Pairing: Edd/Marie

Rating: T

Author's Notes: Hello again, my fellow Ed Edd n' Eddy fans. As you all my already know, I'm redoing Been So Alone because I wasn't really happy with how the first attempt panned out. It had no real plot, didn't cover enough detail, and was rushed. I know you all liked it nonetheless, but I wanted to give you all something more. Something that would stand out. So, I decided to trash the old Ed Edd n' Eddy story and decided to go ahead and make a whole new story. This one will actually have a plot, some good detail, and better written scenes. So please, enjoy the new story and don't forget to review if liked.


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Chapter 1: Some Things Never Change

It was a chilly October day in the small town of Peach Creak, with the temperature hovering around 18 and 20 degrees. All the leaves were long gone and jack-o-lanterns were placed on every doorstep in the cul-de-sac, signaling that Halloween was steadily approaching. But while most were getting excited about Halloween nearing ever closer, some of Peach Creak's residents weren't as enthusiastic. Edd sat at his desk in his room, finishing up on the homework he was given to do over the weekend. He had put it off for too long that weekend, having been preoccupied with helping his friends Ed and Eddy find jobs.

Even though he was now 18, Double D's physical features hadn't really been altered. He was taller now, standing at 5'10". The previous year, however, Double had finally came out and revealed what was under his hat to the world. He was hiding the fact that he had long, beautiful black hair that went down his entire back. When he was young, his mother had kept telling him how she adored his hair. So, with the help of hair gel, bobby pins, and his old black hat, Double D had been able to shroud his hair from the world. But now, feeling he didn't have to be ashamed of it, now goes around with it hanging everywhere, with his new green hat perched right atop. He wore a long, baggy white dress shirt that once belonged to his father, when he was 18. Sure, it might have been a size too big for him, but Double D liked it, and wore it often with his long black tie. He also had on a pair of baggy blue cargo pants and a pair of lighter blue shoes.

'Okay,' he thought tiredly, putting his pencil to his paper. 'Carry the four…. Subtract the 16.… Multiply by 3.14.…' Even though he had straight A's in every class but Gym, Double D personally didn't like homework that much. He felt like if the school would just stop giving them pointless busy work and have them do this in class, there wouldn't be any need to do it at home, where it was supposed to be their time to relax. Because between school and his job at the electronics store at the Peach Creak Mall, he valued his two days of freedom…. Or what is supposed to be his freedom.

Buzz! Buzz!

Double D sighed when his cell phone started vibrating. He picked it up off his desk, looked at the caller ID, saw that it was Eddy, and answered. "Hey Eddy. Any luck at the food court?" Earlier that day, Ed and Eddy had dropped of applications for jobs at the food court at the mall. The manager said he'd take a look at them, and told them to come back later that day.

"Hey Sockhead," Eddy's deeper voice answered, still calling Edd by his childhood nickname. "Me and Lumpy got the jobs. We start Tuesday, after school." You see, believe it or not, Eddy was the first of the Eds to get tired of scamming people. Sure, Double D himself never liked it all that much, but he only went along with it because his friends enjoyed it so much. But Eddy soon realized that the scams were ultimately pointless, rarely benefited him, and were more trouble then they were worth. So, after Eddy quit, Ed soon followed suit.

Double D smiled and leaned back in his chair. "That's splendid, Eddy. I'm glad you and Ed are finally joining me on the path to adulthood." He heard Eddy scuff on the other line, which was his response every time he sensed that his hat wearing friend was about to give a lecture. "Personally, I feel you two have been squandering too much of your time partying lately. Honestly, your's and Ed's grades have been hanging on only by a thread for far too long. If you two would actually apply yourselves to something and just…!"

"Damn, you bitch more than my mom," Eddy groaned, interrupting Double D's rant. When he heard Double D huff, Eddy continued. "Listen Sockhead. The only reason me and Monobrow are gettin jobs is because our parents are makin' us. Yeah, I'm 18 and should've already had a job, but mooching off your parents are what high schoolers are supposed to do. If they hadn't threaten to take the keys to my van, I'd still be a bum." Eddy let out a loud yawn. "Anyway, I'm gonna be working at McDonald's at the cash register, and Ed's gonna be picking up the trays and mopping…. Not the best jobs in the world, but at least my folks are happy."

Double D wanted to talk some more, but he knew he had to finish his homework. Because he knew that if he got more involved in the conversation, time would bitch slap him in the face and speed up on him. "Yes, well, I'd love to keep this…intriguing conversation going," Double D jumped in, cutting off Eddy before he could continue onto a different subject, "but I must resume my studying. This homework is due tomorrow and is worth a great deal of points…. Which reminds me," he added, raising an eyebrow, "don't you have homework you should be doing, Eddy? You are failing that class, after all."

Eddy scuffed again. "Sure Sockhead," he said sarcastically, "I'll get right on that." Double D wanted to give him another lecture, or at least try to. But, he knew it wouldn't do him any good. He was stubborn as a child, he's still stubborn as a teenager, and he imagined it wasn't going to get better in his adult years. "Anyway, I'll talk to ya tomorrow at school. I still need to go to the auto shop and replace my tires. My old man said I needed to get snow tires."

"Alright," Edd replied, picking up his pencil, "talk to you tomorrow then." After Eddy hung up, Double D let out a long sigh. 'Some things just stay the same,' he thought, finishing up his equation.

After he had finished the worksheet, he was about to move on to his last assignment. But, he was horrified when he realized he had left it at school. He growled and banged his head on his desk, cursing underneath his breath. He didn't want to go back to school and waste gas, just to get a notebook. But he didn't want to come to school without it and put a smudge on his flawless assignment deadline record. Beside, his parents were still working. "Ah well," he sighed, putting on his grey coat, "guess it's inevitable."

He stepped outside his house and got into his red 1999 SC1 Saturn. But as he backed out of his driveway, he took a second to look around.

Absolutely nothing had changed.

Same houses, same lawns, same neighbors, same everything. He looked around some more and saw Rolf, happily hauling grass from his front lawn to his backyard, undoubtedly to feed his animals.

Rolf hadn't changed all that much either. He still spoke in his goofy foreigner way, and he was still as skinny as he was when he was younger. His hair had grown a little longer, giving him a more mature look. His voice was a little deeper, but besides that, he was still the same old Rolf.

Double D looked around, making sure there weren't any cars in his vicinity. When it was clear, he back up into the round-about that made the cul-de-sac, sighed, and turned on the radio before finally leaving. But honestly, he just turned on his radio so he had something to listen to while driving. He didn't care what it was, just as long as it was noise.

Like his room, his car was incredibly clean and everything was labeled. His armrest, his steering wheel, glove compartment, everything…. It was a annoying habit of his. He needed things to be clearly labeled when it's his. Otherwise, it would be in his mind the whole day. He looked at his clock and saw it was 5:26pm. Since he and the principal were on good terms, he figured he wouldn't have trouble getting in without being grilled about why he was there in the first place.

As he passed through Peach Creak itself, he sighed again at how barely anything had changed in all the years he had lived here. It was as if this town was permanently frozen in time, where Father Time only allowed its inhabitants to change and grow older…. Don't get confused, he loved Peach Creak and all that lived there. He just wondered if life was always going to be this routine.

Finally, he arrived at Peach Creak High. There were cars in the staff parking lot, leading Double D to assume that if anyone, the principal was there.

Double D took a deep breath as he pulled into the parking lot. He turned off his radio, turned off his engine, and got out, closing and locking his door behind him. After shoving his keys down deep into his pocket, he walked across the parking lot, onto the steps of the school, sighed, and walked in, thinking only one thing.

'I hate homework….'

Five Minutes Later….

He came back out, his notebook and textbook both tucked under one arm. He was glad he didn't have to deal with any authority figures when he entered. Apparently there was some meeting going on, and he was able to sneak in without anyone noticing. 'Note to self,' he thought, slowly going down the steps of the school, 'keep notebook and textbook at side at all times.' Rummaging through his pocket, he fumbled around until he heard the jingle-jangle of his keys. But as he was pulling them out, he suddenly heard a familiar, and otherwise dreaded voice, coming from behind him.

"Forgot your stuff at school again, huh?"

Double D's body suddenly went stiff when he realized that voice belonged to long time childhood stalker and self proclaimed "girlfriend" Marie Kanker. 'Why? Why does these things keep happening to me?' Slowly, Double D turned around.

Out of all three of the Kanker sisters, Marie Kanker had to have changed the most dramatically. While she used to be a little taller then Double D, she's now only about two inches shorter than he was. Her once short, normally messy hair was now almost as long as Double D's hair, and was nearly as bushy as a lion's mane. But even with the extra hair, the right side of her face was still concealed, the same as when they were younger. And while she still had on deep blue eye shadow, she also started applying a little eyeliner as of lately, to "spice up her flare" as she puts it. She still wore her regular black tank-top, but it was now covered by her new brown, baggy coat, which like Double D's dress shirt, was one or two sizes too big. Then finally, she had on the blue combat pants and black sneakers she had always worn.

Now, while almost everything stayed the same in Peach Creak, one thing that had changed were the Kanker sisters. But not in the way Ed, Edd or Eddy had hoped. The Kankers still followed them around, showing them unwanted affection. But what changed was HOW they did it. Unlike when they were kids, which was nothing but merciless torturing and relentless kisses, now it was more planned; more crafty. Now, the Kankers were more smooth and in control. Sure, they still made it obvious that they were in love with the three boys, but not to the point to where they ambushed them and forced themselves on them like in their early years….

Though, for Double D, it still felt the same now as it did then…. He felt trapped.

Marie took a step forward, blowing a bubble with her pink chewing gum. Double D's heart sped up a little bit as he took a step backwards, matching her advance with his retreat. "U-umm…. G-good evening, M-Marie," Double D stammered, as sweat started building up on his brow. "I-indeed…. I s-seem to have u-unintentionally and c-carelessly left my supplies here b-by mistake."

He didn't know why Marie freaked him out so much. Even now, when he was a mature 18 year-old boy who had gotten over his phobia of girls and that kind of stuff, he still had the same fear in his heart when he saw Marie as when he was younger. He admitted, as a girl, Marie Kanker was not ugly. As a matter of fact, he thought she had an almost mysterious beauty in her. But still, the way she looked at him, the way she grinned at him, the way she talked to him, still sent a shiver crawling up his spine. Maybe he just couldn't get over all the torture she put him through in his younger years. Maybe it was something about how she held herself and how she always had a hint of mischievousness in her smirks.

He didn't know exactly what it was. All he knew was that to this day, Marie Kanker could still strike fear in his heart with a simply glance.

With a sly smirk on her face, Marie crept closer and closer, with Double D backing up to the point to where he was backed up onto the hood of his car. Then, Marie leaned forward, almost hovering directly over Edd, with their faces only inches apart. She giggled. "You're still cute when you're afraid, ya know that?" Her voice was no longer shrill, but now soft, almost mystical and seducing at times. She then placed both hands next to Edd's head, pinning him in a sense. "You still think I'm a little scary, huh?"

Blushing, Double D scowled to one side and huffed. "Well, in o-order?" Rolling her eyes, Marie nodded, humoring him. "Y-yes, you've m-made it clear t-to me that you th-think I'm "cute" wh-when I am e-experiencing fear…. A-and I w-wouldn't say you're scary…. M-more like excessively intimidating."

Hearing this, Marie raised her eyebrow and backed off…. That was what Double D meant by smooth and in control. She got what she wanted, which was to simply impose fear in the boy and get close to him. Now that that was accomplished, she was done…. Kinda.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, Dreamboat," she almost sang, bringing back a frequently used nickname she gave him. Now that he had space, Double D stood up, but still kept an eye on the girl. After spitting her now flavorless gum onto the pavement, she turned, and entered the school for some unknown reason.

Now, Double D was alone.

'Damn, every time,' Double D thought, frustrated. He then remembered that he needed to get home before his parents did. Normally, he would tell his parents every time he would go out, mainly because his mother was always worried about her only son driving. But since this was not even a 10 minute ordeal, he figured he could let this one slip.

But nevertheless, he got into his car, threw his notebook and textbook into the passenger seat, buckled up, and started his car. Before leaving, however, he looked back at the school, oddly enough thinking about Marie…. Or more specifically, how he still wished he could conquer his meaningless fear of her. But, he finally managed to back out of the parking space, and exited the parking lot. But as he left, he knew one thing was certain.

Some things never change…. Marie Kanker was living proof of that.

To Be Continued…

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