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A typical day at a typical household could be described as fun, crazy, and busy. A typical day at the Bolton household could be described as all these things times nine, as that was the number of children that Gabriella Anne Maria Montez-Bolton and her husband Troy Alexander Bolton had given birth to.

When the two high school sweethearts had first married at age nineteen, they had known they'd wanted a large family. By "large" they had meant four or five kids rather than nine, but they were thrilled with the number of children they had worked together to create, as they felt that each new baby was a symbol of their love for one another.

Picking out names had been a difficulty for the two parents. When they had first married, they had chosen a few favorites, but once those were used up, it was a challenge to think of more they liked. However, they had managed to do so. At seventeen, Tyler Jack, sometimes called T.J., was the oldest. Sixteen-year-old twins Eli Alexander and Gabriel Christian, more often known as Gabe, were next. After them came Troy and Gabriella's first girl, Juliet Anne, who was fourteen. Daniel James was only a year younger than her. When Daniel was three, another girl, Karina Allison, was born. Next was Colby Andrew, who was eight. Six-year-old Carly Victoria followed him, and Jordyn Kayla was, at almost three, the youngest. However, she wouldn't keep that status for long, as Gabriella was three months pregnant with what she and Troy planned to be their last baby.

As you can probably imagine, Troy and Gabriella had a large home. It was complete with a spacious living room, a dining room that could fit a long table and sixteen chairs around it, a kitchen with two ovens, five bedrooms, an attic that they were working on turning into an additional room, and three full bathrooms. How could they afford all that? Well, Troy was a well-known lawyer and Gabriella had been, before she had decided to stay home with her kids that weren't yet in school, a pediatrician in one of the state's finest children's hospitals.

Another thing that could arouse curiosity is what each of the children are like. Most of that will be explained as the story progresses, but here's just a small preview.

T.J. was a senior at East High School who enjoyed math and wished to someday go into the engineering business. Although they were twins, Eli and Gabe each had very different personalities. Eli was quiet, shy, and studious, while Troy and Gabriella had to keep an eye on Gabe. He was the most popular boy in school, the captain of the basketball team, and had once gotten drunk at a wild party. Juliet was a sweet, artistic girl who loved painting and drawing and had plans to become an artist one day. An eighth grader at Northeast Middle School, Daniel enjoyed playing baseball and, because of his friendly, outgoing personality, had many friends. Karina was bold and often found herself in trouble for getting sassy with her parents. Colby was always full of energy and was always willing to try something new. Having just started taking ballet classes after begging her parents for two years straight, Carly had already made up her mind that she wanted to be a dancer when she grew up. Although she was still little, Jordyn had proved that she was sporty.

A typical day in the Bolton household went something like this: Troy and Gabriella would get up at six o' clock. Troy would start getting ready for work while Gabriella would take an hour to shower, get dressed, and run a comb through her long, dark curls before make Karina, Colby, and Carly woke up. Then, she made sure they were eating breakfast and getting ready to go to the bus stop. By the time they were out the door, Jordyn would wake up and Gabriella would help her get dressed, brush her hair, and pour some cereal into a bowl.

As was expected, the current day, which was a warm early spring one, proved to be no different than normal. All the kids except for Jordyn rushed to get ready and out to their bus stops at their designated times, while Troy quickly finished off a cup of coffee and gave Gabriella a kiss and an "I love you" before stepping out the door to leave for work.

"What do you say Mommy takes you to the park after lunch today?" Gabriella said once she and her youngest daughter were the only ones in the house.

"Yay!" Jordyn jumped up and down while clapping her little hands.

Gabriella smiled at the toddler's enthusiasm. "Alright. We'll go there, then. But right now, Mommy has to clean the kitchen. Could you please sit on the sofa and watch a movie?"

"Okay." Jordyn ran into the living room and climbed onto the sofa.

"What do you want to watch?" inquired Gabriella as she took the large box of DVDs from underneath the TV table and began to look through them. "We have Snow White, Cinderella, Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh..."

"Toy Story," Jordyn answered as she fidgeted around.

"That's a good one," remarked Gabriella as she took the movie from the case and inserted it into the DVD player. After pressing the "play" button, she announced, "Now, I'm gonna be in the kitchen. If you need to go potty, remember to tell me. I'll come to check on you in a little bit, okay?"

"Okay," the little girl spoke.

Relieved that her daughter was, hopefully, not going to get into any trouble while she was cleaning, Gabriella made her way to the kitchen.

Gabe stepped through the doors of East High to be greeted by a group of blonde girls in heels and mini skirts. After hugging each of them and giving a few of the more desperate ones a kiss on the cheek, he asked, "Hey, are you all going to Shane's party this Friday?" Shane was Gabe's best friend who wasn't exactly the best influence. His parents went out of town a lot and, since he was the only child, he was able to host parties in his home without getting into any trouble.

The girls replied with giddy squeals of, "Oh, definitely!" as they ran their manicured tips through their straight hair.

"Great! I'll think of which one of you I wanna bring."

"You should bring me!" a girl in a silver halter top and a denim skirt that barely covered her butt exclaimed, sending a flirty smile in Gabe's direction.

"Shut up, Ginny! He took you last time! Remember, you were bragging about how you got him in bed with you?" a girl in a hot pink, tight tank top protested sharply.

With that, chaos broke out.

"Girls, girls, woah!" Gabe shouted, putting both his palms forward as a signal for the blondes to stop arguing. When their voices died down, he announced, "I pick...hmmm, let's see...let me go with..."

The girls huddled together and watched Gabe with wide, interested eyes.

"Courtney." Gabe winked at the girl he had chosen.

"Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh!" Courtney shrieked as she jumped up and down. Tossing her arms about Gabe, she gave him a sloppy kiss on the lips. "Thank you so much! I'm sure we'll have the best time ever!"

"I'm sure we will, babe. Now, what do you say I walk you to class?" Gabe's chocolate eyes, which he had inherited from his mother, met with Courtney's green ones. Smiling the smile that always won girls over, he slung an arm around her shoulder and started to walk in the direction of her classroom.

Eli, who had witnessed the little scene involving his twin brother and the group of blondes, let out a sigh. He hated tattling, but he knew that he needed to tell his parents of Gabe's plan to sneak out of the house to go to Shane's party, which would most likely involve alcohol, sex, and kids trying to sell drugs. For the moment, however, he tried to push the thought of his mind. There was no way he was going to be able to focus on school work if he was worrying about his brother the while day. Adjusting his glasses, he made his way down the hall and toward his locker.

That's when he saw her. The beautiful brunette girl he had grown to love. The only girl that hadn't laughed in his face when he had asked her to go to a dance with him the end of sophomore year. She was Abigail Sanders, Eli's girlfriend of nearly a year.

"Hey, Eli." Abigail smiled her sweet smile as she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's waist.

Eli brought his lips to Abigail's in a brief greeting kiss while returning her embrace. "Hey, Abby."

"What's wrong?" queried Abigail. She had noticed the worry in both his voice and his blue eyes.

Letting out a sigh, Eli explained, "It's Gabe again. Just a few minutes ago, I heard him inviting some girl named Courtney to go to another one of Shane's wild parties this Friday."

"And you feel guilty telling your parents?" guessed Abigail.

Eli nodded and ran a hand through his dark hair. "Exactly. I know I have to, though."

"I know it's hard." Abigail took her boyfriend's hand and give it a comforting squeeze.

"Yeah, well, let's just get to class."

Although it seemed that the chaos was within East High School, it actually was worse that evening at home. Colby and Carly were fighting over who Troy would do homework with first while Karina was boldly declaring that she was going to call some friends rather than work on her report that was due the end of that week. Gabe was lying on his bed texting Courtney, Shane, and a bunch more friends. T.J. was busy on the computer looking at colleges he was interested in attending. Daniel was getting ready for baseball practice, while Eli, who was the one driving him, was getting his car keys from the room he shared with both his twin brother and Daniel. Upon her mother's desperate request, Juliet was sitting in the living room keeping an eye on Jordyn.

"Karina, get off the phone now," Troy ordered, his blue eyes turning toward his daughter, who was chatting away with her best friend.

"Hold on," Karina said into the speaker. Bringing the phone away from her ear, she looked at Troy and rolled her eyes. "I'm in the middle of a very important conversation, Dad. Give me ten more minutes."

"Daniel and I are leaving now," Eli announced as he walked toward the front door, his brother right behind him.

"Alright," Troy acknowledged.

"Dad! Dad!" Colby cried. "How do you do fifteen times ten?"

"Daddy! How do you say this word?" Carly inquired loudly.

"No, Karina. Homework first, phone later," Troy insisted in a firm voice.

"Juliet, I need you to help with dinner!" called Gabriella from the kitchen, where she was preparing chicken parmesan and two large pots of spaghetti while struggling to chop vegetables for a salad.

"What should I do with Jordyn?" Juliet wondered.

Letting out a sigh, Gabriella pushed a strand of hair that had come out of the loose ponytail she had out of her eyes. "Give her to Dad," she decided.

"Honey, I can't watch her," Troy, who had overheard his wife, said. "I'm helping Colby and Carly with their homework and trying to get Karina to hang up the phone." He shot a disapproving look in Karina's direction.

"Then ask Eli." Gabriella flew from the cutting board to the stove to stir the spaghetti.

"He's taking Daniel to baseball," Juliet reminded.

Gabriella groaned as she tilt her head back and slapped her forehead in frustration. "Who else is available? T.J., maybe?"

"He's checking out colleges," Troy answered.

"Oh, that's right. I really don't want to interrupt that...um...what's Gabe doing?"

"He was in his room last time I saw him."

"Gabe!" shouted Gabriella. "Come down here and watch your sister, please!"

No reply was heard. However, a minute later, Gabe appeared at the bottom of the stairs dressed in basketball shorts that rose low, exposing a good portion of his navy blue boxers, a t-shirt, and sneakers. "I'm going out to play some basketball with Shane and the guys," he announced. Clearly he hadn't heard his mother's words.

"Oh, no, you don't," Troy spoke. "You're staying here to watch Jordyn while Mom makes dinner and then you're eating with us. You just ate fast food with your friends last night, so you need to have a real dinner tonight and you need to help out with your sister."

Gabe rolled his eyes. "Dad, can I have a life?"

"Don't talk to me like that. Now get in the living room and watch your sister."

Typing a text message to Shane into his full keyboard phone, Gabe walked into the living room and took Juliet's place on the sofa as soon as she got up to help Gabriella.

"I want to hear a story," Jordyn told her brother as she ran up to him holding a picture book.

Gabe sighed. "No story, okay? Why don't I take you outside?"

"Yay! Outside!" Jordyn exclaimed with delight.

A smile spread across Gabe's face. His plan was working. Grabbing his sister's sandals, which were right by the front door, he put them on her feet and called out, "I'm taking Jordyn outside to play."

"Okay," Troy said.

Gabe picked Jordyn up, then walked out the front door. He then hurried to the end of the driveway and along the sidewalk that led to the park, which was where he was to meet his friends. When he reached it, he placed Jordyn on a bench right by the basketball court and jogged over to the area underneath one of the baskets, where Shane and some other guys were. "Hey! My parents are forcing me to watch my little sister, so I had to bring her with me."

"That sucks," said Shane.

"Yeah," a blonde guy agreed. "Now we're stuck with a baby here."

"Well, we shouldn't have to worry about her too much. She'll just sit on the bench." Gabe shrugged. "Now, how are we doing this? Four on four?"

"Gabe? Jordyn?" Gabriella questioned as she stepped into the backyard and saw no trace of her son and daughter. "Where are you? Dinner's ready!" Making her way to the front of the house, she kept calling for Jordyn and Gabe. When she saw there was no sign of them, she went back inside. "They're not out there."

Troy, who was putting the pots of spaghetti on the table, sighed. "I have a feeling I know where they went. Before Gabe started watching Jordyn, he told me he was going to play basketball with his friends. Not long after he started watching her, he said he was taking her outside. I should've known what he was planning. I'm really sorry."

"It's not your fault," Gabriella assured gently as she went over to her husband and gave him a brief, but tight, hug.

"Mom, do I have to eat the salad?" Colby asked as he looked with disgust at the large bowl full of lettuce and tomatoes that was in the center of the table along with the plate of chicken and the spaghetti pots.

"Yes, you at least have to eat a little bit of it. Now I'm going to the park to get Gabe and Jordyn. You can all start eating. Troy, make sure Colby and Carly both eat salad."

"Wait, you're going?" Troy queried. "I thought you'd want me to go."

"No, you go ahead and start eating. See you in a few minutes." After giving Troy a quick kiss on the lips, Gabriella ran up to the master bedroom, grabbed her purse, then dashed out the door and climbed into her car. When she reached the park, she walked right over to the basketball court and said in as stern a voice as she could possibly have, "Gabe, come on."

Gabe turned his head to look at his mother. "What are you doing here?"

"It's dinnertime. Now let's go." Gabriella lifted Jordyn from the bench, settled her onto her hip, and began heading back toward her car, Gabe following slowly behind. Once Jordyn was in her car seat, Gabriella got behind the wheel.

"Hey, Mom, let me drive home," Gabe pleaded. Ever since he had gotten his license just two weeks ago, he wanted to drive everywhere the Boltons went.

"No," Gabriella spoke firmly, but without yelling. She could never bring herself to yell at anyone. "Not after what you did. Dad and I are not happy with you about going behind our backs and going out with your friends, especially with your little sister. What if she had started running around and went in the middle of the road? She could've gotten hit by a car!"

"Sor-ry," came Gabe's sarcastic response as he reluctantly sat down in the passenger seat and fastened his seatbelt.

"Don't get smart. And by the way, you're grounded for a week."

"But Mom, what about the party on Friday?"

"Party?" echoed Gabriella. "What party?"

Gabe let out a groan. Why had he let that piece of information slip? Now he would never be able to sneak out of the house. "Never mind," he mumbled, pretending to be interested in something out his window.

"Gabe, you know you're not allowed to go to any more parties unless Dad and I approve of them. We don't want you to come home drunk again."

"But Mom-"

"We'll talk about this later," Gabriella decided.

"I found a college I think I'd like to go to," T.J. told his family at the dinner table after Gabriella had gotten back home with Gabe and Jordyn.

"Really? Which one?" wondered Gabriella with both interest and curiosity.

"Stanford University. If I get straight A's for the rest of the year, I qualify for a scholarship and by looking at their website, it seems like they have a pretty good engineering program." T.J. took a bite of his chicken.

"I almost went to Stanford," Troy remarked with interest. "But then I decided on Berkeley since they seemed to offer a better law program."

"I went to Stanford," said Gabriella. "It was a really nice school. Most of the professors were really friendly and helpful. I think you'd love it there."

"So is it okay if I apply?" T.J. asked. "The site says that they're accepting applications and application essays anytime between now and the end of May and that if they look both things over along with my grades, they'll let me take a placement test over the summer."

"I think you should go for it," Troy encouraged as he shoved a forkful of spaghetti into his mouth. "Especially since you'll probably be able to go on scholarship."

"Does that mean you're gonna leave home?" Colby inquired, his blue eyes wide. He and T.J. had always had that close relationship that some siblings were lucky enough to have and until this point, Colby hadn't even considered the fact that his big brother wouldn't be around forever.

"Yeah, I'm afraid, so, buddy." T.J. confirmed dejectedly. Brightening up, he added, "But don't worry. I'll be home all summer and during both winter and spring breaks and I'm sure Mom and Dad will take you to come visit me at college a couple times a year."

"But you can't leave! You promised me that you were gonna take me rock climbing and canoeing and fishing and all that fun stuff." Colby felt tears well up in his eyes.

"I will. This summer before I go, I'll do all those things with you."

Colby didn't respond. Instead, he just used his fork to play with his spaghetti.

"Dad, could you come with me to the art program at school this Saturday?" Juliet requested. Ever since she was little, she had been a daddy's girl. No, she wasn't spoiled, and no, Troy didn't love her more than his other kids, but she was just the girl that had been attached to him more than Gabriella or any of her siblings. Karina was closer to her friends than her family, but the family member she trusted the most was Eli. Carly and Jordyn both preferred Gabriella, although Carly loved being a big sister and had always wanted to help give Jordyn her bottle and hold her when she was a baby.

"What is this art program exactly?" asked Troy.

"It's a thing for kids interested in art and their parents. You can look at different artwork all the art classes did so far this year and there's also going to be a few guest teachers there that are having different technique lessons throughout the day."

"What time is it?"

"You can come anytime after nine and it ends at six."

"I have to work in the morning, but I can definitely go with you after lunch." Troy smiled.

"You're working on a Saturday again?" Gabriella said.

Leaning back in his chair, Troy let out a sigh and ran his hand through his dirty blonde hair. "I'm afraid so, honey. I have this really complicated case. I'm not allowed to give out details about it to anyone, but all I can say is that it's definitely giving me a headache."

"I don't get why anyone would even want to become a lawyer," Karina commented rudely.

"Karina, what have we told you about using that tone of voice?" Gabriella inquired.

Rolling her eyes, Karina continued to eat her dinner without answering the question.

"I'm home," announced Eli as he walked through the front door. "Is there any dinner left?"

"Yeah," Troy replied. "But you'd better get some while you can because there's only two more pieces of chicken, a few lettuce leafs from the salad, and half a pot of spaghetti."

"Oh, I'd better make up a platter for Daniel when he gets home." Gabriella jumped up from her seat.

"You don't have to, Mom. Tonight at his practice the coach brought hot dogs and potato salad for everyone on the team." Eli sat down beside Gabe and took a spoonful of spaghetti, the rest of the salad, and a piece of chicken.

"Oh, okay. Did you find out what time he'll be done practice?"

"Yeah, he'll be done at eight."

Gabriella nodded in acknowledgement, then the meal continued in as much peace as it possibly could with eight kids around the table.

"Baby," Gabriella began. It was ten o' clock at night and all the little kids were finally in bed while the older ones were just finishing up their homework before going to sleep. Troy and Gabriella were in their room cuddled up under the covers of their bed and enjoying the few minutes of peaceful alone time they got before falling asleep.

"Yeah?" Troy responded.

"Today when I was taking Gabe home from the park, something slipped out from him. It was about a party that's on Friday night. He didn't give me any details, but since it seemed to want to hide it from me, I'm assuming it's one that'll involve alcohol again."

Troy sighed. "Well then, I guess we'll just have to make sure we know where Gabe is on Friday, meaning where he is in the house."

"Well, I told him he was grounded for going to the park even after you told him he had to stay home, so he'll have no excuse for leaving to go anywhere."

"That's good."

"I just feel terrible in a way, though. I mean, he's our son and I don't quite trust him. I feel like I should trust him just as much as Eli or Juliet or any of the older kids really, but I can't. I feel that way about Karina sometimes, too, and I hate it." Gabriella rested her cheek on Troy's chest and felt comfort wash over her as he pulled her into a tight embrace.

"It's okay, Brie," comforted Troy. "I feel the same way you do about Gabe and Karina and to be honest, it scares me. Gabe's almost an adult and once he is, we won't be able to steer him in the right direction. As for Karina, sure, she'll be with us for another eight years, but will that be enough time to get her to be trustworthy and respectful?"

"I know, I worry about that, too."

"Well, I guess all we have to do is try our hardest to be good parents. I wish Gabe and Karina would open up to us more so we could help them, but they're always so secretive."

"Are we making them uncomfortable in some way?" Gabriella wondered.

"The only way we've treated them differently than the others is when we bug them to do their chores and homework because they're not doing it and they get in trouble a little more often, but other than that, I'd say we treat them the same as the others. But maybe because we keep asking them to do what they're supposed to be doing, they feel that we love them less than their brothers and sisters."

"You're probably right, but what can we do about that? We can't let them get away with not doing chores. The other kids have just as many chores as they do, but they do them the first time we ask and sometimes with the younger ones like Colby and Carly, we have to ask a second time, but that's still not as many times as we have to ask Gabe and Karina." After a moment of thought, an idea came to Gabriella. "I just thought of something! Maybe we could do stuff with them. I know they never ask us for a special trip with just one of us and one of them, but maybe we could see if they would be willing to do that."

"That's a great idea, Brie!" Troy said. "We should try it."

"Yeah." Gabriella sighed. "Having nine kids is hard."

"I know, but we'll make everything work out. I promise." Troy leaned down to kiss his wife on the lips.

Returning Troy's kiss, Gabriella murmured, "Good night, hun."

"Good night, sweetheart." Placing one last kiss onto Gabriella's cheek, Troy closed his eyes and allowed sleep to overtake him.

Hey, guys! I thought some of you might be wondering about some of the kids' names, so I'll explain here:

Yes, T.J.'s middle name (Jack) was chosen because of Troy's dad.

No, Gabe's full name (Gabriel) was not chosen because of Gabriella. I actually don't like the name Gabriel, but I LOVE the name Gabe and since it was so hard to find a middle name that went with just Gabe, I made his full name Gabriel, but throughout the story, he'll only be referred to as Gabe 99% of the time.

Yes, Eli's middle name was chosen because of Troy's middle name. After I picked out the name Juliet Anne, which actually wasn't because of Gabriella's middle name (see next paragraph), I decided that one of the boys should have Troy's middle name because Juliet had Gabriella's.

No, Juliet's middle name isn't Anne because of Gabriella. I just love the name Juliet Anne:)

Also, you might be wondering about the whole idea of this story, so here's an explanation for that as well:

Yes, the idea of this story was from the show 19 Kids and Counting. I don't watch that on a regular basis, but one time I was bored and I watched it and then that's how I got the idea for a story about Troyella having lots of kids. No, I'm not going to copy the TV show exactly, as you could probably tell from this chapter. The only idea I got from that was Troyella having a large amount of children. No copyright of 19 Kids and Counting is intended (for anyone who's in the mood to report fanfics for random reasons).

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