Here's chapter 4. There's going to be some action! : D yours truly….shahn452!

Chapter 4: Kakkarot vs. Raditz

Bulma shivered again. Kakkarot…. That was Kakkarot! Oh, what next, she thought. Suddenly she heard voices outside her door. She recognized one, no two. Kakkarot and Broly. The 3rd one sounded like Kakkarot's, but deeper. Then a 4th voice chimed in. "Kakkarot you foolish idiot!" said the voice. "You kill our brother then dare show your face on planet Vegeta again!" "Turles was weak. He deserved to die, in this world the strong are the only ones that survive," Bulma heard Kakkarot say. The 3rd voice chimed in. "Raditz, your input is not needed right now. Kakkarot, what the hell were you thinking?" "Well father, let me tell you. I was thinking Oh Turles is so weak; I should go kill him to prove my supremacy. Was that what you were looking for?" "That does it Kakkarot!" Bulma heard the one called Raditz say. She heard some thumping, then the 3rd voice rang out again. "No Raditz, he's stronger then you it won't solve anything." Raditz growled. Bulma heard them leave. Then she let out a sigh of relief. Her relief was short lasted. Vegeta burst through the door. "Get dressed woman…. We have places to be."

Kakkarot smirked. Raditz would get what's coming to him. All in good time. And his father, him too. His smirk grew wider as he recalled what he did to his younger brother, Turles. *flash back!* Kakkarot smirked and walk toward his brother's room. He had one special birthday surprise in mind for him. His smirk grew to a smile. He had tricked Raditz into thinking that Broly was going to kill Turles. So Raditz had ran off to stop it. With Broly being much stronger then Raditz, Kakkarot assumed that he would be killed as well. Later on he would realize, Broly didn't kill him. Kakkarot knocked on Turles's door. He opened it. "Hello brother. Happy birthday!" "Kakkarot? You're the last person I would've expected." "That's exactly why I'm here," Kakkarot said, smirking. He stepped into the room and closed the door. "What are you…?" Kakkarot rushed over and put his hand over Turles's mouth. "Shhhhhhhh. This will only hurt a lot." He then punched Turles square in the nose, smirking as he heard the satisfying crunch. Blood poured over his hands as he held his broken nose. But Kakkarot didn't stop. He sent another punch, hitting Turles in the gut. Turles flew into the wall, trying to catch his breath. Blood now leaked out of his mouth. "Kakkarot…please." Kakkarot smirked. "I hate weak," he said. When he left the room, he could still hear Turles screaming, still see his blood leaking across the floor. *end of flash back*

Kakkarot was still in his flashback when he noticed Raditz step in front of him. "Your dead Kakkarot." "Is that right Raditz? Well, we'll just have to see." Raditz charged at Kakkarot. Kakkarot leaned to one side, easily dodging his attack. Raditz attacked again and again, each time Kakkarot would dodge. Then Kakkarot sent a kick to Raditz's chin, sending him flying to the floor. "My turn," he said advancing on his older brother. Kakkarot sent punch after punch, kick after kick. Smirking as his bones broke, as his blood splattered the ground. Kakkarot refused to let up his attacks until Raditz was on the ground, unable to catch his breath. "Goodbye, "brother"," Kakkarot said as he stepped on Raditz's neck.

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