Lisa Ex Machina: Part 11

About three months later, a new fleet of light speed capable ships was constructed on Gator. Lisa looked out over the completed ships with pride, for she had spent much of the last three months refining Gatorian ship designs including, but not limited too. Advanced navigation systems, advanced weapon systems, and basic landing gear so that the ships wouldn't just crash land.

"So, are we ready to return to Earth Lisa?" Asked Thomas anxious to get back home. "We should be underway in about," she looked at her HUD's internal clock, "a minute."

"Good, I've been looking forward to a good meal since we got here. All me and Ivan have had to eat since we got here was that yellow goo that Walter likes." Said Thomas, remembering the distinct aftertaste of Gatorian nectar. "Well, were going home soon my love." She said lovingly, nesting her head into Thomas's chest. Thomas gave off a slight grin as the ship entered hyperspace.

About ten minutes later the ship had exited hyperspace and Earth was in view. "Wow I thought that ride would have taken longer." Said Thomas commenting on the voyage. "Now let's get the supplies down their… and hope that humanity doesn't misuse them."

"Oh come on, don't tell me you're still sore about High School." Lisa said teasingly. "I won't but you and I both know that humans have more or less gotten dumber since we were kids… or was it before that? I can never remember."

"Anyway can't you just give them the benefit of the doubt?" Asked Lisa, smiling optimistically. "Yes Lisa, but I'm doing this for the poor and despondent people of the world. They deserve it more than anyone else." They then kissed each other lovingly. "Now we shall test the landing gear!" Said Ivan interrupting the young couple. "If we survive the landing I'll treat you kids to a drink!" Said the deranged Russian scientist, walking away from them.

"You know at some point he'll stop bugging us." Said Thomas. "Only when he thinks his tests with my cybernetics are done." Said Lisa.