Title: Working Vacation
Author: WaterDragonQueen1
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Suspense/Crime
Published: 10-28-11
Chapters: 9, Words: 14,787

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Chapter 1: Preparing for the day

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything related to or in reference to Flashpoint or Stargate: Atlantis including, but not limited to, characters and settings. I am merely borrowing them for imaginative pleasure and will gain nothing from this temporary use. Only Emily and the bad guys are mine.

A/N: This is my first crossover, so please bear with me and I am very receptive of advice and constructive criticism.

**SGA—Flashpoint- SGA—Flashpoint**

Setting: after Stargate Atlantis: Season 5 Episode "Enemy at the Gate". Atlantis is still floating out of San Francisco. This story is based in Canada, though.

Location: Hotel

The snow had been falling since early morning, and had effectively covered everything in sight. The snow was still falling lightly when Emily woke up in her hotel room. She was on vacation with her cousin and his team. Emily looked at the clock, which read 8:00am. Looking around she saw Teyla was meditating on the floor by the window. Ronon and Sheppard were in the next room; McKay was back on Atlantis, currently floating by the Golden Gate Bridge, working on who knows what.

"Good morning," Emily said to Teyla with a smile and a stretch.

Teyla opened her eyes and smiled back, "did you sleep well?"

"Yes, one of the better sleeps I've had in a while, thank you. How about you? You been up long?"

Standing up, "I have been up for an hour or two. Merely habit, however, I slept well also. Would you like some coffee?"

Looking at the single cup coffee brewer that came with the room, Emily's eyes lit up, "Definitely! But I can make it. Any movement from next door?"

"I believe I heard Ronon stumbling around, but nothing for a while now."

Nodding, Emily went over to the door connecting the two rooms and knocked. There was silence in response, so she walked over to where a bed would be along the adjacent wall and pounded harder. Putting her ear to the wall she heard swearing and a return pounding. Emily Smiled to herself and looked at Teyla, who was also smiling.

While the women waited for the men to fully wake up, they showered and dressed themselves, preparing for a day in the fresh snow covered Toronto.

Location: SRU Headquarters

Greg was sitting in the conference room, looking over some papers. Coming off the elevator and looking at his watch, Ed noted that it was quarter of seven in the morning; and as usual, Greg was early. "Morning," Ed said, leaning against the wall in the conference room and sipping his coffee. Greg looked up and smiled back. "Brought you some coffee, boss."

"Thanks Eddie. What are you doing here so early?" Greg graciously took the proffered cup and took a taste.

"I could ask you the same thing, but I am pretty sure I already know," Ed said, with a knowing look. "I, however, thought I'd get in some extra workout," with that, he turned and walk towards the locker room.

A little later, Spike and Sam got off the elevator, greeted Greg and went to the locker room. Winnie came up the stairs with Jules, splitting when they reached Winnie's desk. A little before seven, Wordy came in and Greg joined him on his way to the locker room.

"Hey, what are you working on this time?" Wordy asked conversationally as they entered the locker room.

"Oh, you know, catching up on some backed up paper work."

"Being Sargent too much for ya, boss?" Spike piped in.

"No, but Team One possibly is, especially the resident computer guru." Greg responded jokingly.

"Where's Eddie?" Wordy asked, noticing their team leader's absence.

"Came in early to workout longer."

"Let's not keep our fearless leader waiting then," Sam said, walking out of the room.

Jules was already on the treadmill and Ed was bench-pressing. Sam went over to the bike to warm up. Spike, Wordy and Greg joined them ten minutes later and the usual team banter filled the gym.

Eight forty-five rolled round and Team One got ready for the work day. Nine o'clock found the team in the briefing room. "Alright team, looks like we're going to have a patrol day."

"Wordy and I will take east!" Ed said off the bat and giving Kevin a high five.

"We go north," Spike said fist bumping Sam.

"Want to go west or south, boss?" Jules asked.

"Let's go south. Okay, let's keep the peace." Greg said, dismissing the assembled team.


So…kinda taking it slow. Problem being is where I'm going…Haven't quite figured that out all the way…only sketched it out. Hope you keep reading! Suggestions are welcome…

Chapter 2: Quiet day

Alright, chapter two! Sorry if the story progresses slowly, just sorta writing to kill time and fill in days…I am going to change how I switch between the two teams…let's go with, every time there is a "Flashpoint—SGA" or "SGA—Flashpoint" (the first title being who we are following at the time)


Sheppard and Ronon were slow on the wake up, but eventually the group left the hotel and went for an early lunch. Wandering around east Toronto, they found Biff's Bistro. Looking like a reasonable establishment they were seated and soon ordered their meals.

"So, what are we doing today?" Sheppard queried casually, taking a bite of his filet mignon.

"I kinda want to see the Garden." Emily suggested.

"The Garden?" Ronon's deep voice conveyed his confusion.

"Were the Maple Leafs play their home games," Sheppard explained. At Ronon's still quizzical look, he added, "They are an ice hockey team. Toronto is their home town…"

"I thought you did not think hockey was a man's sport?" Teyla stated.

"Well, I don't. But Emily here, plays hockey and follows a team."

"Really, which team? The Maple…Leafs?" Teyla inquired.

"No. I prefer the Pittsburgh Penguins. But hockey is hockey, and we aren't in Pittsburgh," clarified Emily. "As a matter of fact, might like to check out the hall of fame also, while we're here." Sheppard rolled his eyes, but consented.

"Rodney mentioned some water falls. They sound like a popular place as well." Teyla added to their destinations.

"Yeah, Niagara Falls, we can go there, too," John started, "those are a little further away, might have to wait 'til tomorrow." Ronon nodded, remembering McKay talking about them. "What about you, big guy, anything you want to see?"

"Not really," Ronon said. He continued when Sheppard just looked at him, "Don't really know the place. So unless they have a fighting ring or hunting range…I'm good."

"Not that I'm aware of, though, I'm sure there are some. But if your happy following the ladies, that's fine…" Ronon gave him a look, "okay. But no knife or gun stores, or any weapon for that matter, cross border travel is already a pain, don't add to it."

After their lunch, the four headed for the hockey hall of fame, a few blocks away.


"Everything is good to the north. How's East looking?" Ed said over the radio.

"So far, all is quiet."

"How's it looking in the south, boss?"

"Looking good Eddie. Seems we have a quiet day. What say we patrol another hour and head back to HQ at two o'clock…" Greg suggested.

"Sounds like a plan. Two o'clock, check in at HQ." Ed ordered over the headset.

"Copy that!" came the replay from Spike, Sam, and Jules.

"You've been quite Wordy, what's on your mind?" Ed said into the quiet SUV.

"Just thinking."

"Never a good idea," Ed joked, "seriously though, what's up?"

Wordy glanced over to his friend, "I don't know. Seems like we're in the calm before the storm. It's almost too quiet." Wordy sighed and continued, "Just can't shake this feeling I have."

"Well, let's hope it stays a feeling and proves you paranoid. I have to agree though, it does seem too quiet."

Meanwhile, over on the east side of Toronto…

"Can I ask you something, Spike?" Sam said in their own SUV.

"Sure, what's up? Girl trouble?"

"You wish. Like I would go to you for help anyway," Sam mocked. "No, I was thinking more along the…" Sam trailed off, looking intently out the window.

"Sam? Hey, buddy…Sam!" Spike tried to get his attention. Giving Sam's arm a punch, Spike got his attention, "what's up, Sam?"

"Huh, what? Oh, sorry, thought I saw someone I recognized," Sam said, looking out the passenger window again.

"Okay…You were saying something…wanted an answer from your all-knowing friend…" Spike prompted.

"Oh, yeah, nevermind, forget about it." Sam seemed distracted, but Spike left him to his thoughts.

Back at HQ…

"So, everything stay quiet?" Greg asked when Team One was all sitting in the briefing room.

"Seems like," Wordy said, the ominous feeling in the back of his mind. Ed cast him a glance, but didn't elaborate.

"Yeah, east was good too," Spike inputted, Sam was still a little distracted.

"Same goes for south," Jules said, "nothing other than tourist and locals. Kind of nice how calm it was today." She could feel tension coming from Wordy, Ed, Spike, and Sam, and saw Greg felt it too, but no one was offering an explanation.

"Well, it is three fifteen now…why don't we hit the gym or shooting range for another hour or so, and call it a day." Team One nodded and left; Wordy, Jules, and Spike to the gym and Sam and Ed the range. Greg continued with his earlier paper work.

Chapter 3: Blackness


It was four thirty, and Team One was taking their early leave; Team Three was there to cover.

"Hey, Eddie, what's your plan for tonight? Another date night?" asked Greg.

Chuckling, "no, tonight is father son bonding. There's a game on tonight."

"Really, and Clark the cellist is going to watch with you?" Wordy joked.

"Hey, hey, just because he plays the cello, doesn't mean he won't watch a game with his old man!" Ed defended.

"Yeah, but is it willingly?" Spike threw in, dodging the towel Ed threw at him.

"What is this? Gang up on Ed!"

"No…Gang up on team lead!" Wordy said playfully punching Ed's arm.

"Alright! Enough, I'm going home. I have a game to watch." Ed threw over his shoulder as he retreated from the locker room.

"See you tomorrow!" Greg said, following Ed out.

"You've been quiet, Sam…" Wordy pointed out, "something on your mind?"

Sharing a glance with Spike, "yeah, Wordy, saw someone I haven't seen in years. Don't know why, but it has me thinking of past memories. Nothing to worry about…either of you." Sam directed his comment at Wordy as well as Spike.

"Alright, but if you need to talk, you know my number…see you both tomorrow." Word glanced at Spike, and left.

"You can talk to me too, you know. And I'm here right now…so you can save you minutes…" Spike offered.

Sam nodded, "yeah, I know. But I'm good right now. Go have dinner with your parents, before the hounds are sent for you." Spike reluctantly smiled and said his good byes.

It was almost five thirty when Sam walked out to parking lot. Snow was falling again, giving the lot another dusting. Sighing, Sam walked to his car. Before he could open the door however, something, or someone came up behind him and bashed him in the head. Last thing Sam saw was the ground meeting his face, then black.


After the hockey hall of fame, Emily, Teyla, Ronon, and John had made their way to the Maple Leafs ice hockey stadium. There wasn't a game, so they just walked around the concourse and looked at the rink. It was getting late in the afternoon by the time they left.

"Were do we want to eat dinner?" Emily asked the group.

"Why not at the hotel? That way we can go back to the rooms and relax a little," Sheppard suggested.

"Yes, I would like to meditate some," Teyla said.

"Again? You meditate too much," Ronon joked. "Is Jeopardy on? I want to see how dangerous it is."

"Uh…we can see," John said, looking at Emily with a raised eyebrow. He hadn't quite gotten around to actually explaining that Jeopardy was more an intellectual game, and not an action game.

Smiling, and fighting laughter, "Hey, Ronon, big guy, I think you and I should have a talk. John here didn't quite tell you everything there is to Jeopardy…" And with that the four headed back to hotel. It was a little after five, and the snow was starting to fall again.

"I'll go make a reservation for six thirty," Emily offered, Sheppard wasn't the only tour guide.

"Okay, see you up stairs, fifteen minutes?" Sheppard mused.

"Uh, yeah, give or take," she left them at the elevator and walked to the receptionist.

After she made the reservation, stumbling over the little French she knew, Emily went back to the elevators. She got on with another man, and pressed the button for the fourth floor; the man was going to the second.

When the door opened to the second floor, however, the man did get off right way. Instead he pressed something into Emily's back and said, "get off here, and I won't shoot you. Don't say a word, just walk."

Nodding, and keeping her hands at her sides, Emily stepped off the elevator, and followed the man's directions to a room down the hall.

Once inside his room, "Sit on the bed, hands in your lap." Emily complied. "Good." A minute later, another man opened the door, nodded to the first man, and left again. "Now you have a choice: you can either walk out of here on your own two feet," he paused, "or you can leave in this," he pointed to a large trunk, that could conveniently fit an average size woman. "Which will it be?" His voice was calm and patient, almost like a teacher talking to a student.

"I'll walk." Emily responded with the same even tone. This way, there was some way of Sheppard knowing she had left the building.

Smiling, "good choice. Now let's get going," he again placed the gun in the small of Emily's back. This time they took the stairs and left through one of the side entrances; not passing the reception area. Maybe John won't know I left… Emily thought, as she was guided to an inconspicuous sedan.

The second man, sitting in the driver's seat, popped the trunk. "Get in." The first instructed, gesturing to the trunk. Emily hesitated, there was another person in the trunk as well, and she wasn't fond of the confined space to begin with. "Don't worry; there is plenty of space for the both of you, and air. We want you alive…" He pushed a little.

Reluctantly, Emily got in the trunk, and lay down next to the man. The trunk was shut, and Emily was plunged into darkness.

Chapter 4: Company

Well, now there is a third party to follow…so to distinguish them I'll use "**Flashgate**" that should be different enough to get the change…I hope.


All Emily could hear was the car and her trunk-mate's breathing. The man hadn't lied when he said the trunk was large; almost modified to be this large…Emily had checked the unconscious man's pulse, she found it strong and regular. Must have been knocked out…Emily mused. She also saw that his hands were bound in front of him; Emily would have undone them, but they were tied too tight and so she couldn't.

After what felt like hours, but was really only fifteen minutes, the other person in the trunk started to join the living. Emily moved away, to give him more space and to avoid flying limbs; which came shortly after.

Throwing his hands up, and hitting the roof of the trunk, the man groaned. At first he didn't notice he had company, so Emily coughed a little. With a start, the man whipped his face towards her. He had a confused look on his face, "Um…you're in the trunk of a car…" Emily offered.

"What? Why? And who are you?" The man started demanding.

"Whoa hey! Don't be biting my head off…I'm here as willingly as you," at that, he looked away uncomfortably. "Sorry. I shouldn't snap at you either," Emily took a breath, "I can't tell you why, 'cause I have no idea. But my name is Emily. What's your name?"

"Uh…Sam, Sam Braddock. How long we been in here?" He said, looking around.

"Well, I got here only a little while ago, but you were here before me…so, I have no idea." The car hit a bump, and they both tried to recover from the jolt; Emily could easier because she had the use of her hands, but Sam wasn't so lucky. Emily notice him wince, "You okay? I mean you were unconscious, but how?"

"Bashed in the head…" he winced again, "Probably sporting a concussion or something." He started trying to get the bindings off his hands, with little success.

"Save your energy. I tried to get them off, but they are too tight. Sorry."

"Don't worry about it. Anyway, I know rescue will come, eventually. So, don't be too worried."

Emily smiled, "I was thinking the same thing. What's your rescue?"

Sam gave her an interesting look, but said, "mine is of the SRU kind. How about yours?"

"Uh, well…I can't say exactly, but it is military related."

"You? Military?" Sam started incredulous, "don't get me wrong, but you don't seem the military type; and I would know."

Snorting, "yeah, well, you don't seem the police type…not that I would know, but your more military to me."

"Ex-military. So how are you connected to the military?"

"Again, can't tell you much…classified stuff. But I'm not directly military, more a civilian contractor. My cousin is Air Force though. I'm on vacation with him, and two other contractors. So, yeah…"

"The Air Force is just going to come and get you?"

"Probably not. But my cousin and his team will." Emily said confidently.

Sam muttered something about family interference "Must be a high up in the 'force, to come and get ya."

"Yes, he is. And you, your SRU rescue," Emily change the focus from her to Sam, "they your team, or something?"

"Yeah, Team One. Best of the best." Sam said, trying to get more comfortable.

"Well, let's see whose rescue come first!"

"You are rather calm about this whole abduction thing…" Sam pointed out.

"Been there done that," Emily said, less positively.

The car began to slow, and then came to a full stop. Sam and Emily heard the doors open and close, then people walking towards the back of the car. "Play dead, see if that helps." Sam nodded, closing his eyes and letting his head loll to the side.

The trunk opened, Emily looked up and saw both men had guns pointed at her and Sam. "We're here. Get out," the first man gestured with his gun. Climbing out, she stood to the side, hands in the air. "Mr. Braddock…we know you woke up. Please get out of the trunk." A moment later, Sam struggled out and stood next to Emily. "Let's go get you two settled in, shall we?"


"She wasn't downstairs," Sheppard said joining Teyla and Ronon in Teyla's room. It had forty-five minutes since Emily went to make the reservation. After twenty minutes, John had gone down to the receptionist, who said Emily had already gone back upstairs.

It was now nearing six, and they hadn't heard from her. She had left her cell on Atlantis because of possible charges in Canada. Sheppard had his, but he needed to be reachable.

"What do we do?" Ronon asked, pacing the room.

"I'm going to go ask the receptionist if I could look at the security tapes. She said Emily got on the elevator, so we should be able to figure out where she went," Sheppard began, "But we also need to call Atlantis, we don't have the freedom we had when we were still state side."

"We will accompany you. No one should go anywhere alone." Teyla said, stopping John's protests with a wave of her hand.

"Fine, but I don't want to intimidate the receptionist. Hang back when we get to the lobby, okay?" Ronon and Teyla nodded, and the trio left for the lobby. When they got to the lobby, "call Rodney," Sheppard, said, throwing his phone to Teyla and walking back to the front desk.


"Rodney? It is Teyla," Teyla said.

"Huh…oh, right…how's Canada?"

"It is nice…but I am calling because we have a problem."

"What? Sheppard, get arrested, or Ronon?"

"No…We cannot find Emily. She went to make reservations for dinner, and did not return."

"She is related to Sheppard! Well, what have you got so far?"

"The colonel is trying to get security tapes from the elevator, but…hold on, here is Colonel Sheppard," Teyla said handing the phone to John.

"Rodney? Good, I need you to get the Daedalus to scan for Emily's sub-cu."

"What, no 'hi' 'how are you?'"

"McKay! Now is not the time! I have convinced the nice reception lady to let me look at the tapes, now I need you to get up to Daedalus and help me find Emily," Sheppard growled into the phone.

"Alright, alright, I'll let you know if we get anything, McKay out."

Hanging up, Sheppard turned to the rest of his team, "Okay, we're going to look at the tapes," He said to Teyla, "Ronon, I need you to go back to the room and pack up. Don't you start complaining. You can handle yourself, I and Teyla won't be alone, and you are too intimidating to keep this easy. Don't make me make it an order." Ronon nodded and stormed off. Sighing, Sheppard led Teyla to where the receptionist was waiting, and together they looked at the tapes.

Chapter 5: Past encounters

So where are Sam and Emily? Can McKay find Emily? Will Sheppard, Teyla, and Ronon be able to find her? Does SRU realize the danger one of their own is in? – Okay, so this change in chapters is also a lapse in time; it is now the next morning for all parties.


Sam was sitting on his mattress, so kindly provided. They had been led into an old warehouse, and brought to the basement. Along one wall of the basement was a row of four cells. Their captors had kindly undone his bindings before the shoved him into his private cell. They also obviously wanted them alive, because they gave both Sam and Emily a small meal and blankets.

Sam looked over to Emily, who was two cells over. She was also sitting on her mattress, with her blanket around her shoulders. She seemed to be sleeping. Sam looked at his new accessory, compliments of their abductors, a nice news locator anklet; like the ones worn by convicts out on probation.

The door from the ground level opened, and three men came down the stairs. The two from yesterday, and another who seemed to be in charge. Sam pushed himself to his feet and stood in the middle of his cell. Emily was similarly standing in her prison.

The two goons stood back, as the third came towards Sam cell. When he was close enough, Sam recognized him; he was Matt's brother, Jake. Again all the memories from yesterday stuck him, I really did see him then. Oh crap, this is not going to go well…Sam thought, while holding Jake's hard stare.

"So, Sam, enjoying your stay?" Jake taunted.

"Can't complain too much. What have you been up to Jake?"

Jake narrowed his eyes, "revenge. That's what I've been up to. You kill Matt, and don't get anything for punishment. And I don't want to hear your bull shit about 'I was cleared to fire' and 'Matt shouldn't have been there' you killed him, now you will pay." With that Jake stalked back up the stairs, leaving the two goons with Emily and Sam.

Goon 1 walked over to Sam's cell and entered; closing the door behind him, while Goon 2 went over to Emily. Sam had to give Emily credit, she was holding her ground, and looked ready to fight. Facing Goon 1 again, Sam raised his fists.

What neither Sam nor Emily expected as the ferocity behind the Goons' punches and kicks. They held them off for the most part, but didn't get out unscathed, like their punishers.

Once they were alone again, Sam looked over and saw Emily looking at him. "You okay?" Sam asked with ragged breath.

"Yeah, fine…you?"

"For the most part," Sam said, struggling to sit down. "Sorry you were brought into this. Really don't know why you were."

"Uh, well I could guess that I'm not here because of you, so don't worry about it." Emily grunted as she too sat. Sam saw she was cradling her wrist and rib cage, protecting them.

"When you say 'fine' you mean a broken wrist and a rib or two?" Emily looked at him again, and shrugged, which caused her to wince.

"Like your left arm isn't broken and your knee messed up in some way," Emily retorted.

They were both the worse for wear, and knew that it wasn't going to get better anytime soon.


"Hey, Spike, you seen Sam?" Ed asked going into the gym. It was past eight o'clock in the morning, and no one on Team One was ever late.

"Uh, no…not since I left last night," Spike said, putting down his weights, "want me to give him a call?"

"No, I can do that. You need to build your muscle." Ed left, getting apprehensive, thinking back to yesterday and the strange tension that had spread over Team One yesterday. "Greg, you hear from Sam this morning?"

"No, Eddie, why? He late?"

"Yeah, boss. Winnie hasn't had a call and no one has talked to him since last night. But his car is out in the lot."

"That isn't a good sign," Greg thought, "get the team in here and Winnie to trace his cell." Ed nodded and went to get everyone.

Team One was sitting in the briefing room, waiting to hear from either Sam or Winnie, about his cell. Winnie's voice came over the speaker, "Boss? Sam's cell is in the parking lot. He either left it in the car, or dropped it."

"Okay, thank you Winnie. Anyone try is apartment yet?" Greg asked.

"Yeah, there was no answer. I tried a couple of times." Spike said worried.

"It doesn't make sense. The only conclusion I can come to, is not a pleasant one," Jules said, "Someone must have taken him when he went out to his car."

Ed nodded, thinking the same thing. The team looked at each other, trying to figure out what to do. "Think, did he seem off yesterday?" Ed prompted.

Wordy and Spike shared a glance, "Yeah, boss. Yesterday, while on patrol, he thought he saw someone he recognized. But he wouldn't tell me who. After that he was quiet and seemed lost in thought," Spike explained. "Wordy and I tried to get him to talk, but he wouldn't open up. That was last night as we were leaving." Wordy nodded in confirmation.

"Well, I guess the only thing we can do is wait," Greg said grudgingly, "but we have nothing to follow, so hit the gym or range, but be ready for anything." The team hesitantly left the room, quiet, lost in their private thoughts and worries.


"Okay, thanks McKay, I'll tell them. Stay up there for now, see what more you can do," John Sheppard said into his phone before hanging up. Looking at Teyla, Ronon, and Major Evan Lorne, who had since joined them, "McKay couldn't get a read on Emily's subcutaneous transmitter. He is now trying to narrow down the scans and also is looking at the picture we got from the security cameras. Lorne, I want you to call in the local Leos. See if they will help us; even if they think we aren't looking." Lorne nodded, and walked away a little to make the call. Signing, "Teyla, you and I are going to look over Emily's pre-Atlantis past. Ronon, seeing as the last time you looked at paper work didn't go well, you're going up to Daedalus to get a team of marines ready and to blow off the steam I know you have." Ronon nodded, and was shortly engulfed in white light, before he was gone.

"Sir, do we think it will come to hostage situation?"

"I don't know. But I want the best, if they are looking for whom to go to, get me SRU. Tell them I know Sam Braddock." Lorne nodded and relayed the message.

"Sir, I have a Sargent Parker…he wants to talk to you."

Sheppard held out his hand and accepted the phone. "Hello?"

"May I ask who is looking for Constable Braddock?"

"Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, US Air Force. May I ask who I am talking to?"

"I am Sargent Gregory Parker of the Strategic Response Unit. I have to wonder why an Air Force Colonel from the US is looking for Sam."

"I know Sam from Afghanistan. And I need the help of SRU. Can we meet in person?"

"Why don't you come to SRU headquarters, I have some questions for you."

"Uh, sure," Sheppard said, confusion starting to creep in, "can we do it as soon as possible?"

"Why not in an hour, say ten o'clock."

"That should work. I should tell you I am going to be accompanied by a woman and man. Just don't want any more surprises."

"Well then you should know it will be myself and Team One's leader meeting with you. I'm going to hand you off to Winnie to give you directions, see you in an hour Colonel."

Once Sheppard had the directions, he alerted Daedalus to the development. A pit was growing in his stomach. Something is off, he thought, leading Lorne and Teyla down to the lobby and waiting SUV.

So a meeting of the two teams…for the most part. Why was Emily abducted if this a grudge for Sam? How much danger do the two face with Jake and his goons? Is Sheppard about to face an onslaught of hostility, or will the two groups be able to work together? Guess you'll have to read and find out!

Chapter 6: Not again

This first setting is SGA characters and Flashpoint characters together so "**SGAFlashpoint**" will denote that kind of setting…I realize this is all getting rather confusing, but they should be changing too much now…hopefully.


Teyla, Sheppard, and Lorne were sitting at the table in the briefing room; Greg and Ed were across from them. The rest of Team One was gathered around Winnie's desk, trying to stare through the closed door.

The introductions had been short and tense, now the tension was almost palpable in the air between the two parties. "So…are we going to talk about our elephant," Sheppard began, getting a confused look from Teyla; the most relaxed in the room.

"Well, why don't we start with why you want our help, Colonel," Greg suggested.

"Call me Sheppard," John gave a tight crooked smile, "and we were hoping to have help finding a friend of ours. She has been missing since last night, and we haven't had much luck finding her."

"I believe we should be able to help with that," Greg said, "but there is a slight problem, Sam Braddock."

Sheppard shared a look with Lorne, "I couldn't help but notice he wasn't out there. What kind of problem do you have?"

"He's missing," Ed said flatly, a stern look on his face.

Sheppard's face showed his obvious shock, "uh, well, that was unexpected. Sorta explains your need to ask questions, I guess," Sheppard thought aloud. "Let me just come out straight with this then, Sam and I served a short stint together in Afghanistan. He was on the ground and I was the cover from the air. Saved him, he saved me. Mind you I haven't seen Sam I a long time, been stationed elsewhere for a while."

Greg and Ed nodded and shared a look, "well, that eases our minds a little. You didn't take him. Do you think whoever has Sam, has your friend?"

"It's possible I guess…but I don't know why they would have Emily, she isn't military," at Greg's confused look, "oh, yeah, Emily is the name of our missing friend."

Ed couldn't help but notice how Teyla gave Sheppard a look whenever he said friend, and this Major Lorne was quiet; but Americans are strange to begin with. "So we have two missing people; possibly together, but also possibly completely separate. How do you suggest we figure out which it is, Sheppard?" Ed asked pointedly.

"We have people looking into that. Major," Sheppard nodded to Lorne, who took out a copy of the picture they got from the security tapes.

"We got this from the hotel security footage," Lorne slid the picture across the table. "We don't know who the man is, but strongly believe that he is the one that took Emily because this time correlates with her heading back to her room and subsequent disappearance." Looking at the photo, Greg nodded to Ed, who took it out to Winnie and the team.

"We will see what we can turn up on him. And you know for certain that Emily didn't just go with him? I don't know her and mean no offense, but have to ask," Greg asked the three in front of him.

"Emily would not wonder off without informing us. And she would not go with a strange man," Teyla said with conviction.

"How do you know that with such certainty?"

"She had a past experience that makes her less trusting of most men," Teyla stated before Sheppard could say anything.

"Look, we just want to find her. But if you need to find Sam, can we have the help of another SRU team?" Shepard asked.

"I have a feeling these to incidences aren't coincidence; especially because we believe Sam went missing last night also," Greg told them, "Do you mind if the rest of the team comes in, so we can start pooling resources and strategizing?"

Sheppard nodded, "by all means, we need to get started a.s.a.p."


When their lunch was brought down, one of the goons left behind rudimentary medical supplies.

When they had left, Emily had gone straight for her medical supplies and began fashioning a splint for her wrist. Sam had wrapped his knee, but left his shoulder free, he wanted to be able to use if he needed to. Once they were both finished, they quietly ate their small portions.

Ten minutes later, Goon 1 and Goon 2 came downstairs, and both headed for Emily's cell. Emily tensed, and tried to fight them off, but Goon 1 grabbed her broken wrist, causing her to cry out. "Stop fighting and come with us. Boss wants to talk with you in private." Emily struggled a little more but to no avail.

Sam was helpless and could only watch. He knew that words would be ignored, but he followed Emily with his eyes the whole way, and she looked back, before disappearing.

The two men led Emily to an office and shoved her in before closing the door. Emily caught herself, and stood straight staring down the man Sam had called Jake. Narrowing her gaze, "what do you want?" She said with an even voice.

A smile twitched at Jake's lips, "Why don't you sit, we could be here a while if we talk about everything I want."

Emily sat, but never took her eyes off Jake. "I'm sitting. What do you want?"

"I would check that attitude if I were you, girl," Jake stood and walked around his desk, so he was standing in front of Emily, "What I want is Sam's blood and the blood of someone else. And I will have it."

"Who else? Anyone else that survived Afghanistan?" Jake struck out and back handed Emily's face. The force of the hit threw her to the floor, which is where she stayed for a moment. After a minute she got back up and glared at Jake.

"I warned you," was all he said before returning to their original conversation, "As for the other person, he was there the same day. He laid the cover fire, and gave the intel' that said the area was clear."

"So why is it I'm here again? I haven't been to Afghanistan, I'm not even military…" Emily coolly responded; she was not the weak girl she once was and wasn't about to let another man scare her so easily.

Jake noticed her defiance, "You got balls," he said with a smirk, "Most girls would be begging to be let go and crying. Interesting how certain events can change you, isn't it?" Emily gave him a look, It sounds like he knows about my last abduction. But how? It's not like you can just Google that or hack a database for it, I'm not in one… "Oh, yes, Emily, I know about Pat…and Jack," Emily could stop the wince that came from hearing their names. Smiling to himself Jake continued, "And like the last time, you are here not because of who you are, but because of who you are related to."

Emily settled for glaring again, not wanting to show any more emotion or reaction. "Interesting…seems I should just denounce my family…"

Jake chuckled menacingly, "no need for that. After all this, the root of your problems won't be around anymore." Jake walked back around his desk, and took out a disposable cell phone. Holding the phone out to Emily, "Call your cousin. He is the reason you are here, and who I really want. You were just the convenient means to an end."

Emily just looked at the phone, but didn't move to take it. Jake shoved it into her hand, "I won't call him just so you can kill him."

"You will call him, or Sam and you will sleep less comfortably from now on. And I mean painfully uncomfortable," he bumped her broken wrist, causing her to gasp and clutch it closer.


Barely controlling his anger, Jake grabbed Emily by the hair and dragged her to the door. Bringing her into the main room of the warehouse, he threw her on the ground. "You will call him, or Pat and Jack will come keep you company for a while." With that Goon 1 and Goon 2 came out of a side room and smiled like a cats looking at a canary.

Emily figured their names really weren't Pat and Jack, only called that to bring back buried memories, but it was the last thing she wanted. She wouldn't grovel though, so she got herself standing and faced Jake, "Fine…I'll call him…" she said through clenched teeth.

"Good girl," Jake threw the phone at her again. 'Pat' and 'Jack' went back into the room, leaving Emily alone with Jake. "Put it on speaker too, please, I want to hear him. And here is you script, stick to it and you won't have two broken wrists…" he held out a piece of paper

Nodding Emily dialed…


Sheppard's phone started ringing and he looked at Teyla. They were still at SRU headquarters. They hadn't been able to identify the man in the picture, even with the combined resources of the Daedalus (unknown to the Team One) and SRU. Sheppard looked at the number, but didn't recognize it. Greg noticed his furrowed eyebrows, "What do you got, Sheppard?"

"Unknown number," he said, holding up the still ringing phone.

Team one jumped into action, Spike got a computer, Wordy hovered over him, Jules stood next to Ed in the corner and Greg said, "Answer it, and put it on speaker, please."

Nodding, Sheppard pushed the speaker button, "Sheppard…"

"Hey, John, it's Emily…"

"Where are you? You alright?" Sheppard quickly asked.

"I'm fine, for the most part…listen…I don't have much time."

"Go ahead, Emily, I'm listening," John encouraged.

"Um…I'm supposed to tell you: Afghanistan wasn't forgotten by certain people and it is time to pay up. You and Sam Braddock," Sheppard looked up at Greg, "are getting the punishment you deserved three years ago."

"Emily, are you telling me that Braddock is with you?"

"Yeah…" there was rustling on the other end of the phone, and then a distorted voice spoke, "I'm sure you are there with SRU right now. So what I want you, Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, and Team One of the SRU to do is listen real good for a second…" next thing everyone in the briefing room heard was flesh hitting flesh and metal hitting flesh before a guttural scream from Emily. Then the line went dead, and the briefing room was silent.

Teyla took the phone from John, and placed it on the table. His hands were shaking and his breath was short and harsh, "Colonel…John!" Teyla got him to focus, "You need to focus now. Be prepared to help Emily."

Sheppard nodded and took a deep breath. Looking at Greg, who saw hatred behind his eyes, "What do we do now?" John asked.

Not taking his eyes off Sheppard, Greg said, "Spike? Did you get a location?"

"Sorry, boss, only narrowed it down to five block radius of the warehouse district." Spike looked from Ed to Greg to Sheppard.

"Major…" Lorne stepped forward, "Call McKay, give him the search area."

"Yes, sir," Evan then went over to Spike and got the coordinates, before walking out of the room to make the call.

"Why don't you all go and see that the trucks are supplied," Greg said to Team One; who got the hint that he wanted less of an audience. Sheppard was still breathing deeply, but was calming down, at least on the outside. "Teyla, do you mind if I talk with Colonel Sheppard alone for a moment…" Teyla gave John one last look, but consented to leave.

"There a reason you wanted to be alone, Parker?"

"Yes, Colonel, you are closer than you should be to this. There something you aren't telling us?" Greg asked.

Taking one last deep breath, "Yeah, Parker, I am. On both of your points. Emily is more than a friend…She's family; she's my cousin that I didn't know existed until a couple years ago…"

Greg nodded, "I suspected there was something more…Now I know I won't be able to stop you from interfering if I said you couldn't help, but I need you to at least keep a clear head."

"Sorry about that, I usually don't show so much emotion…but this is the last thing Emily needs."

"Now what do you mean by that?" Greg asked, "What Teyla said about her past experience tells me something happened." Sheppard nodded, and then there was a pause. "Mind telling me what happened?"

Looking everywhere but Greg, Sheppard reluctantly consented. He told Greg about how he met Emily. About how Pat and Jack had treated her. Greg listened, taking in every detail, committing it to his memory for quick recall. He noticed that John was still leaving things out, but he wasn't going to push.

Chapter 7: All you had to do was ask

I have finally realized that I keep bringing up a past experience for Emily…that comes my first story "A Little Reunion". This story can be read separate of that one, but if you are confused or curious, it is there.


Sam watched as the pair of goons carried Emily down the stairs. He had heard her pain filled cry, and wasn't surprised she was unconscious. Jake followed behind the procession and walked over to Sam.

Smiling at Sam's glare, "I thought you should know, your old buddy is in town."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Out of the corner of his eye, Sam saw the goons place Emily on her mattress, and dress another wound.

"A lieutenant colonel, though you knew him as a major," Jake got his full attention again, "John Sheppard."

"Why is that so important?" Sam asked, though he had an inkling of where Jake was going.

"You know full well why it is important!" Jake all but yelled. "You and Sheppard are going to get the punishment the military should have given you for murder!" With that, Jake spun on his heel and led the goons back upstairs.

Sam looked over at Emily, but couldn't see what had caused her scream. He wished that he was at least in the next cell over, that way he could try and help her. With nothing else to do, Sam alternated between pacing and sitting, never taking his eyes off Emily's prone form. Sam also started thinking of way to get both of them out, and soon.


Listening into his radio, given to him by Lorne, "I have a team of marines and another member of my team waiting at the closest warehouse," Sheppard told Ed and Greg who were driving and sitting in the passenger seat, respectively.

Greg looked back at Sheppard, "You got a team of US marines into Toronto in the less than two hour time since we got a location?"

Sheppard shrugged, "the marines are under my command, and seem to come out of the woodwork when I beckon them."

"Well, the more eyes the better, we still have a lot of ground to cover," Ed said, glancing in the rearview mirror, "unless your guy was able to narrow it down more?"

"I'll check," Sheppard said easily, and then started talking to McKay on the other end of the radio. "It would seem we do have a smaller search are now…"

"Team One, listen up, we got new information on the search area…" Greg said nodding for Sheppard to continue.

"The search area has gone from a five block radius and twenty some warehouses, to only five warehouses. The coordinates are being sent to you phones…" Sheppard informed the other SUVs. "We will search each of the warehouses in a systematic order in two teams. A team of marines wait at the new location."

"Alright, Team One, stealth entrance and nonlethal until we know more. Priority is securing the hostages," Greg orders the SRU members. Then he turned off his radio, and had Ed turn his off, turning back to Sheppard for a private conversation. "I realize that you are used to control, and are probably good at military extractions…But please let my team handle this, this is our turf and also one of our guys."

Sheppard held is gaze, "I understand that. But also understand that rescues are my specialty. And that I will do whatever it takes to get Emily and Sam back. As far as your nonlethal order, we don't carry anything nonlethal when one of our own is in danger…"

"Alright, let's compromise then," Ed suggested, "I am team lead, so you give your orders to me, and I will relay them to Team One. But if they are too dangerous, know that we will find another way."

"Are you two negotiating me?" Neither of the SRU veterans said anything, but their faces did, "alright, I'll accept the terms. I would like Teyla and Lorne with me on your team though. And the Marines will be led by Ronon, my other teammate. Is that okay?"

"So long as they don't get us all blow up or killed, it will have to be," Greg said, turning back to the front, and turning his radio on again. Greg started telling Team One the plan, while John got back on the radio with McKay.

"McKay, is there any way to determine more exactly which warehouse Emily and Sam are being held?"

"Well, I could look into power and energy readings…give me a minute…" McKay trailed off.

"Teyla, Lorne, your with me and the SRU team. Ronon will lead the marines,"

"Colonel, Ronon would most likely rather be with us," Teyla voiced.

"I know, but he is the better person to lead the marines, and SRU doesn't know him, so would trust him less than they trust us. Introducing another person right now would not be a good idea."

"Teyla, Colonel Sheppard is right, and so are you. But right now it would be wisest and safest to stick to the Colonel's plan," Lorne explained.

"Very well. Have you told Ronon?"

"Of course! He was okay with the plan, though he did express some…"

"Disappointment?" Teyla finished.

"Not the word I was looking for, but it works."


It was half an hour, before Emily began to stir. Her breathing had been labored most of that time. Sam had figured the best thing to do right now, was get out of his cell, and over to Emily's. To accomplish that, he fought a spring out of his mattress, and broke it so he had impromptu lock picks.

After fiddling for fifteen minutes, Sam had opened his prison door. Creeping along the cell lined wall, Sam went to Emily's door and began picking. It took him ten minutes this time, because he had a better angle. Now forty minutes after Emily's return, Sam was finally by her side and able to help.

He noticed that her newest injuries included a broken tibia, a black eye, and a lot more bruises. The goons had kindly fitted her with another splint, but if not taken care of properly, Emily's leg wouldn't heal right.

Taking a cloth and wetting it, with water from a pitcher, Sam dabbed at Emily's brow to try and wake her. Her faced scrunched up in pain, but her eyes began to flutter, "that's it, wake up," Sam whispered. He looked over his shoulder to make sure they were still alone, and then back to Emily, who had gotten her eyes open.

"S-am?" she rasped.

"Yeah, I'm here. Have some water," Sam dribbled some water from the cloth into her mouth. "Don't try to move, it looks like you have a broken tib."

After a coughing fit, "feels like a broken body," Emily managed through shallow breaths.

Sam felt along her ribs and found that she had at least two broken on her right side and another of her left. "Well, that is why you're having trouble brea—" Sam was interrupted by the cell door slamming shut. Spinning around he saw Goon 1 and Jake.

"You really think we didn't know you had moved," Jake pointed at Sam's ankle. He had forgotten about the locator anklet, but it didn't change his decision to get to Emily.

"No…but there was no way I was sitting by idly, when I could possibly help her."

"I really don't care. If you wanted to be with her, all you had to do was ask. But there is only food portions for one person per cell…so I guess one of you will be hungry." With that Goon 1 deposited the 'meal' and left with Jake.

After getting the food and returning to Emily, "I'm sorry about this…"

"Don't be. I'm not here because of you. He blames my cousin also, so took me as bait," Emily closed her eyes, and tried to even her breathing.

"You should eat something," Sam said holding the food out.

Smiling, "I couldn't if I tried. It would all just come back up, and be wasted," she paused to cough, "go ahead and eat it. I'm fine."

"How about I have half, and you can have your half when you're ready?"

"If you want," Emily started, "How'd you get over here?" She finished confused.

Sam snorted and smiled, "Through ingenious lock picking training compliments of the SRU."

"Part of police training is teaching how to pick locks? Isn't that illegal?" Emily joked.

"Yeah, well, it is a useful skill," Sam said smiling.


When the SUVs pulled up to the rendezvous spot, they saw ten marines and a very imposing figure. The figure broke away from the marines and stood in front of the parked SUVs with his arms crossed. Sheppard climbed out of the back seat and walked up to him. Greg and Ed followed, while the rest of the SUVs emptied.

"Greg, Ed, I would like to introduce Ronon, another member of my team," Ronon nodded hello.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Sargent Greg Parker," Greg said, holding his hand out. After a look from Sheppard, Ronon shook Greg and Ed's hands.

"We're ready," was all he said before walking back to the waiting marines.

Sheppard looked after him shaking his head, "he isn't much of a talker, don't take it personally."

Ed nodded, "well, what is the plan?"

"I have my guy looking into power and energy output for these warehouses, it's time I checked in with him, excuse me," Sheppard said walking a few steps away. "McKay, what do you got, it has been well over a minute."

"I have brilliantly narrowed it down to two buildings, that's what I got."

"Okay, mind sharing, I don't have time for your ego, and neither does Emily!"

"Take it easy. I would suggest your team look at building 200 meters at your…two o'clock…and Ronon take his team to the one 300 meters at your eleven o'clock."

"Okay, I see them. I'll go let the others know. You want to beam down and help?"

"Are you actually asking? Or ordering?"

"I'm asking McKay. You were there last time, didn't know if you wanted to be this time."

"Oh, uh, well, I'll stay up here then, be ready to save your sorry butt."

"Okay, Sheppard out," Sheppard walked back to the SRU team, Teyla, and Lorne, "Okay, we have it down to two warehouses. We are going to take the one 200 meters that way," he pointed to the designated warehouse, "and Ronon will take the marines to a warehouse 300 meters over there."

"Spike, let's get schematics and layouts of both," Greg said.

"Copy that."

"Ronon, want to come back over here, we are going to go over the plan," Sheppard said into the radio but looked over at Ronon; who then jogged over.

"Okay," Sheppard began, "here is what we are going to do…"