I finally updated! I got bored with all my other one shot fics that I was going to write, and decided to finally write the fifth chapter of this story

And thanks for the reviews, guys! I'll try to work on those problems. But first, I'm going to describe some of the characters, because that's a common complaint I've been getting.

Manfred looks the same, except he has a younger face, though everyone thinks he's an old guy because of his white hair. In fact, the judge is going easy on him because he thinks Manfred is an old man, and doesn't want to upset the elderly (That's the only reasonable explanation I could come up with for why the judge is letting Manfred walk over him. That and the Judge is kind of pushover. Yes, I'm aware it's a lame excuse) . He acts similar to how he does in the games by trying to prove the defendants guilty, but it's because he honestly believes their guilty and not because he just wants to win, and while he is willing to hide testimonies to get the guilty verdict, he would never forge evidence or do anything that extreme, as he believes that is going too far for a prosecutor. In short, Manfred sometimes jackass, but he's actually a good person deep inside. But as the story progress, and Manfred encounters new enemies, he has to adopt darker and more brutal tactic in order to get a guilty verdict, and the experience from those cases changes him into the man we're all familiar with.

Gant looks mostly the same, except he's wearing a police badge on his suit and has dark black hair. Like Manfred, he acts similar to how he was in the games, but deep down he's actually a good person. Gant believes in justice and wants to help Manfred get a guilty verdict for the killers because he doesn't want innocent people to suffer. Also like Manfred, Gant adopts brutal tactics in order to get the killers, and changes into how he is in Rise from the Ashes because of this.

The Judge is much younger than he is in the games. He's so young, he doesn't have a beard yet, and instead of being bold, he has blond hair. Yes, I made The Judge a blond here, but that is not because I'm making fun of blonds, so no one start excusing me of making fun of the stereotype that blonds are stupid. It's because the Judge's younger brother is blond, and I figured that since he has blond hair, his older brother should be blond too. Though personality wise, he's pretty much the same loveable Judge.

Grossberg looks almost completely different. He's not fat; in fact he's actually pretty thin and somewhat muscular. He has his moustache, but he doesn't have to wear glasses yet, and he has black hair, but is wearing his red suit from Turnabout Memories. He's almost more confident than he is in the games, but he gets stressed from being a defense attorney in the following years, and starts overeating and gets fatter and fatter in each case he appears in this fic. Grossberg also has just gotten his hemorrhoids, much to everyone's disgust as he often talks about them a lot.

Well, that was longer than I expected. Let's get back to the story.

August 11, 1976, 11:03 PM

District Court

Prosecutor's Lobby

"This trial isn't running as I've planned it out to be" Manfred thought unhappily. He looked at his witness who was sitting on the couch, depressed. "My decisive witness failed to prove the defendant guilty without a doubt, and the defense attorney is speaking with the defendant. This isn't good. I need to come up with a plan…"

"Hey Manny!" A cheerful voice cried out from behind Manfred, causing the young prosecutor to flinch in shock. He turned around, flustered, only to look at the cheerful grin of Damon Gant.

"Y-you!" Manfred exclaimed. "Detective Gant! What are you doing here?"

"Now, Don't be upset Manny." Gant said in a cheerful tone before he started playing with his black hair. "And after I came here to help you by giving you some evidence…"

"Wait, what? What evidence?" Manfred asked.

Gant stared at Manfred for a while, looking at him though his pink glasses before he finally broke up in laughter and clapped his hand. "Come on, Manny! Where you think I've been for the last few hours? I was called back by the chief of police to investigate the victim's house."

"Eve Groven's house?" Manfred said, confused. "What for?"

"Oh, we hadn't investigated the victim's house yet in time for the trial, "Gant replied cheerfully. "The chief thought it would be a good idea if we investigated the victim's house for clues. And look with what we found!"

Gant took out a note from his pocket and handed to Manfred." It was a note from John Aploe to Eve Groven, confirmed through a penmanship analysts. Read it for yourself, Manny.

Manfred took a good look at the note and read its contents.


We need to talk about important matters. Meet me on August 11h, at midnight. Come alone, and tell no one of this message.


Manfred read the note again and again, making sure he was reading it right.

"A letter from the defendant to the victim?" He thought. "Why? What was he planning on discussing with? Whatever it was, I'm keeping this letter just in case." Apole's letter added to Court Record.

Gant looked at Manfred with a smile on his face. "Well, Manny?" He asked. "How do you like the evidence I brought?"

Manfred looked up from reading the note and faced Gant. "Well…" Manfred began to say. He wasn't entirely sure how much good this piece of evidence could help him, as he already proved that Eve was in Aploe's house that night.

He didn't get to finish his sentence, as the court bailiff had shown up. 'Excuse me, Mr. Von Karma? The trial is about to restart, sir." He informed Manfred.

Manfred turned around and proceeded to walk through the doors before he felt Gant's hand on his shoulder. "Well, looks its time for us to be getting back in there, Manny!"

Manfred turned to face Gant and scowled at him. "We? What we? I never said you were coming along. I don't need a co-council, I'm fine on my own."

Gant just laughed it off. "Oh, come on Manny! I just got back from working so hard to help you, and you don't want me to help you in court? If you keep this attitude up, your going to lose me as your friend Manny."

"I never said you were my friend!" Manfred yelled back at Gant, who simply kept smiling like Manfred wasn't mad at him. "And I don't need your help! There's no way that I'm going to let you enter the court room with me as my co-council!"

"Mr. von Karma!" The bailiff cried out. "Court is about to start again in one minute. The prosecutor must be in the courtroom at that time."

"Come on, Manny!" Gant said cheerfully. "There's no time to waste! If you just keep arguing with me, you're going to miss the trial!"

Manfred conserved his options. He knew that continuing to argue with Gant would go nowhere, and he had to hurry up or he'll miss the trial. Realizing this, he gave in. "Fine. You can come along. Just don't stat anything." And with, a reluctant Manfred went back into the trial with Gant in tow.

August 11, 1976, 11:13 PM

District Court

Courtroom No.5

"Court is now back in session." The Judge announced. "Mr. von Karma, please present the final witness."

"Yes, Your Honor." Manfred grumbled unhappily, as Gant was standing next to him. "Take that!" He presented Aploe's profile to the court. "I summon John Apole, the defendant himself! Take the stand, defendant!"

A young man walked to the witness stand. He was wearing a dark green shirt, wearing red pants, and had brown hair. He had a cocky expression on his face as he walked to the stand.

"Defendant, name and occupation." Manfred said.

"Heh. Name's John Apole. I'm a local florist." Apole answered.

"Defendant, testify about what happened last night." Manfred ordered.

"Sure, why not?" Apole said smirking. "Because my testimony will prove my innocence."

Witness Testimony: What Happened That Night

"Last night, I was at my house."

"All of a sudden, this my girlfriend shows up with a gun!"

"She suddenly attacked me, and I lost consciousness!"

"When I woke up, she was already dead!"

"I don't know how it happened, but it wasn't me who killed her!"

"I see," The Judge said, nodding his head. "Mr. Grossberg, your cross-examination, if you well."

"How foolish," Manfred thought. "The fool has yet to see the obvious contradiction in his testimony. It's time for me to expose it."

"Go get him, Manny!" Gant cheered right next to him, much to Manfred's annoyance.

'Of all the detectives I could have gotten, why him?" Manfred thought miserably.

Cross-Examination: What Happened That Night

"Last night, I was at my house."

"Hold it!" Grossberg cried out. "Why were you at your house at time?"

"Objection!" Manfred wagged his finger. "What a foolish question! If you take a good look at the records for his florist shop, you will notice that opens between 9:00 AM and 10:00 PM!" Manfred then took out the store records for the court to see.

"The court accepts it into evidence." The Judge announced. Store records added to Court Record.

"Hey! I was going to answer that question! You old fool!" Apole yelled at Manfred.

"Defendant! Don't yell at the prosecution!" The Judge said. "A poor, elderly man like Mr. von Karma shouldn't have to deal with such verbal abuse."

"What? How dare you? I'm not old!" Manfred thought angrily.

"It's your faulty, Manny." Gant said. "You need to get out more so you can look younger. How about we both go swimming later? It'll take years off your face!"

"Be quiet! I don't need your commentary, Detective!" Manfred yelled at Gant as the testimony continued.

"All of a sudden, my girlfriend shows up with a gun!"

"Hold it!" Grossberg cried out. "By girlfriend, do you mean Ms. Groven?"

"Of course!" Apole replied. "I wouldn't have left anyone else inside my house."

"And what did you do after she entered your house defendant?" Grossberg asked.

"I didn't do anything!" Apole claimed. "After she showed up at my house out of the blue, she pulls a gun at me!"

"Do you mean to say that the defendant showed up at your house without telling you first? The Judge asked.

"Of course not!" Apole said, "Why would I ask my girlfriend to show up at my house so late?"

"Your Honor, I ask for that last statement to be added the testimony." Manfred asked, smirking in triumph.

"Oh no, my hemorrhoids are telling me to beware that smirk…' Grossberg mumbled.

"Ugh. Doesn't this fool talk about anything other than his hemorrhoids?" Manfred asked.

"Poor Grossey." Gant said. "When you point out that contradiction, Manny, poor Grossey's going to be in real pain from his hemorrhoids."

"Don't remind me, Detective," Manfred said. The thought of Grossberg's hemorrhoids acting up again was not something he really wanted to think about

The Judge slammed his gavel. "Very well. Defendant, add that last statement as part of your testimony."

"Fine. Don't see what the big deal is, though." Apole said.

"My girlfriend showed up at my house without even telling me she was coming."

"Objection!" Manfred wagged his finger. "It seems you've been caught in your own lie, Mr. Aploe."

"What are you talking about?" Aploe asked. "I didn't lie!"

Manfred wagged. "Yes you have." He took out the note from Aploe and presented it to the court. "This is a note that was found in the victim's house. And this letter was addressed to you, Mr. Aploe!"

"W-what?" The Judge yelled as the audience started raising their voices, resulting in the Judge having to bang his gavel. "Order! Order! Witness, is this true?"

'"N-no! I-I-I!" Aploe said, too nervous to make a sentence.

"Objection!" Grossberg said, pointing at Manfred. "There is no proof that my client actually wrote that note! You can't prove that it wasn't someone else trying to frame my client."

"Sorry Manny," Gant said. "But we didn't have time to analyze the handwriting. We can't prove the defendant wrote the letter."

"Why didn't you tell me that before?" Manfred thought angrily.

"In that case," Grossberg said. "There is only one person who could have written the letter!"

"What?" The Judge exclaimed. 'Who?"

"Take that! I accuse Adam Storen!" Grossberg said as he presented Storen's profile to the court.

"Objection!" Manfred cried out. "You already tried that, and I've already exposed the flaws in that accusation!"

"But there is no one who can be the killer!" Grossberg insisted.

"Hold it!" Aploe suddenly cried out. "Wait! There's something I want to say!"

"What is it, witness?" The Judge asked.

"I saw someone else in my house last night besides my girlfriend!" Aploe said, resulting in another uproar by the audience.

"Order!" The Judge said banging his gavel. "Mr. Aploe! You will testify to the court about who you saw last night!"

"Right away, old man!" Aploe replied.

Witness Testimony: The Other Man

"When I saw my girlfriend enter the house, I noticed someone else was there."

"I had a hard time telling who he was, because it was dark."

"But when I turned on the lights, I knew who he was."

"It was that Storen guy! I just know it!"

"He was the one who told Eve to fire!"

"Mr. Aploe! Why didn't you testify about this earlier?" The Judge asked.

Aploe shrugged. "Sorry, old man. I just forgot. It must have been from when I attacked, so I forgot because of the trauma."

"He's lying," Manfred thought. "If that had actually happened, he would have accused Storen first instead of trying to claim that he wasn't the one who stabbed her. But no matter what excuses the defendant comes up with, I won't allow them to get away with them! I won't allow an innocent man to be sent to prison in his place!

Cross-Examination: The Other Man

"When I saw my girlfriend enter the house, I noticed someone else was there."

"Hold it!" Grossberg was tapping his chin in thought. "Are you sure that you saw someone else along with his girlfriend?"

"Yeah, but I didn't see him at first," Aploe claimed. "All I saw was Eve at first, so he must have been hiding from me."

"Objection!" Manfred snapped his fingers. "I refuse too accept this testimony, Your Honor! There's no evidence to prove that the defendant's testimony is true!"

"Objection! I can say the same thing about you, Mr. von Karma!" Grossberg said as he slammed his palms on the bench. "Can you provide evidence that shows that my client is lying?" Grossberg finished his sentence by pointing ay Manfred.

"Arghhh!" Manfred flinched at Grossberg's question and started to sweat nervously. "N-no,…"

"The Judge shook his head. "Mr. Grossberg is correct. Without any evidence, there is no proof that the defendant is lying in his testimony. You will refrain from baseless accusations, Mr. von Karma."

"Yes, Your Honor," Manfred said, feeling slightly defeated.

"Sucks to be you, old man!" Aploe said, pointing at Manfred while laughing at him for his failure.

"Don't give up now, Manny!" Gant said, trying to incourage Manfred

Manfred composed himself. "Damn," He thought, "The only way I can prove the defendant's guilt is to prove that there is a problem with the testimony with evidence. I'm going to have to listen carefully to this testimony."

"I had a hard time telling who he was, because it was dark."

"Hold it! Do you mean it was dark in your house or outside?" Grossberg asked."

"Both, actually," Aploe admitted. "I was in such a hurry to open the door, I hadn't yet turned on the lights."

"But weren't you meeting with the victim?" Grossberg asked. "Wouldn't you normally leave the lights on?"

"Well, I didn't want people to know I was meeting my girlfriend at night," Aploe said. "I didn't want people to think I was meeting her, because I wanted to meet with her privately."

"Over what?" Manfred asked

"Objection!" Grossberg said."Why the victim and defendant wanted to meet each other is not important! The fact of the matter is that my client met with the defendant and that is all we need to know.

"He's right," The Judge said "We must focus on what transpired at the meeting right now."

"Hmm, that was actually a pretty good trick," Manfred noted. "I should try doing that same trick myself sometime."

"But when I turned on the lights, I knew who he was."

"Hold it!" Grossberg slammed his palms down on the bench. "Are you telling me you recognized who the witness was?"

"Objection!" Manfred snapped his fingers. "That is what he already said, Mr. Grossberg. Stop reading the same thing!"

"But Mr. von Karma, why are you supporting a testimony that puts you at a disadvantage?" The Jude asked.

"Oh…well…um.." Manfred tried to come up with something. "I just objected without thinking this through." He thought.

The Judge shook his head. "Next time, think before you speak, Mr. von Karma."

Grossberg nodded his head. "I agree."

Aploe nodded. "So do I, old man."

Gant nodded. "Yeah Manny, you have to be more careful next time."

"I hate you all," Manfred thought.

"It was that Storen guy! I just know it!"

"Hold it!" Grossberg cried. "So, are you telling me you have met Mr. Storen before?"

"Yes," Aploe said. "How could I not? I saw him with Eve all the time."

"Did you ever speak with him," Grossberg asked.

"Of course not!" Aploe claimed. "I never talked to either one of them before Eve and I started dating."

"Objection!" Manfred yelled. "If that's the case, then why did you start dating?"

"Cool down, old man!" Aploe said. "It was Eve the one who asked me out, and we started dating after that."

"Something's wrong," Manfred thought. "If they had barely talked to each other, why would Ms. Groven want to ask him out?"

"He was the one who told Eve to fire!"

"Hold it!" Grossberg yelled. "So Mr. Storen was the one who order the victim to fire?"

"Yeah!" Aploe claimed. "He told her to fire at me! That's why Eve and me got into a fight!"

"And you have no idea why?" Grossberg asked.

"No! I never even talked to that Storen guy before! I got no beef with him!" Aploe kept claiming.

"I need to find something…" Manfred thought. "Something to prove that Storen would never want anyone shot…"

The Judge nodded his head. "I don't see any problem with this testimony. Mr. von Karma, do you have a problem with this statement?"

"Its now or never!" Manfred thought before he nodded. "Yes, Your Honor. Take that!" He presented Storen's medical records. "You said that Storen was the one who ordered the shoot, correct?

"Yeah, that's right." Aploe said. "So what?"

"So getting shot results in a person bleeding, correct?" Manfred asked.

"Well…yes," The Judge admitted. "But where are you going with this, Mr. Von Karma?"

"It's simple," Manfred said. "Mr. Storen has a reported feat of blood. When he sees it, he becomes petrified and unable to move. Therefore, why would he ask his girlfriend to shoot someone and initially activate his fear?"

"Objection!" Grossberg said. "That is not important, Mr. von Karma! You can'"

"Objection!" Manfred snapped his fingers. 'It is! If Storen saw the gunfire and saw the bleeding, he would have been frozen in fear!

"Objection!" Grossberg pointed at Manfred. "There's no proof that Mr. Storen was looking at my client when he was shot! He could have been looking away!"

"Yeah! That's what happened" Aploe said. "He wasn't looking because he was escaping!"

"Objection!" Manfred wagged his finger. "That is also impossible! Mr. Storen couldn't escape!"

'What?" Aploe said.

The Judge banged his gavel down to quiet the observers. "That's enough! Mr. von Karma, what do you mean?"

"I mean this! Take that! Do you recall the state of the defendant's door, Mr. Grossberg?"

"Why, yes I do, Mr. von Karma," Grossberg said, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "Before the police arrived door was… Gack!"

"Exactly!" Manfred said. "Until the police arrived, the door was locked! Therefore.." He snapped his fingers. "It was impossible for anyone to have to left the house!"

"My hemorrhoids! They burn!" Grossberg cried in pain as the viewing gallery raised their voices in an uproar.

"Order! Order! Order!" The Judge said while banging his gavel in order to quiet everyone down. "Why that's true! It's impossible for the witness to have escaped the house!"

"AGHHHHHH!" Aploe screamed in horror that he had been exposed as the viewing gallery started to raise their voices at this development until the Judge banged his gavel to quiet them.

"Order! Order! ORDEEEER!" The Judge yelled. Once the noises died out, he closed his eyes and pondered what he heard. "In light of what we have heard, it appears that the defendant has been lying in his testimony. Therefore, I have decided to disregard your testimony defendant, as it has been nothing but a waste of time." He banged his gavel down again.


All eyes in the court turned to Grossberg, who was pointing his finger dramatically. "Wait a minute, Your Honor! You're forgetting something!"

"What? I am?" The Judge exclaimed. "What have I forgotten, Mr. Grossberg?"

"You haven't let the defendant testify about his motive yet!" Grossberg yelled.

"The motive?" The Judge said, confused. "But Mr. Grossberg, is that really necessary? I feel that enough evidence and testimony has been presented."

Grossberg shook his head. "I don't believe that is true, Your Honor. In fact, I think establishing the motive is very important."

"Objection!" Manfred snapped his fingers. "I don't believe that! I demand you show evidence to support your claim!"

Grossberg nodded. "Fine. Take that!" He took out Eve Groven's profile and showed it to the court. "Mr. von Karma, what was the relationship between Eve Groven and John Aploe?"

"Need you ask?" Manfred asked while snapping his fingers. "The two of them had been daring each other for some time."

'And you don't think that it's strange, Mr. von Karma?" Grossberg asked while tapping on his chin. "If the two of them had been dating each other, why do you think my client would want her dead? Especially considering that the two loved each other?

"Well…." Manfred said while sweating nervously. "Damn, I forgot to come up with an explanation for a motive!"

"And that is the problem!" Grossberg said. "If they were dating and loved one another," Grossberg slammed his palms onto the bench and pointed at Manfred. "Then why we he need to kill her?"

"Nghhhhhh!" Manfred flinched as the hole in his argument became apparent, resulting in some of the viewing gallery to raise their voices before being silenced by the Judge.

"Order! Order!" The Judge finished slamming his gavel and closed his eyes as he pondered the situation. "It appears that we are not just finished yet with the defendant's testimony." He slammed his gavel down. "Very well. There is only one way to get to the bottom of this mystery. Defendant! Testify to the court about your relationship with Eve Groven!"

Witness Testimony: Relationship with the victim.

"Eve and I first talked to each other about two months ago."

"She had been wanting to break up with her current boyfriend, and had been eyeing me for a while."

"Since then, the two of us had been going out with each other."

"So what reason would I have for wanting to kill her?"

The Judge nodded his head. "It sounds like a concrete testimony. Mr. Grossberg, you may begin your testimony."

"Damn it…" Manfred said to himself. "I was so close to proving the defendant guilty."

"Cheer up Manny!" Gant said. "All you have to do is establish a motive. He's got to have one."

"What makes you so sure?" Manfred asked.

"Think about it, Manny!" Gant said. "Why would the defendant kill he was close to? And in his own house? Killing somebody in their own house would put a lot of suspicion on them, and could get them found guilty of murder.'"

"Well…You do have a point…" Manfred admitted. "Damn, I didn't think of that. It seems that, despite the goofy and silly way he acts, Detective Gant hides a keen mind. Manfred thought. He is much more valuable to me then I realized."

"Which means," Gant continued, "That Apole here called Ms. Groven to his house, for some reason, and he found something out that panicked him so much that he killed her right on the spot. And whatever he found out must have been a dangerous secret to the victim as well, because she took out the gun and tried to threaten him with her gun."

"How exactly does all this help me, Detective?" Manfred asked.

"Its simple," Gant said. "All you have to do is prove that he found something about his girlfriend, something that could have been dangerous to him."

"I see." Manfred said. "Thank you for your assistance, Detective."

"No problem, Manny!" Gant said with a cheerful smile as the cross-examination began.

Cross-Examination: Relationship with the victim

"Eve and I first talked to each other about two months ago."

"Hold it!" Grossberg slammed his palms on the bench. "So until that day, the two of you have never spoken?"

"That's right," Aploe said. "I had seen her around with her boyfriend a few times around my shop, but that was the first time she had talked to me."

"Objection!" Manfred said. "Defendant, you testified that the victim entered your store many times. Are you telling me you never talked to her before she asked you out?

"No, she would always take her boyfriend in and browse around the shop, "Aploe explained. "She never talked to me or bought anything until two months ago."

"What an odd fellow the victim was," The Judge said. "Why would she enter a store constantly and not buy anything?"

"Why, indeed," Manfred thought, his arms crossed in concentration. "It seems quite peculiar"

"Maybe she wasn't interested in buying anything, Manny," Gant said. "Its entirely possible that she was only interested in Aploe."

"But why?" Manfred thought. "What is so important about him?"

"She had been wanting to break up with her current boyfriend, and had been eyeing me for a while."

"Hold it!" Grossberg tapped his chin. "How do you know all of this?"

"Well, Eve told me that herself," Aploe said. "She said she didn't want to be with Storen anymore. But she had been eyeing me for a while. That's why she had been in my store so much, she was checking me out!"

"Ah, love," The Judge said. "Its so beautiful. I remember when I was a young man in love and all the things I had to go through to find my true love and- Oh wait, I am a young man! I must be forgetting things already! Haha!"

"Oh great, the Judge is already going senile," Manfred thought annoyed. "I can only imagine how senile he'll become when he's an old man."

"Poor Udgey, losing his mind already," Gant said. "He should go swimming more often!"

"Is that his answer to everything?" Manfred thought even more annoyed.

"Since then, the two of us had been going out with each other."

"Hold it!" Grossberg said. Then the court became oddly silent for a few moments.

"Well? Were you going to ask the witness a question or not, Mr. Grossberg?"

"Huh? Oh, right!" Grossberg started to nervously rub the back of his head. "Um, so defendant…"

"Yes?" Aploe looked as confused as everyone else did.

"Well, about your relationship with the victim," Grossberg began to say. "Would you describe yourself as being happy?"

"Um, yeah," Aploe said.

The Judge shook his head. "Mr. Grossberg, the court does not appreciate random pressing on a witness's statement if you have nothing to ask. Next time I see this happen, it's a penalty, understood?"

"Yes, Your Honor." Grossberg started to sweat nervously.

"Hmm, what a fool," Manfred thought. "Almost getting a penalty. Its not like I would ever get penalized for anything."

"So what reason would I have for wanting to kill her?"

"Hold it!" Grossberg said. "So, to clarify, you have no moitve for murder?"

"That's right!" Aploe claimed. "I don't have a motive."

The Judge nodded his head. "I agree. From what I can see, there is no possible motive. Don't you agree, Mr. von Karma?"

"This is important!" Manfred thought. "Do I have evidence showing a possible motive?"

"Well, Mr. von Karma?" The Judge asked.

Manfred struggled to think off a possible motive for Aploe, but couldn't think off one. "Well… n-"

"Of course we do!" Gant yelled, shocking Manfred.

"What do you think you're doing, Detective?" Manfred growled at Gant, who was still looking as happy as ever.

"Come on Manny! What did you think you were doing, giving up like that? You can still win this!"

"But there's no evidence to support any sort of motive against him!" Manfred said.

"So? You don't need to a definitive piece of item to prove a motive, Manny," Gant said. "Just show something that proves he might have suspected her of something."

"Something that could show a possibility of a motive…" Manfred thought.

The Judge banged his gavel. "Time is up, Mr. von Karma! What is your final answer?"

"I'm going to have to bluff my way through this one," Manfred thought. "Yes, Your Honor!"

The Judge nodded his head. "Very well, Mr. von Karma. Present your evidence."

"Take that!" Manfred said. He presented the letter from Aploe to the court. "Your Honor, do you remember the note from Apole to the victim?"

"Why, yes," The Judge said. "But what does that have to do with anything?"

"Your Honor, haven't you wondered he wrote that letter?" Manfred asked. "And called for her to be at his house at midnight?"

"Objection!" Grossberg slammed his palms onto the bench. "That is not important!"

"Objection!" Manfred snapped his fingers. "No! This is very important!" "Even if I don't really know where I'm going with this…"

The Judge slammed his gavel down. "Enough! Mr. von Karma, I suppose you have some evidence to prove that there was something about the victim that made the defendant call her at late at night? Because if you don't, then I will give you a double penalty for wasting this courts time. Understood?"

"Yes, Your Honor," Manfred said, sweating nervously, as he had no choice but to take a lucky guess.

"Come on, Manny! You can do it!" Gant said, cheering on Manfred.

"Take that!" Manfred took out Eve Groven's profile. "Most of us have become aware of Eve Groven's secret, correct?"

"Are you referring to the fact that she had ties to the mob?" Grossberg asked.

"Yes, and it is my belief that this part of Eve Groven's life somehow threatened the defendant's life." Manfred claimed.

"Objection!" Gorssberg pointed his finger at Manfred. "Where is your proof?"

"Your Honor, all of these questions will be answered if you let the defendant testify one last time about this."

The Judge quietly mediated on this issue with his eyes closed for several minutes. Finally, he said, "Very well. I am intrigued by this notion of yours, Mr. von Karma. Therefore, I will allow one last testimony. Defendant! Testify to the court! Why did you write that letter?"

"Sure thing, Your Honor! Because I didn't even know that my girlfriend was part of the mob," Aploe said, smirking.

Witness Testimony: Writing the letter

"Now, I know I might look suspicious for writing the letter."

"But the fact is, I had a good reason for writing it."

"I was asking her about some money she owed me."

"She borrowed 100 bucks for me a week ago"

"She said that she used the money to buy the gift for a birthday of one of her relatives."

"But now that I think of it, maybe she was just using me to get money for the Cadaverini's?

"Whatever the case, I asked her to meet me to see if she can repay ne now."

"And I asked to meet her a midnight because I wanted to keep this private."

"See? My testimony is flawless, right?"

The Judge blinked his eyes, as he was not expecting such a large testimony. When he was done blinking, he said. "Well, I believe its time for the final cross-examination, Mr. Grossberg. Mr. von Karma, if you intend to prove that there is something wrong with the testimony, then you will only get one chance to present one piece of evidence, as I feel that this trial has dragged on enough."

"Understood," Manfred said, but inside, he wasn't sure. "I have to prove that he's lying… but how?"

"Just think outside of the box, Manny!" Gant said. "Instead of proving how he knew, just prove that he did know about it before he came to court! You can turn this case around if"

"Thinking outside the box? Turning this case around? Those are tactics that sound more befitting for a measly defense attorney, not a prosecutor!" Manfred thought unhappily. "But I have no choice. I will win this case!"

Cross-Examination: Writing the letter

"Now, I know I might look suspicious for writing the letter."

"But the fact is, I had a good reason for writing it."

"I was asking her about some money she owed me."

"She borrowed 100 bucks for me a week ago"

"She said that she used the money to buy the gift for a birthday of one of her relatives."

"But now that I think of it, maybe she was just using me to get money for the Cadaverini's?

"Objection!" Manfred snapped his fingers while smirking. "Finally, I've gotten him! With this, I can turn this case around and win!"

"Mr. von Karma? Do you have something to say?" The Judge asked.

"Yes, Your Honor," Manfred said as he took out Eve Groven's profile. "Mr. Aploe, you said that you didn't know that your former girlfriend had ties to the mob, correct?"

"Yeah, that's right," Aploe said. 'But I didn't-"

"Objection!" Manfred interrupted Aploe with a snap of his fingers. "You have just exposed yourself in your own lie. Mr. Grossberg, what did the witness just say in his testimony."

"Well, of course!" Grossberg said. "He said that the C- ARGHHHHHHH!" Grossberg screamed in shock as he realized the mistake.

"You understand as well, Grossberg," Manfred said. "If you had never known that your girlfriend was part of the mob before today, how did you know what the name was?"

Urghhh…. Aploe said nervously. "That's because… you said it to me right now…"

"Objection!" Manfred wagged his finger. "No, I never mentioned the name of the group. Therefore if you really didn't know that the victim had ties to the mob, how could you have known what group they belong to?"

"Arrghh…argh…argh…" Aploe was fumbling to say something to get out of this situation.

"There is only one explanation!" Manfred said. "You did find out last night! You did find out last night! You found out and killer her because of it!"

"GAHHHHHH!" Aploe screamed as he was caught in another lie, resulting in the observes starting to yell until the Judge finally calmed them down by banging his gavel.

"ORDEEEEEEEERRRRRR!" The Judge yelled. "Mr. von Karma! Where are you going with this?"

"Its simple, Your Honor!" Manfred began to explain. "Last night, the defendant wrote a letter for the victim to come meet him at his house privately. He found out that his girlfriend was a spy for the Cadaverini's, but for why he was being spied upon is unknown to me. At any rate, the defendant called the victim to be sure of this, and she tried to kill him for more unclear reasons. The defendant, while using his last bit of strength picked up a knife and stabbed her, killing her."

"Objection!" Grossberg was sweating is one problem with your theory, Mr. von Karma. If that's the case, why was my client wearing gloves at the time? That would mean he had planned the murder!"

"Objection! Sorry Grossberg, but that is also easily explainable. Take that!" Manfred took out Aploe's profile for the court. "If you remember, the defendant is a florist. He grows flowers and raises them. Well that was what he was doing at the time before the murder. He was tending his flowers that he was going to sell the next!"

"GAHHHHHH! MY HEMMROIDS BURN!" Grossberg screamed in horror as Manfred had beaten his last hope at winning this case.

"Which means you are the killer, John Aploe!" Manfred snapped his fingers. "You killer her last night!"

"N-N-N-NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" John Aploe screamed as he slammed his head down on the witness bench in horror. He stayed like that for several minutes before saying in a defeated tone of voice. "Yes… yes its true… I… killed her…"

Ten minutes later the Judge shook his head "It seems that this case has finally come to an end. The jury has finished deliberating, but before the verdict announced, I wish to say something. Mr. von Karma, that was spectacular work you have just done. You are truly something amazing for a rookie."

"Why, thank you Your Honor." Manfred said.

"Ugh… my hemorrhoids…" Gorssberg muttered, defeated. "Someone… give me my medicine…"

The Judge shook his head. "Now, I feel it is time for the verdict to be announced."

"Yes, Your Honor," One jurist said, while getting up. "We, the jury, find the defendant…


The Judge nodded. "Very well. The accused will surrender to the court immediately, to be held trial at a higher court within a month from today's date. That is court is adjourned!" The Judge said as he slammed his gavel and ended the trial.

August 11, 1976, 1:46 P.M

District Court

Prosecutor's Lobby

"Great job, Manny!" Gant said "You won! You completely crushed poor Grossey!"

"Speaking of Grossberg, if I never hear the word hemorrhoids again, it will be too soon! Manfred thought. I'm going to dedicate the rest of my life to forgetting this guy."

"But what about me?" Adam Storen asked. "I lost my girlfriend, so what's going to happen to me?"

"I don't know, and I don't care," Manfred said. "Get out of my face, and move on with your miserable life." Storen walked out of the lobby dejected.

"That was really mean of you, Manny." Gant said.

"So? It's not my job to comfort him. Let him figure out what to do with his life on his own." Manfred said.

"Well, you're going to have to work on that attitude of yours if we're going to be working together, Manny." Gant said.

"Please, this was only one case" Manfred said. "I'll doubt we will see each other again."

"Don't be so sure, Manny!" Gant said. "I bet we will be working together for a long time!"

"Great, I have to be stuck with the most annoying detective ever," Manfred thought. "I knew I should have stayed home in Germany." And with that, the duo left the district court.

They were completely unaware that they were being watched upon by a mysterious figure. This figure was walking out the lobby for the observes, when he saw another figure he recognized, and walked up to him.

"Interesting trial?" The second man asked.

"Very," the first man replied. "What about Aploe?"

"I've arranged with the prison warden for a… accident to happen to him in a month or so. Prisoners can get rough with each other during a riot, after all."


"By the way, what made you so sure that new prosecutor, von Karma was going to win?"

"I could tell. From the way that he was so persistent in winning, that he was going expose Aploe as the killer, no matter what. He just needed some help, that's all."

"That's why you convinced the police chief to order that detective into the victim's house?"

"Of course. Without it, he couldn't have won. But I was still impressed about how he managed to find the truth behind this murder and expose the real killer at the same time. I think I'll look forward to seeing more of him in the future."

"On another note, did you get the items Aploe hid?"

"What do you take me for, a fool? Of course I have them with me."

"Excellent. Those Borginian cocoon are going to going to serve us well in the future."

With that, the two men left the courtroom and head off into an unknown destination to retrieve the cocoons.

And that was how my first case ended. A few questions were left unanswered, like how John Aploe was working for, and I would not discover the answer to these questions for several years. On my next case in this country, Detective Gant was assigned to me yet again, and he and I ended up working for each other many years. Of course, I would occasionally leave to return home to Germany and prosecute many cases there, and that was how it went for three years.

Until the day I was assigned to the case that I would change my life forever. That was the day I met two people who would change my life forever.

The woman who would become my wife…

And the man who would take her from me forever.

The End

A/N: And that's the end of the first case, and actually it was much better then I thought it was going to be. Don't worry, the 'The End' I put at the end is supposed to be like how in the end of the AA cases, they would put that there to signify that the case is finished. Rest assured, I've got more planned.

And don't worry, the identity of who John Aploe worked for will be revealed in later cases, even if Aploe will not make a reappearance in the story. These people are the main antagonists of my story, and because of them, Manfred had to adopt more aggressive tactics to get them found guilty, which is why he ends up as a total asshole by the time of the games.

I personally believed that the most shocking aspect of this case is that I included a jury at the end, because I went to great lengths to hide it. I thought it would make for a great plot twist if I entered jurists into the court, since I believe that there used to be jurists in the AA series until they changed the legal system and removed them in the AA series. Rest assured, there will be an explanation for why there are no jurists by the time of the games, and in fact Manfred will be involved in their removal from the courtroom.

And of course, next case, we finally get to meet Manfred's wife! I have no idea what kind of personality I'm going to give her, because all I know that I'm going to do to her for sure is to make her a prosecutor. There will also be an explanation as to why she is no longer around by the time of the games, and that event will be a very important moment in Manfred's life, as its part of the reason why he became crazy.

Next case, which takes place three Manfred and Gant venture outside of the courtroom to solve a murder. That's right, it's going to be an Investigations style case! I have three reasons for this. One, no one has tried writing a case in the style of the Investigations games, so I want to take a shot and see if I can write one myself. Two, Manfred and Edgeworth are both prosecutors, so it would make sense that they both have a similar style of investigation. And three, it mixes things up a bit and keeps the reader from being bored by alternating between AA style cases and AAI. Don't worry, there will be more AA cases then there are AAI cases.

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