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"Inuyasha will you hurry up, Kouga's about to leave!" Kagome looked sadly at Kouga frowning trying to cover the tears from spilling out. Kouga had unexpectedly said that he had to leave the day before and now he was about to leave.

"The scrawny wolf can wait." Inuyasha walked up to the Kouga and gave him a small smile. Even though they had always fought he was still sad to see his 'friend' leave.

"You're not going to start crying on me right?" Kouga returned the small smile, and play punched Inuyasha on the arm.

"Me? Cry over you? You must be crazy, now get the hell off my ship!" Kouga ignored him and gave Inuyasha a very unexpected hug, leaving him stunned. Taking that chance Kouga walked up to Kagome and looked down at her smiling.

"Do you have to leave now Kouga?" Kagome leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Kouga. She was really sad about him leaving; I mean he was her best friend other than Sango. Kouga closed his eyes and wrapped his strong arms firmly around Kagome not really wanting this moment to end. He almost whimpered when Kagome let go and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Aw come one Kagome you act like we're never going to see each other again." Kagome laughed and nodded her head in agreement. Kouga turned his back to her and ran to the edge of the ship, turning once to look back at everyone he was leaving. Waving he leapt of the ship and started his way to who knows who.

Kagome smiled sadly and looked back at Inuyasha she smiled and tried not to laugh. Inuyasha was looking at where Kouga had leapt of; he had a sad expression on his face. Kagome walked over to him and enveloped her hand in his. Inuyasha looked down and smiled at her, he finally had her to himself.

Turning towards her Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her as close as their bodies let them. How long had he waited for this moment, ever since he had let her go to Kouga for training he had yearned to feel her smooth body pressed against his. To feel her sweet and silky hair tickling the bottom of his chin, and oh her beautiful deep brown eyes.

"Inuyasha do you know why Sango and Miroku have been so quiet lately? I'm really starting to get nervous, I think there is something really bad going on." Inuyasha snapped out of his trance and he put on his serious face. Lifting his hand he cupped her chin and started to rub her cheek. He had noticed that Miroku was acting a bit weird, they barely even talked anymore.

"Yeah I have noticed that, we should go talk to them and demand to know!"

"Inuyasha I will go talk to Sango alone and you're going to go talk to Miroku, after get answers we'll meet back at your room." Inuyasha nodded and pulled her to him again.

"Kagome you have no idea how long I waited for this." Kagome smiled and looked up at him, she got on her tip-toes and placed a gentle kiss on Inuyasha's smooth lips. Inuyasha not wanting the moment to end placed a hand on her lower back while entangling his other hand on the back of her neck.

Their lips melted together perfectly, their bodies became one allowing them to feel as close to each other as possible. Pulling away Kagome kissed him once again before leaving on her way to Sango's room determined for answers.

Knock Knock

"Hey Sango can I come in?"

"Yeah sure come on in."

Kagome walked in and closed the door behind her, she could tell Sango was already nervous. She bit the inside of her cheek wondering what could've made her once tough friend into a nervous wreck. Walking over to the bed Kagome sat beside Sango and waited for her to say anything.

After ten minutes of awkward silence Kagome decided she should at least say something.

"Sango what's wrong, you've been really quiet and not talking to anyone. Did Miroku do something to you?" Kagome grabbed both of Sango's hands and covered them with her hands, trying to comfort her friend.

"Well…You know how me and him obviously like each other?" Sango waited until Kagome had nodded until she proceeded. "Well we had a moment in my bed a couple months ago and we admitted that we actually loved each other."

"So you and him 'did' it?"

Sango blushed and shaked her head no. "I was the one who tried to make a move but he stopped me. Miroku told me that I was drunk and that he wants our first time to be romantic, not when I'm drunk."

"Wait how is this bad?"

"After that day it has been weird, he has been dodging me and is giving me the cold shoulder. I think he regrets what he told me and that really hurts…" Sango became teary eyed and leaned over gathering Kagome up in a tight hug.

Kagome felt bad for her friend she knew how much Sango loved Miroku and to have him say he also loves her, but then randomly ignoring her that must hurt. Her anger started boiling deep inside her, Miroku was being a total immature brat, he should man up and make a decision about his feelings.

"You have to go talk to him or else this is never going to get solved."

"I really don't want to talk to him."

"Sango you also need to grow up and face this because if you don't you'll lose him as a friend."

Sango flinched at those words but nodded and smiled making Kagome loosen up a bit.

Inuyasha not having the patience Kagome did, didn't bother knocking and just slammed the door walking in on a startled Miroku. Inuyasha closed the door behind him and threw himself on the bed, looking at Miroku with a serious stare.

"What the hell is going on between you and Sango?" Inuyasha crossed both his hands and put them behind his head, lifting himself up from the bed a bit.

"Promise not to tell her?" Miroku looked at Inuyasha with a sad but desperate glare, making his stomach turn.

"Yeah sure whatever."

"Me and Sango admitted our feelings for each other, and after that night I felt really nervous. I love her more than I have anyone else, but she was drunk and I don't think she meant it. I've been dodging her because I don't want her to tell me the truth." Miroku choked at the last words and looked away from Inuyasha he didn't like to be seen like this.

"Be a man and go talk to her, I've known Sango for forever and she doesn't give out the word love no matter how drunk she is. If you don't talk to her then you could easily lose her as a friend, or any hopes of becoming more than that."

"Yeah you're right! Thanks Inuyasha I really needed that!" Miroku smiled widely and hugged Inuyasha tightly, pushing himself off of him before Inuyasha punched him.

"Yeah, yeah I better be getting back to my room, good luck."

Kagome was sitting on Inuyasha's bed anxious to hear what he found out from Miroku. She laid down and closed her eyes as she heard the door creak open. She wanted nothing more then to lay down with Inuyasha and cuddle with him.

Quietly sighing she relaxed when the weight on the bed shifted and a muscular arm wrapped around her waist. Turning her head to her right she was met with those startling golden eyes.

"What did you find out?" Inuyasha asked just as anxious as she was to hear Sango's side of the story.

"Well Miroku and Sango spent the night together and they admitted their feeling, but Sango feels like Miroku doesn't feel the same way as before. I thought that was pretty weird since he has had feeling for her ever since I arrived on the ship. So I told her to talk to him." Kagome pressed her head against his chest waiting to hear what Miroku had said.

"He said practically the same thing, and I also told him to go talk to her or he'll lose her as a friend." Inuyasha looked down at the top of Kagome's head and placed a gentle kiss on it.

Kagome looked up and smiled, she felt like she was the luckiest girl in the world at that moment. Inuyasha grabbed her cheek and pressed their faces closer together. Their lips were only millimeters apart and kagome could smell Inuyasha's sweet breath.

Not liking the small distance between them Kagome leaned in closer and finally pressed their lips together. Inuyasha was enveloped by her soft lips moving identical with his. He ran his smooth hand from the bottom of her knee to her sensitive neck.

Kagome let a little moan escape her lips and she allowed Inuyasha's skilled tongue explore the inside of her mouth. Kagome wanting to be as close to him as possible wrapped her leg around his waist bringing him up above her in a very intimate position.

Inuyasha looked down at the beauty he had underneath him and trialed soft kisses up her neck. Swirling his pink tongue around a certain place in her neck, while using his neck to nip at her neck. Kagome squirmed underneath him feeling a familiar weight pressing up against her right thigh. He was getting excited and she was starting to feel the warm pool collecting at the pit of her stomach.

Inuyasha looked her seep into her eyes and slowly leaned down capturing her lips in another kiss, while grabbing the bottom of her shirt pulling it over her head. Not wanting her to stop this moment like she always had Inuyasha quickly mounded her flesh and gave a small squeeze, forcing Kagome to moan a little louder.

Gripping the waist band of her pants he impatiently ripped them off, throwing them somewhere onto the floor not caring on where they landed.

Kagome looked a little mad at first but then blushed heavily when she realized how hungrily Inuyasha was looking at him. All she had on was a red lacy bra and a matching red lacy thong.

Kagome smiled softly and reached behind her back unhooking her bra, allowing it to fall off her shoulders exposing her chest to him. Inuyasha blushed and sliced her thong off quickly almost drooling at the sight in front of him.

"Kagome you are absolutely beautiful."

"It's no fair if you have your clothes on." Kagome leaned up and threw his shirt off his body throwing it to another part of the floor. Kagome admired how his muscles flexed when he breathed so smoothly. She ran a finger down his abs and almost whimpered at how he's face changed into ecstasy, she just loved how he was responsive.

Looking down kagome guessed this his pants were becoming extremely uncomfterable and shifted positions pinning Inuyasha underneath her. Opening his legs wider she placed herself between them and unbuttoned his pants looking up and staring into his eyes. As she sensually slid his zipper down, pulling his pants and green boxers along with it.

She sighed as his member flew out into the air nearly slapping her face. She definitely knew that Inuyasha was bigger than Kouga. Inuyasha heart sped up as he noticed just how close he was to her sweet and tight little mouth. He wanted to simply grab her hair and slam into her but decided to let her do whatever she wanted to do.

His breathing hitched as she ran a slim finger around the head and licking her lips seductively.

After waiting for what seemed to be forever, Inuyasha decided that he had let her be dominant for much too long, and flipped them over again allowing him to lay on-top of her. Kagome looked up at him pleading for him to do anything and he wished he could pause time, to simply look at her perfect face.

Rubbing a finger over her clit, he admired how her body was begging to arch and a familiar blush was starting to cover her face.

"Tell me what you want me to do Kagome." He breathed huskily against her ear, placing soft kisses to her cheek.

"Make love to me Inuyasha."