Disclaimer: Based on characters and concepts owned by others. Written for fun, not profit.

Rating: PG

Characters/Pairing: Roxanne (vague references to Megamind/Roxanne)

Summary: She realized, a little too late, that this may be the second time she had called a would-be savior to his end.

Author's Notes: A very short fill-in-the-blank ficlet that wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it. It's un-betaed, mostly plot-less, with a pretty angsty stream of consciousness, but I hope it's enjoyed anyway.

Originally written for LJ, and set near the end of the film.

In Hindsight

by Rummi

Follow me to your doom.

Essentially, in hindsight, that was what she had said to him, though she hadn't realized it in time to prevent herself from saying it. But as soon as the camera had stopped rolling and Hal had resumed his predatory circling of the tower, it hit her. By then, however, it was too late to take it back.

. . . The Megamind I knew would never have run from a fight - even when he knew he had absolutely no chance of winning . . .

This . . . this was that fight, wasn't it? The battle he couldn't hope to win. She had practically said so for the entire city to hear. But she had called for him regardless. She had veiled her desperation with encouragement and punctuated her plea with need. In the end, however, that wouldn't help his chances.

'Absolutely no chance,' in fact.

And Megamind, genius that he was - he would know that better than anyone.

Yet somehow, strangely, she knew something, too: he would come anyway. If he had heard her calling for him - despite the grim odds, despite the hard feelings over what had happened between them - he would come.

That knowledge - that sudden, strange certainty of him - created a shocking swell in her heart. And as the chill winds bit into her bare skin hundreds of feet above the city streets, that realization armored her. At the same time, however, the feeling warred with an equally overwhelming hope that he would choose to go against his nature - just this once - and stay away instead.

The last time her televised image had brought a hero rushing to her aid, it had ended in disaster. The fact that Metro Man's demise was a mere deception was only a technicality. This time the outcome could be very different, and that thought created an icy panic in her chest. With mounting horror, she realized that this could very well be the second time she had called a would-be savior to his end.

As she struggled against the unyielding twist of metal that bound her tightly to Metro Tower's needle, she prayed to whomever might be listening that Megamind hadn't heard that broadcast after all - that he wouldn'tactually come.

But Roxanne Ritchi knew Megamind.

And the Megamind she knew would never run from a fight.