Chapter 5

Staring at the beauty under him Fenrir smiled. Gently he took her lips with his kissing her softly. Running his tongue across her bottom lip she opened her mouth allowing him to gain quick access. When he heard a gently moan he moved his lips to her face kissing her all over. Not missing a spot. Lowering his mouth to her neck Fenrir sucked softly at first then harder, marking her with his mouth. As her breath quickened and her moans grew louder, Fenrir's need for her deepened. Her scent wrapped around him making his mouth water. He wanted this witch so badly it made him ache he had never felt like this before. Fenrir realised he never planned on letting her go. Ever since the first time he smelt her she was his, that's why he had targeted her and only her. He wanted her even back when he had convinced himself to take her life. Deep in his subconscious he knew he had wanted her and now, now he had her and he would never let go. Taking her earlobe in between his teeth Fenrir bit down pulling the soft plump lobe into his mouth as he swirled his tongue over it. A loud gasp followed by a moan escaped Hermione.

"Oh Fenrir. Oh God." Hermione panted.

He loved the sound of his name pass through her lips as he brought pleasure to his witch.

"Mmm that feels so good. Please...please don't stop."

Fenrir carried on kissing down towards her perky breasts. Taking a nipple into his mouth he sucked hard on her bud knowing now, exactly what she liked. Whilst his mouth was busy up top, his hand lowered and travelled down her stomach over her pelvis. Feeling his witch relax against his touch he ran his fingers along the outside of her plump wet lips. The witches breath hitched as he moved his fingers inside her, pushing one in at a time. Her juices coated his fingers and began to drip down his hand as he pumped inside her. Fenrir growled, his witch was so wet for him, so ready. Bending his head close to the witches ear he whispered in a deep husky voice.

"I'm going to take you fully Hermione. I'm going to push into you with one deep thrust. I think it will be better that way, don't you agree pet?"

Nodding in-between moans. Hermione would agree to anything as long as he kept making her feel like this.

"Once I take you Hermione. I'm going to make you mine."

Again she nodded. Words were lost to her. All she could think of was that one word repeating itself in her head.


"Do you understand pet. You will be mine," He said nudging her with his nose. "Every fibre of your being will belong to me now."

"Yours." Hermione whimpered, "All yours."

"That's right, Hermione. All mine." Smiling Fenrir positioned himself at her entrance, hovering above her small body.

"Open your eyes Hermione and look at me."

Doing as he asked Hermione opened her lust filled eyes. She gazed into his and noticed how they flashed for dark brown to amber. The wolf inside surfacing. He was was very much aware of what was happening, his human side was taking a mate. Which meant his wolf was also gaining one and the wolf was eager to be part of the bonding. Kissing her deeply, Fenrir opened her legs further placing the tip of his hard member at her entrance. He lowered his head and gently kissed her left breast. Just as he thrust into her with one powerful stroke. Fenrir bit down into the fleshy mound. Marking her as his.

Hermione screamed as her body bucked under Fenrir's. Her skin tingled as the man licked the blood from the bite mark he had just made. Fenrir's tongue cleaned the open wound as Hermione's head buzzed. The only pain she could feel was from the bite. Fenrir had yet to move inside her waiting for a sign from her that it was ok to do so. Slowly Hermione rocked her hips, trying to urge Fenrir to continue what he had started.

"Fenrir please move. I need you too move."

Slowly pulling out, Fenrir pushed his hard cock back inside Hermione. Both of them moaned with pleasure. Setting a slow pace Fenrir kissed his mates soft lips. Then he kissed the mark he had just made. Whispering in her ear.

"Mine." He said, making Hermione moan loudly.

"Again," she begged.

"Mine." He growled moving faster, thrusting himself deeper into her tight passage.

Hermione lost herself to the feeling. She hooked her legs around his waist allowing her instincts to take over, pulling him deeper. Fenrir growled thrusting hard into his little witch.

"So tight. So good."

"Harder Fenrir...I need, I need you harder."

Pumping his hard cock in and out of Hermione's tight cunt. He lifted her legs onto his shoulders gaining a deeper angle. Hermione cried out in pleasure at the change of position.

"Oh god..." she managed to cry out between thrusts.

Knowing his little witch was close Fenrir picked up the pace of his thrusts.

"Come for me Hermione." he growled.

"Come for me, NOW!" He demanded, as his hand travelled between them to pinch her clit sending shock waves through Hermione's already spent body.

Letting out a piercing scream Hermione's world exploded. Her body arched as the spasms from her orgasm shook her from head to toe. As soon as she came down from her orgasm her body began the climb straight back up. As her mate continued to thrust into her slick passage. He was not done yet. As she looked at her mate she noticed how breathtakingly handsome he was. Her mates broad shoulders and wide chest were twice the width of her small frame his tight abs rippled with each thrust and his mesmerising eyes took her breath away when ever they flashed from deep dark brown to shocking amber. He was hers and she would not have it any other way.

Fenrir watched his mate come down from her orgasm. It truly had been a powerful thing. Her small body shook from the force of it. He was reluctant to continue his gruelling pace but could not find the will to stop. He wanted her so badly. He loved the feeling of being inside her as she squeezed his cock in a death grip. He wanted to crawl inside her and never come out. His pace quickened. Fenrir knew he was close to finishing, he wanted Hermione to come once more, but this time together.

"When I tell you to Hermione. I want you to bite me."

"What!" Her brown eyes looked at him in shock.

"I want us to come together. So when I say, bite my neck."

"Fenrir, I don't think..."

"Trust me Hermione."

Nodding Hermione let herself feel the pleasure her mate was giving her. The deep fast thrusts made her moan and mewl loudly. Her nails dug into his back as his thrusts became more erratic. She noted he was close to coming as the groans he made became louder, his panting heavier. She clung onto his slick back with her hands and tightened her thighs around his waist. She never thought she would experience pleasure like this. No words could describe what her body was feeling.

Fenrir was close, he could feel his balls begin to tighten. Moving his lips next to her neck he braced himself. A few more thrusts and they would both be ready. He felt his mate begin to tighten around him her pussy pulsing hard.

"Now, Hermione. Bite me now." He roared.

As the words left his mouth, both mates pressed their lips next to the others neck, sinking their teeth into the soft flesh. Fenrir's world exploded as he thrust a final time. His seed pumped deep into Hermione. Her tight cunt milked his cock, drawing out every ounce of cum. Whilst her body shook under his, her moans grew quieter as her body came down from her sexual high. What felt like an eternity finally came to an end. With the two mates panting heavily. Lifting himself up and withdrawing from Hermione, Fenrir rolled over on to his back taking his small witch with him, tucking her into his side.

"How are you feeling?" He asked his sleepy mate.

"Wonderful, thank you," She whispered, tilting her head towards him seeking out a quick kiss. Her eyes barely open.

"No, thank you Hermione." He kissed her lips softly.

Pulling his mate close to him, he thought about the next few days that lay ahead. Tomorrow they would travel to where his pack were now living. He thought of Hermione and how she would fit in. If she had a few of her own belongings she might feel more comfortable and be able to settle in better. They would discus that option tomorrow after they were rested.

Hermione snuggled into her mate. His spicy scent washed over her relaxing every muscle in her body. She kissed his chest as she began to fall into a deep slumber. Just before she drifted off she heard him speak.

"Your mine now pet, all mine." Fenrir ran his fingers gently across Hermione's jaw.

Smiling softly. Hermione replied, "All yours."

Closing her eyes, Hermione slipped into a deep slumber. The arms of her mate wrapped protectively around her shielding her from the cold nights air.

Fenrir gazed at the small witch. Memorizing her delicate features, he ran a single finger softly over her face. Tracing her lips the fullness of them begged for him to press his against hers. Gently he continued to run his finger over them not wanting to wake her from her slumber. He could not believe that after all these years he had found a mate. She was strong minded, intelligent and would not allow him to push her around easily and that was something he was looking forward to immensely. Fenrir would never have been happy to settle down with a submissive mate, if he had settled down at all. Thankfully, Hermione was anything but submissive. Moving a stray curl from his witches face he closed the distance between they're faces. Running his lips across her cheek, he nuzzled her before placing a chaste kiss on her soft lips.

"Mine," he whispered as he pulled his mate closer. A loving smile breaking over his handsome face.

"All mine."