Karen watched curiously as the boy tripped yet again, falling flat onto his face with a whimper and a dull thud. She frowned in thought as the children around her laughed and narrowed her eyes in concentration. Was the boy in front of her really that funny? Karen didn't think so. She thought Snoopy was much funnier. His dance always made her laugh though she always fell down when she tried to do it herself. Kind of like the blond boy just did. She tilted her head further and she watched as the boy struggled to stand and pushed his thick black glasses further onto his nose. Karen carefully observed the tape wrapped around the bridge and she felt her ear rest on her shoulder as her head titled further. What was the tape for? Was it lucky?

Karen watched as Tommy Markonson grabbed the boy's glasses from his face and tossed them to her first cousin Seth. Seth laughed as he tossed them across the room to Jeffy Peterson who purposely dropped them on the floor, making a rather rude face as he did so. Karen frowned further as the boy squinted at the air in front of him, his greenish-blue eyes staring at a tree as if trying to solve a mystery. What did that tree ever do to him? Then it dawned on Karen. He couldn't see! Just like Gran when she forgets where she left her glasses! Karen lifted her head and stared determinedly at the pair of thick rimmed glasses flying overhead. She made a quick hop and caught them before they passed her, and then turned to blink at them in surprise. She never ever caught anything ever when it came to games! Why could she catch glasses? Karen's eyes widened as it dawned on her. Maybe she could only catch glasses. Karen thought about that for a moment before deciding that seemed plausible. She would definitely practice when she got home.


Karen lifted her head and blinked blankly at her cousin. He held his hand out, palm up towards the sky. Karen wrinkled her brow as she gave him her free hand. "Seth!" She shouted just as eagerly as he had. Seth looked confused for a moment but didn't have a chance to fully think about what the hell his cousin Karen was doing now. She was already gone in a breeze of flowers and strawberries.

Karen walked purposefully to the blond boy in the middle of the circle of fourth graders before stopping only inches from him. She watched him jerk away from her and cocked her head in confusion. Why was he scared? Karen didn't think she was particularly scary.

Karen stared at the boy for a moment, watching his blue-green eyes dart this way and that nervously. She gently reached out and brushed his long messy hair from his eyes, completely oblivious to the way his body stiffened. Karen stared mesmerized for a few moments before carefully slipping the thick glasses onto his face.

"You have pretty eyes." Karen said softly as she held his face between her palms, keeping his eyes steady so she could stare properly into them. "They're like the ocean."

The boy blinked blankly before swallowing hard and speaking slowly.

"Uh…thank you?"

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