Nichijou is a comedy manga created by Keiichi Arawi. It began serialization in the December 2006 issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Shonen Ace. An anime adaptation aired on Chiba TV and ran for 26 episodes from Sunday April 3, 2011 to Sunday September 25, 2011. It was produced by Kyoto Animation (the same studio behind Haruhi, Lucky Star and K-ON!) and directed by Tatsuya Ishihara (the genius director of AIR, Haruhi, Kanon and Clannad).

In my humble opinion, it's one of the best shows that KyoAni has done. Seriously, you guys should go and check it out.

Rating: Rated PG for some tense moments later on in the story.

Not a Normal Day

Friday December 17, 2010: At the Shinonome Household, it was a relatively normal morning. Nano woke up and got ready for school. As she was preparing breakfast, Nano's creator, Hakase, walked into the kitchen and said, "Good morning, Nano". Likewise, Nano responded by saying, "Good morning, Hakase". However, Nano noticed that the normally cheerful and energetic 8 year old, today seemed tired and rather lethargic. Another thing Nano noticed was that Hakase barely touched her food, while any other day she would practically lick the plate clean. "Hakase, is something wrong?", Nano asked. "Hakase isn't very hungry", Hakase answered back. "Why?", Nano wondered. "Bad stomachache", Hakase responded.

Nano put her head on Hakase's forehead. "You feel warm, maybe you should go back to bed", Nano told her, "And I'd like you to take it easy on the snacks today". "Yes, Nano", Hakase answered, "I'll try to". Just then, their cat, Sakamoto, walked into the kitchen. "Yo, what's up with all the ruckus?", he asked. "Good morning Sakamoto", Hakase told him. "How many times do I have to tell you to add the '-san' after my name?", Sakamoto scolded, clearly annoyed. "I'm sorry, Sakamoto", Hakase apologized, but forgetting to add the "-san" again. Sakamoto sighed and said, "Fine, whatever". "Good morning, Sakamoto-san", Nano said to him. After giving him his breakfast, she realized she was running late and quickly downed her breakfast. After this, she said goodbye to them and rushed out the door.

Looking at the digital watch built into her arm, the time said 7:30 AM. She was supposed to meet her high school friends at the Daiku Coffee shop at 7:35. Realizing this, Nano sprinted there as fast as her legs could carry her. By some miracle, she made it right on schedule. This was one time that Nano was thankful that Hakase had put in a super speed function. She walked in and saw her friends, well two of them anyway. "Ah, Nano-chan, selamat pagi!", Yuuko cheered, waving to her. "Good morning, Nano-chan", Mio greeted, waving as well. "Good morning, Aioi-san. Good morning Naganohara-san", Nano replied before she asked, "By the way, where is Minakami-san"?

"Mai-chan's not quite here yet", Yuuko replied. "We don't have time to wait for her! We're gonna be late!", Mio grumbled impatiently, "God help me, but we're going to have to leave right now if we want to get to school on time". With that, the three girls rushed to Kadokawa Station down the street and caught the 7:40 AM train which would lead them almost right to the front steps of Arawi High School. As they got off the train, Nano suggested, "Maybe Minakami-san is absent today". "Maybe. But we won't know until we get to school", Yuuko told her. They made it in the door to Class 1-Q, at 7:59 AM, just one minute before the 8:00 AM bell that starts school.

At the same time, Mai came walking in the door. "Mai-chan, selamat pagi!", Yuuko greeted. "Selamat malam", Mai replied. "Mai-chan, what happened to you?", Mio sputtered, seeing that Mai's uniform was wet and splattered with mud. "Yeah, Mai-chan, what happened?", Yuuko wondered. "Mud puddle", Mai responded. "I was walking when a car ran over a puddle of mud, and accidentally splashed me with it". "Are you all right?", Nano asked. "Not to worry, I am fine", Mai assured her. "Oh by the way, Nano-chan", Yuuko stated, "Our study group is still on at your house tonight, is that right?". "Oh, yes", Nano explained, "But we'll have to be quiet today. Hakase isn't feeling well today". "Oh, all right", Mio told her, "We'll be careful". "Yes, certainly", Mai nodded back.

End of Chapter 1

Author's Notes:

Selamat Pagi - Selamat Pagi is the Indonesian saying for "Good morning". Yuuko has a habit of greeting Mio and Mai with this saying.

Selamat Malam - Selamat Malam is the Indonesian saying for "Good evening". Mai greeted Yuuko by saying this in Episode 1.

Copyright Notice:

All rights to Nichijou belong to mangaka Keiichi Arawi, publisher Kadokawa Shoten, director Tatsuya Ishihara, co-director Taichi Ishidate, and Kyoto Animation.