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"Make love to me Inuyasha." Kagome felt butterflies start to blossom in the pit of her stomach. Was she ready for this? Would there be regret afterwards? Kagome looked up at Inuyasha and couldn't hold back the smile that appeared on her face. Inuyasha's mouth was half opened and his eyes were huge, they looked as if they would burst any minute.

"K-Kagome are you sure?" Inuyasha wanted to slap himself. He knew how unsure Kagome was about this and he had been denied sex with her many times.

Kagome responded with a gentle kiss, wrapping her arms around Inuyasha's neck pulling him closer to her. She wouldn't trade the feeling of this moment for anything in the world. There was nothing better than to be in the arms of the man you knew loved you.

Kagome looked up when Inuyasha suddenly pulled back and knitted her eyebrows in confusion, what the hell is he going to do kept ringing in her mind.

Inuyasha had leaned back to admire the beauty that Kagome was. Her breast were perfectly shaped and fitted with the exact size his hands were. Two pink nipples stood hard, almost as if they were begging for his attention. His eyes lowered and he gawked at her tan smooth belly, there was no trace of fat anywhere on her body.

Inuyasha felt his member harden if possible, to its fully erect self. He looked back up to Kagome and smiled tracing a finger down her cheek. He smirked when he felt her shudder and he once again leaned in to settle soft kisses across her jaw.

Pretty sure that her mind was occupied, Inuyasha sneakily ran his finger down across her flat stomach to her warm flesh. She was wet but not his liking.

Kagome resisted the urge to close her legs so instead hid behind her hands that were now covering her face.

"Please don't hide your face Kagome; I want to see everything you have to offer me." Kagome swallowed and nodded, I mean this wasn't the first time he had seen her naked.

"I-Inuyasha…" Kagome sighed in delight when his skilled finger circled her sensitive little bud, encircling it roughly. Her hips bucked up and Inuyasha groaned. She was so damn responsive, he loved that about her too.

Kagome was blind behind a curtain of pleasure, time seemed to stop and she whined deliciously. She was amazed to hear that it was her voice making out all those sweet noises. And Inuyasha seemed to not get enough of them, because every time she moaned he went faster.

"Do you like that Kagome?" Inuyasha's voice was low and seductive, she had never heard his voice so…so enticing. Inuyasha opened her slightly closed legs exposing her entirely to his hungry eyes. Inuyasha carefully slid in one finger making Kagome writher in slight discomfort. 'Humph if she is this tight, I might just kill her.'

Before she could breathe out his name, Inuyasha pushed in a second finger making his lover gasp harshly.

"Inuyasha that oh-god, ahh!" Kagome's eyes were glazed over by her lust for this damned teasing man. Inuyasha crept down her body leaning in closer to her chest.

Kagome looked down and watched Inuyasha's pink tongue fall out of his mouth and flick her right nipple. Jolts of pleasure rippled through her body as she let out a breathily moan and she arched her back. Kagome's face was flushed into a deep rosy red, a thin layer of sweat covered her body. Inuyasha looked at her hands and they had ripped small holes into the sheets, from her grasping onto them to hard.

He wanted to push her further so he released her nipple smiling when he heard her whimper in protest and kissed down her stomach. Not giving her a chance to realize what he was going to do next. He buried his head onto her flesh and breathed in her sweet innocent smell.

"INUYASHA!" her breathing hitched and the sound of his name coming so deliciously passionate from her mouth made his dick twitch in excitement. Swirling his wet tongue around her small bud he plunged the same two digits back deep inside of her, making a soft scream come from her sweet mouth. Damn did he love hearing her make noise.

Kagome grabbed his head roughly and tried to take his bandana off, but was quickly stopped by Inuyasha swatting her hands away. Kagome rolled her eyes and instead reached for his tan shoulders. Inuyasha raked his teeth across the small bundle of nerves, he grabbed Kagome's legs quickly before they came crashing down around his head.

Kagome was on could nine, she had never felt this kind of pleasure before. Suddenly there was a tingling feeling coming from deep inside of her and she couldn't help the scream that had crawled from her throat.

"In-Inuyasha!, OH-GOD!" Her inside exploded and she felt as if she had been hit by a car. The pleasure was unbearable, her hips spasmed and tears of pleasure dared to fall from her face.

Inuyasha was desperately licking up her sweet liquid, whimpering when it was all gone. He had never tasted something so innocent and pure in his entire life. Looking up he noticed Kagome's face a deep red her eyes were half closed. She looked so vulnerable and he crawled back up, and placed a sweet kiss on her forehead.

"Are you ready?" Kagome was shocked by the sincerity of his voice and she kissed him while wrapping her arms around his neck. While she nuzzled her head on the crook of his neck.

"I was born ready."

Inuyasha grabbed her slightly slick legs and wrapped them securely around his waist. He breathed and with his left hand opened her wider, making his job easier. The moment was everything he had wanted, ever since he started thinking of this moment, if not better.

Kagome withered in pain, this hurt more than she had excepted. Inuyasha seemed to be tearing her from the inside out, but there was hidden pleasure that was waiting to be aroused. She felt him stop and realized that he had made it to her innocence, nodding her head he plunged deep into her. Kagome felt a scream try to come from her mouth but she quickly shut her mouth not wanting Inuyasha to stop.

Unable to take the burning pain she finally said. "S-stop hold on…" Tears fell from her eyes and Inuyasha quickly bent over and kissed them away. Pressing his forehead to hers, a curtain of white enclosed them both in their own little world. His hair melded perfectly with her. Inuyasha patiently waited for her to adjust to his impressive size and tried to control the urge to plunge into her.

"Okay go Inuyasha, please…" Inuyasha sighed in relief when he could finally move. Gasping with the first thrust he was amazed how her walls tightly enclosed him. Getting a better position he started a steady tempo, but realized that they both wanted, needed more. Picking up his pace Inuyasha grabbed one of Kagome's nipple and gave it a slight twist making her twist in pleasure.

Kagome arched her back and he took that opportunity to wrap his strong arm around her waist and pulled her up. Kagome panted heavily and stared deep into Inuyasha's eyes. He was now leaning up against the headboard of the bed and kagome was straddling him. They both leaned in at the same time and embraced each other heavily, Kagome moaned loudly and gasped when he roughly grabbed her butt-cheeks.

She took the hint and started to quickly rise up and down on his thick shaft. Kagome looked at her lover and groaned in pleasure. Just looking at the way his eyes were closed and how his breathing was coming out in harsh pants were making her coming close once again. Inuyasha noticed this and rapidly started to stimulate her now weeping flesh.

"Oh god INUYASHA!" This orgasm hit her harder than the other one had and she slouched against his hard body. She noticed how his pace increased and she realized that he was very close to.

Inuyasha's grip tightened and with one more final thrust he busted inside of her, with a loud groan. He held her in that posisiton for what seemed to be forever and then gently pulled out of her and laid both of them on the bed, reaching for the cover and pulling it over them. Kagome had fallen asleep and he took this chance to watch her.

He loved how her chest rose and fell with an even tempo, how her breathing was calm and it also seemed to relax him. He knew know for sure that he was indeed in love with Kagome. The only girl who had ever struck him called him names and shown him what real love is.

Leaning down he pressed a soft kiss to her temple and whispered a quick 'I love you' amd securely wrapped his arms around her and fell into a deep sleep.

"Do you think their finally done?" Miroku whispered to Sango. They had token their friends advice and had talked over their problems, which seemed so childish now.

"I would hope so they're so damn loud!"

"I believe I now have an erection Sango."

"Well good luck with that I have to go pee bye Miroku."

Watching Sango leave the confines of his room Miroku sadly looked at his right hand. "Well its just you and me my old friend, again."