo or something?" Gohan began to flush red.

"Her name's..."

"Gohan! Goten! Time for bed!" Gohan's mother ChiChi said as she entered the room.

"Umi..." Gohan finished. ChiChi looked strangely at Gohan.

"Who's Umi?" She asked as Goten started rolling on the ground laughing.

"She's Gohan's GIRLFRIEND!" Goten squealed while rolling on the ground. Gohan went fire engine red as he looked at his mother clasping her hands together and starting to tear up.

"My little Gohan has a girlfriend! If only your father could have been here to see this!" Gohan's mother sobbed as she hugged Gohan. Instead of protesting Gohan hugged his mother. Goten also joined in after a minute and reassured his mother.

"Don't worry Mom...he'll be back someday, I promise!"

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