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The Hunted

By LilyAurora

Chapter One

Pouring the hot water into her favourite mug. Hermione stared out of the small window in her decent sized home. She loved the weekend as it gave her time to relax, escaping from her job at the Ministry. Even though she loved her work, the weekend was a welcome break from the stress of it all.

The last few years Hermione had finally learned to make time for herself, she realised after the defeat of Voldermort life was indeed short. She needed to start living, instead of hiding behind her books for comfort. But reading was her favourite pastime. When she had no other plans for an adventurous night out or afternoon lunch with her friends; she would cuddle up on her comfy chair and lose herself in a good book.

She had fallen in love with her home as soon as she saw it. The decent sized cottage was the perfect place for her. The old fashioned home lay on an acre of land. A large garden all around grew many wild flowers and hardly needed tending to. The basic wooden fence separated her land from the main road at the front of the cottage but the back garden ran wild and blended in with nature. The brick walls were painted a pale yellow, wild rose bushes climbed the front of the home baring beautiful pale pink flowers in summer. A neatly kept lawn held borders of mixed coloured flowers.

The cosy feel of the cottage was what drew Hermione to it. The open fires sat in every room save the bathroom. Old wooden beams graced the low ceilings and original tiled floors lay before you through out the down stairs. The up stairs held two bedrooms both of equal size. Hermione chose the room overlooking the back garden, just because the view of the wilderness calmed her. The original wooden flooring ran through out the whole of upstairs. Indeed Hermione loved her home and knew it was the right thing to do; when she had purchased it with the money the Ministry had given her for her help with defeating Voldermort.

All she needed now was someone to share it with. Her relationship with Ron, which started at the end of sixth year. Had lasted a whole six months before she realised she loved him as nothing more than a brother. The break up had been mutual leaving all involved extremely happy that no Ill feelings were hovering around. She also had a brief fling, so to speak with Viktor Krum. The Bulgarian seeker. He became attracted to her in her forth year. Nothing serious came of that either. So there it was, the extent of her experience with the opposite sex. Not the epic love story one would expect a saviour of the wizarding world to have.

Hermione wanted someone, but who that someone was she did not know. Her knowledge with books went beyond any other, but her inexperience's with men shouted loud and clear to all. For someone so young she had experienced more than most adults twice her age have but not in all departments. So here she found herself at the tender age of twenty alone most weekends. Seeking comfort in her own company. She visited her friends often catching up on their hectic lives, filled with children and chaos. But she enjoyed her own company more, curling up on her over sized chair with a mug of tea and a good book. The romance and danger pulled her attention away from the real world, away from the emptiness she felt on a daily basis. At work she would watch the loving couples share a quick kiss before parting ways. Knowing that they would see each other at the end of the working day where they would great each other with open arms and soft kisses.

How she longed for love. She was not an ugly girl, not by a long shot. Her 5"2 frame was slender. Her mass of hair that in her school day could of easily been mistaken for a bush had calmed down and dropped into soft ringlets. Her eyes were like deep pools of chocolate, dark and inviting. Her nose small and her lips full; the bottom being slightly plumper than the top. The years of training and fighting had given her an athletic body all lean and powerful but still keeping her feminine qualities. Hermione's legs were long and strong, her torso flat with the hint of abs; her breasts had grown larger than she had imagined shooting from a mere small B cup to an impressive C. But thankfully they did not look ridiculous on her petite frame. All in all Hermione had a body any woman would die for. So she could not understand why men did not find her attractive, but she had given up caring a long time ago.

As she made her way back from the kitchen with her tea in hand; she didn't notice the dark shadow move across her garden making it's way closer to the house. The figure remained in the shadows, knowing the female was home the last thing he wanted was to be spotted. Then all his planning would have gone to waste. He had watched her, waited and watched for months learning her daily routine. It came as second nature to him now. He had watched the witch from a distance. Finding her scent too alluring, he had many problems in the past when faced with this young female. Her scent was like no other he had ever experienced. Thinking there might be something wrong with him, the man paid a visit to his Elders. They cleared up many of the reasons for his reaction towards the young females scent, but there were a fair few that the man had dismissed. Not liking what he was told the man found it easier to ignore them, than accept them. So here he was, finally watching her, taking his time to make his move with every intention of killing her. She had helped kill many of his people, even if not by her own hand she had helped with the massacre of those he cared for. So now, was the time for her to pay for all the pain she had caused him. There was no going back, tonight would be the night that Hermione Granger would feel pain. He would make her scream. He wanted to hear her beg, beg for her own death.

Sitting close to the open fire, the bright colours danced around to their own music, as Hermione lost herself in the pages of her book. She did not hear the window in the kitchen open. The house being old; did not have any security features like double glazed windows, so Hermione assumed she had put up enough wards to keep any unwanted visitors at bay. How wrong she was. For at this very moment a man was entering her kitchen, seeking revenge. Her blood was on his mind and he would not be leaving until hers had been spilt.

Feeling a slight breeze tickle the loose curls near her neck. Hermione quickly looked behind her, strange she thought. I'm sure I didn't open any windows. Raising slowly from the chair, she padded towards the kitchen, her bare feet slapping gentle against the tiled floor. Holding her wand tightly in one hand, Hermione checked the kitchen her eyes scanned all around finally coming to a halt at the slightly ajar window. How odd, I'm positive I didn't leave that open. Pulling the window shut with a loud bang she checked the lock, making sure it was securely fixed. She made her way back into the room grabbing a cookie on the way.

Picking her book up to continue where she left off. Hermione failed to notice the man watching her from the hallway. She did not see the hungry look in his eyes as it travelled over her body, sniffing the air slightly he noted that no other male had been in her home for a long time. Perfect he thought, he had no worries about being interrupted. No one would find her until it was too late and that's exactly how he wanted it.

The man moved slowly through her house, her scent was every where which was beginning to make things difficult. He shook his head slightly, trying to clear it from the haze that had began to invade his senses. He made his way towards her bedroom the scent in here was the strongest he had ever encountered. His trousers became tight as he imagined her laying on her bed naked holding her hand out towards him, inviting him to join her. Leaning against the wall for support he pressed his fingers to his temples, trying to clear the image out of his head. Shaking his head clear, he remembered what the Elders had told him. No he refused to believe it, they were wrong. He had come here for one reason and one reason only. To kill the witch and this is where it would happen. In her own bedroom, the safest place where you can rest knowing that nothing can hurt you. How wrong that would be tonight, he would hurt her. Make her scream, her teasing scent would no longer lure him in, making him think things he should not. She would beg him, beg to end the pain. He wanted to see fear in her eyes, he wanted to be the reason the fear was there. After this night there no longer would be a Hermione Granger. No, after tonight she would be a distant memory to those who cared.

As her eyes began to sting, Hermione knew it was time to retire for the night. The book would still be there tomorrow and she could finish the next chapter before she headed into the village. The one thing she loved about her home was where it was situated. The busy hectic life of the city was not for her, she wanted somewhere quiet. So the countryside had been the perfect place for her to anchor and call home. Climbing the stairs, she made her way to the bathroom. Brushing her teeth and using the toilet she washed her hands and made her way to her room. Pushing the door wide she had no need for a light. Hermione would be able to walk that room blind folded as well as the rest of her house if needs be, her footing would not falter. Walking towards her window she glanced at the night sky her fingers reached out towards the quarter moon.

"So beautiful." She murmured.

Turning her back on the beauty behind her she made her way to her bed. Lifting her nightgown over her head and throwing it on the near by chair. Hermione crawled onto her large bed sinking deeper into the pillows as she pulled a sheet over her naked flesh, closing her eyes she hoped she would dream of rainbows and unicorns. But knew very well, her dreams would be full of blood and darkness, she closed her eyes and relaxed her body slowly drifting off into a fretful slumber.

The man watched her enter the room from the shadows. Her long hair flowed down her back and the soft fabric of her nightgown clung to her skin. As she walked over to her window, she kept her eyes trained towards the skies at what he did not know. She spent many minutes looking towards the night just as he was about to make his move he noticed her hands move as to caress something. Then softly spoken words left her lips.

"So beautiful," she spoke.

He realised she was talking about the moon. He had never heard anyone talk of her like that and he could tell by her tone that she truly meant it. As she turned away from the glowing orb he watched as she lifted her gown tossing it on to the chair. His eyes raked over her naked flesh hungrily, indeed she had a figure he had not expected. She was lean and muscular but she also had curves in all the right places. Her breasts. My, my they were larger than he had thought smiling slyly, well this was turning out to be a very good night indeed.

Moving swiftly the man approached the bed watching her for a moment. Her chest moved with each breath. He had decided to play with her first before killing her. Well, it was the right thing to do, wasn't it? He had spent months tracking her and finally planning out her demise. So why shouldn't he have some fun with her beforehand.

Slowly pulling the thin sheet off her naked body. He watched as her nipples stiffened from the cold air. Her perfect breasts were tipped with small pink buds. Pulling the sheet lower, exposing her flat stomach. He wondered if she was natural down there like many of the females in his pack. He had been unable to sneak a peak from his hiding place, so he was very eager to see. As he removed the sheet fully he indeed was surprised to find her completely hairless. "Lovely," he murmured.

Walking around her bed he quickly pocketed her wand. He didn't want her getting hold of it, that's for sure. He had seen what the witch was capable of when armed. Pulling out some twine he quickly bound Hermione to the bed. Her hands and feet spread wide. Once he bound the witch, the man sat opposite her, half in the shadows. He waited for Hermione to wake, looking over her naked body with great pleasure while deciding what he wanted to do to her first.

Slowly waking, Hermione was annoyed. The cold breeze that came from her open window had disturbed her sleep and she was too tired to get out of bed to close it. But if she wanted to get back to sleep she would have to haul her bum out of bed to close it. Huffing loudly, she made to move when she noticed her hands were bound.

"What the hell." She tried to move her legs but they were bound also. Trying not to panic Hermione took a deep breath.

"Bloody hell." Who in the Merlin's name had did this to her and why. Her eyes quickly scanned the room not noticing anyone. She tried to wriggle free but the twine burnt into her wrists. "Shit."

Suddenly she noticed the blanket was no longer covering her naked flesh. It had fallen off to the side. Hermione tried to manoeuvre her body, but for the life of her she could not get back under the sheet. She cursed in frustration her naked body was exposed to who ever had bound her to the bed, her wand which was on the bedside table was gone.

"Fuck,"She hissed. Suddenly a dark chuckle could be heard coming from the shadows.

"Looking for this." The voice asked, as he twirled her wand between his fingers.

"Who are you?" "What do you want?"

He laughed, "You, are in no position to ask questions, pet."

"This is my house, and I WILL ask questions so I repeat, WHO. ARE. YOU?"

The man in question walked towards her, his face hidden within the shadows. The closer he crept more moonlight exposed.

Hermione froze, she couldn't breath.

"Oh my god, Fenrir Greyback?" shaking her head she looked upon the werewolf, "It cannot be, you died. I saw for myself you fell, you were hit with the killing curse. It happen just before Harry fought Voldermort. You died."

"Did I? Obviously not pet. Many of my pack died that night. They lost their lives due to your side and the Auroras. All but a few survived, myself included." he chuckled darkly, "Werewolves are not as easily killed as silly humans believe us to be." His eyes bore into hers as he spoke. "Do you know why I am here pet?"

Hermione shook her head. She was still in shock, the Alpha of the Werewolves was alive.

"I swore vengeance on those who sought out to hurt us. I promised to make those pay who took away members of my pack and guess what pet." He smirked cruelly at her. "You are on the top of my list."

Hermione's breath quickened. She knew how cruel this man could be, everyone in the wizarding world knew it. "I did not kill anyone." she replied sternly. "We only stunned and bound, we did not kill any of your pack."

"Do not lie to me witch, I witnessed first hand the slaughter of those I cared for. The group of Auroras marched through the grounds picking off and killing our females and young. They only sought us out. Ignoring the Death eaters that fought Hogwart students. These Auoras walked right by aiming for wolves only."

"Your wrong," she spat. "The Ministry would do nothing of the sort..."

"SILENCE!" He shouted the Werewolf's eyes ablaze with anger. His breathing deep and laboured. "I know what I saw witch. Auroras indeed killed many of my pack, cubs included they slaughtered us like the animals they believe us to be. We may change form due to the moon but we live deep in the forest away from humans. We keep ourselves to ourselves and do not bother anyone unless needs be."

Hermione was becoming rather annoyed at the Werewolf's lack of responsibility. How could he blame her when it was obvious he was at fault. He had led his pack into battle he was the one to blame, not her and no other. Just him. Hermione snorted at his outburst. Greyback turned glaring at the bound little witch.

"Why did you join him? Why attack the school standing by his side, if you are a peaceful race? How can you try to justify what you did. If what you say was true, you would never have involved your pack. Your cubs died because of your poor judgement and no other and certainly not mine," she stated glaring at the man before her.

"Enough witch, I will listen to your excuses no more." Fenrir growled as he began to pace back and forth in front of the large window. Never before had he been spoken to like this and especially not by some female, who was bound and defenceless. He suddenly realised the position she was in, as he casually looked over her naked body. Hermione noticed his hungry stare and tried her best to cover up, but it was useless. Her arms and legs were spread wide, everything was on show for this werewolf and there was nothing she could do, if he chose to take it advantage of her.

Walking up next to the bed Fenrir ran a finger over Hermione's skin. He watched as goosebumps rose and her nipples grew taught. He smiled slightly knowing he would take the witch, by the smell of her she had no lover before which surprised him. It was not often he found a ripe young female untouched by another. He was really going to enjoy this, maybe he would keep her for a while. He could do with a new pet.

"Are you scared, human." He smirked evilly at her.

She refused to answer; her only movement was to turn her head away from him. Holding Hermione firmly by the chin he turned her face back to him. Fire blazing in the depths of his eyes as they flashed from dark brown to amber.

"Answer me witch." He growled out.

Still she refused.

"Well aren't you a stubborn female. I can smell your fear you know," He took a long sniff of the surrounding air. "No one will save you tonight witch. No one will know you're missing until Monday at least, when you don't show for your work." He chuckled. "I know all about your silly little unsatisfying job at the ministry. I can smell how you crave for something more...daring." he smirked.

Hermione turned to look at the wolf. She stared straight into his eyes before speaking. "Are you going to kill me?"

Moving closer to the bed he looked at the petite witch. "Honestly, I have not decided yet. But I promise to let you know as soon as I have." His sly smile held nothing but fear for Hermione. She would die tonight and not with out being used for his pleasure first.

Slowly removing his clothes, he kept an eye on the witch. He wanted to toy with her, make her think of the worst possible things he could do. The witches head was turned away as he undressed. Shame, he thought he would have enjoyed her blush as she looked upon his naked flash. Greyback moved to sit on the edge of the bed the movement made Hermione's head whip around. As she locked eyes with the man, no werewolf, she felt his fingers brush across her naked skin. Only now noticing he was naked also and sitting mere inches from her. She tried in vain to cower away, only gaining a deep chuckle from the beast.

"No need to cower pet, there is no place you can hide that I will not find you. You have the most unique sent." He sniffed deeply, moving his face to the dip between her shoulders and neck. "Lavender with just a touch of spice. Very exotic, very delicious." He said as he licked his lips.

Hermione knew she was in deep deep trouble. There was no way to escape. Her wand taken and hidden from her, hands and feet bound tightly. Feeling extremely annoyed with herself. Especially after everything she had lived through, this is how she was going to leave the world? A play thing for an over sized dog. Snorting to herself the wolf looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. She simply glared back and turned her head.

The weight on the bed lifted and Hermione thought for a moment that he had left, but alas she felt his presence at the bottom of the bed. Looking towards him, she caught sight of his naked body. He was huge at least 6"4 and his body was a mass of pure muscle. Not an ounce of fat to be seen. Considering he was half wolf, Hermione expected him to be hairy, but that was not the case. She tried to keep her eyes focused on the upper area of his body but found her eyes betraying her as they slowly lowered. Moving down over his hard pecs and impressive abs. Her eyes slowly following the slight hairy trail down from his belly button, towards his penis. Oh god was that normal. He looked huge. Hermione may still be a virgin; but being surrounded by a house full of men most summers she had seen her fair share. But nothing compared to the sight before her. He was well blessed in length and his girth was just as impressive. Wide and thick the purple head stood out proud. She really hoped that he had no plans to go any where near her with it.

Fenrir smirked as he noticed the witches red blush, as her eyes roamed his naked body. Suddenly the air became thick with her scent, it was becoming stronger and teased the wolf. His mind became cloudy as the exotic aroma invaded his senses. Why did this have to happen now, he needed his wits about him if he was to continue what he started. He could not lose control here. He took a few deep breaths allowing himself to calm, he refused to let this witches scent over power him. He had come here tonight for revenge, and revenge is what he would have.