Lisa Ex Machina: Part 12

Ten years later Lisa and Thomas had gotten married, and they had two children. Twin girls named Seraph and Knara they were eight years old at this time. They were about as intelligent as their mother when they were her age. They were both brunette's with silver colored eyes, and wore identical red dresses. This scared Thomas very much as he couldn't always tell the difference between the two. The only difference between the two was that they both had moles. Seraph's was on the right side of her mouth, and Knara's was on the left side.

Anyway, after Lisa, Thomas, and Ivan returned to Earth with the technologies of the Gatorians. They all got to work to making sure that the advanced alien technology was distributed properly throughout the world. So that it would not be misused by humanity as a whole. After all of this humanity finally got its act together and managed to colonize a decent portion of the solar system.

Anyway Lisa was sitting in her office one day, typing away at her computer. Then, a robot came in waving its arms and shouting. "Mrs. Fenix! Mrs. Fenix! Urgent news in the science lab!"

"What is it?" Lisa said, not really paying attention to what it was saying. "The science lab has reported on its findings to locate the Rigelian homeworld!" Lisa's typing ground to a halt hearing this. "Then there is no time to lose!" She said getting up from her desk, she ran down the hallway of the building to the elevator, it descended into the science lab.

When she got there, she saw a map of the galaxy on it. "We have located the exact coordinates for Rigil 7." Said Thomas, who was not really doing anything important, it was 'Bring your Daughter to Work Day' so he had no choice in the matter. "Show me." Lisa said bluntly, the map zoomed in onto a seemingly random patch of stars. "Rigil 7 isn't here, but there is some kind of ancient space gate of some kind in that system that should lead directly over Rigil 7 itself."

"How did you figure this entire thing out? And even if this space gate works, how do you know if this isn't some kind of trap?" Lisa asked. "Uh… okay look, I'll admit that I don't really know about this. But you said that if anyway was found to get your mother back we should take it!" Lisa looked at Thomas confused. "Your mother? She was taken by the Rigelians? Thinking that she was the cyborg they had invested in but it was you? You told me about it shortly after we first met?"

"I understand that, I'm just surprised that you remembered." She said, anyway latter that day she got onboard a ship that went to the system that Thomas was talking about. Unfortunately some kind of EMP devices caused the ship to crash-land on a jungle world. The ship was not damaged beyond its electronics were shorted out… which also included Lisa.

Several hours later she woke up in some kind of grass hut. Her head swam as she tried to figure out what was going on, and then a green figure entered the hut. It was short, had long stalk eyes, green, and had a sort of trunk like mouth that ended in a sort of long fish like maw filled with razor sharp teeth.

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Due to upgrades in Lisa's deciphering software should could understand the alien. "Uh… no, I am not the llama Farmer, I am called Lisa, and I need help to get off of this planet. Do you understand me?" The alien just continued running around in circles instead of doing anything constructive. Lisa figured that she would be on this plant for a while.