PROLOUGE Laverna carefully set the gold snake on Cleo's bed side and then quickly flew back to her bed, resting her chin gingerly on the ivory cushions. She hated Cleo's house. Everything was fragile which meant she had to be careful about everything she did. Several times she had to remind herself she was here, because Cleo De Nile was her friend. And her only friend. Besides her dumb sister, Lavern.
Cleo clasped her hands together and sighed. You cannot hang out with me if your gonna wear that hideous cloth. Laverna looked down at her ripped overalls. Sorry. Don't you have anything STYLISH to wear? Cleo snapped.
I don't know. Ugh, your Satan's daughter for crying out loud! Cleo cried. Isn't he like rich? Laverna shrugged. She didn't know anything about her father. He was always out in the underworld, planning his revenge on her God Father, Jesus. Cleo grabbed a gold satin pillow and threw it at Laverna's face. You'll never get a boyfriend with those disgusting overalls. Laverna's left red wing twitched with anger. Who the hell did this ghoul think she was?
Laverna grabbed the pillow and threw at Cleo's gold snake crown, knocking it right off her head. It bounced slowly on the linoleum for a slight second and then shattered into pieces. Cleo stared down at the broken crown in disbelief. She then turned to look at Laverna with a vicious glare.
WHY. IN. GEB'S. FAITH. DID . YOU. DO. THAT? She shouted.
Laverna crossed her arms over her chest. As the daughter of the devil, she wasn't afraid of anything. Cleo was mean, but Laverna was PLAIN EVIL.

MONSTER HIGH FANFICTION : LAVERNA Name Laverma (daughter of Satan, and and angel)
Age 15 Killer Style Cleo says I should like cashmere clothing and Covergirl lipgloss, but really I love wearing overalls.
Freaky Flaw I've got split personalities. I'm 40% percent good and 60% bad.
Favorite Color Red.
Favorite Food I don't really have a fave food.
Biggest Pet Peeve Since my left wing has inherited demon and me right wing has inherited angel they tend to go different ways sometimes.
Favorite Activity Pulling pranks on other monsters. I'd do more than that, but dad says I can't start being really evil until I'm eighteen.
Pet Firelena, my pet dragon.
Favorite School Subject I don't like school, so I don't have a favorite class.
Least Favorite School Subject History. I HATE the teacher.