The airport had never looked that scary and big before; the people around her had never looked so cold, so distant… maybe it was Fate's way to let Who know how her life would be from now on.

People went from here to there talking in their phones; some were arguing, some were complaining.

"Annoying people…" she sighed and turned on her iPod.

Nobody listens to me
Don't hear a single thing I've said,
Say anything to soothe me,
Anything to get you from my head

"We both know you don't want to go back to that place"

She paused the song immediately.

"For a moment I thought… nah, it's just my brain tricking me" she hit the 'play' button again. It was impossible she had heard Leo's voice.

"…but… it sounded so… real" she said to herself and kept walking.

Don't know how I really feel
The faith it takes to make like I don't care
Don't know how much it hurts
to turn around like you were never there
Like somehow you could be replaced

"I never told you but… to me… you're like a phoenix…"

"Not again…" She walked faster and faster. Who needed to escape from that voice.

And I could walk away from the promises we made
And swore we'd never break

"Heh, good way to make me feel better… blondie" Who sighed as she listened to that part of the song.

"You think you can hide your feelings but you can't hide them from me…"

Again that voice. Maybe her heart wasn't the same anymore but still, it could feel. The more she tried to ignore her feelings, the more her wounded heart made her remember… and her mind wasn't making things better.

"Stop it! I can't go back, Leo!"

The people around looked at her quizzically; she just ignored them and kept walking.

I thought I lost you when you ran away to try to find me
I thought I'd never see your sweet face again
I turned around and you were gone and on and on the days went
But I kept the moments that we were in

She remembered all the good moments, the smiles, the laughs; the trust and hope she thought she had lost but her friends made her see it was there… hidden but present inside her.

"…You can always count on my family. They love you… and so do I"

"He trusted in me… he still does but why?"

'Cause I hoped in my heart you'd come back to me, my friend
And now I got you
But I thought I lost you

"What should I do?"

It was the same question that haunted her when she almost died and now it haunted her as she walked through the plane stairs.

The blue masked turtle ran through the rooftops; his feet were taking him home but his mind was in the clouds and his heart… he didn't know exactly where it was.

I felt so empty out there
And there were days I had my doubts
But I knew I found you somewhere
'cause I knew I couldn't live without

You in my life for one more day
And I swore I'd never break those promises we made

Leo knew his friend was stubborn… but he didn't expect Who to be so foolish to go back and surrender in the hell's fire she had suffered for years. His cell phone rang interrupting his thoughts.

"Any luck?" Raph's voice came from the other side of the phone.

"Yeh, I found her" Leo sighed "But she's leaving"


"I tried to convince her but…" Leo couldn't continue. This was too much.

"You ok, bro?" Raph asked in concern.

"I'll be fine Raph, don't worry" Leo said not believing himself.

"K, we'll be in the lair" Raph said and the line went dead.

I thought I lost you when you ran away to try to find me
I thought I'd never see your sweet face again

I turned around and you were gone and on and on the days went

Leo's brothers always said sometimes he expected too much from people… and now he believed them. They were right; he had expected too much from Who… way too much.

But I kept the moments that we were in
'Cause I hoped in my heart you'd come back to me, my friend
And now I got you
But I thought I lost you

He gave a last glance at the darkness of the night, expecting to see her following him… he was just lying to himself.

"She's not coming back, you fool. Stop hoping for a miracle" he said to himself and kept running.

I've told myself I wouldn't sleep till
I searched the world from sea to sea


I made a wish upon a star
I turned around and there you were

The blue-clad turtle froze. He recognized that voice but… could it be? The dark haired girl panted slightly as she landed in the roof.

Now here we are

"…wait… please…"

Here we are

Leo walked over in order to help her but Who raised her hand in stop-sign way. She took a deep breath, dialed a number and turned on the speaker mode.

"I expect you have a good excuse for what you did. Hanging up the phone when your mother is talking…"

"You have another daughter, you can start training her the same way you did with me because I ain't going back to that prison"


"I have a wonderful life here, doing the things I love with people I love and love me back. And don't worry about my stuff, you can go to my room in this moment… go!" Who continued.

There was silence for a moment and then the sound of someone running upstairs and opening a door quickly.

"What the…"

"That's right… emptiness" Who smirked.

"You little…"

"This phoenix has reborn and this time, it won't die ever again"

After this, Who let her phone fell off the building; in a matter of seconds the only sound that could be heard was the one of the cell phone smashing into the ground.

"Sorry about the phone; I think Donnie will kill me" Who smiled sheepishly.

"I won't let him do so" Leo chuckled.

The dark haired girl approached to Leo.

"So… do I get a hug?" she grinned. The blue-clad turtle folded arms.

"As much as I want to give you the lecture of your life for giving me a scare… I think a hug is not a bad idea"

A month had passed now and things had changed a lot: Who didn't train as much as the guys, she had Donatello to check if her stitches were healing properly, late night runs were forbidden until she was fully recovered and the guys had to make a lot of adjustments in order to make Who feel like home since she'd be staying with them… but that didn't sound so bad.

Snow was slowly making its entry and blanketing the streets with its white and cold veil. Leo and Who watched the others playing ninja tag a couple of roofs away from them.

"You think she's still mad at you?" Leo started conversation.

"Oh, she is" Who chuckled "I know she is, but I don't care anymore"

"I was kinda surprised at first but… good thing you stood up for yourself at last" Leo smiled.

"I know, right?" Who let out a long sigh "Was about time"

Both of them stayed in silence as they watched how Raph tackled Mikey. Leo sighed and stared at the starry dark sky.

"I must confess…"

I thought I lost you

I thought I lost you, too

"… I was scared you would've left us" he ended.

"Tsk! Ain't happening, kid" Who smiled at him.

I thought I lost you

I thought I lost you, yeah!

The blue-clad turtle laughed.

"Kid? Heh, look who's talking" he replied with a grin.

"Whatever" Who rolled eyes.

I thought I lost you when you ran away to try to find me
I thought I'd never see your sweet face again

I turned around and you were gone and on and on the days went

The little, annoying bug of doubt stung Leo again; he had to make sure she didn't regret her decision or else she wouldn't be happy with them either… and he certainly didn't want that.

"You sure you're never going back to your old life?" Leo asked. Who shook her head negatively.

"What about your family… your friends, your life there…" Leo continued but was interrupted by the dark haired girl's finger on his beak.

"I'm staying here because here are my friends, family and new life" she stated firmly. Now Leo could be at peace with himself at last.

But I kept the moments that we were in
And I knew in my heart you'd come back to me, my friend
And now I got you
I thought I lost you

"Say, Leo… you sure you read all the entries on my journal?" Who asked.

"Yeah?" Leo looked at her in puzzlement when she pulled out the black notebook and opened it again.

"You missed one" Who said pointing at the entry. Leo took the notebook and started reading.

"Once, not long ago, I was given a choice: to die and find the so longed peace, to die and finally rest my wounded soul, to burn in hell fire and never arise… or… to live and keep going, to live without rest, to burn in the same fire but with the hope of a soon return, to come back from the ashes more stronger, wiser and powerful than ever. My mind was clouded, troubled and so was my soul and my bleeding heart… I just wanted to stop the pain… to rest… forever.

I was so blind, stupid and deaf… didn't want to accept the helping hand of those ones that loved me but I believed they didn't.

In the end, lights illuminated my path as I emerged from the painful flames, extending my wings so wide and tilting my head up to the sky looking proudly at the sun. No clouds in the sky, no tears in my eyes, no pain in my soul and the wounds in my heart healed for good.

The never ending cycle of this Phoenix has found an end at last. Reborn from the ashes to never die again"

"This… whoa… I'm speechless" Leo said closing the journal.

"Thought so" Who chuckled.

But I thought I lost you
I thought I lost you too

"Hey guys, we're going to April's. Mikey's making his 'all kind of toppings' pizza!" Don said.

"I suggest you to escape while you can if you don't wanna die of intoxication" Raph mocked his youngest brother.

"Har-di-har Raph" Mikey pushed him and headed to April's place being followed by Don.

"You guys go, we'll be right behind you" Leo said.

"Alright, just don't make a chick film scene… know what I'm talking about, right Fearless?" Raph winked teasingly.

"Get lost, hothead!" Leo punched him playfully in the shoulder. Raph chuckled and followed his younger brothers.

"We better get going" Who said while getting up.

"One more thing…" The blue-clad turtle grabbed her hand and pulled her into a hug.

"Welcome back"

"Glad to be" Who answered with a smile as she returned the embrace.

So glad I got you got you
So glad I got you

"Chick film scene at 5 o' clock~"

"RAPH!" both girl and turtle yelled in unison at the red-clad turtle in the next roof.

"Aren't they just adorable?"

"Mikey, not you too!" Leo slapped his forehead.

"Good thing I always have a camera with me" Don giggled.

"Donatello! Gimme that!" Who landed in the next building and started chasing the purple-clad turtle.

"Who, you're not supposed to run!" Leo followed her.

A few hours later, as they ate in O'Neil's house, Leo stared at his brothers and his old friends laughing and enjoying their time together; he smiled at this scene and felt happy. But what made him felt happier was the sight of Who's first smile in months; the smile of a new life, the smile of true happiness, the smile of true love…

In other words… a smile of true freedom.

I thought I lost you

I thought I lost you too

THE END… is it?

Of course not! There will not be an end! Not while Whoey is around.

I'm never going back to the narrow minded society I've been living with, I'm never going back to the silence, submission and loneliness. Now I got you, my dear friends, I ain't letting you go.

Art = Freedom

I can now consider myself free.

Love you all, guys. See ya in the next one!