Grim Tales from Megaville

Chapter 1


Disclaimer: This story is a combination of two stories created by Bleedman. The OCs of Bell, Dr. X, Grim Junior, and Minnimandy belong to Bleedman. The OCs of DarkWrath and Logan belong to me. I do not own any of the cartoon characters; they belong to their respected show and creator.

On the roof of a building in Megaville:

DarkWrath's POV:

The city of Megaville, this pathetic city shouldn't be a bother to me but yet here I am back in the past. My master had wanted me to go back in time to control some monster machine that attacked some holiday town. I was reluctant at first to do such a task, but I accepted it for the offer. I remember how I was about to step into the drift gate to go back to this town he spoke of, but they damaged my drifter and now I'm here in Megaville this so called "City of Heroes". I searched for the history of this city and my drifter stated, "Megaville, the City of Heroes. A large city founded by an unknown individual." "The heroes that reside in the city." I asked and began to read the list.

"The Powerpuff Girls: Protectors of the city of Townsville. Status: Alive. Students at Megaville Elementary" I do remember them from my first travel through Townsville. I moved on to the next note.

"Dexter: Boy genius. Status: Alive. Student at Megaville Elementary" I do remember him when I almost destroyed his lab along with Mandark. I moved on.

"Jack: Samurai and master swordsmen currently teaching at Megaville Elementary. Status: Alive" I do believe Jack has just found a job here.

"Coop: Gamer and fat moron resides with his parents. Status: Alive" This poor soul is such a loser.

"Dib Membrane: Paranormal Investigator. Note: He is more annoying. Status: Alive. Student at Megaville Elementary" This boy is more annoying than Zim.

"Courage: Small dog always a coward but proves his worth protecting others. Status: Alive. Location: Powerpuff Home." A dog for a hero? That sounds stupid and also what a stupid looking dog.

"XJ-9 a.k.a Jenny Wakeman: Built by Nora Wakeman as a daughter and to be part of the teenage life. Status: Active. Location: Unknown" A machine that wants to be a teenager. I could probably destroy her and take the spare parts to try and fix this thing.

"Monkey: A lab monkey owned by Dexter that has powers. Status: Alive. Location: Dexter's Lab." Another animal for a hero… this is getting ridiculous.

"Now tell me about the villains here." My machine started to beep and blink and then the list popped up and I began to read:

"Dr. X: Leader of the Darkstar Council. Status: Alive. Location: Black Eden" He may be useful for my master.

"Bell: Unknown Powerpuff and daughter to Dr. X. Status: Alive. Location: Black Eden" Another Powerpuff! Interesting, she may prove to be useful to us.

"Zim: Part of the Irken race. Note: Annoying. Status: Alive. Location: Black Eden" Not as annoying as Dib.

"Mojo Jojo: Once a normal primate, now an evil genius. Status: Alive. Location: Black Eden" He may be able to fix my drifter.

"Susan Astronominov a.k.a Mandark: Dexter's rival and also a boy genius. Status: Deceased. Location: Mountain Base." I pity you my friend. You could have helped me by fixing my drifter and I could have helped you destroy Dexter's Lab.

"Samantha: Robotics expert and Medabot expert. Status: Alive. Location: Black Eden" Aren't those the same things?

"Now search for residents of Megaville." I waited then the list appeared.

"Otto: Time traveler and a friend of Dexter. Status: Alive. Student at Megaville Elementary" A young boy as a time traveler? He may have a component I need.

"Olga Astronominov a.k.a Lala Vava: Sister of Mandark. Status: Alive. Student at Megaville Elementary." So Mandark has a sister. I could use her for my advantage against the heroes.

"Gaz Membrane: Sister of Dib Membrane. Note: Scary and powerful. Status: Alive. Student at Megaville Elementary" A little girl that is powerful? Not possible.

"Billy: Idiot and an IQ of -5. Status: Alive. Student at Megaville Elementary." He seems not to be a threat to me.

"Mandy: A child that ruins your childhood and has a dark heart. Note: More scary and powerful. Status: Alive. Student at Megaville Elementary" So their mother lives here. This information may be useful for my master.

Ah! My servant I see that you're in a town. I heard a dark voice state. At that moment I knew my master was here. I kneeled before my master as he spoke.

Now, tell if the town of Halloween Town is in ruins when the machine unleashed all hell upon this town when it was created by those two brats. He asked.

"I'm sorry to say master but I went farther than I expected." I answered.

What do you mean?

"I'm not in Halloween Town but in a city called Megaville."

This was… unexpected. How did you end up there my friend?

"Master it was those two brats fault I ended up here. They had helped from my weakling of a brother."

Your brother as it seems doesn't want you to succeed in this mission.

"Logan is pathetic and weak and I'm much more powerful when you resurrected me."

Yet he still has the power to defeat you but don't worry I want to make a few changes to the plan.

"What kind of changes master?"

I want you to try and destroy the Powerpuff Girls and also assassinate the Reaper's wife.

"Assassinating the mother I understand but why destroy the Powerpuffs?"

They had caused me some trouble over the years. I fought them when they were the protectors of Townsville.

"I see… yet I still have no way of defeating them. They may still have their powers and…"

Yes, they still have their powers, but I know a group that can beat the Powerpuff Girls. Ever heard of a group called the Rowdyruff Boys?

I type the name in my drifter and up came the information, "The Rowdyruff Boys: Counter-parts of the Powerpuff Girls. Status: Unknown. Location: Unknown."

"The Rowdyruffs, master I'm sorry to inform you that my drifter states their status and location as unknown."

No, my servant they are here in this time period and they grow tired of waiting. They want revenge against the Powerpuffs and they want it now. Look for them and get them to fight the Powerpuffs with you and you shall succeeded, also if you have the time to try and silently stalk the Reaper's wife and find out any weaknesses.

"As you wish master." I couldn't hear him anymore meaning that he has left my conscience and went on with his usual business. I looked at the city one more time before leaving in search of the Rowdyruff Boys.

Megaville Park:

Normal POV:

A portal began to open at Megaville Park and suddenly three individuals stepped out of the portal. One of them went back to the portal and pushed a button on his wrist that closed the portal.

"Logan, are you sure your brother DarkWrath is here?" asked a boy in a dark-grey hoodie.

"Dearest brother thou shall not question thy friend's motive to travel to such a place. It is thy moment our family friend allows such a grim task." A girl had answered her brother's question

"I know Minnie but this place doesn't look like it can hold an evil resurrected drifter." responded the brother to his sister.

"Junior, your sister is right about my choice to come here. DarkWrath had wanted to go back to Halloween Town and take control of the Pumpkinator that…" Logan stopped before looking at Minnie.

"Sorry Minnie… anyway I wanted to track him down and see what time period he ended up and well my drifter states that he is here in Megaville." Logan responded.

"So what type of city is Megaville anyway?" asked Junior.

"My drifter states that Megaville is the "City of Heroes" and that many famous heroes lived here."

"So you're saying that many heroes live in this city and DarkWrath is here for one reason and…" Junior waited for an answer.

"Also my friends…" Logan's drifter began to blink and bleep.

"Damn it! Bad news guys it seems that your mother lives here as well."

"What? You mean our own mom is living here!" Junior responded.

"What be thy problem? Our dear mother be protected in this humble town." Minnie wanted to be reassuring for her brother's sake.

"No Minnie, there is a problem. Your mother in this time period is a child. My guess would be that DarkWrath may want to get rid of her in order for you two from being born." Logan answered.

"So what should we do now Logan?" asked Junior.

"We shall head to the city. We will find a place to stay for a while and probably get you two inside one of the schools."

"Great a new place and we have to go to school." Junior complained.

"First things first, Junior you will need to change to human form and Minnie I will give you a device that will allow you to appear human."

"So, my sister will get to use some device that makes her appear in her original human form before the… accident." It was hard for Junior to remember such a terrible event.

"Don't worry Junior; Minnie is still the same person you knew. It doesn't matter how much they changed, but inside they are still the same person."

"What about your brother do you still think there's still good in him?"

"My brother may have turned to a life of evil but deep down I know he still has good him. Now let's move before some government agency comes and investigates the area." Logan, Junior, and Minnie began to leave the park and head into Megaville.

End of Chapter 1

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