October 28th

My day started off perfectly normal or as normal as it could be for a secret princess, until it was time to leave. Claire had cheerleading practice so it was just Soren, David and I to take the limo and drop David back of out the Jennings apartment building before going onto the four season hotel where Aunt Kirsten and Arabella were staying for my princess lessons. But like I said things started off normal, that was until the three of us stepped outside the school building.

As soon as we stepped outside of the school we were surrounded by hoards of reporters and photographers. "Princess Isobel! Over here princess! Isobel how long have you know you were the princess of Genovia! What do you have to say to the Genovian people! Will you renounce your claim to the Genovian throne!" I barely have time to utter a word when Soren ushers David and I back into the school building and into the first classroom he see's before locking the door behind him, but it doesn't stop the reporters they just rush round to the window. "Isobel, how fluent is your French! Have you ever been to Genovia? Princess Isobel will you stay here in America or return to Genovia?"

Soren pulls the blinds down on the windows and we're finally given some peace from the flashing lights but I can still hear them shouting to me through the window and begin pacing the room as I try to calm myself down, I couldn't believe this was happening. "Soren… how do they know? It wasn't supposed to come out for another two months!

"Princess, you need to calm down. We can only assume how the news broke but my priority right now is keeping you safe until we can get you out of here." Soren tells me and I take a deep breath, this was far worse than I could imagine but Soren was right I had to remain level headed.

"Soren, could you please call my dad and tell him what's happened? It doesn't look like we're leaving here anytime soon and it's probably best if you get him to call my mom and my Aunt too." Soren nods before pulling a cell phone from his jacket.

There's a laugh from the other side of the room and I remember that David is with us. "This is some kind of joke, right? You're not really the princess of Genovia, they've got it wrong and it's a mistake."

"David… I can explain." I begin as I make my way towards him, I had no idea how I was going to possible explain this as I didn't expect the big secret to come out this way. Dad along with myself around of my family all agreed to close to the time that the story about me being a member of the Genovian royal family member would come out, I would tell the people closest to me. Having that deadline was supposed to give me to time to prepare and figure out how to tell my friends about all of this.

I watch David as he stops laughing as the reality of the news sinks in. "It's true what they're saying, that you're the princess of Genovia."

"Yes it is." I wearily reply nodding dumbly.

"Are there loads of princesses in Genovia or are you it?"

"Both." I say knowing what the second part of the question that David is asking really means but I can't say the sentence so I answer it in the simplest form as I hope that Soren will turn to me and say that we can leave so I can avoid having this conversation with David but he doesn't. "There are other princesses, I'm not the only one… however as my dad is the crown prince I'm next in line after him. Someday when my dad ascends the throne, he'll become king and I'll become the crown princess."

"You didn't fully answer the question Devereaux." David tells me his voice seemingly angry and very cold. He wants me to say the title that I will someday inherit and somehow inside I know he won't give up until I say it out loud for him to hear.

The room is deafeningly silent, the only noise is the sound of Soren quietly talking on the phone on the other side of the room. On my side, I'm standing in front of David about to say the most terrifying sentence I've ever said. "Yes… eventually I will become Queen."

"You're a princess! The princess of Genovia…" David states before walking off to the furthest corner of the room.

He wasn't taking this well and I had no idea how long we were going to be in here for. The only thing I could tell was that David wasn't particularly happy; I begin to make my way over to talk to him when Soren grabs my attention. "Princess Isobel, the crown prince would like a word." Soren interrupts handing me his phone. Taking it, I speak briefly to my dad who wants to know how I am and if I've been hurt and also to tell me that he's doing his best to get us out of here but we'll be here for at least half an hour, most importantly he tells me not to worry. After I get off the phone, I sit by Soren as I try and gather my thoughts.

"Sorry Soren…" I begin.

"For what Princess?"

"Making your job about a million times more difficult."

My bodyguard looks at me surprised and Soren allows himself to smile. "I consider it to be the highest honor to be tasked with protecting you Princess Isobel."

"Why didn't you tell me?" David asks me after ten minutes passed after I had gotten off the phone with my dad.

"I didn't know." I say, my voice barely loud enough to reach David on the other side of the room.

"What do you mean you didn't now? How can you not know that your own father is a prince?" David's tone of voice is very sharp and sounded like an accusation more than anything. With everything going on now, I wasn't sure if I could deal with an angry Jennings and then my mind wondered to how Claire would react once she found put. If David was reacting this bad how would his more emotional cousin be like?

"They didn't tell me, my parents were never married and there were some issues concerning that so my family made the choice to let me grow up and live a normal life. Everyone figured that my dad would get married and produce a legitimate heir but he hasn't..."

"But you visit your family in Genovia all the time, did it not seem strange that you were staying in a palace?" David demanded.

"No, because I would always be at the summer or winter house. Even though the staff would call him Sir I never picked up on it, there are loads of people called Nikolai and the royal family is never addressed by their surname and so to me he was always Nikolai Devereaux." I explain,

"So has everything been a lie? I've known you since you were in the first grade Isobel and with this I don't know what to believe anymore."

"No David it hasn't, up until two weeks ago I still thought that my dad was a diplomat and that I came from a prominent political family in Genovia. I wasn't supposed to find out anything until my eighteenth birthday but my dad has no other children."

"Okay, so your dad only has you for a kid so it has to be you? You're telling me he can't have any other kids." David skeptically questioned.

"That is exactly what I'm telling you David! My dad isn't able to have any more children because the chemotherapy has made him infertile so yeah it has to be me because I'm the only one! I am his only heir…" I snap as I had enough with David yelling at me especially when he brought my dad into this.

"You're dad has cancer…" David slowly states.

I nod slowly; my knowledge on cancer wasn't that great especially on the remission stuff. "Did… does, I don't really know he's only been in remission for six months, he only told me when he came down a couple of weeks ago to take me to Genovia.."

"But what about your uncle? I'm sure I've heard you telling Claire that he has kids and that you have an aunts as well?" David asks.

I didn't get why David was so against me being a princess. "One of my Aunts died fourteen years ago and the other isn't married and yes my uncle does have children but it doesn't matter anymore, my dad is the crown prince and as I am his only child. That makes me second in line for the Genovian throne regardless of my legitimacy… unless I decided to renounce my claim to the throne."

"And are you?"

"I won't lie and say that the thought hasn't crossed my mind because it has… I've thought about this for a while. But I was born a princess of Genovia and I can't hide from that any longer, fifteen years was long enough." I admit.

"So why has it come out now?" David questions taking a deep breath.

"My dad's been providing financial support for us over the years, paying for my tuition, our apartment and so there's a paper trail of my existence. Back home –"

"Back home?" David asks.

"I was born in Genovia so by birth I am a Genovian national which is going to make me eligible for the throne, a law has been passed about it to overlook my illegitimacy because of my dad's cancer which recognizes me as his legitimate heir to the throne. But as I was saying there's this journalist back in Genovia who found this paper trail, here's where it get's complicated. My name was never released after my birth as I was coming back to America with my mom and also Genovian tradition requires that naming the baby first takes place at the christening, which obviously never happened in Genovia."

"Okay, so how did this journalist find you?"

I take a deep breath and slowly pace up and down the room. "Through my mom, the paper trail connects my parents together and my mom dated my dad for almost two years before she found out she was pregnant. He found out that my dad was sending mom a lot of money and flew here to find out why. Apparently he followed my mom for two days before looking into what the money my dad was sending was used for then he found me. This guy tracked down my birth records here which has my father's name on the birth certificate. A long story short he flew back to Genovia and started writing the story, and then an old friend of my grandfather got wind of the story and informed him. This is when my dad flew to New York to tell me, we left immediately for Genovia."

"That was the family emergency, you disappeared to?"

"Yeah… There were things that needed to be done and discussed in person, my family had taken the journalist to court to stop the story but things weren't looking good which is why they had my fly out. My grandfather said they had to start preparing me for when the news came out, which was a good thing because that same day we found out that we lost the case. Even with my uncle arguing on my father's behalf the judge said that the people of Genovia had every right to know about any possible heir to the throne. They gave us two months, it's just been over a week…" I wearily comment.

"Couldn't somebody else have told them about you?"

I shake my head. "We don't know, everyone at the palace signed a confidentiality agreement.

The room falls silent until David speaks up again. "I didn't know you were born in Genovia."

"I thought you did, I lived in Genovia for about a month after I was born and then my family decided that it was best that my mom and I would return here to the states and only visit during the holidays, it's been like that ever since up until just over a week ago…" I reply.

"So your really a princess?" David slowly asked.

"Yeah I am."