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An. I know, pointless but I felt it was time I posted something.


"There you are Gwaine." With a sigh Merlin plopped down onto to the stool by the knight. "What are you doing in the tavern at this time of day? I bet even Arthur isn't out of bed yet."

"I am waiting." Gwaine took a swig of his drink.

"Surely it's to earlier for mead and waiting for what?" Merlin's look of disbelief had the noble knight snort out in laughter.

"Silly Merlin, you don't know anything. " Gwaine stopped, looking down into his empty mug. With a shrug he waved his had to signal the barman to bring him another. "It's never to early for a drink."

"I don't know if I could ever share your enthusiasm. So what are you waiting for?" Merlin shared his lopsided smile with his friend.

"Well Merlin, this may surprise you but all good stories start in taverns."

Merlin chuckled. "Do they now?"

"Yes." Gwaine emptied his drink at a shocking speed. Merlin blinked slowly taking in his somewhat tipsy friend.

"That's why you're here, is it not?" Gwaine hand gestures were a little over the top as he jumped to his feet. "You come to seek my help in a mighty quest!"

"Actually I came to remind you to come to training. Arthur was on the war path about you skipping out yesterday."

"Oh." Gwaine dropped back to his bar stool, his shoulders sagging. He called for another drink.

Merlin frowned at the knight.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting another drink."

"Gwaine." Merlin warned.

"While I am waiting." He responded simply.

"What for now?"

"A better story to come along. I am thinking dragons, wicked witches and a bloody battle for the crown but until then I'll be here."

"Ok." Merlin tried to hold a serious face but failed miserable. "See you at training then." The warlock spun on his heels ignoring the thump of gwaine's head hit the solid bar only just managing to catch Gwaine's muttered words.

"Bar Keep, I'll be needing something stronger."