Pen name: Vegeta1001

Rating: pg-13

Vegeta's demise

This is a story about what would've happened if the saiyans negotiated with the humans and took over the planet. Bulma gets token as a scientist and is afraid of two things. The ruthless saiyan prince Vegeta. And the ruthless killer Kakkarot.

What will happen?

Chapter 1: Goodbye Yamcha

BOOOM! The thunder clapped out and made Bulma jump. This was a terrible storm. It had been 3 weeks since the saiyans took over planet Earth. Life was different. Between that and she had caught Yamcha cheating on her…again. She was going to break up with him now. She walked over and picked up the phone. But wait, she thought. Maybe she could give him another chance. Then she sighed. This was the 5th time. She dialed Yamcha's number. It rang a few times then he answered. "Bulma! I thought you would never call!" "Yamcha…..its over," Bulma said with another sigh. There was a pause. "But…but why?" Yamcha finally said. "Yamcha you've cheated on me 5 times! I'm not going to put up with it anymore." Another pause. "Bulma so help me I think I might kill you!" Yamcha said threateningly. Then he hung up. Bulma gulped. Yamcha was probably on his way right now. He was much stronger then her. He could kill her in an instant. Maybe that saiyan that she had heard about, Kakkarot she thought his name was. But then she remembered what they had said about that saiyan. He was ruthless. He had killed his own two brothers in cold blood for supremacy. That was sick. He was nothing but a killer. At least that's what they say. But Kakkarot was not going to help her now. He wasn't even on his own planet. Planet Vegeta. No one knew where he was. He was a bounty hunter in a way. Then suddenly her door busted open. She tried to scream, but a hand covered her mouth. At first she thought it was Yamcha going through with his threat, but when she looked up this man looked nothing like him. This man's hair was blackish-brownish. He had a mustache that drooped down to his chin. And he was wearing that weird armor that saiyans usually wear. And he had a tail! There was no doubt about it. This man was a saiyan. The mustached man grabbed Bulma and dragged her out of the room. When they got to the living room she looked over and saw the dead bodies of her parents. She screamed, it was muffled in the saiyan's hand. He carried her out into a field. He then put her in a ship and strapped her in. Bulma tried to get out. The saiyan laughed. It was a gruff laugh. "You can't break those straps. Your coming to planet Vegeta whether you like it, or not," he said in a voice as gruff as his laugh. Then the door closed. Bulma felt the ship begin to rise. Then it took off. Bulma glanced down at the disappearing ground. This might be the last time she saw Earth.

Yamcha was pissed off. He was going to go teach Bulma a lesson. Breaking up with him, what was she thinking? At a time like this too. Oh, she was going to pay. Yamcha landed outside the front door and stormed in. Then he saw the sight on the living room floor and gasped. There on the floor were the two bodies of Bulma's parents. The floor around them was crimson red. There was a hole through both of them. "Oh my fucking god," Yamcha said. "BULMA!" Yamcha ran as fast as he could to Bulma's bedroom. When he got there she was nowhere in sight. He ran all over Capsule Corp. and no sign of her. She wasn't here. "Damn!" Yamcha said, even more pissed off. "Damn those saiyans to hell!" Then he took to the skies once more.

Prince Vegeta twitched his tail nervously. Kakkarot was returning soon. The one saiyan that could actually match his power besides maybe Broly. "Just my luck," he said in a harsh tone. Kakkarot. The Kakkarot was finally coming to Vegeta once again. His ship had been sighted about 2 weeks worth of time. This could be trouble. "Or maybe," Vegeta said "This could work to my advantage."

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