Setting the Surprise


I yawned loudly as I stretched out in bed. My thick white comforter was laying all around me and boy was it warm. I looked around my room to see the green walls and all the black and white furniture.

I sighed as I turned back over on my stomach and laid there for a while longer. I didn't want to get up but tomorrow is Danny's birthday and we have a lot to do today. And we might be pulling an all-nighter.

Not like Ethan has to sleep or anything, or the Cullen's. Hopefully Ethan already called them over.

I jumped out of bed and quickly ran into my walk-in closet to find something to wear.

I chose a black dress with a long sleeve top and a leather ruffle skirt with a belt tied into a bow. I pulled on my black knee high boots and quickly pulled a brush through my curls. I decided to wear light make-up today and my knot necklace.

I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth real quick before grabbing my Ipad and headed down to the kitchen to see Danny was already gone and all the Cullen's were here. I smiled at everyone and grabbed the coffee Ethan held out to me.

"Bella I love your dress. It looks great on you." Alice complemented sweetly.

"Thanks Alice. I like your top." she smiled at me as I sat down at the bar.

Alice was wearing a sparkly blue tank with jeans and silver wedges. Esme was standing beside her in a pretty purple and black dress with black high heels. Rose was the most simple in her shorts and red 93 top and some black sandals.

The guys were all simple, except Carlisle and Emmett. Carlisle was wearing a black dress shirt with the sleeves pushed up, some tan pants and dress shoes. Emmett was wearing a black dress shirt with a tie, it was tucked in his jeans and he had on nice shoes. Very stunning.

Edward was wearing a V-neck, jeans and sneakers, while jasper wore a grey 'Keep Calm and Carry On' shirt with tan pants and sneakers. Ethan was wearing a flannel shirt, jeans and some tennis shoes which was very typical for my brother.

I guess everyone came prepared to work. Well everyone except me and the girls. I took a quick sip of my coffee as I flicked through my Ipad to find my list of things to do for today and most of tomorrow.

"Okay Eth, please tell me you already got the tent and the dance floor set up outback?"

"Yes ma'am all me and the boys gotta do know is go pick up tables and chairs."

"Okay you Emmett, Edward and Jasper can do that. Esme and Rose I need you guys to work on the balloon arch Ethan insisted on, the paper lights that I'll show you, you need to put little candles in them before they get set up along the walkway, and after that you need to start putting the lanterns up in the tent. That can be done last but I'll show you any way."

I took a quick breath before looking at Alice because she has the most important job.

"Alice I need you to keep Danny away from here until six tomorrow night. Take her and look for a dress just keep her as far from here as you can alright? She's at the library now, so when we are done here you can go get her okay? She's staying at a friend's house tonight but you will have her all day tomorrow to find a dress and everything okay?"

She looked very pleased with her job as she nodded with a smile on her face. I smiled at her and then looked at Carlisle who was looking back at me waiting to hear his job.

"And you are going to help me at the store getting all the food and everything else. Just fair warning we might be working all night and most of tomorrow so if any of you want to change into more comfortable clothes as the day or night goes on just let me or Eth know before you head off."

"Oh don't worry Bella I took care of that. I made sure everyone had an extra set of clothes and shoes before we came! Along with clothes to wear for the party!"

Alice piped in once I had finished. Well that little psychic pixie was ahead of me, something that no one has ever accomplished before.

"Well okay then. One more thing, if everything gets set up and is perfect I know Ethan has some presents to go pick up and so do I which Carlisle and I will do while we are out but if you were planning on doing anything like that then you can once everything is done. SO with that being said we better get a move on. Girls I'll show you where all that is. Carlisle I'll be right back and then we will leave, okay?"

"Take your time Bella."

I smiled at him as I showed Esme and Rosalie outside as the boys and Alice left for their respective jobs.

"Okay so these are what I got to line the walkway out here with, just put these candles in there as you set them up, and then when that is done start on the arch. The boys should be back by the time you are done with it so Eth will tell you were it goes. But wait until the tables have been set up so you will have something to stand on to put them up, alright?"

"You can count on us Bella." Rose reassured me as they got started.

I walked back into the house to grab my purse and Ipad. I finished my coffee off and put it in the sink before looking back at Carlisle.

"Ready to go?" I asked with a polite smile.

"Lead the way."

I smiled at him before grabbing my car keys. I unlocked my Camaro and set my bag in the floor behind me. Carlisle complemented my car and of course I thanked him, it seems that everyone just loves my car.

"So what all will we be needing besides food?"

"Well I got everything we will need for the tables and all that the other day so the outside is set. All we really need to worry about is the food and a few other presents I need to get. The color we are going for with everything is blue because it is Danny's favorite color, but the theme is of course another of Danny's favorite things, Candy. I already have all her favorites and some other treats ordered and waiting for us,"

"We can pick that up when we go and get everything I will need for her cake, and everything else that I will be making and that you will be helping me with by the way."

I told him with a serious look on my face as I sped through the streets of Volterra.

"I don't mind one bit." he told me truthfully.

I looked at him with a smile on my face and he was smiling back at me. I blushed before looking back to the road.

I felt his eyes on me the whole drive to the candy shop that a friend of mine owns. I feel this strange pull toward Carlisle, and I would be lying if I said it didn't feel good. Because lord knows it does, I just feel right when around him.

It scares me, but at the same time it makes me wonder. Is Carlisle the one? Is what I'm feeling Love? Is he my mate?

I have asked myself this countless of times since the first time we touched. Yesterday I couldn't keep my eyes away from him, and he was the same with me.

I jumped slightly when he opened my door to help me out. I quickly grabbed all my things and took his hand he offered.

My whole body tingled as my hand was in his, I felt this yesterday when we met. It was a really good feeling, and I liked it.

I shut the door behind me and smiled up at him, his smile was bright and his eyes were shinning with adoration, and….longing?

I cocked my head to the side wondering just what that was when I realized we were still holding hands. I cleared my throat before pulling back and looking away. He stepped back a little and waited for me to compose myself.

My cheeks were burning, signaling there was a blush there. Just wonderful. I cleared my throat one more time before looking back to the beautiful blonde man in front of me. I smiled at him lightly as he watched me intently.

"Well why don't we get started?" I asked softly while jerking my head in the direction of the candy store. He smiled softly while nodding his head.

Before I moved I did the boldest thing in my life. I reached out and grabbed his hand in mine-don't ask me why because I'm still not so sure myself-and laced his fingers with mine. He looked at me slightly shocked but then smiled lightly at me before tightening his hand around mine.

He recognized the gesture and I'm grateful for it, because it might make things a bit easier on me and him.

I turned on my heel and pulled Carlisle along behind me as we made our way to the store. Once we were inside I spotted the counter and pulled Carlisle over to it.

"Oi! Ryan you lazy bum! Get your butt out here!" I yelled sweetly to one of my best friends in the world with a big smile on my face.

Carlisle chuckled lightly beside me as we heard movement in the back. Probably with his wife, that dummy is gonna lose his business one of these days.

Next thing I knew I was looking at the extremely frazzled Ryan James McCoy as he walked in from the back room. His green eyes sparkled at me as he stepped up to the counter with a big grin on his face.

"Well hells Bells. If it isn't the beautiful Isabella Swan! Goodness sweets I didn't think I would be seeing you until lata!"

He said loudly in that Australian accent I loved so much. He leaned over the counter and kissed my cheek once sweetly.

I smiled at him as he leaned back. His brown hair was lying across his forehead in light waves, he had scruff on his face and boy did he look tired. Poor thing. And by the way he is in fact a vampire, but he has a gift like Ethan, except his makes sure he has no trace of vampire. No one would be able to tell unless they knew, so poor Carlisle here is clueless.

"So who is this fine looking arm candy you have here sweets?" he asked me suggestively while tilting his head toward Carlisle and wiggling his eyebrows.

"Oh stop it! This is Carlisle Cullen, Carlisle this is my friend Ryan McCoy." I said sweetly and watched as they shook hands.

"Nice to meet you." Carlisle said politely as Ryan squeezed his hand.

"Pleasure is all mine. I've heard a lot about you Carlisle, people in the vampire world talk don't you know?"

He said with a grin as they let go of each other's hands, and after flexing their hands out a few times it finally dawned on him just who and what Ryan was.

"Well, I hope it's all good things." he said with a chuckle.

"Why of course, there is no one in the vampire world that has a bad thing to say about you. Now, Miss Bella, what can I do for you sweetheart?"

"Well I was hoping you would have my order ready for Danny's birthday party tomorrow night."

I told him with a stern look because he has a tendency to forget things. He's not the brightest of vampires but he makes up for lack of smarts with muscles and looks.

"Oh! Right, it's all in the back. That's what I was taking care of when you came in. But there is a problem."

"Oh not a problem." I whined while looking at him with a pleading look.

"It's not a huge problem. But unless you want everything to spill out in your trunk and everything to break I think it would be best if I bring it by tomorrow before the party. Because it will not fit in your car and even if it did, you wouldn't have anything left when you got back home."

I groaned, this is not what I was expecting. This isn't good.

"Ryan that's not good! All that chocolate will melt by then!" I whined while putting my forefinger and thumb at the bridge of my nose and closed my eyes.

"I already got ya covered love. The things that need to stay in one piece are in the fridge, they will be just fine I promise. I will bring it all ova by about four thirty so I have time to go back home and get ready. How does that sound?"

I opened my eyes to see he was looking at me with a soft smile, hoping I would take the bait.

"Fine!" I caved.

He breathed a sigh of relief before coming out from behind the counter and leading me and Carlisle to where all the stuff I would need for the cake, the cupcakes and the other treats were at. I have been in this store a million times and I still don't know where most things are.

"Now that we have that settled. How about we hook you up with all of your cake related treats."

He joked heartily, trying to get me to smile, and of course it worked I giggled while shaking my head at my goofy friend. He stopped in one of the isles and looked to me and Carlisle.

"Well this isle is the frosting, and all the decorations you would need for the cake and all that, and the next two isles down is other stuff that you would need like the mix, and all that good stuff. I will leave you to it, I will be at the counter when you are ready."

"Thanks Ry."

"Anything for you love." he said sweetly before going back the way he came.

I looked at Carlisle and he looked at me expectantly, knowing I had a job for him. I smiled at him and his eagerness.

I looked down at my Ipad and pulled up my list to see all the things that were needed for the cake, cupcakes and cake balls.

"Alright I will take care of the frosting and stuff over here. Would you go over to the next row and grab ten boxes of vanilla cake mix and ten boxes of chocolate?"

"Of course. I'll be right back with that."

"Alright." I said with a smile as he turned to go grab all the mix.

I looked around the isle to see everything I needed to make the frosting was here so I started grabbing the few ingredients to make the frosting when Carlisle came back with the contents he had collected in a buggy.

"Thank you for thinking ahead as I didn't." I said gratefully as put the things I had grabbed into the buggy.

"Always prepared, what else are we grabbing in this isle?"

"I need some boxes of sugar cookie mix, sprinkles, frosting paper, frosting bags, um and some boxes of the cake pops and I think the sticks are in the box with that but if not I also need some sucker sticks."

"Alright I'll start looking for the cookie stuff and the cake pops and you do the other stuff because I don't know what colors you need."

"Oh, here take my list I know it by heart, it will help."

"Alright then." He said with a smile before taking the Ipad and setting off to work.

Soon we had the buggy packed full with everything we would need to make all the treats. I already had what I needed to make chicken Alfredo so besides the last few presents we need to get we have everything we need.

"That looks about right, let's go check out."

Carlisle pushed the buggy for me until we made it to the counter where Ryan was waiting as he said he would be. He had a big grin on his face and glint in his eye that I haven't seen since he found Lizzie. What is his deal?

I gave him the 'what?' look and he just shook his head, smile in place as he began ringing everything up and bagging it.

"So are you ready for your baby sister to turn the big one six?" Ryan asked smugly as he kept ringing everything up. I just glared at him because he knew very well that I was not enjoying this at all.

"I am not ready at all and you know that you jerk." I muttered unhappily while pulling my card out of my wallet.

"Well chill babe it's not like you're going to lose her, we are all immortal after all."

"I know that Ry but she is my baby sister and it is killing me to see her grow up because she is almost fully grown now."

Understanding dawned in his eyes as he nodded. He was the only person that knew me better than anyone, I knew him when he was human and I was there for him after he was changed. He knows me inside and out and I know him the same, he truly is my best friend.

"I understand that Bells. And if I didn't have a business to run and I knew you would let me make this purchase be free then I would. But I know you better than that."

"Exactly, so how much is it including all the candy in back that I haven't paid for yet?"

"Damn you went all out for this party babe. Your total comes out to $450.70." he said while letting out a low whistle, I didn't even bat an eyelash as I handed him my card.

"Sounds reasonable to me." I said with a shrug as he swiped the card.

"You just don't care how much you spend do you?" he asked as he did his thing on the touch screen.

"I do care how much I spend and I am nowhere close to going over my budget. My dear brother on the other hand, of course, has already maxed his budget."

Ryan couldn't help but laugh as he handed me my card and the receipt that I would have to sign. I am so much more responsible with money than Ethan is and anyone that knows me and my brother knows this.

"Yeah I figured as much. Have you gotten all her gifts yet?" he asked after giving me my copy of the receipt as I handed him his.

"No I have one more to pick up and then Carlisle and I will be working all night on the cake, and everything else that has to be absolutely perfect and will take forever considering I am making all of my icing from scratch as I always have."

"Oh, I can't wait now. I love your home made icing, are you making Chicken Alfredo too?" he asked eagerly, a huge smile on his face.

"You know it. Thanks so much Ry, we have to get going we'll see you tomorrow."

"Yes! Bye Bell, it was nice meeting you Carlisle."

"You as well."

I waved to him as we left the store, the bags in mine and Carlisle's hands as we headed to the car. I popped the trunk and Carlisle put the bags in, taking mine from me and placing them in as well.

"Thank you. Now off to the mall."

"Alright, Bella? I was wondering if you could help me find something for Daniella. I don't know her as well as the girls got to know her yesterday but I would like to get her something."

"I actually have just the present in mind. It can be from the both of us if you want." I suggested as I pulled out of the parking lot.

I looked over to see a smile on his face as he looked at me with a glimmer in his eye that I didn't quite recognize.

"That would be perfect, thank you."

"Anytime." I said cheekily with a wink.

The ride to the mall wasn't a long one and it was spent in a comfortable silence that I welcomed whole heartedly. It gave me time to think while also basking in all that was Carlisle, he was an amazing man and his presence was just so calming.

I was so lost in my musings I hadn't even realized I had pulled into the mall parking lot until Carlisle touched my hand.

"Bella? Are you alright?" he asked concerned.

"Oh, yeah. I'm so sorry, I was just lost in thought I guess." I apologized as I shut the car off.

"That's alright, you just worried me is all dear."

"I didn't mean to. Well let's get in there."

We both climbed out of the car before walking into the main entrance of the mall side by side. I already had Danny's Ipad ordered and waiting for me so all we had to do was go and pick it up at Best Buy. Ethan had bought her a skin for it because we both knew she would need some form of protection on the damn thing if we were serious about getting her one.

"So I already have one present for Danny waiting at Best Buy, I bought her an Ipad if you can believe that. And then we can go and buy the gift from the both of us that I believe she will really enjoy."

"And would you tell me what that is?"

"Nope, you will just have to wait and see."

He gave me the cutest pout I have ever seen, I nearly gave in and told him but I quickly found my resolve and gave a quick shake of my head.

"Sorry, but I'm not budging no matter how cute that pout is." I whispered to where only he could hear.

His eyes sparkled with that look that I still couldn't decipher, I shook it off again and took his hand in mine with a big smile on my face before I pulled him along to our first stop. Since I had already ordered and paid for it all we had to do was go in and pick it up and we were out of there in seconds.

Carlisle had tried to get me to tell him what I planned on our present being but I wouldn't budge no matter how hard he tried to get me to tell. Danny has been begging to get a pet for years and I just haven't found the right one to get her until the other day when we were here.

Danny looked in the window as we passed by as she always did and once she did she saw the cutest little baby bunny I have ever seen.

It was small and a light brown, it was the cutest thing and Danny fell in love with it. I wouldn't get it for her at the time because her birthday was so soon approaching.

"This is the perfect gift for her, she has been wanting a pet for a long time and last week we saw this little guy in the window."

I said as we walked up to the store, I pointed to the little bunny in the window so Carlisle knew which one I was talking about. His face instantly lit up with a smile as he watched the little guy chew on a carrot that was bigger than he was.

"Bella that is perfect." He said while looking at me with a glimmer in his eye.

"Well then let's go in and get him shall we?"

"Alright, but why don't you let me pay for this one? You have paid for enough."

"Oh Carlisle I can't ask for you to do that."

"Bella, please dear."

He gave me a look that meant business and I knew I couldn't refuse.

"Fine." I caved as he smiled.

"Let's go already so that we can get back and get started you goof ball."

I said while pushing his grinning butt into the store, this man will surely be the death of me I just know it.