Summary:When the son of werewolf hunter, James Potter, is turned by a rogue werewolf the boy is dragged from his simple life and thrust into the curious world of werewolves. Finding out he is a submissive and the mate to Fenrir Greyback makes Harry's transition difficult. SLASH. FG/HP.


-CHAPTER ONE: The Watching Moon-

"Harry, sweetie! Hurry up, the barbeque is starting." Harry let a small groan fall from his lips, the pages of his book fluttered and he lost his place, pushing off his mattress and subsequently dropping the dog eared novel to the floor the young adolescent scrambled to his feet, stumbling slightly over his too long jeans that bunched at his feet. The sound of his mother coming up the creaky stairs made him quickly slip on a t-shirt, hiding his thin tummy. He had always been self-conscious about his diminutive frame.

Running his fingers through his untidy hair, Harry jogged from his small room, "coming, mum!" he replied and met her halfway down the flight of stairs. Her long auburn hair was swept up into a messy tangle on top of her head and her lips were painted in soft red lipstick. They had just moved from Scotland to the small town of Middleton, an out-of-the-way mountainous area that was nestled close to England. In between his parents finding new jobs and Harry settling into his new school they had organized a barbeque to get to know their neighbors; something Harry had very little interest in.

His mother gave him a smile, "your friends from school are here, and that pretty oriental girl, Cho was her name?" Harry nodded, not too thrilled about his admittedly few friends turning up. He wasn't good at socializing with large groups and his stomach roiled with trepidation. The same kindly smile was still on his mother's lips as she reached for his wrist and bodily dragged him down the rest of the stairs. For someone so tiny she was strong.

"It's only a few hours and then you can go back to your reading, bubby." She said with sympathy, Harry grimaced at her nickname for him but let it slide as they neared the front door. His mother had a penchant to coddle him, smothering him with motherly affection whenever possible – Harry had a hunch it was because he was an only child, that and his mother was generally a very maternal woman.

Letting Harry's wrist drop from her hold the elfin Lily turned to him, "We have your favourite," she commented and pushed open the heavy wooden door, "tofu and veggies! You love them barbequed right?" Harry gave a small huff of laughter at the eager expression in his mother's bright eyes.

"Just because I'm a vegetarian doesn't mean I adore tofu, but it's pretty good barbequed." He admitted with a grin twisting his lips. His mother was quite fond of organic foods and the likes, going so far as to grow her own vegetables when possible, perhaps that's where Harry got his tendency to eat the many array of vegetables she offered him, for as long as he could remember he hadn't enjoyed meat. He father was the complete opposite and loved his meat, steak was his favourite and he always made a point of telling Harry how much he was missing out whenever he had some. Harry expected today would be no different.

Just as he entered the large front garden his father's voice called out to him, "got some lean prime steak cooking, Harry, can you smell the lip-smacking goodness?" Harry rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out. His father always made remarks towards his eating habits; they were only ever lighthearted however. Scanning his eyes around the garden Harry took in the small amount of people who had showed up so far.

His three friends, Ron, Cho and Hermione sat around a wooden table, soda's in hand as they laughed and talked amongst one another, Harry gave a smile when Hermione slapped Ron's arm in admonishment and the redhead's ears went pink. His father was manning the cooking food in a very territorial way, he joked with a rounded, balding man that Harry recognized as a neighbor two houses down. A few other people were scattered about the garden and Harry made quickly for his friends, immediately Cho stood up and embraced him warmly, her flowery scent strong and almost overpowering.

The girl pulled back, she was an inch shorter then Harry and the only girl in his grade that was in fact shorter then him. "Hi mate, nice house." Ron said and gestured to the cottage like residence, Harry smiled and scooted onto the bench seat, Cho followed quickly, pressing her thigh up against his. Harry's cheeks turned bright pink and he coughed uncomfortably. He wasn't sure if his belly squirmed in pleasure or disgust but chose to ignore it.

Hermione opened her lips to speak but was interrupted by James' voice declaring the food was ready for eating, Ron jumped to his feet and dashed away quickly, "he only ever thinks about food," Hermione said and shook her head, her bushy hair fell into her face and she huffed, "I swear he will end up a fat old man if he keeps eating like this." Harry snorted in amusement and watched Ron grab two large servings of steak, a sausage in bread and three rissoles. It was a wonder Ron wasn't already big around the middle. Instead the boy was gangly and tall, his arms and legs seemed far too long for his body.

"Come on then, let's get some food before he eats it all on us." Hermione said wryly, Harry shook his head and got to his feet, feeling a little more comfortable about the barbeque. As much as he enjoyed his friends company he was reminded about just how much different he was to kids his own age. He was shy and preferred the company of his books to others; he had always been reclusive even when he was a little boy. Despite his quiet nature he had a fierce temper; his father always said he got it from his mother and joked it was the redhead gene at play.

The low hum of the music playing from the stereo, which was resting precariously on the window ledge of the living room, was soothing. The window had been opened to allow James and Denner, the balding man, to hook it up to a power point. Both men were now relaxing with a beer and praising their handy work. Harry rested his chin in his palms and watched a few elderly neighbors' dance to the music. Harry sat slumped over the surface of the wooden table, the steady breathing from his right told him Cho was still next to him, she had made a show of staying by his side the entire evening, much to Harry's slight discomfort. Hermione was conversing with a group of women she appeared to know and Ron was around scabbing scraps of food where possible.

"The moon's going to be bright tonight." Cho stated and Harry jumped, he turned to face her, her dark hair spilled down her shoulders in a sheet of black, it was shiny in the darkening light and Harry had the odd urge to touch it, just to see if it was as soft as it looked. "Don't you think?" she questioned when Harry didn't reply, he nodded and looked up at the rising orb, it was full and already glowing luminescent.

Cho sighed and leaned closer to Harry, her hair brushed his exposed forearms and Harry was shocked at the thickness of it, it wasn't silky like his own, but heavy. "I've enjoyed tonight." The girl said and gave Harry a sweet smile. Harry raised his eyebrows.

"Have you?" Harry had stayed at the table most of the evening, only venturing off when his mother had called for him to greet some random people, Cho had been glued to his side, and surely the girl hadn't had a good time. Even Harry was bored with himself. Her expression changed and she gave a giggle, it was high-pitched, her hand rested over his own and she leaned closer.

"You're so cute when you look like that," she whispered and Harry thought she was about to do something he wasn't entirely sure he wanted, "all confused and pouty." She breathed and her warm breath ghosted over his lips, he licked them impulsively and just caught the sight of murky, brown eyes and a slightly upturned nose before Cho's lips pressed tightly to his own. Harry's first reaction was to freeze, he allowed the soft lips to move against his, the girl was breathing heavily through her nose and vaguely Harry realized he was suppose to be enjoying this and responding, instead he was stock-still and holding his breath. He'd never been kissed before and had imagined it would have been different – more mind-blowing, fireworks in the sky, shaky knees, like. He was disappointed.

A startled scream saved Harry from analyzing his emotions surrounding the kiss, Cho pulled away quickly, her eyes wide as she stared at something beyond Harry's shoulder. Harry furrowed his brows and turned, his heart instantly stuttered and bashed painfully at his ribs. Not six feet away, standing framed in the gateway was a large, pitch black dog – no not a dog, it had to be a wolf. The animals body was large and would have came up to Harry's bellybutton had he been standing up. Its dark gaze was unsettling as it swept the stationary crowd, hackles quivering. Harry swallowed thickly and could hear Cho's rapid breaths.

"Everybody stay calm, don't move or make any sudden movements." Harry's entire body shivered in relief when his father spoke up, James' voice was quiet but stern and everyone of the guests' attention was focused on him. Cho reached out and took Harry's hand in her own; her skin was clammy and cold but it didn't matter, Harry was thankful for the minor comfort.

The wolf's throat rumbled with a growl, the guests flinched and Harry's heart jumped into his throat, almost suffocating his breathing. It was going to attack! The shadowy wolf gave another low growl and its hackles rose, baring its sharp, dirtied teeth to the watchers. Harry's stomach flipped at the menacing sight and Cho's hand tightened its grip.

Large paws took a tentative step closer and if Harry hadn't been aware of the saliva dripping from the wolf's canines he would have thought the animal was hesitant to approach the humans, it seemed more likely that the wolf was stalking closer for the attack and Harry's eyes flew quickly to his father's figure that stood near the front door; the man was frozen and appeared to be thinking. Harry hoped he would do something soon, and had a childish thought that because his dad was here everything would be alright.

The wolf snarled when a small figure shifted next to the barbeque and Harry recognized it as Hermione, he made to stand up, but Cho grasp his hand firmly and whispered a startled breath of words into his ear, "don't – it'll see you," Harry caught the sound of her breath hitching in her chest and closed his eyes, hating how scared she sounded.

No one dared to move even as the wolf approached the shivering girl, her awry hair was plastered to her forehead and cheeks from sweat and her lips were pale and dry from the shallow breaths she was taking. Harry's stomach dropped out of his pelvis and his skin flushed cold when the animal snapped its jaws at Hermione, strings of saliva spraying into the air, Hermione whimpered and the wolf took another step closer.

Harry's entire body was rigid and he felt his head spinning dizzily as he watched Hermione scurry backwards, the wolf just increased its pace and kept on coming for her. He had to do something, or his father had to tell everyone what to do – the bloody animal was about to attack Hermione! Just as Harry was about to release his tight muscles and spring into action a large, heavy object was pitched passed his head.

"Piss off you mutt!" It was unmistakably Ron that hurled the insult and the object at the wolf and Harry's brain washed full of thoughts in the brief moment of pause when the barbeque tongs hit the animal's dark, mattered coat. Black eyes narrowed and the wolf turned, its tail hooked and its hackles raised, with a rumbling growl that tore through the night the animal leaped and made for the redhead. Cho screamed and Harry was aware of only noise as he shut his eyes tightly and allowed the girl to pull him underneath the wooden table. Hermione's shrill cries and the subsequent shriek from Ron made Harry's stomach heave and he clutched at the trembling girl next to him.

"Everybody get inside now!" Harry opened his eyes when his father's voice screamed the order, his tone lilting with fear and apprehension, Harry wanted to crawl from under the table and run to the man but something caught his attention, it was the wolf. Dark fur was wet with an equally dark liquid and its eyes were trained on Harry, yellow teeth slick with blood caught the boy's attention. Was Ron okay? Did the wolf kill him? It was odd how worried Harry was for Ron, considering they had only known one another for a month and a half. The wolf snapped its jaws and growled deeply, Cho uttered a scream that was smothered by her hands.

"Harry, get out from under there and get inside!" James called from the doorway, ushering the frightened neighbor's into his house while he did so, Harry didn't spare his father a glance, he didn't even acknowledge he had heard the man – his entire world was center down to the black beast in front of him and the shaking girl behind him. His breaths left his tongue in harsh, searing gasps; he kept his eyes trained on the advancing wolf, watching each graceful movement.

James cried out again and this time Harry could hear his mother yelling his name and Cho's, it didn't matter – he wouldn't make it even if he did decide to make a run for it, the wolf was too close now, so close Harry could smell the mangy scent of sweat and blood and mud, it mingled around the animal and Harry almost gagged. Icy fingers gripped his bicep and Harry flinched, "Harry, we need to get inside." Cho stated and her voice shook and wobbled even as her eyes sparked with resolve, Harry shook his head and the girl's mouth fell into a frown.

"It's too close –" his words were cut off by the roaring bark that nearly deafened him, the hot breath of the animal rushed against his face and Harry gave a startled yell, kicking his body backward away from the wolf. Cho was ripping at his t-shirt, pulling the material hard enough to stretch it, the wolf's jaw were open and the teeth glistened with saliva, Harry knew they had to get out from under the table; the wolf would only squeeze under.

"Move," he grunted at Cho, pushing at the girl's body, "go run –" Cho's eyes were large and she stared at the wolf which snarled and heaved it's body forcefully, attempting to fit underneath the table.

"Where?" Cho questioned and Harry nearly yelled at her, he instead hastily coaxed the girl to move out from under the table and scrambled out himself, the large wolf gave a short howl and then leaped onto the top of the table, its paws caked with mud and its long claws scratching at the wood, peeling the paint off. Harry took a deep breath, ignoring the yells from his mother and father, with quick movements Harry grabbed Cho by the wrist and took off at a sprint, leaving behind his house for the dim light of the street.

"Harry no! James – do something!"

"Cho – my baby girl…"

The wailing cries from both of the adolescents' parents ripped the night in two and Harry almost sobbed when he heard the pounding footfalls of the wolf. It was pursuing them. Pushing his body forward and quickening his pace Harry dragged the puffing girl behind him, hoping they could make it someplace safe. His sneakers slapped at the ground and his breathing was oddly loud in his own ears, he caught the sound of the panting wolf and dared to turn around – it was right on them scarcely a meter behind, its legs stretching far with each stride, if Harry hadn't been a fast runner he would have been caught by now.

"Harry – it's coming!" Cho yelled and her voice was piercing despite her lack of breath, Harry made a sharp turn into a side street, pulling the girl with him ruthlessly, Cho gasped in pain but continued to run with him, her long hair was wild and flowing behind her in a curtain of dark silk. The wolf snarled and dogged their every move, it was then that Harry realized it was playing with them; a full grown wolf could surely have had him by now. Turning his head Harry looked passed Cho and watched the wolf, it was running with its tongue lolled out the corner of its mouth, its dark eyes narrowed and ears alert.

"It's toying with us," Harry panted to Cho and the girl looked confused for all of two seconds before realization dawned on her, "we have to find someplace to hide before it gets serious!" Harry's heart spluttered painfully in his chest when the wolf trailing them howled, its voice low, and then a deep, shuddering growl rumbled through the wolf's body, its ears flat to its skull and Harry knew now that the animal was dead serious. It was as though it had known Harry had caught on to its little game. But that was impossible it was a wolf.

Cho's hand wrenched its self from his hold and she took off ahead of him, leaving Harry behind in the dark side street, he turned, stopping in his tracks to face the wolf. A menacing glare meet his own wide-eyed gaze and Harry shivered from the look of utter enjoyment on the wolf's face, Ron's blood still covered the animal's chin and teeth, a chilling sight that made Harry's blood run ice cold. Swallowing Harry realized he was officially stuck, if he ran now his back would be turned for the wolf to take its moment to attack and if he stayed still the wolf would do so anyway.

"Harry, baby, where are you?" Harry's head shot up and he looked around the dim street, his mother's voice was on edge. The wolf made a snarling sound and its teeth were bared at Harry threateningly. Not daring to call back to his mother and run the risk of putting her in danger Harry crouched down, trying to make himself as small as possible – if he wasn't considered a threat then maybe the wolf would back off? At least that's what he hoped. He felt exposed crouching low on the ground; his hands steadying his shaking body against the ground. The wolf stopped its snarling and tilted its head, studying the boy as if perplexed.

Footsteps sounded not far off and then another voice called for him, "Harry, mate? Where are you?" it was his father and Harry sobbed in relief, he sounded close.

The wolf tensed and it's eyes shifted between Harry and something behind the boy, slowly Harry turned his head, making sure not to make any sudden movements, behind him was his father, a silver handgun weighing down his hand – it was pointed directly at the wolf. Harry held his breath – the wolf barked harshly and the gun went off. The last coherent thought Harry had was that his father must have missed his target because the sharp pain in his leg hurt like a son of a bitch. His green eyes rolled back into his head and he fell unconscious.