Rating: T for language

Pairing: Laxana (LaxusXCana. Don't hate yo~)

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Also, yeah, I'm kindasortainlove with this crack pairing. And since, according to wiki, Gildartz hates Iwan (I'm sorry, I can't take him seriously with that romanization. Just… Really?), I felt like exploring his reaction to finding out about this pairing. This can follow my fic "Seventh Time's The Charm" or stand alone.

There were some downsides to being the daughter of one of the most powerful mages in the guild, Cana realized, as Gildartz glared at the blond next to her. Having to tell him that she was kindasortainvolved with the son of his enemy was one of them.

In her defense, she hadn't known that Laxus was in town until he showed up at the bar she was visiting. One thing led to another, as they tended to with the two of them, and that was why she had brought him to her new apartment. Also, she reasoned, glancing at the man besides her, she didn't expect her father to insist on visiting first thing in the morning when he got back from his mission.

Unfortunately for her, he had to walk in on one of the few times Laxus was actually still there in the morning. Some people had all the luck.

"What. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing. Here. Dreyer?"

Cana closed her eyes in frustration as Laxus smirked. "Well, right about now, I'm thinking about doing something about the fact that I've got a nice pair of tits next to me." Great, just great. Leave it to him to make a bad situation worse. Normally, Cana was used to the way he spoke about everyone else, but now was not the time.

Time to do some damage control. "Sparky, shut up before you shove your foot in your mouth anymore. Pops, what the hell are you doing here? I told you, I'm fine with things being the way they were before?" Glaring at the lightning mage before he could say anything else, she sat up, clutching the sheets to her chest as she directed her attention to her father. "Just barging into my place is not what I meant."

Of course, he was busy trying to kill her maybesortaboyfriend (seriously, everything with Laxus was confusing so she tried not to put a label on it). "It's a good thing I did, or who knows what he'd do to you!"

Really? As if it wouldn't be something she wanted? Slapping a hand over Laxus' mouth to prevent him from making things worse, the brunette glared at her father. "For godssake, I'm 18 already! 26, if you count the seven years we were on Tenrou Island. An adult! I can make my own goddamn decisions! And just because you don't like the father doesn't mean that I can't decide how I feel about the son!"

Her shoulders were heaving with the frustration of the situation, but still, she stared the older male down. While, yes, she did like being able to openly call Gildartz her father, this was really too much. At least her words deflated him a little. "We're not done with this," he muttered, shooting Laxus one last glare before stalking off.

Cana flopped back onto the pillows, closing her eyes with annoyance. That would be an interesting conversation, she knew. "I'm far too sober to deal with this shit," the card mage mumbled, shaking her head.

With her hand no longer covering the blond's mouth, he was able to speak again. And, being Laxus, he did. "That. That was hot."

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