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In Her Company

Haruno Sakura had a daily routine, one that involved spending an unhealthy amount of time at the library with a nice supply of green tea (why she didn't just drink coffee was still a mystery), and a stack of textbooks that would've been extremely heavy for anyone - everyone - else. She'd sit by the table nearest to the entrance, though still close enough to the wall where there was a window that overlooked the quad with the horrendous fountain — one of the university's many attractions. He had had an ample amount of time to observe her ever since the beginning of the summer session, the first time he (un)officially met her.

Kiba had skipped sociology that afternoon, opting instead to take a much needed nap in the library, a place he never dared step foot in unless it was absolutely necessary. Usually he'd wake up to "Dungeon and Dragon" players with their cards splayed across the table, but fortunately for him, it was the sight of tupperware and the smell of cookies that greeted him that time.

They hadn't spoken, hadn't acknowledged each other save for the brief second that their eyes met when he had lifted his head from its position on his backpack. Sakura had continued taking notes - she was taking microbiology at the time - and her eyes never strayed in his direction even once after that, something that managed to leave a slight bruise on Kiba's ego even today.

But she spent her afternoons in the library, taking notes and listening to her iTouch (all filled with alternative and indie music), and he—

He kept coming back.

It was during the third week of the fall semester at the K when Inuzuka Kiba was given the opportunity to make his move.

Sure, it'd been about one month (and five days) since he had first um, met her, but when all the scheming depended on the pink-haired girl accidentally dropping something— well... let's just say that Haruno Sakura had to be the - if not most - graceful person he's ever known. Or have yet to known... know. And hypothetically let's say Kiba was just a bit impatient after one month - and five days - of observation, so he happened to know the exact moment she'd walk into the large room every single day (12:45pm, to be exact) and gave her a little push.

Or a shove.

But it sent her bottle of green tea rolling, and her textbooks met the floor with a thump that resounded throughout the library, successfully startling the entire room.




"Crap," Kiba said as Sakura dropped to her knees, picking up the sheets of paper that were neatly tucked into her textbooks just moments before. "I am so sorry." Not really.

He made a beeline for the green tea, which was still rolling towards the entrance, almost making it out into the hallway. Kiba picked it up with ease, surprised at how empty it was, and jogged over to where Sakura was currently kneeling.

"It's fine," she replied finally, gathering the last of her notes. Her eyes landed on the pair of sneakers that suddenly appeared in her line of vision, following it until she was face to face with her bottle, dangling innocently from Kiba's hand. "Thanks..."

"No problem," he said easily, offering Sakura a hand (which she politely refused). It was pretty obvious that she was in a hurry to leave by the way she tightened her grip on her belongings and how she discreetly eyed her usual table. So Kiba did the first thing that came to mind, not ready to see her go so soon. Sticking his hand out, he grinned and, "Inuzuka Kiba."

"I," she paused, bringing her attention back to the male before her. "Sakura. Haruno Sakura."


"Excuse me?"

Kiba gestured towards her book, chuckling at the adorable expression on her face.

"Oh... yeah," Sakura laughed lightly, embarrassed. "My exam is in two days."

"Mind if I join you?" he asked, then quickly added, "You shouldn't be suffering alone. Especially not with a teacher like Hatake Kakashi."

Surprise flitted across her face, eventually turning into skepticism.

"You took Calculus with him?"

No. "Of course." His best friend had complained enough for the both of them, but Sakura didn't need to know that.

"Well," she said somewhat hesitantly, "if you don't mind silences..."

"I love them," Kiba cut in, shooting her a smile that made her flush. Just a little bit.

"If you say so." As she made her way towards the table, her voice drifted behind her. "And maybe during our non-silences, you can tell me why you purposely ran into me."

Sakura turned back to shoot him a look over her shoulder, amusement flickering in her eyes, and Kiba swore for a second he had stopped breathing.

"Blame it on fate," he replied, trailing after her— a smile on his face.





And so they met.

"So like, is it official official?" Naruto asked, letting out a loud "HEY!" when Kiba snatched his phone from the blonde's hands.


"You know..." he said slowly, as if Kiba would suddenly understand. "Are you guys like... dating now? Like a thing?"

"A thing?" Kiba mocked, stuffing his cellphone into his back pocket. "Yes, you girl."

"Funny, I couldn't tell."

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh, I don't know..." Naruto said, leaning back in his chair. "Just that we ran into your girlfriend the other day and she didn't so much as lift a finger to say hi. Or even - you know - acknowledge your existence."

"She didn't see me," he replied, turning back to the novel he was assigned to read for English. The Sound and the Fury. Yuck.


Kiba ignored him, making it a point to block out Naruto's annoying tapping and the knowing look on his face. It only took a couple of seconds before he let out a loud groan, shutting his book.

"Okay, so maybe she doesn't say hi."


"Talk to me." He paused. "In public places."

"Have you at least gone on a date?"

"Study session?"


"I know."

"Like I said," Naruto drawled, grabbing a pencil to balance on his lip. "Are you guys really dating? Totally understandable since Sakura-chan is freaking hot and you're just, you know. I'd be embarrassed too—OW!"

"Says the guy who can't even muster up the courage to ask a certain Hyu—"

"DUDE!" Naruto bellowed, the pencil he was balancing earlier clattered onto the table as he reached over to put a hand over Kiba's mouth. "You said you wouldn't tell!"

"That was before you blabbed about Sakura!"

"What? Two wrongs do not make a right," Naruto argued, sticking out his bottom lip in a pout. "And this was before I knew you would violate the Bro Code."

"You've got to be kidding me," Kiba replied, exasperated. "Three words: Freedom of Speech."

"Freedom of what?"




"You guys realize that the cafeteria is across campus, right?"

The pair immediately stopped their argument, turning to the visitor.

"Shikamaru!" Naruto greeted, kicking the chair across from him, offering the brunette a seat.

"What part of this is a library do you not understand?" Kiba hissed, pointing towards the "Please Be Quiet" sign by the fire extinguisher.

The blonde snorted, mouthing Sakura's name to the lazy genius, making a whipping motion in the process.


"I saw that, dick."

"Why are you guys here?" Shikamaru asked again, dropping into the seat next to Kiba.

"I'm supposed to meet Sakura here in about..." Kiba took out his cellphone, flipping it open. Huh. That can't be right. "Hey, is it really—"

"Yup!" Naruto interrupted, a grin on his face. "1 'o' clock. I guess she really does hate your guts..."

"Oh shut up."

"No need to get so angry—"

"I don't want to break up your little love fest," Shikamaru drawled, cracking an eye open, "but I have anthropology with Sakura. I saw her standing by the fountain earlier."

Kiba was the first to speak.

"What? Why?"

"Upcoming presentation," Shikamaru yawned, adjusting his head into a more comfortable position on his backpack. "Partner, exchanging numbers..."



"Damn," Kiba swore, a little put out. It took him forever to get her number, and some guy in her dumb anthropology class gets to have it because of a prese— "Is she still standing out there?"

"Probably," he replied, already half-asleep. "Looked like they were splitting up the work."

Of course they were. "Let's go, Naruto."

"Dude, no," Naruto said, watching the entrance to the library. He paid Shino five bucks to get Hinata to take a small detour here before going home and there was no way he— "Okay, okay! Let go of my shirt!"

"Is that him?"

"Looks like it."

"Is that hair style supposed to be attractive? It looks like he just rolled out of bed."

"Someone's jealous," Naruto taunted, pushing his face against the window to get a better look. "He looks kind of familiar."

"You're stupid," Kiba snapped, squinting his eyes. "His back is turned towards us, how can you see his—oh."

"Well, your relationship was nice while it lasted."

"A little less negativity, thanks." Wait, is that... "Dude, that guy has the same hand sanitizer as Sakura."

"The one with the weird-ish color?"

"Yeah," Kiba said eventually. "With the fruity protective cover and the small loop that ties into the keychain."

"Wow. It's like a dude version of Sakura."

"I know," he groaned, lightly hitting his head against the window repeatedly. "What are the chances?"

"I think," Naruto began, "you should go and stake your claim."

"Stake my what?"

"Your claim," Naruto repeated, eying the pair. "Sakura, taken. Bro code? Ring a bell?"

"Screw your Bro Code," Kiba muttered, heading towards the table where Shikamaru was napping to grab his things. "No one follows that - especially if a hot girl is involved... or just Haruno Sakuras."

"Pretty boy doesn't seem like the homewr—"

"He is not pretty. What's wrong with you?"


If Sakura was bent on showering him - okay, paying - attention to him only when they were alone, she had another thing coming. He had worked too hard to get noticed by her, and the last thing that he needed was some 'Pretty Boy' with a horrible hairstyle butting in and ruining all of his hard work. By the time he's through, she'll be groveling for his attention and time, waiting after class at the library everyday like some lost pup—

"H-Hey! You promised you'd wait with me, douche!" Naruto whined, staring at a drooling and oblivious Shikamaru. "Where are you going?"





"Staking my claim!"

author's note: I feel satisfied with this first chapter, but at the same time... dissatisfied. Should I continue? I'm still tinkering with the plot, so feedback is always welcomed! It's my very first KibaSaku fic, so I have no idea if he's IC or what.

Thank you for reading!