Like the Phoenix, I have risen from the ashes. And into my fire, you shall fall.

-Shredder (Shredder strikes back. Part 2)

Who's back?

The lair was depressingly quiet that morning. It had been like that since the turtles' new friend had left… never explaining why or for how long she was going to be out. She just left with a promise… the promise of coming back.

But when?

There were no letters, calls, messages or any other sign of life. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months; there were still no letters, calls, messages… nothing.

The ninja team kept going with their lives normally like she had never existed but they still held some hope that things would turn back to normal soon and their friend would come back one day. But was she ever coming back? Did she remember she had friends and a family waiting for her? Did she even care about them? At this time, they doubted it.

Somewhere on Earth…

Nurses and doctors ran through the different corridors as new patients arrived to the emergency room. The smell of fresh blood and the screams and moans of pain could be heard everywhere; the phones ringing; family members visiting their loved ones, some children crying, people coming and going from here to there. Just another day at the hospital. It was pretty normal for the young girl to listen to all those noises around her first thing in the morning but this time would be her last time waking up at the sound of doctors yelling orders or some desperate woman or man crying over a relative. She couldn't help but let out a sad chuckle at the last thought; she found those "sad scenes" really amusing yet depressing and annoying sometimes.

"Here, let me help you with that" a nurse said while she helped the girl to get rid of the white robe she had been wearing all this time.

A door bursted open in the next room with a bloody and unconscious woman laying on a cart being followed by a man and a young boy who were on the verge of tears and pleaded to the doctors to save her.

"She'll die" the girl thought. The doctors told the man and the young boy the bad news confirming the girl's thoughts; she heard the screams and cries. The girl chuckled again.

"Told ya"

"Excuse me?" the nurse asked. The girl shook her head. Half an hour later, the girl was bathed and properly dressed.

"Dr. Zea, Dr. Martin… she's ready" the nurse announced.

"You must be very careful because the rest of the procedure is up to you…" Zea said "…you can now go home and get as much as rest as you can"

The girl nodded and moved to the room to pick the rest of her belongings.

"We did everything we could. All we have to do is wait… and hope she resists" Zea continued.

"We shouldn't have let her go yet" Martin commented in disapproval.

"The last results showed a decent improvement on her condition. She'll be fine as long as the place where she lives is proper, clean, and the people living there don't cause troubles or else she won't be lucky this time" Zea said while cleaning his glasses.

"Still, we shouldn't…"

"For crying out loud! That's all you're gonna say?" Zea replied angrily.

"Yes, because that's the truth!" Martin replied back.

"You're just being paranoid" Zea tsked.

"Well, when that girl comes back here dying… don't tell me I didn't warn you" Martin said glaring at his comrade and with that, he left the room.

"Don't worry doc…" the girl mumbled. She finished packing and abandoned the hospital making her way to the airport.

"…I'm already dead"

New York


9:00 pm

"Streets are clean, dudes. Let's go home already!" Mikey sighed in annoyance.

"Tired Mikey?" Raph mocked him.

"Plus hungry and cold and my favorite program is about to begin!" Mikey said in a dramatic voice.

"No need to scream, Mikey!" Don chuckled.

"Ok, let's go guys. This is getting boring anyways" Leo said and headed to the next manhole being followed by his brothers.

In a matter of minutes, the four turtles arrived to the lair. Splinter waited in the living room while he watched his favorite series.

"Welcome home, my sons. How was your patrolling tonight?"

"Streets were pretty quiet. There was a small robbery but police got there first" Leo said.

"And now the TV is miiiine!" Mikey cheered and ran to the couch.

"I'll be in the shower if someone needs me" Leo said and left the room.

Suddenly, Raph's phone rang.


Casey's voice came from the other side "Hey Raph, guess what. I was giving my mom and ride to the airport and I saw that girl you guys talk about coming from out there"

"You mean…"

"Yeap. I called April too and we're going to your place now"

"K, I'll tell the others. Thanks for the news Casey. See ya in a few!"

"K, bye" Casey hung up.

"Hey guys, she's back!" Raph announced.

"You kidding?" Don asked in disbelief.

"Casey called and he's coming with her" Raph insisted.

"Aww, I don't have enough time for decorations! Why he didn't called earlier!" Mikey pouted.

"Question is: why she didn't call at all!" Don said.

"I'll start making cookies!" Mikey smiled and ran to the kitchen.

"Cookies? Now, that's just corny" Raph mocked him.

"Hello? Our apparently disappeared friend is coming back!" Mikey replied while taking out some ingredients.


"Raph, it's no use to argue with Mikey when he's excited and happy. Just let him be" Don sighed.

"Whatever. I'll be in the garage" Raph made his way to the elevator.

"At least stay and say hi" Don insisted.

"Why should I?" Raph shrugged.

"You're acting just like when Leo came back" Don folded arms.

"She ain't best friend of mine, ok? She's Leo's" Raph replied.

"Raphael, you will stay and greet her. After all, she is another friend of this family and you, my son, are part of it" Splinter ordered.

"Ok, fine. Imma tell Fearless, then" Raph sighed and walked towards the bathroom.

"Yo Leo! You better get your shell outta there soon. We have visits" Raph knocked the door.

"April and Casey coming?" Leo's voice came from inside.

"With someone else" Raph said.

"Who?" Leo asked.

"Exactly" Raph answered.

"What?" Leo said coming out of the bathroom. Raph gave him a confused look.

"What… what?"

"Who's coming?" Leo asked again.

"Told ya already" Raph replied.

"But who?"


"That's what I asked!"

The lair's door opened. "Yo guys…!"

Everyone turned their attention to Casey's voice. "Look who's here"

Behind him came April and another familiar face who was dressed up in dark pants and a black turtle-neck sweater; the long dark hair braided and wore on a long pony tail and the only thing shining was her yin-yang pendant.


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