I would like to apologize for my lack of writing for a while now. I hope this new chapter makes up for it some. Enjoy, and thank you.

Chapter 11: Training Your Dragon The Hard Way

Hiccup was still pretty certain, knowing dragons as she did, that yelling was the easiest method of training them. So, after cursing her own mind for not being able to think of anything else, she tried yelling at Toothless for a few weeks to see if she could make it work. She tried yelling loudly, firmly, strictly. She looked as cross as she could, but Toothless would simply give her a look that clearly said, "are you serious?" Hiccup finally gave up on yelling when Toothless stole a Kipper off of her plate one morning at breakfast. Hiccup let out her most fierce and frightening yell, one that made the her home shake like IT was afraid. Toothless just gave her the look with one nonexistent eyebrow raised, then gave her a wicked grin before knocking everything else on to the floor with one swipe of his tail. That was it with the yelling, as far as Hiccup's concerned.

"Okay, then," thought Hiccup, "I'll try going to the other extreme."

So she was as nice to Toothless as she possibly could be. She gave Toothless the most comfortable bit of the bed and lay dangerously close to the edge of it herself. She fed him almost as much Kipper and lobster as he wanted. She only did this once though and promptly put a stop to his gorging himself on the food. If only out of the fear that he would ether get too fat to fly, or that the dragon would get sick. She played games with him for hours and hours. She told him riddles, she brought him mice to eat, she scratched the bit that Toothless couldn't quite reach in between his wings. She made that dragon's life as luxurious as possible. That too ended after two weeks or so when Toothless started to call her a servant, she had just about thrown an ax at the ebony colored reptile at that offence. So, at that point Toothless was still untrained, and Hiccup was out of ideas.

By mid February, the winter was coming to an end on Berk, and the snowy season had turned into the rainy season. It was the kind of weather where your clothes never got dry, no matter what. Hiccup would hang up her sodden tunic on a chair in front of the fire before going to bed at night, and in the morning it would still be wet- warm and wet rather than cold and wet, but WET nonetheless. The ground all around the Village had turned into Knee-deep mud. Today though, the island got a break from the weather. It put some people like Old Wrinkly on edge, the weather seemed almost too calm and clear.

Hiccup was sitting on a large, flat stone in front of the forest beside of her house hidden in the shade of the large trees. Toothless, who had curled up, was laying in soft patch of grass directly in the sunlight and at the moment appeared he was asleep. Hiccup was about a foot or two away from him; drawing the scene in her notebook looking like everything was right in the world. But, her mind was a mess thinking about what all has happened in the past month.

"What am I going to do? I have tried everything I can think of. Toothless is so similar to me when it comes to knowledge so he should be easy for me to handle when it comes to him listening to me. Yet he hasn't had to put on any appearances, hasn't had to put up with expectations, and that has made him very blunt and, perhaps, over-confident. I only have two months or so left to train him. Is it even possible to train Toothless? Is there something I'm missing?"

"Hiccup!" a voice shouted at Hiccup.

"What?" the Viking girl jumped.

Hiccup blinked a few times while looking around, as if wondering where she was. She looked directly in front of her and saw Fishlegs, with his dragon nearby, siting looking at her with concern. A relieved sigh left her and she shook her head to get her thoughts straight.

"Sorry Fishlegs, I was just thinking." Hiccup apologized.

"About?" he asked sitting next to her.

"Everything from Dragon-Catching day to now, and how I can train Toothless."

"Still don't know how to get him to listen to you?"

"No! And I don't have much time left." She exclaimed in a tired voice.

Fishlegs wrapped a comforting arm around Hiccup's shoulders. "Don't fret Hiccup; I'm sure you'll figure something out."

"Easy for you to say. Horrorcow was easy for you to train."

Fishlegs had named his dragon Horrorcow. The "horror" bit was to make the poor creature at least sound a bit frightening. The "cow" bit was because for a dragon she was remarkably like a cow. She was a large, peaceful, brown creature, with an easygoing nature. Fishlegs suspected she might even be vegetarian.

"I'm always catching her nibbling at the wood-work," he complained lightly, taking his arm off of Hiccup's shoulders.

"BLOOD, Horrorcow, BLOOD- that's what you should want!" he said in a exaggerated way. Which made Hiccup laugh lightly.

Nonetheless, maybe Fishlegs was a better at yelling then the two thought, or maybe Horrorcow was a lazier and more obliging character than Toothless, but Horrorcow was proving very easy to train by the yelling method.

"Gotten bigger hasn't he." Fishlegs mumbled.

Toothless began to stir from his slumber, shaking his wings out while the rest of his body uncurled. Hiccup nodded in agreement, he had grown fast, just as Old Wrinkly said he would. Toothless was only a few inches smaller than Newtbreath and Hookfang, and towered over the other teens dragons by a bit.

"Maybe I should try talking to him again, make a deal with him or something." Hiccup wondered out loud.

"Hiccup," said Fishlegs, as Toothless whacked Horrorcow with his tail when she had gotten to close to him for his liking, "I may not know much about dragons, but I do know that they are the most selfish creatures on Earth. You can't count on a dragon to keep their word. As soon as you turn your back they will betray you. I'm sorry but that just won't work."

"The thing about us dragons," Toothless spoke up, turning toward them with a sinister smirk, "is that we're survivors. We will do anything to get what we need, or want. We are not like a k-9 or a feline, who fall in love with their Masters. No the only reason some of us listen to a human is because they are bigger than us and they give us food. Other than that, our Masters can die in front of our eyes and we would not care."

Hiccup hung her head, sighing once again, "I have been doing that a lot lately."

"What did he say?" Fishlegs asked.

"Basically the same thing you are."

Hiccup was no fool. She knew that what they were saying is true. Toothless was lovely to look at, and very good company -if a little demanding. However, you only had to look into his large, heavily lashed eyes to realize he was completely without morals. The eyes were ancient, the eyes of a killer. You might as well ask a crocodile or a shark to be your friend. Hiccup's fist clinched as she stood up from the rock, and she looked back at them with determined eyes.

"I'll think of something."

Hiccup walked away, her brain working so rapidly that she didn't notice basically ditched Fishlegs and Toothless. Her back to the three she didn't see the strange, knowing look on a certain dragon's face; Toothless was smiling like a cat that just caught a canary. Fishlegs caught it though. He turned his head to the smiling Night Fury and gave him a curious look. Toothless simply smirked at him and flew off after the viking girl.