Alone On Earth

The blue wonder's tale


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Somehow, he wasn't sure exactly how, but somehow, Mokona had been suckered again. His eyes were narrowed into tiny slits, obviously not happy about his current situation. ChiChi hummed happily as she pushed her grocery cart with a very annoyed Mokona sitting in the child's seat. "Oh Mokona!" ChiChi exclaimed, "no one ever goes to the grocery store with me anymore, it's so lovely to have company!" Mokona crossed his pudgy arms in protest but in all reality had given into the forceful woman's desires. She was throwing food into the cart like it was quickly going out of style and Mokona was suddenly fearing his safety.

"PUU!" he yelped as he was constantly ducking down and sideways to avoid the flying food. As ChiChi was happily power walking down the aisles she suddenly screeched to a stop at the sound of her name being called.

"ChiChi!" Bulma, the blue-haired genius called out to her. ChiChi waved and calmly pushed her heaping cart of food toward Bulma. When the women's two grocery carts became aligned with one another, Mokona looked over only to see a very unhappy Trunk sitting in the child's seat with his arms cross. He let out a high pitched chuckle, which caused Trunks to glare at him with a look that was even worthy of his father, Vegeta, the prince of the Saiya-jinns as well as scowls. The two small beings continued to make such faces at each other as the two women talked. "I see you're shopping to feed the boys" Bulma commented as ChiChi laughed.

"Oh yes, you know how they eat! What brings you here? Don't you usually send out for your groceries?" ChiChi asked politely. Bulma nodded and then looked toward her mischievous son.

"Well, since his father is training alone today" Bulma began, "I wanted Trunks and I to spend some quality time together." Trunks 'hmphed' when she finished. The women continued to chat when suddenly there was a huge booming noise and screaming people outside. "What's going on?" Bulma exclaimed as everyone turned to look outside the window. In front of the bank across the street a group of several burly men armed with weapons grimaced at the people running away from the bank.

"Oh dear!" Chichi exclaimed as Bulma was forcing Trunks to not jump out of the cart and run outside, "those men look like they're robbing that poor bank."

"Oh look! Goh- I mean – Saiyaman is here; he'll help out the police" Bulma announced to her friends. Everyone watched as the police were being shot at and beat up just before Saiyaman had landed in front of the bank and started issuing his speech.

Mokona noticing that Saiyaman/Gohan had arrived quickly wondered where Umi was. He stretched his neck to see over the people and noticed that behind the bank a girl with long blue hair ran into a store. "Puu!" Mokona screeched as he quickly hopped out of the cart and out of the store before ChiChi could stop him.

"Mokona! Come back here! You could get hurt!" ChiChi yelled after him. Trunks jumped out of the child's seat and quickly followed after Mokona which earned an annoyed sigh from Bulma.

"Those boys, I guess we'll just wait here until they come back" Bulma sighed. Chichi nodded and unworriedly began to talk about other things while everyone else in the store was panicking about the situation outside.

Umi was looking threw the costume store; rapidly trying to find a suitable costume to disguise herself. She was becoming frustrated because all the costumes in the store were either sickenly sluttish or just, stupid. It wasn't helpful at all that all the employees and customers in the store were panicking because of the bank robbery across the street. Umi sighed as she realized that she wasn't going to be able to purchase a costume. She suddenly felt a tap on her leg and whipped around only to see a few, short, familiar faces.

"What in the heck are you doing?" Trunks asked as Mokona stood beside him with his tiny arms folded in front of him. Umi sighed and kneeled down to eye level with the two.

"I'm trying to find a costume so I can help Gohan fight!" Umi whispered. Trunks raised an eyebrow at the thought of Gohan needing help fighting common street riffraff. "It's sort of like a…training thing" Umi continued, "but they're not going to let me buy a costume in here because everyone is freaking out!" Trunks rubbed his chin and thought for a moment. Umi looked at Mokona who still had an annoyed look plastered onto his face. While looking at him, an idea through her head and she leaned in close to Mokona. "Mokona! You could make me a costume!" Mokona shook his head rapidly at the thought of helping Umi out again.

"Puu PUUU! PUU Puu! Pu!" he yelped in negation.

"Oh come on Mokona, just do it, and don't be the marshmallow bunny from hell for once." Trunks taunted as Mokona began to turn red. Umi noticing that Mokona was about to explode; put on her best puppy dog face and pouting lip.

"Please Mokona?" Umi said cutely causing Mokona's redness to go away and for him to sigh. Both Umi and Trunks gasped as the jewel on Mokona's head began to glow…

"Oh Great!" One of the henchmen robbing the bank exclaimed, "Saiyaman is here to save the day." He finished in a mocking tone. The head honcho of the group walked out of the bank with a couple bags of money slung over his shoulder.

"You!" he said pointing to two of the other thugs holding people at gun point, "get inside and grab more bags." The men nodded as they ran into the bank, "And you guys," he indicated to the three men with guns pointed at Saiyaman, "Plug em'." The crowd gasped horrifically, but quickly hit the ground when rounds of shots were being fired at Saiyaman.

Umi looked down at herself to inspect her new costume that Mokona had magically created for in a corner at the very back of the store. She looked puzzled at first and turned around to look in a full length mirror…

"AHHHHHH! MOKONA!" Trunks was laughing hysterically as he and Mokona quickly bounded out of the store with Umi hot on their tail.

Saiyaman stood with his arms crossed as the shots flew at him. He smirked as the guys started to panic when they realized that their shots weren't even leaving a mark on his uniform. "Japp, what in the hell are we supposed to do now?" One guy asked the other. The one referred to as Japp sneered and grabbed a woman who was covering her head and lying on the ground.

"Enough games Saiyaman! Let us go or she gets it!" he threatened with an evil smirk. Before Japp even had a chance to change his facial expression the gun was gone out of his hands and he watched as Saiyaman, who had quickly grabbed it, snapped it in half.

"Anything else?" Saiyaman announced smugly as the three men began to cower in fear. With all the commotion going on with the gunman Saiyaman didn't notice that the getaway car with the other three thugs started driving away. However, before the car really ever got a chance to pick up speed it halted to a complete stop when a strange girl jumped in front.

"Hold it right there!" the girl announced as everyone lining the streets looked on stunned.

"Who is that?" A guy on the street questioned, "Is that Wonderwoman?"

"No way," another man standing by him commented, "It's definitely Supergirl." Beside the two men there was another very feminine man in a red velvet shirt who had clasped his hands together in excitement.

"Oh dear lord, it's Madonna." He expressed in a very feminine voice. Everyone chatted on the street until a kid with baggy clothes spoke up among them.

"Don't you guys ever watch T.V? She's definitely…"

Umi looked over at Trunks who was still laughing beside Mokona in the street. The guys in the car had their jaws dropped in awe as she held them at bay with a palm indicating for them to stop. "Trunks!" She hissed at him enough that only he could hear, "I forget the speech!" Trunks ran over to her and whispered something in her ear before running back to the sidewalk. "Oh yeah! You thugs have done some bad things, I am…"

"Sailor Moon! Duh." the kid on the street finished as everyone gasped in wonder.

"Sailor Moon! And in the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!" Umi finished. She stood there in a spitting image of the folklore woman warrior, blonde hair tied up into two buns with long pigtails and all. Her red boots came to her knees and the short skirt looked even more indecent as Umi had long and slender legs. Saiyaman stood from across the street with his mouth agape as he looked at Umi dressed as she was. The guys in the car had finally gained their composure and turned to their shocked boss who was sitting in the back.

"Well what are you waiting for? Run her over!" The driver shrugged and hit the gas, but to his rude surprise the car didn't move. He looked down at the dashboard and was thoroughly surprised.

"I hate to tell ya this boss, but, we're out of gas!" Mokona dusted his paws off as he hopped away from the side of the car where there was mysteriously a large puddle of gasoline. The boss in the backseat groaned and started getting out of the car while menacingly glaring at 'Sailor Moon.' This sent Umi into a panic and she did the only thing she could think of.

"Water Dragon!" she sent her attack which blasted the car back into an alley and out of harms way.

"Hey!" another kid on the street proclaimed, "that's not one of Sailor Moon's attacks!" The people on the street started booing.

"Hey! Ungrateful people…" she mumbled as Saiyaman quickly rounded up all the bad men and brought them to the police who quickly handcuffed them and took them into custody. Before the chief of police could turn around and thank Saiyaman, both he and the girl proclaimed 'Sailor Moon' were gone.

Trunks and Mokona watched as Saiyaman/Gohan had quickly scooped up Umi and carried her into the sky with him. They both looked at each other and shrugged as they walked/hopped back into the grocery store and climbed back into their respective grocery carts. The commotion had calmed down a bit and the two little guys just sat there for a moment while ChiChi and Bulma looked at them expectantly. "Well," Bulma began, "did anything exciting happen?"

Mokona and Trunks looked at each other and then back at the two women, and in the same tone of voice at the same time a chorus of "Naaaaah/Puuuuu" were heard that caused both women to roll their eyes.

"Well, let's finish this up and get the heck out of here!" Bulma announced as both women went along finishing their shopping trip.

Saiyaman zipped through the air carrying the still shocked Umi, disguised as Sailor Moon through the air. He looked down and grinned at her as her cheeks flushed bright red. "That's a great choice in costume," Saiyaman remarked slyly as he continued to fly at an amazing speed. Umi laughed and covered her face.

"It wasn't my idea! Mokona thought it would be funny…" Saiyaman laughed at Mokona's mischievous antics. Finally, Saiyaman had reached the clearing where his Dad, brother, and Piccolo were training. They landed and the group barely acknowledged them as they were in an intense sparring session. Saiyaman set Umi on the ground and grinned at her. She was still full clad Sailor Moon and couldn't help but blush.

"So," Saiyaman jokingly began, "I was wondering, since we're both superheroes and all, if you'd like to go on a date sometime." Umi laughed and looked down at herself.

"Enough picking fun! I have to figure out how to turn this thing off." Umi looked down and noticed a button on the broach of her costume and as soon as she pushed it the costume disappeared and Umi was back to her normal self. Gohan made an "aww", which rightfully earned a light sock in the shoulder from Umi.

"Hey guys! Umi are you ready to try out your new skills?" Goku asked as he, Goten, and Piccolo approached the two.

"Nah Dad," Gohan replied, "we actually had to go into town to stop a bank robbery, it's a pretty funny story, we'll tell you on the way back!" Umi grinned sheepishly as the five of them took up in flight into the sky.

Goku, and Goten almost fell out of the sky from the hilarity of their story although all Piccolo did was crack a smile, which was impressive for him. When they arrived home and ate dinner Umi and Gohan went for a walk afterwards.

"I'd say overall, today was a pretty good day!" Gohan announced recalling back to his memory Umi's scantily clad costume. Umi laughed but then became a bit solemn.

"I guess any day without that caviliere showing up is a good day," Umi replied somewhat bitterly. Gohan stopped and brought her into an embrace.

"Don't worry Umi, I'm pretty sure you have his number now," he claimed smiling down at the saddened girl. Umi nodded and walked with him back to the house unaware that someone had been watching silently.

"Oh no, I haven't given up yet Magic Knight…I'm just waiting for the opportune moment…"

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