-CHAPTER EIGHT: Lycanthropy Fever-

"Nice bedroom, Fenrir." Elvy said with a twist of his lips as the pack entered the large quarters. Fenrir didn't reply to him, he was too busy staring at the vacant room.

The room was empty. The blasted room was fucking empty. Fenrir was seething with rage. Turning he faced his pack and singled out Cyn. The girl looked pale as she eyed her Alpha with trepidation. "He's gone." Fenrir bit out passed gritted teeth.

"I swear they were here when I left, Harry jumped at Wolfe and I made my escape." Cyn hasted to say. She hated it when Fenrir's wrath was settled on her. "Perhaps Wolfe stole Harry? Kidnapped him?" she added as an afterthought.

"Of course he bloody did!" Fenrir shouted, his canines erupting from his gums. Cyn flinched back as did the other pack members. "That's the problem!"

"Fenrir, you have to calm down," Cace said once a silence had settled over them. The Alpha shot her a glare; he was not in the mood for her coddling. "There's still his scent and Wolfe's," she sated.

Fenrir sniffed and sure enough in his rage he'd missed the blatant obvious. The heady scent of the pup was strong in the room as was the wild scent of Wolfe.

"We can track them down. If we split up we have a better chance of finding them before they leave the grounds." Cace said.

She was right of course. The ever level headed Cace was right. Fenrir took a steadying breath, hoping to dissipate some of the rage he was feeling at losing the littlest pack member. He'd channel the rage onto Wolfe, not his pack. That way the bastard got what he deserved. Letting his canines retreat back into his gums he sighed.

"We'll search together and follow their scents, there's no need to split up. It would be pointless."

Moior nodded his agreement. As Beta he was second in charge and always backed up what the Alpha decided. "The fresher the scent the quicker we'll find them." He opined.

"The better our noses the quicker we'll find them," Fenrir amended and then his eyes flushed ocher, he was merging with his wolf. "Every body in wolf form, now." He commanded. He had the power to force transformation but it wasn't necessary, each one of his pack morphed cleanly into their wolf form.

The sound of tearing fabric was loud as each member of the pack morphed.

Once fully transformed Fenrir sat on his haunches in front of his pack, facing him sat four very different wolves; Moior was the fully white one, large a lean. Cace was the tawny coloured wolf, smaller then the Beta by a bit. Elvy was the blond wolf and Cyn was the chocolate brown one; she was the smallest wolf by far, her shoulders barely reached Fenrir's underbelly.

With a direct look at each in turn Fenrir got to his paws and trotted out the door. The scent of Harry was now stronger tenfold and he could smell the sweet scent of the puppy easily. Having his senses heightened was also good in the dark, for he could seek out Wolfe easier.

The padding of paws behind him alerted Fenrir to his pack following him and together they took off into the night in search of the submissive.

"You smell good, puppy," Wolfe hummed into Harry's neck; his breath was hot against the shell of Harry's ear and it made Harry want to gag. He couldn't however, not with the hand covering his mouth so forcefully. He tried for some words but all he managed was a small squeak of something incoherent.

"What's that?" Wolfe asked and let the hand drop from Harry's mouth. Harry should have screamed bloody murder but instead he stupidly answered the question.

"I called you a pervert," he said through gritted teeth. Wolfe laughed then, it was a low sound in his throat.

"I've a writhing, warm boy in my arms. Of course I am. Now hush. I'm stealing you away." With that said he made to clamp his hand over Harry's mouth again. The boy would have none of that however and twisted his head from side to side, all the while flailing his body as much as was possible.

Harry might have been diminutive but he wasn't weightless. Wolfe grunted under the strain of controlling him, then he done something dim-witted. He turned Harry around in his arms.

"You might think you can escape –"

Harry took his chance and before Wolfe could finish his hissed sentence Harry had kicked him below the belt, straight to the groin. Wolfe wheezed out a curse word as his hold on Harry lessened, and Harry took his chance to flee.

Not turning back Harry dashed away into the forest surrounding Fenrir's home. If he had been thinking straight he would have ran back the way they had come, to the safety of Fenrir's quarters, but he wasn't in his right mind, he was frantic and fearful, and so he ran without a destination in mind.

Wolfe growled low in his chest and it rumbled like thunder. He was not happy. He would not lose the brat again.

Morphing into the huge black wolf that he was, Wolfe took off after the fleeing pup. He would catch the boy quickly in his wolf form.

Claws digging into the damp soil Wolfe ran swiftly, his jaws open to reveal his dirty yellow teeth. Harry was injured and would fatigue easy, the chase would be minutes long, if that. Dashing head first into the forest Wolfe relied on his excellent eyesight to keep from running into trees or falling over roots.

It wasn't long before he found Harry. The pup was running quickly but he wasn't quick enough to out run a full grown, angered wolf. Growling at Harry Wolfe made one last final sprint straight for the boy; he snarled deeply, flattened his ears to his skull, and then pounced. Harry turned back at the sound and his eyes were wide, his lips gaping as the seventy kilo wolf made contact with him.

The sound of the collision was loud, a forceful smack of flesh and bones hitting. Harry shouted in pain as he fell to the ground, the large wolf standing on top of him. Wolfe snarled, his hackles were raised and saliva dribbled down onto Harry's face. It was a sight that had Harry's heart in his throat, beating so painfully loud. He'd been caught. And Wolfe was not happy.

Expecting Wolfe to morph back into his human form Harry lay as still as possible, his breath coming quick and choppy. But Wolfe didn't transform back into his human form, instead he leant down closer to Harry. His putrid breath thick to Harry's nose. Then he opened his jaw a little wider and without pretense bit Harry straight on the neck. The pain that flooded him was unbelievable and Harry screamed loud.

His jugular had been missed but there were still copious amounts of blood. Wolfe lapped at the wound hungrily before turning human once more. He lay naked over Harry's shivering form, his dank hair fell into Harry's face and his lips were pulled back into a leer, revealing his dirty teeth.

"Want to know what I just did, my pup?" he purred into Harry's ear silkily. Harry trembled out of disgust and fear, shaking his head back and forth slowly. "I just injected you again, that means your wolf will be more prominent and more powerful. So when we get out of this blasted forest I can teach you to become potent. I can make you a warrior. Do you want that, Harry?"

"Go to hell! You're a monster."

"You'll be just like me, Harry," Wolfe continued as if he were deaf to Harry's words, "you'll be a rogue. And I'll show you everything you need to know."

"I don't want to be around you, you bastard. You killed my parents!"

"Inadvertently, my pup. Never on purpose. Although with them being out of the way it will be easier for me to train you. And once I get away from Fenrir and his pack that's exactly what I'll do. I'll train you to be the most feared submissive there ever was. You'll rule by my side. A bride of sorts." Wolfe chuckled.

Harry keened and arched his back as a pain danced down his spine. Wolfe smirked at him.

"The changes won't take long, my pup." He promised. "They'll be quick. The bite is my mark, my claim on you. You are mine now."

"I'll never be yours, Wolfe. Never." Harry bit out through the pain that was spreading over his body. What was happening? Was it the bite mark that was causing this? Wolfe chuckled again, moving in closer to Harry he pressed his lips to the bite mark, kissing away the blood there.

Harry froze and whimpered. He didn't know what Wolfe was doing. He was inexperienced with that kind of stuff.

"My sweet puppy," Wolfe whispered. "All mine." He pulled back enough to lock his dark gaze on to Harry's startled emerald one. "Say it, Harry. Tell me you're mine." Harry refused to talk. He clamped his lips shut and willed his shivering to stop. The sudden change from angry to – to, whatever this mood was had Harry's mind reeling. He couldn't keep up with Wolfe.

"No? You won't say it. Even when you know it's true."

"It's not true, I'm not yours!"

"Oh, but you are. I sired you. I am your sire. So that makes you mine." Wolfe explained. Harry didn't want to be owned like some possession. He didn't want to be Wolfe's or anyone's.

Harry was about to reply with some obscenities when the strong haze of his Alpha evaded his senses. The smell was rich and thick and angry.

"Get your hands off my cub, Wolfe." Fenrir said low down in his throat. The sound was masculine and wild. It made Harry's heart pick up it's pace for reasons not to do with fear. Harry wanted to see the man but he couldn't move for Wolfe was squishing him into the ground. Wolfe frowned down at Harry, looking at him as if he'd never seen him before.

"But Greyback," he said quietly, "I only see my pup around here, not yours."

Harry gnashed his teeth together at Wolfe and growled how Fenrir had taught him. A poor attempt to seem threatening. Wolfe chuckled at him scornfully.

"You're going to have to do better than that my pup; you don't seem frightening in the least." Wolfe said to Harry. Harry bristled, he was scary dammit! Doing his best to merge with his wolf Harry glared up at the man, hating him more than anything. This was the man who had ripped him from his safe, happy life. The man who had ruined his family with just one bite.

Suddenly feeling an overwhelming sense of anger Harry growled again, and this time it was something to be feared. While not as deep as Fenrir's or as vicious as Wolfe's it was still a fair attempt. It made Wolfe look to Harry more seriously.

"Your eyes have changed colour," he noted absently. "The effects are taking place," Harry snarled up at him and let his wolf take full control. His gums ached and tingled and then his canines erupted. "Such a feisty little creature, but no match for me." Wolfe said contemptuously.

He fumbled for Harry hands, that were by the boy's sides, and ripped them up above Harry's head; holding them in place with a steady grip. "Are you trying to challenge me, pup?" he asked. Harry continued to sneer and glare, tugging his hands uselessly against Wolfe's hold.

"Be still, Harry," it was Moior's voice that spoke and Harry stopped out of pure surprise. Even merged with his wolf he'd not picked up on the scent of the pack until now. "We'll sort something out, okay?" he was trying to sound reassuring but it came out a bit strained.

"You try anything and I'll break his neck!" Wolfe snarled at Moior. Harry swallowed heavily and another wave of pain coursed through his body, making him jerk against Wolfe. The man gave a quiet hum and pushed back against Harry lewdly. Harry made to try out his big boy growl again but was interrupted by another rumble. This one made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

"Take your hands off him!" Fenrir was shouting now and it made Harry gut twist unpleasantly. "I swear to you Wolfe, you hurt him I will hurt you worse."

"He won't hurt him, Fenrir," this time it was Elvy's voice. "He needs Harry doesn't he? Why would he break his neck? We have the upper hand here." A lightness spread down Harry's body, full of relief at Elvy's words.

"Get him off me!" Harry hissed out to his pack. He didn't particularly like having a naked man on top of him.

Wolfe stood abruptly, pulling Harry up by the hands. The boy groaned when pain throbbed in his gut and then radiated out from there, coursing through his entire body.

"What's happening to me…," he mumbled. His head was beginning to feel wishy-washy and lightheaded, almost like all the blood had drained away from his brain all at once in one sudden action. "I feel weird." How else could he describe the feeling? It was odd and painful and all too scary. Harry didn't like it one bit.

"What have you done to him, Wolfe?" Yelled Cace. Wolfe steadied Harry with his hands and turned to face the pack. Now that Harry was standing he could see Fenrir positioned by a large tree, his pack was assembled behind him, and all had taken up stances ready to fight. All were naked too, which made Harry feel slightly uncomfortable. Had he not have been feeling so odd and woozy he may have blushed at the sight of them.

He didn't have the energy however. It felt like his body was slowly sinking into sleep against his will. His lips felt numb and clumsy and his brain was taking forever to catch up to his own thoughts. In short; he was on a one way train to unconsciousness.

"Wolfe – Wolfe…he – he bit me, Fen…" Harry managed to say around his numb lips. He blinked his eyes wide trying to get away the black dots that were suffusing his vision. It didn't help any. "On the neck…," he added just before a wave of sickness crept up on him and then everything went black. The last noises he heard were the ground rushing up to meet him and Fenrir growling ruthlessly.

Harry's head ached. In fact his entire body ached; especially his neck. And he felt fevered and simultaneously hot and shivery. What was wrong with him?

"Rest Harry," Harry could hear someone talking to him, someone close by but couldn't make out who it was. His eyesight was blurred and his hearing dulled. It was like he was under water, buried beneath and unable to hear or see. It scared him and he whimpered pathetically. "Don't fret, love," said the same deep voice, "just relax and let your wolf come to the surface. It'll take care of you."

The advice seemed simple enough in theory but for the life of him Harry couldn't focus on his wolf, all he could focus on was the pain burning through his body, pain that made his bones ache unpleasantly. It was worse than growing pains yet not as bad as breaking a bone, it was somewhere in between.

"Help me…," Harry whispered to the dark room. Only now was he becoming more aware of his current situation. He was lying on a lumpy mattress and the smell of undergrowth was thick in the air. "Help me please?" he asked the man, hoping he hadn't left.

The bed dipped from someone sitting on it and the man replied softly; "I'm doing all I can, pup. It's up to you to do the rest. Embrace your wolf like I showed you and you'll get better quicker. The bite mark awakened your wolf even further but you're still suppressing it. You need to let it out, Harry. It's the only way to get better."

"I don't know how to," Harry whined, his body arching off the bed with pain. Warm, large hands rested on his shoulders and Harry blinked his blurry vision trying to see who was leaning over him. "Help me do it."

"Just do what I told you to do before, pup. Take a deep breath and relax," the hands slid from Harry's shoulders to his chest where they rested gently, Harry took a deep breath straight into his lungs and belly, it helped with the pain somewhat. "Good boy," praised the voice, "now focus on your wolf side, let it come to the surface and take control. It needs to Harry or you won't get better."

"It feels really strong," Whispered Harry as he felt his wolf pushing to take control; it wanted out, but Harry didn't think he had the energy to focus on it.

"Of course it does, Wolfe injected you with a double dose, your wolf is going to be stronger for it." The rumbling voice replied gruffly. Harry shut his eyes willing his wolf to the surface, hoping it would come if only so he could get away from the pain.

It only took a moment for his wolf to come to the forefront, it was speedy and rushed as if did so. Harry keened softly when his gums stung and he knew he was almost fully merged with his wolf. Suddenly the room wasn't so quiet; there was the sound of wildlife outside the window and the steady toll of a clock someplace nearby. It wasn't just his hearing that had become clearer it was his sense of smell also.

Harry could smell the all consuming scent of his Alpha easily and he opened his eyes to come face to face with the man. It was the second time he'd been fully merged with his wolf but this time felt different from the last. His wolf was more prominent, more there. It was like Harry's human side was completely gone. This time Harry didn't have his human thoughts. He thought like a wolf.

Absently Harry saw Fenrir frown at him with worry while he bounced up and down on the bed like some excited child.

"Harry, how are you feeling?" Fenrir asked but Harry couldn't answer. Not when there was so many scents about and was that the sound of a rabbit scurrying…? Perking up his head Harry tilted it to one side and listened; sure enough he heard the unmistakable sound of a rabbit hopping. And dammit if he didn't want to make chase!

When he didn't answer Fenrir the large werewolf gripped him by the shoulders and forced him to look into his eyes. Harry stared wide eyed for a moment before he blinked and focused on the rabbit once more.

"Harry, you need to look at me." Ordered Fenrir brusquely, "your wolf has taken over completely –"

Harry snarled at Fenrir to make him stop talking, couldn't he see Harry was trying to hear the rabbit? What if it got away? No, he wouldn't let that happen. He'd track it down. Now. He'd track it down now!

Scurrying from the bed Harry dropped to all fours and started an awkward crawl across the ground. His wolf side would prefer all fours but being in human form made that difficult, so he was left to crawl like some oversized toddler towards the door. Before he could reach it however a strong arm wrapped itself around his middle and hauled him up into a strong embrace like he weighed nothing. Stubble scratched against his cheek and then Fenrir spoke in a dangerously low tone.

"Get a hold of your wolf, boy, it's too far surfaced, not even turned werewolves act like this!"

Harry wanted to tell Fenrir he couldn't control it, that it was too strong a compulsion, but he couldn't think on how to form the words. He was stuck with canine thoughts and a human body. How absolutely fun.

"You need to learn to control your wolf side, Harry. You're merged too far with it, don't let it rule you." It was kind of ironic that Fenrir was saying such things when only minutes before he was asking Harry to trust his wolf. Was it the bite that had made the lycanthropy even more pronounced? Surely a double dose wasn't healthy for a newly turned werewolf.

Hanging limp in Fenrir's arms Harry whined like a puppy in distress. He really, really wanted to chase that rabbit!

"Fenrir," Harry snapped his attention to the door where Moior stood. His white hair was windblown and he looked gravely at Harry, "what's going on?"

"Wolfe's bite is making his wolf more dominate; his human side is completely hidden."

Moior shook his head after studying Harry for a moment; "I don't think that's what it is, Fenrir." He said simply. Fenrir gave him a searching look.

"Then what do you think it is?" He asked.

"Lycanthropy fever." Moior stated firmly. Harry stared at him.

He wanted to ask what lycanthropy fever was but the urge to chase the rabbit overpowered the desire to question, so he stayed silent, waiting for the moment Fenrir let him go so he could pounce away.

"His wolf is strong and wants to be fully out, in other words he wants to morph into a wolf, don't you see the signs? His eyes are amber, his teeth elongated; even his nails are claw-like."

"He can't turn until the next full moon,"

"Right. So until then we will have to wait until the fever wears out."

"How long will that be?"

"You're asking me? Cace is the one with medical training. But possibly only a few hours."

Fenrir sighed, "you mean I'm stuck with a playful pup for the next few hours?"

"Pretty much."

"If he runs away on my I swear I'm not chasing him." Stated Fenrir roughly. Moior glanced at him. "I've done enough chasing of him." Fenrir explained.

"I somehow doubt that, Alpha." Moior said quietly with a smile.

So the next chapter will be focused on Fenrir/Harry more closely, with poor little Harry having to wait out his lycanthropy fever (we'll learn more about it in the next chappy). I love writing him as a playful pup. If you have any questions just ask me. :)