Volterra, Italy


My family and I have been staying in Volterra as a short vacation from Forks, Washington. Everyone was getting tired of the constant rain so we decided to come and spend some time in Italy. We can barely go out but when we do we have a good time.

We are currently getting ready to go out and meet the Volturi. My family, except Edward, have never met them before so we will be doing that today.

I pulled on a blue stripped dress shirt, some black pants, and shoes. My sweet Esme who is pretending to be my wife so our family can look complete, was pulling on a black dress with some gold sparkle heels.

Her caramel curls flowed down her back beautifully. I admit, Esme is a very beautiful woman, we tried to be together but we aren't each other's soul mate and we have known that since the beginning as has everyone else. But we are pretending to be married to make ourselves look like a family in the eyes of the humans.

I have been alone for a long time looking for my mate, I know I will find her I mean it's only a matter of time.

"Carlisle dear? The children are waiting. Are you ready?" She asked in her soft silky voice.

"Yes." I said while following her out of the room and down the stairs to find our children waiting at the end of the stairs.

Emmett and Rosalie were standing in the archway. Alice was jumping up and down excitedly near the door with Jasper trying to calm her down. And Edward was standing beside the hand rails of the stairs.

Alice was wearing a blue and white floral spaghetti strap along with a black skirt, and black heels. Her short spiky black hair was pushed back by a head band and her eyes were a vibrant gold showing just how excited she was, why? I have no clue.

Jasper's curly blonde hair was hanging in his light gold eyes as he smiled softly at his hyper wife. He was wearing a pair of light wash destroyed jeans, a red long sleeve Hollister shirt, and some flip flops.

Emmett's eyes were bright gold-not like Alice's-and his short black hair is in need of a trim. He was in a blue and white plaid button up, some dark wash jeans, and flip flops. His forearms were shown off perfectly, that boy is the most muscular of the family, with me in a close second, Edward in third, and poor Jasper in last.

Rosalie had her blonde curls pulled back into a ponytail, her eyes were a very light gold which made her shirt look brighter. She was wearing a v-neck halter top that was black with gold pattern, she also had a pair of dark was skinny jeans and black heels on.

Edward was looking down, his copper hair it's usual mess as his eyes were fully gold as mine are. He was wearing a white v-neck from Hollister, some dark wash destroyed jeans, and some flip-flops.

Everyone looked very nice, they always do but they looked extra nice for a change.

"Alice sweetheart I love you to death but what has you so riled up?" I asked softly while looking at my youngest daughter. She smiled at me brightly.

"We wont only be meeting the Volturi today! We get to meet Isabella Swan, Ethan Swan, and Daniella Swan!"

She explained excitedly. Which in return excited everyone, I know Ethan but I haven't met his sister's. All I know about them is they are both half-bloods and Daniella is only 15 she hasn't hit full growth yet. Unlike her sister Bella who hit her full growth at the age of 21. Bella is the most powerful supernatural creature in existence. She is amazing, and from what Ethan has said they are each very beautiful.

Ethan is about as tall as I am at about 6'3'. He is a vampire, but he has a gift that gives him human traits so he is actually kind of tan. He has long blonde hair and light green eyes. He's muscular like Edward and very smart, he has been alive for a very long time, he is only seven days older than his sister Bella though.

I think he is about 406, and Bella is 400. I'm use to being old, seeing as how I am the oldest in my family. Bella and I are the same age, and with as much as I have heard about her from Ethan I really can't wait until I finally meet her.

I have heard so much about Bella from so many vampires, she is the strongest, most intelligent, and amazing supernatural being I have ever heard of. I would love to hear about the things she knows and al the things she has studied in her life, she is very intelligent and knowledgeable.

Alice had insisted on her driving her Range Rover with Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. So Edward, Esme and I took my black Mercedes that I keep here in Italy.

It didn't slip our minds that she had all the singles ride together and all the couples ride together. Which meant that the little pixie was up to something that she didn't want any of us to know about.

I let the thought slip from my mind as we pulled into the back of the Volturi castle. Jane and Alec were standing in front of the doors that led into the foyer waiting for us. Jane was wearing her hood up and looked as evil as ever. Her brother on the other hand was smiling wickedly as we all stepped out of the car's.

"Welcome Carlisle, it is most wonderful to see you again. How about you and your family follow us and we will show you to Aro."

I bowed my head while putting my arm around Esme. Jane smirked then turned to lead us inside. I followed after her and her brother with Esme at my side and the other's behind us.

Once we were at the elevator Jane and Alec let us step in first and then they stepped in behind us. We all stood in an uncomfortable silence as we waited to get to the top floor where we would meet with Aro and his brother's.

When the elevator came to a stop we came into a long familiar hallway which I have been in on many occasion. Alec and Jane led us down the hallway in silence until we came to the tall double doors.

Jane turned to look at my family and with a blank look on her face she spoke softly.

"Please excuse the masters mood. There was a bit of a problem with some of the guard earlier and they are more than displeased. But they will still be delighted to see all of you and I am sure the Swan's will as well."

She smirked slightly before turning to open the doors. We all followed her into the big marble room to find Aro talking to Ethan with his little sister close to his side. Aro looked apologetic and poor Daniella looked scared to death. Ethan on the other hand looked extremely angry.

"Ethan I am terribly sorry for all of this. I assure you this will never happen again."

"Thank you Aro. Just don't let Bella any where near those two she might just kill one of them if not both."

Ethan laughed heartily and so did Aro. Jane lightly cleared her throat when she made it to the platform and Aro looked up immediately, noticing us for the first time. He smiled widely at me and excused himself to Ethan.

"Carlisle, old friend. What a pleasure it is to see you again." Aro said Joyfully as he walked toward me.

A wide grin on his face with his arms outstretched as he hugged me in greeting. I smiled at him after pulling back and looked him over once quickly.

"Aro a pleasure as always." I replied, just as joyful.

"And this must be your family." he said while gesturing toward them. I smiled at him politely before looking at my lovely family.

"Yes, as a matter of fact it is. This is Esme, That is Alice and Jasper. Rosalie and Emmett and of course you have met Edward."

I told him while gesturing to everyone. Aro looked at us with a smile on his face, and he looked awed by us.

"Well it is very nice to meet all of you. It is wonderful to have you all here visiting with us today. I hope your stay in Volterra has been a delightful one, it is wonderful to finally meet all of you. Carlisle has been a very good friend of mine for years and it is magnificent to finally meet his family,"

"have you all met the Swan's?" he asked-as if an after thought-while gesturing Ethan and Daniella over. When my family shook their heads he smiled before continuing.

"Carlisle I know you have met Ethan here. But this is his little sister Daniella Swan. And Bella should be back soon so you will meet her shortly. Please make yourselves comfortable, socialize have a nice visit."

He said before turning to go out of the room. I looked at Ethan to see a big smile gracing his face. He was wearing a white Hollister button up with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of destroyed jeans, and sperry's.

"Nice to see you Carlisle."

"You as well Ethan. Been well?" I asked as he pulled me into a tight hug.

"Until today yes I have."

"What happened?" I asked, hoping to clear up what the discussion was about earlier when we walked in.

Ethan sighed heavily as he watched Daniella talk to Alice for a moment. I looked at the young girl and I was blown away by her beauty. She was barely taller than Alice at 5'0', she had long brown wavy hair, light skin, and dark blue eyes. She was wearing a black halter dress with a pair of black boots.

Ethan was right she is very beautiful, now I wonder what Bella looks like. Ethan sighing again pulled me from my thoughts as I quickly averted my eyes back to him.

"Well, we were at home. Doing our own thing, Daniella and I watching TV as Bella studied. And then all of a sudden all Hell breaks lose, Demetri and Felix burst in the door-two of Bella's good friends might I add-go after Bella and Daniella, oh man did that make me mad-Bella too; Bella goes off trying to get away from them while I'm getting Demetri away from my baby sister, Bella gets hurt pretty bad and in the mean time I'm over there across the room trying to protect them both and cant even get to Bella. I was so pissed, and all Aro wanted was for Demetri and Felix to escort us here to meet all of you. He is mad, Bella is mad and stressed which for her isn't a good combination,"

"Bella nearly killed the two of them when they got their hands on Danny. I mean everything happened at once Carlisle. I'm afraid to see what Bella will do when she comes back in here. She's getting bandaged up right now. She is hurt pretty bad, she could barely stand up."

He told me with a scowl on his face as he shook with anger. He wasn't even looking at me, he was looking off into the distance, his sister looked at him worriedly before looking back to Alice who was still talking amicably.

I decided I needed to get Ethan's mind off of what happened and decided to ask him why Bella is stressed.

"Ethan, if you don't mind my asking, why is Bella stressed out?" I asked softly, he looked at me immediately, his facial expression softened instantly.

"This is her last year of med school and her last test is next week. She knows the material, but she wont listen and put the books down. I don't know how to get through to her."

He said while shaking his head with a slight smile on his face as he did so. I smiled at him while nodding my head, I know the stress of medical school but if you know it then it shouldn't be a problem.

"How old is Daniella?" I asked softly while looking at his youngest half sister.

"She will be hitting the big 1 6 day after tomorrow."

"Wow, and how old will she be when she hits her full growth? Not much longer I presume."

"Your right about that. Her full growth is different from Bella's so she will be eighteen when she hits full. And how the time with Danny has flown."

He said while shaking his head lightly. And without a doubt did I believe him, time does fly, but when you are a vampire it doesn't feel that way, yes with the family he has it feels like it goes to quick and in reality for him it does. But he will find out when she stops growing that it isn't as fast as it seems.

I watched as Danny interacted with my family and some of them interacted with some member's of the Volturi that were in the room, or passed through. I smiled as Emmett, Jasper, Edward and Ethan began talking. The girls seemed to be getting along great, and even Jane and Heidi joined them. Alec had joined the boys seeing as how Demetri and Felix still haven't joined us yet.

I was about to walk over to see Caius and Marcus when Ethan nearly skipped toward me he looked ridiculous with a huge smile on his face. He slung his arm around my shoulder's so I looked up at him suspiciously which made him smile wider.

The next thing to happen was the door opened wide as someone walked through, it was a woman because the heels reverberated off the walls loudly as she walked toward us. Her steps were light and graceful, and the only noise heard were her heels.

Ethan turned around and of course brought me with him. When we stopped my eyes widened at the sight before me.

Bella, I presume, was beautiful. She was wearing light skinny jeans that hugged her skin deliciously, she was wearing a pretty white strapless top with a jean vest over it, she was wearing brown knee high buckle boots, and a black beaded knot necklace.

Her skin was tanned perfectly, her brown curly hair reached her waist and was covered by a black fedora. Hidden behind blue framed glasses were the prettiest brown eyes I have ever seen. She was beautiful, she was about 6'3', perfect curves in all the perfect places, and I'm sure her voice is even perfect.

She smiled lightly at us as she stopped, my eyes were zeroed in on her lips, the perfect red moved softly as she began to speak.

"Hey Eth, sorry it took so long Shay was kinda slow today. Who's this?" she asked softly before turning to look at me.

Our eyes met and we stopped for a moment just to stare, I was entranced by her. I could see everything in those beautiful eyes, they were so deep, they were endless, they sparkled radiantly and I couldn't find the strength to look away.

As if you would want to.

"This," Ethan drew out to catch our attention, we both snapped back into reality and looked at Ethan quickly before looking back to one another "is Carlisle Cullen. The man you have heard so much about. Carlisle I would like you to meet my beautiful sister Bella."

Ethan said with a big smile as he introduced us, he's extremely proud of his sister and it shows. I smiled at Bella and she smiled back while holding her hand out, which I took gracefully into my own.

"A pleasure to meet you Bella." I said softly as I brought her hand to my lips to kiss the back of it. She smiled while blushing furiously, barely noticeable on her skin but her scent sure did torture me with it's amazingly strong freesia. I inhaled deeply because I knew I wouldn't hurt her, I cant anyway, but I just needed to make sure it was real.

"A pleasure indeed Carlisle."

She said softly as I released her hand. We smiled at each other once more before turning over the conversation to Ethan because of course he was the first to speak.

"So Carlisle? You're a doctor right?" he asked oddly while folding his arms across his chest and looking at me seriously, I didn't know what to say so I just nodded.

Bella looked amused as she watched her brother nod his head as he thought for a quick moment.

"Well then please tell me that it is possible for someone to study themselves to death. Because if it is then we need to do something for Bella."

I snorted once before composing myself quickly. I cleared my throat and looked at Ethan before looking to Bella who didn't look to happy anymore.

"Well I'm happy to tell you that you can not study yourself to death. But if you don't mind my asking, Bella. What are you studying so hard for?" I asked curiously as I looked at her.

She smiled softly at me before shooting Ethan an 'I told you so' look. I snickered as Ethan glared at her.

"I don't mind you asking at all Carlisle. You see this is my last year of Med school. And finals are next Monday, Ethan says I know everything but I just want to make sure. Plus I'm having to chose which profession I am going to go into and I cant decide between the two I've chosen."

She told me with a small smile, I knew she was in her last year of Med school from what Ethan told me but I didn't know she had two professions she wanted to go into.

"Which two are you torn between?" I asked fascinated as Ethan sighed and walked away, sensing a heated discussion brewing, I could feel it coming and I'm sure Bella could feel it as well.

"Well I would very much like to become a pediatrician because I just love kids, but then again I would really like to head into the maternity ward. I'm having the hardest time deciding, but I have been told by all my professor's that I have time, I can wait until after graduation, but it's seriously bothering me."

"Oh I agree highly, it bothered me for a while as well, but I knew I wanted to help people so immediately I knew what I would be doing, I have been trained in every profession, so every time we make a new start I have something new to go to, you know what I mean, it's better to be trained in more than one for just that soul purpose, but you do have quite a lot of time to decide Bella if I were you I would let that go and just focus on my finals, after that is over and you have gotten your scores, it is smooth sailing from there I promise you, I know how it is."

I told her truthfully a slight smile on my face as well, she smiled wider at me and thanked me for my help. I nodded and led her over to her brother and the rest of my family so that they could get acquainted.

"Everyone I would like you to meet Ethan's other sister Bella. Bella this is my family. That is Edward, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and that small girl that is jumping up and down frantically is Alice."

Everyone laughed, including Bella, as they watched Alice bounce happily in place.

"Hi Bella, we're going to be great friends!" Alice nearly squealed as she pulled Bella into a tight hug, the loud crack of her spin made me believe that Alice had very well hurt Bella or killed her.

As soon as she heard it Alice pulled away and all noise in the room ceased as we looked to Bella and saw the pain on her face, but it was gone immediately as she popped her spin back into alignment.

We all looked at her with wide-eyes, except her brother and sister. Looks like they are use to this.

"What?" Bella asked as she looked around at all our astounded faces.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad. I've had worse."

Her confession had us all laughing hysterically as she smiled at us widely. As the laughter died down Alice began to talk quickly, looking from Bella to me in the corner of her eye every few minutes.

"I had a vision that you all were leaving after Bella graduates and you have Daniella's birthday. Where are you thinking of heading to?"

Bella smiled at her lightly before looking at me through her glasses quickly then back to Alice.

"Well we were actually thinking about heading into Forks." Alice squealed while jumping up, looks like she wasn't joking about the two of them becoming friends, because I have never seen Alice so elated to hear news such as this.

Edward looked at me and nodded his head vigorously, I laughed lightly at his expression as he shook his head in an annoyed manner. Trying to get Alice out of his head I'm sure, I would hate to have his gift sometimes.

"Oh my goodness that is so great! You get to come to our Halloween party-"

Alice was cut off immediately by Rosalie, who looked very annoyed which is normal.

"Alice I love you but not another Halloween party! We had one last year and you nearly invited the whole school. I get enough of those people when I have to see them at school I don't want to see them when I don't have to."

She told her angrily while glaring, Alice just huffed with a small pout on her face before turning back to Bella with a light in her eye.

"Okay so Halloween is out! But you, Ethan, and Daniella could all come over to our house and spend Christmas with us! What do you think?"

Bella smiled widely as she looked to her brother and sister. Clearly not asking permission, which mean she makes the rules not Ethan.

"I think that would be very nice Alice."

"Yay! I so cant wait now!" she said happily while pulling Bella into a more gentle hug than before. She smiled while hugging back.

And I must say it was very nice to see. After their show of affection everyone went back into light conversation, the Volturi's joined in as well when Aro came back.

Bella and I got into quite a few discussions about the medical field and it was very nice to talk to her about it, she has learned so much, and most of it on her own and without a professor. She will be a great doctor when she finally gets out of college.

I just cant wait to spend more time with her and get to know her better.


I was sitting in my office looking at a book without reading it, my thoughts were centered around Bella. I can honestly say I have never thought so much about a woman before. This is new to me, but I know what it means.

I smiled to myself as I looked back on the day, it was a very nice day and I would love to have another like it. It's great to know they will be living in Forks after Bella gets out of College.

There was a knock on my door signaling someone was still home. I looked at the clock on the wall a little baffled I thought everyone went hunting after we got home.

"Come in." I called while sitting back in my chair.

Edward emerged from behind the door and I smiled widely. My oldest son and brightest, he and I have a very close relationship and I am always happy to see him at my door.

"What can I do for you my son?" I asked as he came to sit down in the seat in front of my desk.

He looked at me with a semi-serious, semi-playful look on his face, that worried me because this look is usually the one he gives Emmett before payback for a prank.

He smiled softly before speaking and the words that left his mouth just made it all the more real.

"So, Bella Swan is your mate?"

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