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So, I'm sooo happy that I was able to get this posted faster than I thought. Without further adu, here is the final chapter of Crescent Borne!

~One Year Later~

"Jesse! Get down here! We have to leave!" I finished strapping Chance into his car seat and checked Aiyana one last time, somehow finding a way to slip my coat on in the process. "Jesse!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Jesse said, jogging down the stairs and slipping her own jacket on as she hit the last stair and scooped Aiyana up. "Aren't we going to wait for dad?"

"Adam is at work," I said, picking Chance up and power-walking to the door. "Crap! Jesse, get the baby bag off the couch!"

"Got it," she said, coming up behind me.

"Okay." We might just make it to this thing on time.

I opened the front door of Adam's mansion . . . and was greeted by a smoking car.

"Really?" I hissed in disbelief. I set my purse and Chance on the front porch. "Jesse, watch the twins."

So much for on time.

~1 Hour Later~

I stood up, dusting my hands off and wiping the oil off my face with a napkin. "Power words work."

"Seems like it," Jesse muttered, slipping Chance and Aiyana into my 2010 Honda Accord and sliding in after them. I smiled and grabbed the baby bag and my purse off the front porch and locked the door. I power-walked to the car and got in, setting the bag and my purse in the passenger seat.

My old VW Rabbit wouldn't have fit two babies and a teenager, so she'd had to go, sadly. Adam had tried to talk me into driving an SUV, but I refused. I could just barely keep up with my Honda; it was used so it needed quite a bit of fixes, but I was coming to love it.

"Everyone buckled in?" I asked, strapping my seatbelt across my chest.

"Babies, check." Jesse began the daily checklist she seemed to enjoy forcing me to endure before we left the house. "Positive mentality, check. Mental hinge-ness, check. Sanity—"

"I think that's just about shot, Jess," I interrupted her, pulling out of the driveway.

Jesse laughed and played with the twins as we drove to our destination. By way of the rearview mirror, I saw both Chance and Aiyana giggling and reaching for Jesse's fingers. I smiled and brought my eyes back to the road, thinking about the year that had passed.

By request of me, there was a funeral for Christy. We invited the pack, making it very clear that they did not have to come. No one came, of course. I guess even free will was overpowered by Christy's past negativity. So, all on our lonesome, Jesse, Adam, the twins, and I attended Christy's funeral. Only to give Jesse and Adam absolute closure did I endure the funeral. Honestly, I was glad the woman was dead; I would never tell Jesse or even Adam that, but it was the plain, dull truth. The woman had kidnapped my children, tap danced on Jesse's heart, and killed me once; I wouldn't have made the mistake of leaving her alive – even if Jesse would have hated me.

Chance and Aiyana were a whole 'nother story. They were growing so fast – and so were their stomachs. It was to the point where they were on both breast milk and baby food. I no longer breast fed – I only pumped milk; not only were the twins' teeth coming in, I didn't want to keep Adam waiting for too long. He loved Aiyana and Chance as much as I did, but he had needs too – even if he wouldn't say anything about them. It was for that reason that I was in such a hurry to have some alone time with him. Most men complained to their wives about not being able to have sex during the last few months during the pregnancy and the first few after. But, not Adam. He had been so patient with me whenever I was too tired to have a little personal time with him.

I looked in the rearview mirror again and saw Chance and Aiyana were teething. They were both much more tanned than they'd been when they were born. Aiyana's eyes had darkened, while her hair had lightened. There was now a small beauty mark just under the left side of her bottom lip. When I'd first noticed it, panicking like any parent would when their kid suddenly develops something that could signal skin cancer, I rushed Aiyana to the hospital and to Samuel – who said it was nothing more than a beauty mark.

Likewise, Chance's hair had darkened and his eyes had lightened. Adam insisted that Chance's hair be kept cut close to his head and I had never objected. Chance had his father's high cheekbones, so I thought the haircut looked good on him. Jesse insisted that Aiyana's hair be kept long instead of short. Whenever Adam objected to its length, Jesse threatened to move in with Gabriel. That kind of shut down the whole conversation. They'd never noticed my hasty exit when they were hashing it out – not that I was ever scared or anything; I just didn't want them to see me laughing.

Just like their grandfather, Bran, Chance and Aiyana were a doozy. Aiyana was already looking to be a natural born dominant. When I talked to Bran about it, he laughed and said, "You'll have no problems keeping the boys away from that one, I think. No man likes to be dominated." Then, there was Chance. He was already showing the signs of an Omega, Anna told me before she left the week before.

Together, the twins balanced each other out perfectly.

As we came to our exit, I turned off and turned into the parking lot of a warehouse-like building Adam had given me the directions to. I could see Adam's SUV parked out front.

"Okay, we're here," I said around a yawn. I had only been back to work a few times, but the babies occupied every other bit of my schedule. I wouldn't change it for the world.

As we got out of the car, I grabbed my purse and the baby bag, setting them on the roof of the car. I closed my door and opened the back door, taking Aiyana as Jesse slid out of the other side with Chance. We both set them on the trunk and closed the doors almost simultaneously . . . when I finally noticed something I should have noticed almost immediately.

The scent of werewolf was in the air. It wasn't a werewolf I knew.

"Get the babies together, Jesse," I hissed, slinging the baby bag around my neck and sitting my purse in the seat with Aiyana. I closed the fan-like shutter on her seat and picked her up. Jesse was rushing just as I was but she looked clueless.

"Mercy, what's wrong?"

"Just get in the car, I'll explain later."

Just as I reached for the door to put Aiyana back in the car, I was grabbed from behind and Aiyana was taken from my hand. I heard Jesse scream out in surprise and began struggling harder as I heard Chance crying. I bit the hand that slammed over my mouth to keep me quite and felt a grim satisfaction at the grunt of pain.

"Adam!" I screamed, struggling harder. My stomach had deflated completely since the birth of the twins, but I still didn't have the same strength I used to execute my training. "Adam!"

The weight and arms holding me down suddenly disappeared as I felt more than saw the pack converge on the four wolves that had deigned to attack me. I grabbed at my neck as I scooped a crying Aiyana from the ground. I rushed over to Jesse, ignoring the ensuing fight between the unknown wolves and the wolves of my pack and husband.

"Jesse, are you alright?" I kneeled on the ground, reaching into my purse for my father's SIG.

"Yeah," she wheezed, rocking Chance back and forth.

"Get up, take both the twins, and follow me," I hissed, casting glances this way and that.

I stood and ran, the baby bag bumping against my hip and hearing Jesse's silent footsteps behind me. We rounded the front of the car . . . and was caught off guard as another unknown were blocked our path.

I didn't wait for a warning, I didn't wait for him to pull a weapon of his own out, I didn't wait at all. The last time I waited to tell the pack to hunt down Christy, my kids were taken from me; I was tired of waiting. So, I shot – three body shots – and kept moving.

Both the twins were bawling now, probably startled by the sudden noise. As I rounded the back of the car, signaling for Jesse to stop next to the driver-side door, I pointed the SIG forward and stepped out from behind my Honda.

Adam had one of the wolves face down on the ground, kneeling on his back – I'd bet money that was the one that had grabbed me and Aiyana. Darryl, Warren, and Honey had the other three in the same position. The rest of the pack stood in a loose circle around the group.

"Jesse, it's safe but stay over there," I began but rethought the command. "Better yet, get in the car."

"Okay." I waited and was satisfied when I heard one of the doors to the car slam shut. I would have let Jesse come to us, but, even now, the twins had never met the pack. I refused to let so many wolves that had so many problems with me near my children. Adam continually insisted that the pack would welcome Aiyana and Chance, but my dislike of the idea made it a mute point.

Tonight was supposed to change all that. It was supposed to be a big gathering for packmates and friends alike to meet the twins. I wasn't sure I was in a happy enough mood to let the wolves meet the twins. Sometimes, when I just happened to be in foul mood, the twins took on my attitude. It could be really bad sometimes if someone was around. The twins were known to bite when they were angry. Even if they had virtually no teeth while they were human, when they changed, somehow, they ended up with two full jaws of fangs.

"There's another one around the front," I said, edging forward cautiously.

"I heard the gunshots." When I heard Adam's voice, only slightly growly, my cautiousness receded a bit. That Adam sounded so reasonable meant the pack couldn't be in too much of a frenzy.

"Dead," I said, coming up behind him. I made sure my feet made as much noise as possible. Even in his state, it wasn't very wise to surprise him.

"Dead?" Adam asked in slight surprise.

"Dead," I said firmly. "If he would have been quieter instead of coming out of nowhere, roaring and whatnot, he wouldn't be dead. He basically announced his presence before he got the drop on us. Idiot."

Adam laughed. "So, what do you want to do with them?"

"I want to kill them for threatening my kids but I'm curious as to why they attacked. Or what would happen if we let them go."

"You want to let them go?" Darryl and Warren asked at the same time. Darryl grimaced. He didn't seem to like Warren much, but he seemed to have a level of respect for him. It would have been hilarious, were the situation different.

"Yes," I said, then explained. "If we let them go, what's the worst that can happen? They'll come after us again? Well, let them. I think it'll solve this faster than us interrogating them. No matter how much I'm tempted to."

"I never knew you to be so bloodthirsty, Mercy," Adam said, but I could hear the smile in his voice.

I shrugged my shoulders. "And, let me be frank, I don't have the patience for this right now. The twins are in there bawling their eyes out. If we don't hurry up, they'll give themselves headaches – if they haven't already."

"Okay," Adam said slowly, rising to his feet. "Let them go."

Darryl, Honey, and even Warren stared at me in disbelief, but I nodded solemnly. They all stood. The four weres looked around for a moment, then stood and ran. I heard the, "body," stand up and run away.

"I thought he was dead," Adam said.

"I did too," I sighed and looked down at my father's SIG. So much for silver bullets. I made these stronger, so I'd thought they would hold up.

"Boss?" Ben came forward. His eyes were fading from golden to their usual color. He pointed back to the warehouse. "Preparations are done."

"Alright," Adam said. He turned to me and nodded towards the car. I couldn't hear the twins screaming anymore. Jesse was getting better and better at managing them.

"I'll get them," I said. "You just make sure everything is ready."

"Will do." He smiled, gesturing to the rest of the pack to follow him. Within minutes, it was only Jesse, the twins, and I outside. I opened the door and Jesse scooted out of the driver's seat. She passed me Chance and Aiyana, whose shutters were still closed. I could hear them in there, fiddling with whatever Jesse had given them. Jesse grabbed my purse from the other side of the car and locked the doors. I made sure she slipped my SIG back into my purse.

As we neared the door that would lead into the warehouse, I stopped and opened Chance's and Aiyana's shutters. "Alright, guys. This is your big debut. Let it be known that I was not the one who wanted to put you at the mercy of a pack full of wolves. It was your father's idea."

With that, I followed the sound of talking through the double doors of the warehouse

The inside was done up in pink and blue. Pink and blue tables. Pink and blue tiles. Pink and blue balloons. Everything was pink and blue.

I loved it.

The whole of the Columbia Basin pack was there. Bran, Charles, Anna, Samuel, Ariana, mom, Curt, Nan, Ruthie, Kyle, Zee . . . any and everyone who was a close friend of mine or Adam's was there.

It took a lot of convincing on Adam's part to get me to take the twins out. First, I took Chance out, then Adam placed Aiyana in my other arm.

"This is Chance Alexander Thompson Hauptman," I said, moving Chance up and down. "This is Aiyana Margaret Thompson Hauptman. Aiyana is three minutes older."

I said nothing more. Adam looked at me pointedly.

"They'll find out sooner or later," he said with a smile.

"Oh, for godssake," Jesse huffed, throwing her hands in the air in exasperation. "Listen, everyone, they're—"

Just then, Aiyana and Chance shifted simultaneously, dropping their rattles. The only sound throughout the warehouse was the sound of their toys hitting the floor. Everyone was waiting for the pack's reaction. A slight, almost unnoticeable smile creased Ben's face.

"Pureblooded wolves," he said, "with Mercy's quick changing." He shook his head and laughed. That broke the tension and suddenly there was talk about how cute the twins were.

Chance suddenly shot from my arms and towards Honey, jumping onto Honey's lap, snatching a vial of lip gloss from her hands, jumping back onto the floor, and dashing away.

Aiyana wiggled around and I let her go, but only after I removed her clothing, leaving her in nothing but a diaper. It took a total of fifteen minutes for Honey to chase down Chance and take her lip gloss back.

It was fifteen minutes of fun I'd never expected to have with the Columbia Basin pack – even if they weremy pack.

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Anyway, two things I have for you. The first is the second quote!:

He leaned against the brick wall of the theater and smiled. My heartbeat accelerated. He was definitely cute. Could you describe guys like him with such simple words as 'cute'? I told myself I didn't care. Even if I did think he was cute, he would never know.

"I'm not trying to impress you or anything, but I go to PG movies without my parents."

I could feel my eyebrows rising at his attempt at comedy. "What. A. Rebel," I said with a frown and went back to texting.

I tried to find a funny quote for your guys and I just happen to think that quote is very funny. Once again, I am sooo trusting you guys not to take this quote.

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