Finally Free

Their love was bound between their hands as they casted Ella and Drum's ashes over the blistering ocean. The golden sun, rising in the east, promised Ninde and Gold-eye new beginnings. The ashes spun into beautiful gray mist, wavering freely above the ocean and toward the burning sky.


The one thing they all thirsted for.

All of them.

Yet not all was here to see it.

Though without their sacrifices, and accomplishments, this wouldn't have came.

This Freedom; this Joy.

Gold-eye swifted Ninde along the clashing ocean, the little gray pebbles somehow symbolizing their Freedom.

He whispered soft words through her flowing brown hair, lightening her flashing hazel eyes.

She melted back into his arms, closing her eyes. There was no more danger, no more pain; only Peace, Love, and Freedom.

Finally Free.

Free as an elegant eagle, soring through the cloudless sky.

The Shade's Children, after going through so much pain, hatred, imprisonment, and sorrow, were now, finally Free