End Notes:

Little things you may have missed/picked up on, also citings/credits additional disclaimers:

(Also, if you've read canon, then you'll have picked up on the majority of my canon-based refs/rewriting/readaptation because frankly they're too numerous to cite properly.)

Kubler Ross, Googlemap (which I use addictively when researching story locations), Iphones, various cited brandnames, institutions, cell phone companies, stores, drugs, locations, dating websites, restaurants, clubs, Led Zeppelin, the clash, the dickies, the beatles, etc. belong to themselves.

Dr Who.-(awesome show reffed by Amal in Grocery Store)

Sarasate is mentioned in Canon as a violinist/composer Sherlock Holmes admires.

Various quotes are Confuscius, Nietzche, Shakespeare, Jules Verne, Ovid, Edgar Allan Poe (yes, in canon, Holmes criticizes Dupin's methods, which I had to explore a bit further before pinning down his reasoning for this)

Mary Poppins and Lord of the Rings (both applying to Mycroft), Twilight (sparkling vampires), Star Trek refs( because I couldn't help myself). Wooster and Jeeves as well as the 'American show' House (reffed because hell, Hugh Laurie from 'House' is based on Holmes), Dr. Frankenstein –(whom Benedict Cumberbatch once played).

Phrenology, Sussex Bee farm, etc. (reffed in Canon), 'Gladstone' the name of the bull pup from 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie (also in canon it is reffed that John keep a bull pup- tho this meaning could be metaphorical rather than literal), The DVD disguised Sherlock gives John 'My Fair Lady' is based on Pygmalion which is rather relevant to my story line, also Jeremy Brett starred a role in the movie as Freddy( yes, I substituted this for the book of Catallus Holmes gives Watson is canon… interestingly enough, Catallus has homoerotic themes which is really amusing upon reflection…),

JohnWatsonBlog is a real site- I recommend you go there if you haven't already. The Gay Club I reffed is based after 'Babylon' from Queer as Folk.

I'm sure I'm missing some, but I also wanted to reach out my thanks to the many wonderful people who inspired me to write this story. You know who you are- I've already informed you.

Also to all the people who gave me support, critique, words of praise, words of challenge, subscribed, favorited, commented, etc. You are all freaking awesome and I can't thank you enough. If not for you, none of this would have been made possible.