Title: The Quickest Harrowing Ever

Author: PiperDreamer

Rated: K

Disclaimer: If you think either of these is mine…you need your head examined.

Irving and the Templar's watched as Surana fell to the floor, seemingly asleep but was actually in the Fade. The taste of lyrium was thick in the air and the fade itself felt thin.

Irving prayed for his student, wishing her success.

If nothing else he could console himself that, should she fail, he wouldn't let her become a abomantion.

Suddenly he could no longer sense the fade as the lyrium no longer whiffed through the air. Irving blinked.


Looking over to his long time rival and friend showed that the Knight-Commander too noticed it, and the First Enchanter was fairly sure the two men were mirroring the other's expression.


That couldn't be right! She got in there maybe ten minutes ago! The Harrowing took at least half an hour! How could anyone go through their Harrowing so fast?

"Th-that's amazing!" one of the templar's stuttered.

"She must be a genius with astounding will!"

In the Fade ten minutes ago

The shift into the Fade was something she could have lived without ever experimenting again. One moment she was watching Lyrium enveloped her arm and the next she was in a weird, twisted land.

So this is the fade, Surana thought, looking around and feeling sicker then the time Anders had placed bad deep mushrooms in the Templar's food but forgot to tell anyone else, thus the cooks had placed all the meals together and resulting in the biggest case of mass food poisoning in the history of the Tower.

The wisp creatures hadn't been tough, though it was enough to make her wary. Just what was she facing in this land of inconsistent luridly?

"Someone else thrown to the wolves, as fresh and unprepared as ever."

The elf looked around, trying to find the voice. Dear Maker, she wasn't facing a demon already was she?

Surana then noticed the movement. Slowly she looked down, and saw the biggest rat she had ever laid eyes on.

"It isn't right that they do this, the Templar's. Not to you, me, anyone!"

Surana stared. Then blinked, once, twice and thrice.

Then she let out a high pitch scream, causing the rodent to jump.

"What-" but the mouse never got farther as the young elf screeched a note was impossible to obtain in the real world, pointing at him with a look of undiluted horror.

"IT'S AN R.O.U.S.!" the mage screamed before angling her leg back and then swung it with full force.


The terrified elf watched as the rodent sailed over the warped hill and over the edge.


Suddenly the world around her dissolved, a white light filling her vision.

Not far, Valor and Sloth watched as Pride disappeared over the edge.

Valor stared, not sure he could believe what he had just saw. Sloth on the other hand wasn't very slothful at the moment, seeing how he was on the ground laughing his mangy arse off.

"Did that mage just… punt Pride off?"

This statement caused the lethargic demon to double over once more with laughter.

I always wanted to kick Mouse over the edge, I really did.

This was my attempt at a one-shot.

Reviews would be nice.