TWEWY isn't mine. Really. It's not.

There were many things about Joshua that Neku hated: that snarky way he cocked his eyebrow when Neku said something 'funny', the way he tossed his hair like he was casting him off, that damn giggle of his, the way that just by pressing his thumb to the back of his neck, he could make him purr like a kitten...the list goes on.

But the one thing...the one thing Neku hated above all else...was his smile.

'Smug' didn't even BEGIN to describe it. Neku swore the Composer had it down to an art form. Whenever he wanted to get a rise out of the orangette, he slowly yet with purpose, curled up the corners of his lips in an almost malicious fashion and gave Neku a look that practically screamed 'you're sooooo funny' when he knew DAMN well he wasn't trying to be funny, he was trying to be MAD at him, for god's sakes.

But it seemed negative emotions like annoyance and rage and frustration bounced off Joshua like rubber.

Speaking of rubbers, that reminded him...


'Oh, hell, I hope I didn't say that last part out loud.'

"You didn't, but I'm godlike, remember?"

'Fuck, I forgot he could read minds.'

"Yes. Yes, I can."

'And he's still doing it.'

"So're you, you know."

'GODDAMMIT, why am I still doing it!'

"I'm not sure, but I never knew you cared so much about my smile."

Joshua rested his chin on the coffee table and gave Neku the much talked-about smile. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were checking me out."

The spiky-haired boy turned flaming red and averted his gaze, suddenly become VERY interested with a tall plant just outside the entrance to WildKat. "D-don't be stupid. Why would I check YOU out?" Joshua giggled that insufferable giggle of his and batted his purple-grey eyes. "Aw, Neku. You're adorable when you act tsundere."

"Fuck you."

Joshua let out a mock gasp, placing his hand on his chest. "Neku, dear! Not in front of all these people. What would they say?"

Several minutes later and Hanekoma had to put Neku in 'time out' for trying to throttle the silverette. While he sat in the boxed off area with a completely unnecessarily dunce cap on his head, arms crossed and scowl on his face, Joshua stared at him from his booth.

He was still smiling.

Writing for Joshua is always fun~