Note: After about 2 months of work, this will be the sixth and the final chapter of Not a Normal Day. It was not exactly a walk in the park writing this fanfic, since I was finishing work on Holiday Vacation when I started, and I'm currently also working on Lucky Star: After Story. I hope you guys enjoy Chapter 6 regardless, and thanks.

8:45 pm

After they had gotten the word from Dr. Kitanohara that Hakase was out of surgery, the four other girls were given permission to go up to the Intensive Care Unit on the second floor to see her. But before they went up, they got an idea on how to cheer Hakase up. They decided not to go up just yet, and they instead stopped at Kyoto General Hospital's in-house gift shop/florist to get a little get well present for her. "Good evening ladies, what can I do for you this evening?", the gift shop's manager, Mr. Ishidate, asked them.

"Good evening, to you too sir, we're looking for something for one of our friends", Mio replied. "You see, she just got out of surgery for her appendix", Yuuko explained, "And we thought that we'd surprise her with a little get well present". "Do you have any toy sharks?", Mai asked.

"Well, I think I might have some in the back room", Mr. Ishidate responded, "Hang on just a second". About 30 seconds later, he came back out holding an adorable stuffed toy shark. "Well, here it is", he answered, "You girls can have it for 700 yen ($8.40 USD)". "We'll take it!", Nano exclaimed.

"Do you guys have any 'Get Well' balloons too?", Yuuko wondered. "We sure do", Mr. Ishidate told her. "And what about 'Get Well' cards?", Mio asked. "We've got those too", Mr. Ishidate assured. "And could we also have a small bouquet of flowers?", Mai questioned. "Sure thing", Mr. Ishidate explained, "I'll get them for you". About 2 minutes later, he came back with a bouquet, a huge freshly inflated "Get Well" balloon, and a big "Get Well Soon" card.

As soon as he placed the gifts on the counter, Mr. Ishidate went back up to the register to calculate their total. "So that's 700 yen for the shark, 105 yen ($1.26 USD) for the balloon, 125 yen ($1.50 USD) for the card, and 750 yen ($9.00 USD) for the flowers", he announced, "So your total comes to 1,680 yen ($20.17 USD)".

"1,680 yen is actually not bad for what we're getting", Yuuko noted. "Not bad at all", Mio agreed, "Normally we'd pay anywhere from 2,000 yen ($24.01 USD) to 2,500 yen ($30.02 USD)". "So if we split the costs four ways that's just 420 yen a piece ($5.04 USD)", Mai chimed in. With that, the four girls each took out their 420 yen and placed it on the counter.

"You know, my wife and I make every one of our stuffed animals by hand", Mr. Ishidate added, "And we've made them to last. Usually they last at least 4 or 5 years". "Well, either way, I'm sure Hakase will love this little toy", Nano told him, "Thank you very much!". "No, no, thank you girls", Mr. Ishidate insisted, as the girls left the shop.

Before they went up, the girls all signed the card. Luckily the card was large enough for all 4 to write their own little messages. And this is what the messages said:

Yuuko's message: Well, you made it through. Hurry up and get well, my friend, so we can have some fun.

Mio's message: Get well soon, little one. You've made us proud with your bravery.

Mai's message: I really hope you get better soon, Hakase. You truly are one of the most wonderful people I've ever met.

Nano's message: I love you very much, Hakase. I love you like a mother loves her daughter. I'm very proud of you. Take your time getting better.

Sakamoto's message: Being a cat and all, he would obviously have trouble writing, so he just put his paw in some ink and placed it on the card, so that it would come out.

After they signed the card with their names, they were ready to go up. "Now with that out of the way, let's bring this up to Hakase", Yuuko stated. "Yeah, I'm sure Hakase will love it", Mio added. As they were walking back to the elevator, the girls ran into Dr. Kitanohara. "Wait a second, didn't you guys go up to see your friend?", he asked.

"We were, but we decided to get her a little 'Get Well' present first", Nano explained to him. "Oh, all right. Anyway, I'm sure she'll be happy to see you all", Dr. Kitanohara continued. "Now do you remember which room she's in?", Dr. Kitanohara asked them. "Yes, we remember. Room #246 on the second floor", Mai chimed in. "Well, what are we all standing around here for? Let's head up there!", Sakamoto, who was riding atop Nano's head, exclaimed. With that, the girls once again got in the elevator and went up to the second floor.

Inside the elevator, Nano once again remembered about the camera. "By the way, why did the doctors use your camera, Aioi-san?", she asked. "To tell you the truth, Nano-chan. Hakase asked the doctors if they could videotape the procedure since she couldn't have her appendix placed in a jar", Yuuko admitted.

Upon hearing this, Nano once again got weak in the knees and her face turned a sickly shade of green. Mio grabbed her before she fell to the floor. "Are you all right, Nano-chan?", she asked. "Yes, yes, I'm f-fine, N-Naganohara-san. I just get creeped out by those sort of things", Nano replied. At the same time, the elevator doors opened and the girls walked out onto the second floor.

9:00 pm

The girls knocked on the door to Room #246, and a second or two later a rather short man with glasses came out of the room holding a chart. "Oh excuse us, sir!", Yuuko exclaimed. "We didn't watch where we were going!", Mio sputtered. "Quite all right", he assured them gently, "I am Dr. Ishihara by the way, I'll be checking in on the patient in this room from time to time".

"This is Hakase Shinonome's room, is that correct?", Mai asked. "Yes, that is correct. She just got out of an appendectomy", Dr. Ishihara explained, "Dr. Kitanohara called me you all were coming up here". "May we go in to see her?", Nano wondered. "Certainly, but you may have to wait a few minutes before she wakes up", Dr. Ishihara reminded them as he went to check on another patient. And with that, the girls entered Hakase's room.

They walked up to the middle of the room and they saw Hakase in one of those hospital beds, still asleep from the anesthesia they had given her during the surgery. "Hmm, you know Mio-chan, Hakase looks pretty darn adorable sleeping like that", Yuuko noted. "You're right Yuuko. Hakase does look quite cute", Mio agreed. "All we have to do is wait until the anesthesia wears off and she wakes up", Mai added.

"Oh dear, I wonder how long that will take", Nano wondered. "When I had my appendix taken out, the doctor told me I was asleep for about 2 or 3 hours", Mai explained to her, "But I've read that it varies from person to person". At the same time, Sakamoto climbed on top of the bed and sat himself down next to Hakase. "Well, if any of you need me, I'll be right here on the bed", he told the girls as he curled up in a ball to make himself comfortable.

"I hope it doesn't take too long for her to wake up", Yuuko chimed in, "Visiting hours end at eleven, don't they?". "Yes, but don't worry", Mio assured her, "We still have plenty of time, it's only ten after nine". Well, as it turns out they didn't have to wait very long, as Hakase was already starting to stir from her slumber.

9:10 pm

"Oh hey guys look, Hakase's starting to wake up!", Nano gasped. Hakase slowly opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was her creation's sweet and loving face staring down at her. "Nano? Is that you?", Hakase asked as she rubbed her eyes. Nano gently put her arms around her creator and whispered, "Yes, it's me and the others are here too". "You did good, kid", Sakamoto told her. "Now the worst for you is over", he added as he rubbed his head against her neck.

"So how are you feeling now, Hakase?", Yuuko asked. "Well, Hakase does feel a lot better, but Hakase still feels a little pain down here", Hakase told her, "But it's nowhere near as bad as it was earlier". "We're just glad you're going to be all right", Mio chimed in. "And by the way, we brought you a little get well present", Mai explained to her. And with that, the girls showed Hakase the toy shark, the flowers, and the balloon, much to her surprise.

"Wow! I love it!", Hakase beamed, "Those flowers will go perfectly in the vase I made, and I can put the balloon in my room". "Don't forget about the little toy shark we bought you", Nano reminded her. Hakase then looked down and saw the stuffed toy shark on her lap. "Awww, it's so cute! I'm going to name it Sharky.", Hakase gushed hugging the stuffed animal. "We figured you'd like it, Hakase", Yuuko told her. "We all know how much you love sharks", Mio added. "We got you a card too", Mai interrupted, as she held up the card.

Hakase read the card and she was clearly moved by everyone's messages. "It's so beautiful.", Hakase whispered with a smile on her face and tears filling her eyes. "That's what we really think of you, Hakase", Yuuko told her. "We all love you like you're a little sister to us", Mio explained. "And we're all very proud of you for being so brave", Mai added.

"So Hakase, what do you think of the card?", Nano asked. "Hakase loves it very much", Hakase replied wrapping her arms around Nano. "I'm really glad you like it, Hakase", Nano told her as she wrapped her arms around her and gently kissed her on the forehead. Hakase wiped her eyes and said, "Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart". "You're welcome, Hakase", everyone answered back in unison.

Just then, Dr. Ishihara walked back into the room. "Oh I see that you've woken up, Miss Shinonome", he explained, "So how are you feeling, Hakase". "Hakase is feeling much better, Dr. Ishihara", Hakase told him, "Even though Hakase still feels a little bit of pain down here". "Nothing to worry about, Miss Shinonome. That will go away in a couple of days", Dr. Ishihara assured her. "By the way, when can I go home?", Hakase asked. "You will probably be able to go home on Sunday afternoon", Dr. Ishihara explained, "We'll need to keep an eye on your condition until then".

At the same time, Dr. Kitanohara came running into the room. "Oh, good evening, Dr. Kitanohara", Dr. Ishihara greeted. "Good evening to you as well, Dr. Ishihara", Dr. Kitanohara replied. "Is something the matter, Dr. Kitanohara", Nano wondered. "Nothing's wrong, I just came to deliver this to Hakase", Dr. Kitanohara told her, holding up a DVD in a case.

"What is it?", Hakase asked. "The video of your appendectomy", Dr. Kitanohara explained. "All right, thank you. I've wanted to see what my appendix looked like", Hakase cheered. Upon hearing this, Nano turned pale and collapsed into the chair next to the bed. "Nano-chan!", Yuuko shouted. "She's fainted again!", Mio yelled. "Nano? Are you all right?", Hakase asked, obviously confused. "This is going to be a long night", Dr. Kitanohara noted. "I'll go and get an ice pack", Dr. Ishihara explained as he went back out into the hall.


Sunday December 19, 2010, 2:30 pm

After 2 days in the hospital, Hakase was finally cleared to go home. Her condition had improved rapidly after the surgery. After Nano signed the release papers, she and Hakase exited the hospital where the other girls were waiting for them. "Well, I certainly don't want to go through that again", Nano noted. "Don't worry, Nano. Hakase has only one appendix", Hakase assured her.

"I still can't believe how much better you've gotten", Yuuko told her. "Like it has been said, Hakase's a strong little girl", Mio explained. Suddenly, a gust of wind caught Hakase's balloon and began to blow it away. Fortunately, Mai managed to grab hold of it. She did have to climb on top of Yuuko and Mio to do it, but still. "Here you go, Hakase", Mai said to her, with a smile on her face.

"Thank you", Hakase replied, "You know you actually look cute when you smile". Mai blushed a bit and said, "Thanks, Hakase". Sakamoto who was riding in the box that held Hakase's get well present rolled his eyes and asked, "Can we go already before something else happens?". "We're going right now, Sakamoto-san", Nano told him as they walked off.

And there you have it, folks. The last chapter. I hope you all liked reading it as much as I did writing it.

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