"According to El Code, any threats – aka Pretty Boy – to your property, also known as Haruno Sakura, can be protected. Rightfully, of course."

"And by 'rightfully,' you mean…"

"With a gun."

"Are you insane? Why would I want to kill him?"

"Why wouldn't you?"




Chapter Three

Okay, so maybe he should have thought this through before staking his claim.

Without the object of his affection here to accompany him…

(Not like Sakura was an object… or anything).

—because now he just looked like a complete idiot.



"She's your girlfriend…" Sasuke repeated slowly, raising a brow skeptically.

"Um, yeah."

There was a moment of absolute silence.

'Huh,' Kiba thought, 'Was that a cricket or—'

"And you're telling me this… why?"

Kiba opened his mouth to speak, but then realized he simply hadn't thought before confronting Sakura's anthropology partner. And not like he'd ever admit it, but the guy really was good-looking up close. Damn. That really sucked. It was a shame that the kid looked like he was in constant pain…like he was lamenting over the loss of his whole family because his older brother went rogue and killed them or something.

"Just so you… know," Kiba answered lamely, feeling the confidence from moment's before slip from his grasp. "Don't want you to get any ideas. Like, you know, mooching off of her hard work…"

Wow, he was seriously digging his own grave with this one.

Hadn't his girlfriend said this guy was a genius?

Smooth, Kiba. Smooth.

"Don't you mean ideas about stealing your girlfriend right from under your nose?" Sasuke asked, a hint of amusement in his voice. By this time, he was sporting a full-on smirk, looking more arrogant than ever.

Too shocked to answer intelligibly, all that came out was a—


"Typical," he heard Sasuke muttered, followed by an uncharacteristic snort.

That he was able to respond to.

"What do you mean typical?" Kiba asked, feeling slightly offended. Who did this guy think he was?

"Does Sakura even know you're here 'confronting' me?" he asked, completely ignoring Kiba's question.

"Don't flatter yourself," Kiba said, forcing out a light-hearted chuckle under the guy's inquisitive stare. "It was a coincidence that I even ran into you."

"Right," Sasuke commented dryly. "And that answer would have been wholly convincing if I hadn't seen you watching me like a hawk from that locker over there."

"What?" Kiba spluttered, feeling his cheeks burn. "Maybe if you hadn't been trying to make moves on my girlfriend, I would see no need to confront you!"

"So you are confronting me."


Sneaky bastard.

Damn him and his goddamn smirks.


Not wanting to embarrass himself further, Kiba wisely refrained from arguing though he was oh-so-tempted to wring the dude's neck.

Kiba fumed silently as he walked past the smirking teenager, 'accidentally' knocking his shoulder into Sasuke's. It was – extremely – immature but it made him feel better about losing his dignity. A lot better. Even as Kiba made his way to the lunchroom, he could feel Sasuke smirking like a madman behind him.




Kiba gritted his teeth.

"Seriously, screw that guy!"

There was no doubt about it – Sasuke was a total ass.

Like douchebag-kind-of-ass… not the other kind.

As if the guy was even worth playing the other field for.

Even thinking about that damned smirk on his just-a-little-perfect face made him want to punch something… Kiba groaned, smothering the pillow over his face in frustration. This was the first time he lost his appetite from being so angry! After the encounter, he had walked past the cafeteria and drove home in a rage, almost hitting irritatingly slow pedestrians in the process.


If his girlfriend had been anyone but Sakura, he wouldn't have reacted…

At all.

The pink-haired teenager just had to be breathtakingly gorgeous, intelligent, funny (in a sarcastic, kind of way), and her need to wash her hands every single second was just so fucking adorable. She really was going to be the death of him one day, he just knew it. Gone were the "glory days" when he had been akin to a God among the females… all the girls throughout middle school (and some in high school) had all but fought each other just to have a chance to go on a date with him.

And now here he was… jealous over some guy who just happened to be equally smart as his current love interest.

He was – dare he say it? – insecure.

The word itself was disgusting.




Kiba could hardly blame Sakura for his insecurity…

Sure she didn't outright acknowledge him in public, didn't believe in "personal displays of affection," and made it a habit to sanitize her hands after every bit of contact between them. Okay, so maybe she was the reason he felt so insecure. She was his girlfriend, damn it! The least she could do was declare her undying love from the top of Mount Everest!

Or you know, bake him cookies… anything.

Kiba glared at the frame hanging on his wall that held his last Spanish test. The test that he had – miraculously – received a hundred-percent on…

That was the only moment throughout their time together that Sakura had actually smiled at him. For him.

It was also the only time that he had Sakura's undivided attention.

Her midterms had already passed so she was free for the time being, using that week to help him study for his huge exam.

Just thinking about how much of an adorable nag she had been made him smile.






Haruno Sakura.



"What to do…" Kiba muttered to himself.

Operation Stake-Your-Claim had been an utter failure.

Thank you, Naruto.





As much as he wanted to believe that Mr. Not-Perfect was his problem—he wasn't.

The source of his insecurity was Sakura, and the only way he can overcome it is to fix the problem at its source.

His brilliant solution?

Operation Douche-bag.

… Well, maybe not too much of a douche.

A voice in the back of his mind nagged that it was a horrible idea to give his girlfriend a taste of her own medicine, but the other part of him felt that his pride was at stake. As much as he liked his girlfriend and the time they spent together, there were things in a relationship that you can't help but notice despite how happy you are.

And Sakura… he didn't even know if she was happy with how things were.

Or if she was even happy with him.

They had met after he initiated their meeting, hung out because he himself had asked her, and she had agreed to date him because he – once again – asked. Not once had she shown interest, shown affection… or even hinted that she enjoyed his company. She rarely smiled or laughed unless there were others with them, and it seemed like he was the only person who cared.




Funny how he only begun to notice the problems in their relationship when Sasuke was brought into the picture.

Maybe Sakura meeting the prick wasn't such a bad thing, after all.

Operation Douche-bag it is, then.




As if on cue, his phone vibrated twice on the table next to him.

He flipped his phone open, staring at the screen for a moment... conflicted. Eventually - albeit reluctantly - he tossed his phone into the open drawer, letting out a sigh.

"I'm going to sleep."

Kiba reached over to switch his lamp off, pulling the comforter over his body, closing his eyes as he got situated. He ignored the buzzing sound of the phone as it vibrated a few more times, the flashing name on the screen emitting a small light that peeked out of the cracks of his drawer.




Sakura calling...

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