None of the gang knows that I've been talking to a guy on the Internet. And I

would like to keep it that way. They wouldn't understand. I don't even

understand it. It's not like it's a normal thing for me to do. But it just

happened one day. I went into this LA chatroom about a month ago and we talked

for hours. We just hit it off. He says he lives in LA, but I don't believe him.

Everyone from Southern California says they live in LA. It would be just my bad luck that he lived in Sunnyvale! Every day I can't wait to check if I received

an email from him. I still remember the first email he sent me.

Dear QC,

I don't know if this is right and proper and what not. I've only been using

computers for a little while now. So's I don't know exactly what's right and

proper about this email business. But I thought I'd drop you a note. I wrote a

little something for you besides. You are my muse baby- You inspire the poet




I've seen crazy, Hell- I've lived with crazy.

But I know I'm not crazy for caring about you.

I don't know you much.

You could be my dark princess or a blonde Goldilocks.

What I do know Is that I care.

You are my bloody cuddly bear.

You like sunsets and shopping,

I'm not crazy, But I care.

____________________________________________________________________________ _____

Well Bugger this, I gotta go love. An associate of mine just busted through my

door. She never bloody knocks!

Love, WB.