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"Staring at a starry night sky
Dreaming up somewhere to go
Too many nights... ?
'til that day comes
I'll be here
alone without a care
Nobody, nobody from nowhere."


It consumes your mind and rips into your soul. It tears apart your heart and hollows out your insides. It causes this overwhelming ache because a part of you is missing-the part others create.

Edward hated loneliness, but he hated himself more.

Every day he wandered the cold corridors of his sanctuary. The only noise that could be heard was the deafening screech of metal scraping sheetrock. Occasionally one could hear the shattering of mirrors or the trimming of hedges, not that there was anyone was around to hear such noises.

At night he would sit alone in front of a broken, bloodstained window and peer out onto the sleeping suburbs. Once, he had ventured out into the pastel world, but it didn't end well. Like some sort of monster he had been chased back into his crumbling gothic mansion and forced to say goodbye to the women he loved.

Edward longed for contact from the outside world but he knew he couldn't go back. The people down there hated him, and would probably kill him.


He knew that if he truly was human he should have died years ago. On particularly dreary days he wished that he was dead. Deep down he believed he should be, after all he did kill a man.

Not only that, he had sliced open his beloved and hurt her little brother.

Nasty words echoed in his pale head from that bittersweet Christmas Eve night.

"Call a doctor, he skewered Kim."

"You can't touch anything without destroying it! Who the hell do you think you are hanging around here, huh? Get the hell outta here! Go you freak!"

"Are you serious? Losing me to a loser like that? He isn't even human!"

A large hot tear dripped down his scarred cheek. Sadly, he believed what he heard was true. If it wasn't maybe Kim would have come back. Maybe he wouldn't have had to leave at all. A few more tears fell as he silently wept.

He got up from his place in front of the window and lied down carefully on his straw filled bed. He closed his eyes and began another restless night's sleep.

Kalypso glared at her mother, yet again she had brought home a strange man from a bar. They were both in a drunken stupor and giggling like maniacs. She longed for some quiet and peacefulness in her home but ever since her mom had lost her job and began working as a bartender their little house was anything but that.

When her mother wanted to be she was the best mom, caring, sweet, kind, and beautiful, but she could also be very irresponsible. Kalyspo had long accepted that fact and was forced to become an adult prematurely.

Her blue-at-the moment head was full of wisdom beyond her years. It had always frightened her that she knew so much about the world and how it worked…it was almost like her innocence had been stolen from her; along with a lot of other things.

Like her hair color for example. One morning she woke up with part of her originally whitish blonde hair dyed bright blue. She stormed into the living room to find her mom passed out on the couch with blue fingers. Drool dripped down her mother's face and the stench of alcohol was all around her.

Looking at her mother's pitiful state her anger melted away. She searched through the beer cans and empty pizza boxes that were scattered on the floor and found the rest of the blue hair dye. "Better complete the look." She muttered to herself.

"Come back my pretty little sea nymph." Her mother gurgled drunkenly.

"Go back to sleep mom. " Kalypso patted her mom's head and the woman rolled over.

Once she had finished fixing her hair, she decided she liked it. Her mother, before she became a drunk, had worked at SeaWorld. The woman had loved the sea and all the creatures that lived there; she even believed in mermaids. That's why her daughter was named Kalypso; it literally meant 'Sea Nymph'.

After the incident with Shamu killing its trainer, SeaWorld had to fire a lot of workers to make up for the decreased amount of visitors. Her mother was heartbroken; she had absolutely loved working there. Now she was a depressed drunken bartender… and most days Kalypso had to be the responsible adult figure. Being only 17 it was very stressful having to deal with her mother's self-destructive habits.

Most days she wanted to be alone in her room reading a novel or outside on the lawn watching the clouds go by. She loved the quiet…it was such a treasured oddity in this world.

At the end of her street was a large dark ominous mountain with an ancient mansion on top. On particularly wild nights she thought about going there for solstice and quiet…but she was a little apprehensive about it. It looked like in was not very structurally sound and about to fall in any day now.

She was a soft-spoken girl with few friends. It wasn't that she was disliked or an outcast she just preferred to be alone. Loud people made her head hurt, and she had a history of severe migraines. They were caused mainly by her mom's obnoxious friends.

That night her mom had what sounded like a large group of people; they had their techno dance music cranked really loud and the whole house was shaking. The fumes seeping into her room were nauseating.

Kalypso tugged at her hair and layed face down on her bed. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She screamed softly into her pillow. The loudness and the smells were giving her an unbearable headache. She wished that her mom hadn't crashed their car last month.

She didn't think twice about it. Kalypso opened her window and crawled out into the chilly night. She shivered slightly as she ran towards the mountain. When she got to the gate of the old mansion she gripped the metal bars and took a deep breath.

The silence felt amazing; she immediately felt her head become clear. "Should I go in? I definitely can't go home and I have nothing better to do…" she thought aloud to herself.

Kalypso still was unsure, but she opened the creaky gate anyway.

She stepped inside and glanced around in awe at the magnificent garden. "Wow!" she whispered. Her mouth formed an 'O' and her light grey eyes were huge.

In the misty moonlight she could see a shape of sea dragon, a deer, and a few other creatures all created out of large bushes. In the center of it all was and incredible huge hand. 'I wondered who created this!'

Kalypso suddenly became nervous about going inside the gothic mansion. Her ears were very sensitive, so even though the sound was coming from inside the mansion she could hear soft 'snips'.

She stood still for a minute pondering whether or not the owner of the estate would mind if she went in and explored. In the end, curiosity got the best of her and she cautiously opened the heavy wooden door. She squeezed her eyes in pain as the door screeched in protest. "Damn my sensitive ears!" She muttered under her breath.

As silent as she could she tip-toed into the decaying immense building; the room was pitch black. She listened hard. The snipping sound had returned and she could tell it was coming from the third story.

Kalypso bit her bottom lip and almost silently ran up the long winding staircase. The snipping had become louder and the surroundings became brighter. The room she was sure the snipping was coming out of was bathed in the soft glow of the full moon. It was placed perfectly in the center of the large hole on the roof. Baby stars twinkled around it adding to the sky's splendor. Kalypso stopped and stared, once again awe struck.

Suddenly the noise returned and she spun around violently. "Hello?" she called out; her voice just above a whisper.

She could hear and detect movement coming from a darkened corner of the room. Something started to move towards her. Kalypso immediate instincts were to run but it felt like her shoes were glued to the floor. With wide eyes she watched as the thing stopped in front of her.

"Hello." She repeated. The thing wasn't a thing after all it was a man. He had a raven black tangled pile of hair on his head, extremely pale skin, and shiny glistening fingers. She couldn't tell exactly what his hands were but she could tell they were metal. They didn't catch Kalypso's attention as much as his eyes did. Black or very dark brown, she couldn't tell in the dim lighting. They were so full of sadness, despair, loneliness and shame that she had the overwhelming desire to break down and weep for this sad man in front of her.

"I'm sorry for breaking in. If you want I can leave." she asked, her voice still very quiet, as she started for the door. Honestly she didn't want to leave. She wanted to figure out what was troubling this strangely beautiful man.

"Don't go." A soft, timid voice called out.

"Ok. Do you mind if I sit here and look at the stars? You can sit with me if you want." Kalypso walked to the area under the roof hole and gently patted the floor next to her.

He sat down next to her looked at her nervously. His fingers twitched rapidly as he waited for to start talking. Her voice was oddly quiet and sweet. Some of her words contained a small lisp.

"What's your name?" she whispered.


"I'm Kalypso." She lisped.

After that the pair sat in silence for a while, gazing up at brightly lit night-time sky. Edward's eyes moved from the sky to his visitor.

He couldn't believe there was a person in his mansion and sitting so close to him. 'She must not see what I am; she must not see my handsBut she must hear them. Why is she not afraid?' She looked so fragile sitting next to him. She was sickly thin and had wide tired light-colored eyes. Her hair was limp, very long and strangely blue. Her cheeks were sunken in and she had a very exhausted expression on her face. He made sure to remember every detail of his delicate visitor, so that when she left he had something new to think about.

"Edward, do you live up here all by yourself?"


"It must be nice. I would love to live somewhere so quiet and peaceful."

Edward though about the maddening silence, the intense overwhelming loneliness, the thoughts of how even death would be nicer than being all alone. He didn't know how to respond to her last statement.

"Are you lonely?"

Edward cast his eyes down. A single tear escaped from his eye.

Kalypso patted his arm. She felt awful for making him cry. "Oh, Edward, I'm sorry please don't cry! I can come visit you every day. Would you like that?" Something told her that Edward needed a friend really badly.

Edward loved the feeling her touch left on his arm. It had been so long since he had physical contact with anyone at all and it felt incredible. He looked into her eyes and mustered a small grin. Not only was she there but she would also be coming back! He felt something he hadn't felt in many years… a small spark of happiness.

She grinned back at him. Then it faded as she thought about going back to her house where her mom's party was raging.

"Edward…umm… I know we just met and all but do you mind if I stay the night?"

He nodded slightly.

"Thank you! Where should I sleep?"

He knew there were beds downstairs but he didn't know if they could find them in the darkness. Some-what reluctantly he motioned towards his pitiful bed in the fireplace.

She got up and immediately snuggled into his usual resting area. Kalypso immediately figured out that was where he usually slept. There was a dent in the mattress that matched the contours of his body and it smelled like him too. In the rough fabric she could feel slashes and cuts.

"Are you sure? Where are you going to sleep?"

Edward felt embarrassed he should have known that this girl wouldn't want to sleep in his crummy little bed. He cast his eyes down and he felt his face get hot.

"If you truly don't mind, I'll be happy to sleep here. I was just worried you would have nowhere to sleep. Thank you, Edward." She gave him a reassuring smile and got comfortable in his bed. It was still a little strange being in a stranger's bed, but anywhere was better than home.

Kalypso closed her eyes and fell asleep almost immediately. It had been forever since she slept somewhere without a party going on in the next room.

Edward sat in his favorite dark corner of the room and drifted off to sleep, for once, with ease.

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