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Warning: Lemons, Incest and other mature themes.

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In a small unknown tropical island, our favorite blonde ninja was starting to wonder why he was in this so-called Tropical Paradise in the first place. Gamatatsu had appeared before him during his lunch time and gave him a strange scroll that his late sensei had left him. As soon as Naruto had opened the scroll, it had teleported him to this location. An island with nothing but sand and the jungle. He stood on a remote island that was surrounded by nothing but the blue ocean. Naruto stared at the scroll as he read what his late sensei had left in his possesion.

"Naruto, my dear naive student..." Naruto lightly scoffed at that.

"I have left you with one of my prized posessions, it is my Legacy. Years of Research have lead me to build my vision, my dream, it is my top secret Tropical Paradise!" he paused as he looked around the island before he continued.

"During your stay you are able to get away from all the stress and hardwork. However, there are a few things you need to know when one resides here, a few rules"

"One: Besides you, no other males are able to step foot on this island!" The blonde raised a brow at this.

"Two: This Island is not of this world" Naruto was confused by this, what exactly did the perverted hermit mean by "not of this world"?

"Three: The island makes use of the primary guest chakra, in other words you, Naruto" How was an island going to take chakra and why would it need it in the first place? Was it because it was out of this world? Was it like a summon? So many questions.

Naruto sighed, and continued reading "Taking advantage of those rules, you are able to invite as many ladies as you want to help you keep you company" at this point Naruto frowned and knew this was one of the pervy sage's plans for Naruto to "hook-up", as Perverted Sannin use to say it.

The blonde scratched the back of his head "But how do I leave this place?" he asked the scroll as expecting some kind of answer.

"The user, Naruto Uzumaki, is only allowed to exit the island after completing specific tasks. When you return to the Leaf, nothing will be the same!"

As in some coincidence the scroll answered his question, somewhat. Naruto sighed once more this was becoming very frustrating. The scroll didn't mention anything else. It simply had a picture of a chibi Jiraiya smiling at him, some how mocking him.

"Dammit Pervy-Sage, What are you up to..."

And then...

"It's... So hot -tebayo" Naruto had been roaming the island looking for some kind of way to get back home. He wore his usual orange jacket around his head to block the intense sun's rays while he wandered shirtless. "Some island, Pervy-sage"

It was then the scroll he had been holding on to started to glow. He quickly looked at it and saw that it said something he didn't see before.

"Summon Paradise" it simply stated which was far from simple to the young ninja.

"Maybe if I try to Summon will that work?" he asked himself, he shrugged and tried it anyway. "Here goes nothing" Naruto drew blood when he bit his thumb.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

For a moment, nothing happen but moments later he felt rubbling as the ground began to move. Naruto started to panicked, it felt like an earthquake he thought he had done something wrong.

"I take it back! Undo! Undo!" he rapidly hit the floor trying to undo his jutsu and panicked. Was he going to sink? Had he somehow manage to destroy the island? Before he knew it, he was on top of a building that was slowly rising up from the grabbed his head and closed his eyes. As soon as the ground stop moving he slowly opened one eye. Noticing everything was fine he slowly stood up and notice his surroundings had changed.

He felt like he was transported to a different place. He looked out and saw a real tropical resort, one with pools that had clear blue water. It had a Casino that had very big flashing lights that shined even during the day. Another part of the island had a small amusement park filled with rollarcoasters and games. There were also a hot springs that was called Jiraiya's Hot Springs which made Naruto's eye twitch.

"This amazing! I guess Ero-Sennin didn't have anything perverted planned after all" he walked around the resort when he saw a place called Naruto's Kunoichis.

"Huh? What's this place?"

His brow arched this and entered the colorful neo lit building only to quickly exit with a bright red blush. "Damn t-that Ero-Sennin!" he shook off the blush, the place was a strip club and it had his name on it. What if his mother saw this? She'd punish him and make it so Naruto would never even taste another noddle in his life. Naruto continued his tour and saw something that caught his eye.

"Ichiraku!" he screamed in delight and rushed towards the ramen shack.

It looked identically like it did back in Konoha. Naruto with a grin and drool jumped on the stool and said "Oi! Old man! One Miso bowl!" After a few seconds of not getting an answer back, he frowned.

"Oh right... I'm all alone" he remembered that he was the only male allowed to be here.

"Too bad I can't invite Kakashi-sensei or Yamato-Sensei" he said to himself

Suddenly he remembered another thing Jiraiya had told him. "You are able to invite as many ladies as you want..."

He then thought about who to invite. "I definitely got to bring Kaa-san, she'll love it here!" he always loved making her mother happy. Most boys would rather get away from the mother but Naruto would kill to spend time with his Kaa-san.

He then realised that the scroll in his pouch was glowing. He picked the scroll and read the new message. "Kage bushins make work and fun much more better" Naruto raised a brow at this message but just shrugged it off and try to figure it out later. Right now he had to find some way to make Kushina join him.

"Aah, why does this have to be so confusing!" and once again the scroll glows leading him to an answer. He then sits on the stool with the scroll on the table as he read the message.

"Write the name of the lovely ladies and before you know it they'll arrive ashore" the scroll instructed.

Naruto took out a brush, dipped it in ink and began writing.

"Uzumaki Kushina" he said as he wrote it on the magical scroll. After he finished the name had a glowing check mark next to it.

"Ha! That was pretty cool!" the easily amazed blonde shouted. "Let's see who else.." he took a thinking pose and stuck his tongue out. "Ahh I know!" Naruto took his brush and began writing.

"Hyuuga Hinata"

He blushed at little remembering how close they have gotten and how she manage to sway Naruto from the pink haired nin. After her confession, Naruto did not know what to do so he believed in her. He believed if any girl was going to win his heart it was going to be her.

"Uchiha Mikoto"

To Naruto, Mikoto was like a second mother to him as she was always around with his mother. Before Kushina came to Naruto's life however, Mikoto would try to always help Naruto when he was young whether it'd be helping him eat better or cheer him on his training. She loved his company from what she told him.


After Naruto had defeated Pain and talked with Nagato, Naruto had convinced her to stay with him after she'd buried her friends. Though after a difficult time, Konan had become one of his precious people as time passed, he saw her as an older sibling/student.

"Terumi Mei"

Mei Terumi had become Naruto's favorite Kage out of all the others, though he wouldn't tell Tsunade as she was more older and Mei was more of a cool young aunt who would let him get away with murder, she was a fun Kage who liked to ditch her duties to have fun with him and he was quite fond of that. Kushina on the other hand was not. Naruto did wonder about theie secret promise they made and was still confused about being her fiancé. "What was that anyways?" he shrugged, he never really got the chance to ask about it though.

"Yuuhi Kurenai"

Naruto had become closer to the Genjustu Mistress after she had fallen into a depression due to the loss of Asuma and her child. Naruto had cheered her back to her old self, she was a cool, calm aunt type in Naruto's eyes, one which Kushina did approve with a thumbs up.


The older sister which Naruto could rely on, who he had grown closer with. Shizune was very easy to tease and he always found it funny when she'd freak out. When he'd come from a misssion wounded, he would rather choose to go with Shizune rather than Sakura because she was much more gentle.

Naruto grinning like a mad man, he put the brush down satisfied "I think this is good enough" his stomach loudly growled but choose to ignored it for the moment.

"Just because Ero-Sennin made it so I have to enjoy myself with strange girls, why not just invite my friends and family to have fun!"

He felt proud thinking he had found a loop hole in Jiraiya's plan but even Naruto didn't know that every single woman he had just invited had more love for him more than he knew.

In a boat in the middle of the ocean were seven beautiful women. These were the same women who Naruto had just summoned. Unaware how they got there in the first place, all of them were excited to spend their vacation at a tropical resort especially with Naruto. He didn't know after this vacation was over nothing would be the same.

"Gah! I need to hide that building before Kaa-san sees it!"

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