Merry Christmas

I write I've been sending weirder notes sayin'

I love you, I meant it

But now I know what a fool I've been

But if you kiss me now I know you'll fool me again

-Last Christmas, Taylor Swift

M e r r y Christmas

Right, little girl?

It'll be new

Since last year you gave him your heart

(Didn't mama ever tell you not to wear it on your sleeve)

You loved him

He had your heart

(Not hard to accomplish, last year)

Now you're wiser

No more notes saying

I love you

Even if you meant it

Now you see

You were a fool


But there's only one problem

if he kisses you now…

You'll be f/o/o/l/e/d again

So hold onto your heart

(And hope there isn't any enchanted mistletoe nearby)

This was supposed to be for 'Flowers', but there aren't any in it, so this is your Christmas story in October. Anyhow, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. We'll see…

(It was 37 degrees this morning. I love DC.)

I don't own HP or Last Christmas.