Beckah time!

The Nightmare King quietly phased through Beckah's ceiling into her room, hovering over the girl. "Wyyeeeee-yo-we-heh-heeeeeeee!" Just then, Jar Jar smashed through the ceiling. "WOO-LEE! ! Tha'-sa fun!"


"Me-sa broke me bomback back… but eet was-a worth it, no?"

"Oh…" Beckah started to toss and turn as she woke up.

"Oh, and NOW you woke her up, big surprise!" Darkrai yelled. He sighed. "Just go keep watch on the other siblings and let me do this."

"OOKIE-WOOKIE! WYEEEEEEEEE!" With that, he ran off.

"Mmm… I want more of that milk." With that, Darkrai gave Beckah her nightmare and drifted off.

Inside her nightmare, Beckah groaned as she awoke to find herself in some huge forest. "Where am I?" She then noticed an enormous flower and decided to climb up. When she reached the top, she noticed she was in her backyard, only a thousand times bigger, and her house was humongous and miles away. "What is this, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids?" There was then a buzzing sound. "What's that?"

To her extreme horror, a swarm of huge bees began hovering over and flying down.

She gulped. "Uh-oh!" Before she could jump down, a bee flew right down to her level. "AAAHHHH!" she screamed as the large bee began scooping up the pollen in the flower, scooping her up as well. "H-Hey! Let me go! BUDDY! MORGAN! HEELP!" she tried yelling for her siblings, despite the fact they were nowhere in site.

The bee flew her into a large beehive, where tons of bees began flying in. Beckah was dropped into a pool of honey, where she was immediately stuck.

"Er! I'm stuck! HELP!" But despite her cries, the thousands of bees began flying down and devouring the honey. "NO! STOP! PLEASE! AAAHHHHH!" Her world went dark as she was finally eaten.

"AHH-MM!" She awoke and shot her head up, only for her lips to come in contact with Jar Jar's.

They broke free and- "WA-LEE! I-sa finally get a kissy-kissy-boo-boo! You-sa, mmm-mmm-mmm SWEET!"

"JAR JAR!" Darkrai yelled, coming in with more milk. "You were supposed. To watch over. The other. Siblings. What part of that. Did you not get?"

"Uh… the parts-a when big bees comes-a to take-a little Beckah away, eh?"


"Um…" Beckah looked confused.

"Huh? Oh, sorry, people… people are catching me a lot lately. I was in here earlier, actually, giving your siblings nightmares."

"O…kay. That explains all the screaming, I guess."

"Er, yeah. Okay, next up is…" He took out his list. "Huh? Buddy? I already did him." He looked at his other list and back and forth. "I do him twice? Hm… oh yeah! Now I remember! Okay, see you later, Beckah, we're going down the hall to scare your brother."


"Bye-sa for yo' familia!" Blinks exclaimed.

"Uh, okay. Have fun." With that, she watched confusedly as Darkrai and Blinks left her room. "Sure hope he don't kiss Buddy." With that, she went back to sleep.

And there's Beckah's Nightmare. Next time, Buddy's Nightmare II. See you later.