"I want to be a doctor."

Karen stared at Kyle, her best friend for four months. His hair was as messy as ever, the color a little blonder because of the sun. His thick glasses were rimming his pretty green blue eyes which were lit with excitement, something that hardly happened.

"A doctor?"

Kyle nodded eagerly. "A doctor for animals. Not just pets either! I want to be a doctor for all animals! Animals in the rainforests, animals in the sea, everything! I want to be able to help all of them! I want to have the ability to cure an elephant in Africa and then go and nurse a whale off the Australian coast back to health only to go and bring a stray dog in New York back from malnutrition! I want to be able to…to…help! You know?"

Karen blinked and cocked her head to the side. Kyle was never like this. He was usually quiet unless she asked a question and he had never smiled like this before. With all his teeth showing and crinkles at the corners of his eyes.

"Do you like animals?" Karen asked slowly. Kyle grinned wider and nodded. Karen thought he looked like a bobble head.

"More than people! Animals are fascinating, they have stronger instincts and senses then us yet they haven't given into the habits that we have. They have stuck to their roots and yet they continue to adapt! While humans have created pollution and damaged the world animals have done nothing but contributed to it! Yet here we are hunting them down and destroying their habitats! Did you know that there used to be a whole forest where the school is right now? Think of how many little critters had to die or find new homes just because people were too lazy to walk the extra way Ridgeway! Probably hundreds! And that not even counting the insects and wildlife itself!..."

Karen slowly stopped listening to Kyle but watched him instead. The way he moved his hands as he talked and the way his eyes lit up whenever he said the word 'animals' or spoke about helping them. Karen's frown deepened. She wished there was something she liked that much.

It took Karen a moment to notice that Kyle had stopped talking. She blinked at him, noticing his deep blush.

"S-sorry. When I start talking about being a vet I …really can't stop sometimes. Um, what do you want to be Karen?" He asked softly and Karen was slightly disappointed that he had turned back into 'Normal Kyle'. She liked 'Normal Kyle' but it was nice to see 'Happy Kyle' every once and a while.

"A trophy wife."

Kyle's eyes jerked from the floor up to her eyes in less than a second in Karen's opinion. His jaw slacked for a moment before he quickly closed it with a click. He stared at her before licking his lips.

"Really?" He asked as he stared at her. Karen nodded. "Um, why? If you don't mind me asking that is!" Kyle said quickly, his voice escaping in a quick gust of air. Karen blinked at him. Wasn't it obvious?

"Because I'm stupid." She deadpanned. Kyle's jaw dropped and he sputtered much like he usually did. Karen merely blinked at him, by now she was used to his slight awkwardness.

"You're not stupid Karen!" Kyle almost shouted as he stared at her in disbelief. Karen cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"But I am. More than the average kind of stupid." Karen said bluntly. "At least that's what Uncle Fred says." Karen was slightly confused. Kyle knew everything. How could he not know this? She thought it was just a general fact.

"B…but you're…" Kyle stutter pathetically for a few moments, eyes drifting over the room and narrowing at random points. Karen had realized that this was his 'thinking face' a while ago. He did it all the time in maths class and though Ms. Jenkin's thought he wasn't listening, he was always the one listening hardest in the room. He licked his lips before speaking. "What does you being…stupid…have to do with being a…a trophy wife?" He asked carefully. The left corner of his mouth was twitching with effort and Karen knew he was trying not to say something. She was not particularly observant but whenever someone said something that was wrong or Ms. Jenkin's asked a question, Kyle would twitch like that. Most of the time he would only twitch for a few seconds before bursting out a correction or shooting his hand up in the air. However at the moment he seemed to be making a big effort not to say what he wanted to. Karen starred at him for a moment before she slowly began to ponder the question.

"Because I'm too stupid for most other jobs and I'm not good at much." Karen said casually. She thought over her answer and nodded to herself. That was the truth. She looked up to Kyle to see him twitching violently.

"Who told you that?" He asked sharply. Karen starred at him in confusion cocking her head to the side.

"Everybody." She stated matter-of-factly. Kyle's gave another violent twitch.

"Well it's not true. You're good at lots of stuff Karen. You make everyone happy and you ask the best questions. You make everyone feel important and good about themselves without even trying. You're nice, nicer than almost everyone else and you don't even seem to realize it. You've got the best imagination and you're the prettiest in our grade by far. All the other girls are always saying the want to be pretty like you but they can't because they're mean and you're nice which is why you will always be prettier than them. You're like…like…some sort of …saint or Angel or something Karen! You treat everyone the same way, with the same kindness and though that might be because you don't exactly understand the situation that doesn't change the fact that it's…it's amazing. You're amazing Karen. And you're a great friend. My only friend. My best friend." Kyle blushed deeply as he said this but trudged on nonetheless. "And…and I will not have my best friend calling herself stupid or aiming for an occupation as low as a trophy wife just because she thinks she can't do better! I won't!"

Kyle panted for a few moments, blushing a darker shade of red every passing second. By the time he had caught his breath he was a deep crimson and staring determinedly at his shoes. Karen starred at him for a moment and felt a smile slowly creeping onto her face.

Karen had found something she liked more than Kyle liked animals. Or rather someone. Kyle.

"Thank you Kyle." Karen said softly, her voice chocked slightly with the happiness she was feeling. No one had ever not thought she was stupid but her Daddy. Even her Mom thought doorknobs were smarter than her. "But…I don't think there's a job for that."

Kyle shyly raised his head to meet her eyes before quickly looking away, appearing completely flustered. However his eyes started to roam and narrow and before long they widened in realization.

"Drawing." He said slowly as he stared at a waste bin. He quickly turned to her apparently forgetting about his embarrassment. "Drawing! And Painting! You're really good at it Karen! You make really good pictures; you're the best in the class! If you had a couple of lessons then sure you could become an artist or something! Maybe you'll become famous! Maybe-" Kyle stopped short. "Maybe you could write children's books Karen! You have such a great imagination and the younger kids love you! And you could draw your own illustrations! I know you're not too good at spelling but that's what editors are for right? Or maybe you should use one of the skills you already have and become a model or something because you are…you know….really pretty Karen." He blushed slightly as he said this and after licking his lips once more he quickly changed the subject. "Or you could be my assistant! Vets don't usually have assistants but you could be the exception! And we could travel the world and rescue animals together! I'm sure they'd all love you Karen! Dexter loves you and he only met you that one time we walked home! And he's usually a very grumpy dog but he still adores you! Or maybe I should just open a clinic and you could be my secretary! People love you Karen and having you to greet them would probably be a breath of fresh air! Or…"

Karen stared in amazement as Kyle came up with job after job that she could do. Jobs that sounded like a lot more fun than being a trophy wife. She felt a small smile come on her lips as she listened to the options she never thought she had.