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ok, guys! listen up! this is my second attempt at a fanfic! i have had ideas swimming around in my head for a long time, now. I hope you enjoy! ( I'll try to update as much as I possibly can!) Inspired bymichellephants('s) The vampire in the basement. Also, i want to thank my AWSOME beta, The mischievous pixie! Thx, pixie!

Summery: Bella Swan is best friends With Alice, Rosealie, Jasper & Emmett Cullen.

In fact, the Cullen household is like her second home; second set of parents.

The Cullens find a broken, and misguided Edward. Will Bella be able to help him heal?

Or is all hope lost for Edward?

**Rated T for now** (mostly for laungage)

In a state of pure agony:

Chapter 1:


I tried to sit up as i heard the voice again, but i couldn't.

"Maybe we should sedate him again." "No, I don't think we should."

"And why is that?" "Because, we need him awake, smartass!"

I tried with all my will power to open my eyes. "Look, James!" "He's wakeing up!" I sat up with a loud groan.

"W-Where am I?" I asked, as my eyes opened fully.

"That is none of your concern, for right now." Said the man with the slightly dirty, greasy hair that was pulled into a messy ponytail. "what do you mean, It's none of my concern?" " You'll find out soon Enough, Edward." How do you know my name?" "where am I?" "what am i doing here?" "What are you going to do to me?" I asked, in a rush as panic started to set in. "The answers to your questions, cannot be given." "Why?" " James, shut him up, so we can get started." Started? On what?

Yeah, i know. It was short. tell me what you think!





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