Chapter 1 – Unexpected Visitor

She covered her mouth to keep herself from breathing to hard. She didn't want him to hear her. She didn't even want to give him ANY chance to hear or realize that she was there. She was hidden in the fake wall of the apartment. He never knew it was there and for he own safety it was a good thing. Her breathing was shaky at best as she could hear his footsteps as they walked around her apartment.

"Olivia…You know you can't hide from me forever. I will find you. I swear on my last dying breath I will find you and when I do we will finish what we started. C'mon Livy come out and see me; you know you miss me."

She could tell by the tone of his voice he was losing his patience fast. "Olivia."

She brushed away the tears as she kept herself as quiet as a mouse; begging him in her mind to just leave. If he could just leave she could pack her bag and leave. She wouldn't have to see him ever again; never, just the way she wanted it.


Olivia sat up with a jerk. Breathing heavy as she raked her fingers through her hair. Her lips were trembling along with the rest of her body. She just had to keep reminding herself that he didn't know where she was. He would never find her. La Push was a part of her life she told no one, well only one other person knew and she wasn't telling that's for sure. She looked around making sure no one had noticed she had just had a nightmare. She tried in vain to get her heart beat to go back to regular.

Her indigo blue eyes peered through the window. Olivia had been sitting on the greyhound bus for the last 2,500 miles. Her body hurt in places she wasn't aware it could hurt. She couldn't wait to get to her destination. She rubbed the back of her neck as she combed her fingers through her waist length honey blonde hair that used to be jet black before she had it professionally dyed.

She picked at the frayed knees of her jeans when she crossed her legs at the knees. Her sneaker tapped against the wall of the bus, she was getting antsy she wanted to get off the damn bus already. Some guy sitting across the aisle from her kept looking at her like he wanted to devour her whole. He reeked of the little pine tree shaped car freshener which kind of went with his mullet hair cut and his holy t-shirt that was stretched across his beer belly; she seriously hoped he did think that was sexy.

Olivia's eyes widened when she spotted the 'Welcome to Forks Washington' sign at the edge of the tiny town. Once the big greyhound bus pulled into the station, Livy stood up and shouldered her back pack and laptop bags as her sneaker covered feet carried her to the front of the bus as she followed the driver down the three rubber covered steps and off the bus. The driver popped the bottom hatches of the bus and pulled her overly large suitcase out and set it aside of her. "Thank you sir." He gave her a curt nod as she pulled the handle up and walked into the station and into the bathroom.

If the grey skies were any indication she was in for a long WET walk to the house on the tiny reservation. She popped the locks on her suitcase and pulled out a sweatshirt; pulling it over her head she tucked her hair into the sweatshirt. She kicked off her sneakers and tucked them in her suitcase as she slipped on her black boots, which after lacing the boots up she pulled her jean legs down over them. She was thankful she had double wrapped her laptop and MP3 player in plastic before packing them away in her laptop bag. She grabbed her laptop bag and back pack, then her suitcase as it rolled behind her. By the time she got to the door to leave the station it was drizzling rain outside, she flipped her hood up over her head and took off walking towards the little reservation.

The thudding of her boots against the blacktop of the small highway from Forks to La Push was the only sound that could be heard with an occasional vehicle driving by. It took her a couple of hours, but she finally came to the dirt road that led her forty feet off the main road to a little house. She stopped in front as she pulled the worn envelope from her back pocket and checked the address; yep the address on the mail box and the address on the envelope matched perfect. She hadn't been to La Push since she was ten and was surprised she even remembered how to get there; it wasn't like La Push was the most unforgettable or even forgettable place on Earth. But she missed her big brother and she knew if anyone could help her, it would be her big brother.

She knew he would more than likely be mad at her for running away, but she couldn't stay in Chicago. She wasn't safe there anymore. She hadn't been safe there for a long time. Mad; yes he would definitely be mad at her for making the trip first going alone and second for not telling their mom she was leaving. Chances were the divine Hillary Uley had already called and tattled on her. Anytime Olivia did or didn't do something their mother did or did not approve of she would call whoever would listen and explain only her side of the story; miraculously enough.

Soft brown eyes looked out the kitchen window. They drifted to the ceiling above her when the water kicked on upstairs. Emily was currently mixing up mash potatoes with some fried chicken and gravy; she knew the boys were going to be there any minute. She could hear Sam upstairs showering. He had patrolled the night before until noon, and then a few of the boys took over so Sam could get some sleep.

About twenty minutes later, Emily smiled to herself as she felt two overly warm arms wrap around her waist. She turned around as her soft brown almond shaped eyes locked onto a pair of intense brown eyes. His eyes always went to the right side of her face first just as his lips did after he kissed her lips first, he would place feather kisses on the scars that marred her beautiful face.

Emily wrapped her arms around his neck as she buried her face in his neck, his arms tightened around her. Then his lips found the soft flesh of her neck. He nuzzled the bare skin of her neck, as his hands rubbed her back.

"I missed you." Her voice was soft and loving.

Sam grunted. "I missed you too Em." Sam pulled back and kissed her lips once more. "What - the boys aren't here yet?"

Emily giggled as she shook her head negatively. "Nope, you'd think with their sense of smell they would've smelled the food already and been trying to break down the door to get in here to it."

Sam growled low. "They better not break down anything in this house or we will have serious issues." He couldn't stop the chuckle as Emily giggled at his words and growl. She was so forgiving and easy on the guys no matter what they did or how they destroyed her house; soon to be their house since they would be getting married in a few months.

Sam sat down at the table as Emily sat a plate in front of him and also handed him a fork. Emily ran her fingers through his short black hair as she kissed the top of his head a few times. "Don't be too hard on them Sam. They are trying their best with what they've been put through. I know their tempers are short, but I can't really blame them for it."

Sam only nodded; again her sweet disposition outweighed his grumpy side when it came to the rest of the pack and their tempers. Sam swallowed the bite in his mouth and as Emily started to walk away, Sam's warm hand grabbed hers as he pulled her back as soon as he sat her on his lap his lips connected with hers. She giggled against his lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

The lovers broke apart when a knock sounded on the front door. Emily giggled. "It's definitely not the boys. They don't knock."

"They never have either." Sam scoffed as he stood up from his seat as he steady his bride-to-be on her feet and walked to the front door. Sam opened the front door and was met by a small blonde girl carrying a couple of bags and pulling a suitcase. As soon as the indigo blue eyes peered up at him, his eyes widened like saucers. "Olivia?"

Olivia smiled softly up at him. She knew it was him by the sound of his voice, even if she hadn't seen him in six years. "Hi Sam."