Kagome is 16

Inuyasha 18

Kouga 18

Naraku 566 hah just kidding his 20

Miroku 18

Sango 18

Kikyo 17

She stood on the near off a cliff captivating the beauty of the ocean in front of her. She inhaled a deep breathe smelling the ocean's saltiness tease her nose. Her mother had sent her to bring home a few groceries, but Kagome couldn't help it but stop and admire the ocean.

Funny she owed her life to the ocean she closed her eyes as she remember what had happened to her ten years ago.

A young Kagome stood at the edge of hill, sitting down her hands cupping her face. The waves taunting her to join in, but her mother had said not to get in without her being there.

She spotted something glowing in the water and her young curiosity took over and she went into the vast waves. She walked deeper and deeper until she neck-high, she looked down and gasped at the small glowing pearl. She grabbed it and held it closer to her eyes she smiled at her discovery and tied the string it had around her neck.

She turned to leave when a powerful current swept her from her feet, she tried to cry for help but her lungs filled with sea water. She was under and she desperately tried to paddle towards the surface, she couldn't hold it anymore she had to breathe.

Her lungs burned and she did it; she took a breath.

She looked up and coughed under water, that when she saw a hand reach out to her, she weakly grabbed it and was shoved above water.

"Are you okay!" it sounded like boy no older than her.

"I-I can't breathe." She closed her eyes and coughed up water.

Kagome felt small hands on her chest pounding her trying to revive her.

"Damn it breathe!" He sighed in relief when she coughed and no water came up, the color coming to her face again.

He stared down at her chocolate brown eyes, she was so pretty.

"Tha-thank you for sav-saving me." Kagome smiled and stared at his face; she loved his golden eyes and just stared at him for what seemed to be forever.

"Keh whatever I was just bored." He stood proudly and Kagome merely giggled.

Blushing he leaned in closer to her cocking his head to the side.

"Hey girl you're pretty I'm going to make you my wife." He sat next to her and laid back on the grass admiring the clouds passing by.

"Hehe sure you will, I'll be here waiting for you, so where are you from?"

"Humph can't you tell i'm a pirate, my daddy was right girls aren't smart." He mumbled under his breathe.

"Oh well sorry." He could smell her get sad and angrily stood up, his bandana falling in the process.

"Hey you're a hanyou!" He quickly picked up his bandana and turned away facing away from her.

"Yeah so what of it, do you think I'm just going to sit here and let you insult me?" He tensed when he felt her grab his ears smiling brightly.

"I love your ears!" She rubbed them gently. He had never let a human feel his ears like this but he leaned into her touch, not wanting the moment to end.

"Inuyasha! It's time to go!"

"UGGHHHH! Oh well hey don't forget your my woman he kissed her cheek and ran to his boat. Once on board he turned and waved to her.

Neither of the two noticing the dark figure eyeing Kagome's new priced jewel.

Kagome snapped back to reality when a huge wave crashed near her.

"AHHH!" She shrieked, realizing how foolish she must've looked Kagome quickly picked her bag and took off to her house.

"Kagome your home thanks for bringing home the groceries" Mrs. Higurashi smiled and hugged her daughter tightly.

"You're welcome Mama, the sea looked quite welcoming today, want to go and take a dip?"

"Hmm not today sweet heart, your brother is deathly sick today, I don't want to leave his side plus it almost nine. This is no time for ladies to be out on the beach, pirates might come." Her mother shuddered at the thought and walked away towards Soutas room.

Kagome sighed and went to her room setting her priced necklace in her sacred box. She took her silky clothes off and put on her night gown; she sighed and walked to her window staring out into the ocean.

'Hey don't forget you're my woman' she shook her head from her thoughts.

"What are you doing thinking about that now?" she thought out-loud.

'That was over ten years ago we were only six' She closed her eyes it was so peaceful so quiet.


Kagome shot up from her bed and went to her door.

"Where is she where is the jewel?" Kagome gasped and looked at the box and quickly hid the jewel in her bra.

"I don't know what you're talking about, leave at once!" She closed her eyes and then heard an ear shattering scream as the sound of flesh ripping echoed through the house.

"MAMA!" She covered her mouth and fell back realizing how foolish she had been to yell out, she quickly got up and hid in her closet.

She heard the door rip off its hinges and fly across the room.

"Are you sure you heard it from here?" one of the pirates asked sniffing the air and sighing in her delightful smell.

'Oh no they found me' Kagome's heart thundered and she closed her eyes the suspense killing her.

"Hey Miroku I found her!" her heart stopped as the ugly man roughly grabbed her and threw her onto her bed.

"Well well we have ourselves a virgin." He smirked and kagome grabbed her vase and threw it at him gasping when it broke into a million pieces, the demon pirate smirked and crawled up to her opening her legs up.

Squirming to get away kagome saw a shard of glass and pierced it through the demons heart.

He howled in pain and fell of the bed. Miroku smirked and grabbed kagome's wrist pulling her to him throwing her over his shoulder. Although he wasn't a youkai he was incredibly strong. He broke through the window and ran with kagome screaming and punching him.

When he got to the ship he jumped on and cut the rope setting the ship afloat.

"What are you doing let me go!" Kagome stood up determination filled her eyes. But quickly got frightened as she was surrounded by lust-filled men.

"Stand aside you pathic demons." a deep and dominant voice rang through the ship.

"And why the hell do you bring this ugly wench on my ship." He came up to her and towered over her his gaze piercing hers. As they fought for dominance.

"What do you mean ugly?" Kagome spat at him and he smirked, but it quickly faded as he sniffed her more.

"OH I see why you brought her to me." He roughly put his hand down her shirt and grabbed the jewel shard.

"Can she help us defeat him sir?" Miroku asked carefully seeing, his captain was full in thought.

"Of course, you wench will lead us to Naraku."

"And why the hell would I do that?" Kagome put her hands to her hips and cocked an eyebrow at him.

"If you wish to live." He snorted at her idiotic expression.

"Hey Sango come here and dress this filthy wench." Kagome had had enough and she planted a hard slap on his right cheek. A growl escaped his lips and he turned towards her.

"Hmp what are you going to?" the captain Snorted and pushed her back falling hard against the ground she yelped in pain. He felt his ear twitch and smelt tears.

"Will you stop crying you stink." He stated as he smirked when she gave him a death glare. 'Humph whatever crazy wench.' Wait a minute he smelled blood on her it was one of his men. He growled and everybody looked at him.

"Why do you reek of blood from one of my men?" He crossed his arms over his chest.

"He tried to take advantage of me! I had to protect myself."

"Hey captain she smells of a virgin I call first dibs on her!" The short fat and disgustingly ugly man grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him."

"Get your hands of me!" she tried to pull away when the captain pulled her towards him. He shot everyone a glare of 'you touch her I kill you' look. Kagome blushed she had never been so close to a man like this before.

'That girl is interesting I might just keep her alive' he turned to her around and picked her up going down to the bottom of the boat. He threw her on a hammock.

He roughly pulled her hair and whispered in her ear.

"If you ever try anything stupid like striking me again I will kill you." He smirked feeling her tense but he didn't smell fear he smelt frustration.

"Keh will you quit looking at me like that."

'Did he just say Keh? Whatever it must be my mind.'

"Then leave I'm exhausted." He shrugged and turned around

'Why does she seem so familiar?'

'He reminds me of Inuyasha' her thoughts were interrupted when Sango came down and laid next to her smiling.

"Hey I'm Sango believe it or not I'm the best fighter here." She winked and noticed Kagome looked pale. "What's wrong?"

"I-I just want to go ho-home." Kagome said between sobs. Sango shook her head and smiled reassured Kagome to sleep and they will continue to talk in the morning.

The captain and Kagome both fell asleep thinking of that memory so many years ago a smile spreading across their faces.



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