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Pairing: Edd/Marie

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Chapter 11: The First Day, Part 2

'Well... So far this day is turning out to be just as I predicted it would be,' Double D thought, letting out a long, tired sigh as he sat down at his and his friends' respected lunch table. It was now lunch, and Double D was already wishing the day would end sooner. Slowly pulling his backpack off his shoulders and plopping it on the tiled floor, he lazily started rummaging through it. 'And to think, the school day isn't even over yet.' With that thought fresh in his mind, he couldn't help but think back to earlier that day. And, like he just told himself, it was just as he was expecting. After the truth came out about his new found relationship with Marie Kanker (Due mostly to Marie's less than subtle display of affection in the cafeteria that morning) everything started falling into place. Teasing and crude jokes from Kevin and Jonny. An overjoyed display of pride from Rolf. A constant "I knew it" and "I told you so" look from Nazz, followed by her saying what her looks were already telling him. And Sarah completely avoiding him, with Jimmy with her to console her.

But, Double D smiled when he reminded himself something. While all the others' reactions were predictable, Double D was happily surprised at how Ed and Eddy took the news. Sure, at first they reacted exactly how he imagined they would. With Ed being sad in his usual overly-dramatic way, and Eddy being confused and annoyed by the news of him and Marie being an item. But, Double D was pleasantly surprised at how understanding they were after he explained everything to them. Sure, Eddy still didn't agree with the choice he had made. But, in the end, both he and Ed accepted it.

Just than, something dawned on Double D. Both Ed and Eddy weren't at the table yet. Curious, Double D looked around the cafeteria. Everyone else were there. Nazz, Rolf, Kevin and Jonny were all sitting at the table in the middle of the room (No doubt talking about Peach Creek High's newest couple) while Sarah and Jimmy sat at a table that was on the complete opposite side of the cafeteria, no doubt coping with the news that "her man" was swiped away by Marie. Thinking of how he was going to deal with Sarah caused Double D to let out a long, unenthusiastic sigh.

But, in all honesty, Double D was actually relieved at how the day was turning out. He knew he would have to face some sort of ridicule, of course. But, so far, that ridicule wasn't really worth the anxiety he had on the morning's drive there. He thought he was going to have to go through worse that what he did. 'And here I was, freaking out about nothing,' he thought to himself, letting out a small chuckle. Reaching into his paper bag, he pulled out his nicely wrapped ham sandwich. Peeling away the wrap, to where only the top portion was bare, he took a bite. 'Besides the expected and juvenile jokes from both Kevin and Jonny, it feels like just another ordinary day... Almost as if nothing has cha-!'

"Hiya, Cutie-Pie!" All of a sudden, two arms came around his unsuspecting person, which was proceeded by Marie's all too familiar voice. Before he knew it, Double D found himself caught in a surprise and unforeseen hug. Caught off guard, the poor boy nearly choked on the mouthful of sandwich. "You have my chocolate bar? Mama has a sweet-tooth!"

'OH DEAR LORD!' As a result from the silent and unexpected embrace from behind, poor Double D almost choked on the bite of sandwich he had just took. After letting out a muffled yelp, he forced the partially chewed bite down his throat. And, after taking a couple of deep breaths, Double D turned to Marie, still embracing his torso, wearing a cat-like mischievous grin. "... G-good e-evening Marie," Double D replied, letting out a nervous cough in between. "I take it y-you've missed me since this morning?"

The Kanker sent him a guilty/evil smirk and nodded her head, tightening her hold on him. "Maaaaaaybe," she sang, sticking out her tongue at him playfully. "Four whole periods without my Sugar-Lump to cuddle with is about all I can take." Than, she nuzzles her face into Double D's back. In the distance, he could hear that the other occupants of the cafeteria, Nazz, Rolf, Kevin and Jonny, had grown silent with their conversations. And he didn't even have to turn around to look at them to know they were all looking at them.

Embarrassment began to sink in as Double D's face slowly but steadily started to grow redder and redder. "I-I see," Double D answered, his voice a little shaky from the whole suddenness of the hug. After clearing his throat, he tried to get his composure back. "Well, it is indeed nice to see you too," he answered, sounding a lot more clear and audible than before. "Please... W-would you like to take a seat?"

"Daaaaaw. Do I have to?" Marie asked, pretending to be hurt in some form or another, using an overly innocent voice. "Don't you like my hugs, Double D?" She followed that up by nuzzling her face even deeper into his back. But, as she said that, it was apparent that she was still smiling in her usual mischievous manner. She knew that while embarrassed as he was, Double D was enjoying it. She could tell by both his face, and the fact that he hadn't asked her to stop. But, while she was relishing in that fact, she figured she should ease up a little. "Alright," she said, finally releasing her hold on Double D. "I was getting tired of standing anyway."

As Marie walked around the table and took the seat across from him, Double D couldn't help but find what just happened a little humorous. Even now, after everything that had happened between them the night before, Double D still found the fact that it happened quite unbelievable. After years of running, one simple date changed everything over night. Marie went from being his childhood tormentor to being his girlfriend in the short span of only 24hrs. Now, he found himself welcoming her affection, rather than running from it. But what was funny was that even now, as his girlfriend, Double D now found Marie's natural fiery and smothering personality more endearing, rather than intimidating or terrifying.

Double D cleared his throat once more. "I see you are the only one of your sisters to show up again," he began casually, as he straightened up his tie. (Nervous Tendency) "May I inquire why?"

Marie smiled. "What can I say? I would be skipping too if I didn't have a handsome, gap-toothed reason for showing up," she replied, winking at the boy sitting across from her. A small grin formed on the side of Double D's face, feeling somewhat flattered by the statement. "Yeah, Lee and May are taking today off to think of ways to get their Eds," she continued. "Ever since I told them about our date, they've pretty much been hating my guts. So now they're going to try even harder to get Ed and Eddy."

"Is that so?" Double D asked. Marie rolled her eyes and nodded. "Splendid," he sighed, "I suppose when that happens, Eddy will end up blaming me for it... Wonderful..." Double D scratched the back of his neck, as he thought about it. "Aw well. I suppose it was going to be inevitable from the start." He took another bite of his sandwich, in a small attempt to get his mind off it.

"Sorry I made Eddy turn on you," Marie said, using a tone that was a mixture of both joking and serious.

But Double D shrugged off the apology. "Don't be," he assured her, placing his sandwich down on the table. "I can't say I didn't see this as a possible outcome. Out of the two, I was certain Eddy was going to make the biggest deal out of the news. He just needs time to cope, is all... Besides," he added, as he reached into his paper bag, "I'm sure that after he sees how happy we can be together, he'll slowly begin to change his opinion on you. All he needs is time." Than, Double D found what he was looking for. From his bag, he pulled out his large chocolate bar, and handed it over to Marie.

Happily, Marie accepted it and smiled. "Well... I guess he's just being protective of his friend, is all," she said, unwrapping the chocolate bar and taking a bite. "After all, me and my sisters did do some pretty nasty stuff to you guys back then. Can't really say I blame him..." Just than, a thought occurred that brought a smile to Marie's face. "I guess Lee will have her work cut out for her when it comes to getting Eddy to take her, huh?"

When the thought crossed Double D's mind, he too chuckled at the idea. "Him and Lee as boyfriend and girlfriend... Now that would be an interesting sight indeed."

"To be honest, I don't see what Lee finds so interesting with Eddy," Marie added, taking another bite from her chocolate bar. "I mean, Eddy is loud, obnoxious, pushy, stubborn, not all that much to look at... Even now, I don't see what Lee sees in him."

When he heard this, Double D chuckled. "That's funny," he remarked, taking a drink from his soda, "because those are some of the same words Eddy used to describe Lee... Albeit, I don't remember him ever saying anything about her looks before." Marie gave him a curious look after learning this. "I suppose Lee likes Eddy because of how similar they are to one another," Double D continued, smiling a little bit more as he thought about it. "And I suppose the same could be said about May's affection for Ed. Even when you three were chasing us, May had always showed herself to be more compassionate, much like Ed is. Plus, both Ed and May are... Well," he said, trying to come up with the right word. "You know..."

"Both dumb as a bag of rocks?" Marie answered.

"... Short-sighted is how I would've put it," Double D clarified reassuringly, causing Marie to roll her eyes. "But bluntly speaking, yes. It seems that Lee and May are infatuatedEd and Eddy because both them and your sisters share some similar traits in one form or another. Eddy and Lee are both dominant leaders in nature, both being the unspoken leaders of the Eds and the Kankers, while Ed and May are the short-sighted but ever obedient followers... So simply put, they're all both opposite and yet the same, if that makes any sense." Even as he said that, Double D scratched the back of his head, unsure of how accurate or clear his assumptions on the matter were. "Well, that's just my theory, anyway..."

As Marie listened to Double D's reasoning, she took a second to consider what he had just said. "Actually, when you say it like that," she answered, nodding her head, "it makes a hell of a lot of sense." Double D grinned when he heard Marie validating his theory, and took a bite from his sandwich. She than raised an eyebrow, and leaned forward a little bit with a long smile. "So does that mean it was my looks and smarts that finally won you over?"

"..." Double D paused before answering that question. He loosened his tie a little when he started to feel himself getting warmer. From the tone in her voice and the look on her face, Double D could tell that Marie was feeling a little flirtatious. "... It was quite more than that, I can assure you," he answered cautiously.

Seeing Double D getting nervous caused a smirk of guilty pleasure to appear on Marie's face. Propping her head up with her hands, she leaned even further across the table, smiling lazily at the boy. It because clear to Marie that while being the most articulate kid in school, Double D was obviously a stranger when it came to intimate conversation. Even on their date, all they did was talk casually. But now, officially boyfriend and girlfriend, it became painfully clear that Double D didn't know how to answer her simple, yet intimate question... But, that didn't stop Marie. "Oh really? Care to elaborate, Lover-Boy?"

Double D, with a nervous sweet forming on his brow, cleared his throat. "Well... I suppose it was a number of different things," he started, sounding a little timid. "... Yes, I suppose I do find you to be the most cunning of you and your sisters... Which, of course, cunning being connected to intelligences, would confirm your accusation of your intellect being an attractive attribute..." Double D paused again, his face as red as a sunburn. Marie continued to look at him with her signature cat-like grin, indicating that she was in fact relishing in his response. "A-and yes," he continued. "While I've never been one to care about looks, I am willing to admit I have found you to be quite lovely ever since that kiss... Or perhaps even more so." He swallowed hard as Marie's smile slowly started to grow wider. Now she was twirling a lock of her hair around her index finger as she waited for him to continue. "B-but I guess what ultimately convince me was how persistent and forward you were... It seems that what I used to find brash or intimidating, I now somehow find endearing. I-I can't really explain what that is, honestly... But it is true... I suppose that, somewhere along the line, I have grown accustomed to your fiery nature, to where it doesn't frighten me... As much... And, w-well... I, ummm..."

So there is was. That was Double D's reasoning. Embarrassed by how it sounded, Double D looked down to avoid Marie's gaze. He had never spoken about anything as personal as what he had just done. He didn't know why it was so hard for him, especially given what they have already gone through the night before. He figured that after that night, dealing and talking to Marie would've been easier. But yet here he was, struggling to answer a simple, meaningful question.

And then...

"Hehehe..." Double D heard what sounded like snickering. Looking up, he could see that it was in fact Marie who was snickering. Marie was covering her mouth to try to stop herself. But when they made eye contact, allowing Marie to see how red Double D was, it caused her to laugh even harder. Embarrassed beyond belief, knowing that surely everyone was looking at them due to Marie's loud laughter, Double D covered his face even more as she continued. "Hahahaha! Oh my God, that was too good," she cried, with tears threatening to fall from her eyes. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry," she repeated, literally gasping for air, "but that was to Goddamn funny! Hahaha!"

"..." Double D sat there, embarrassed and horrified, while Marie continued to laugh at him. For what? The poor boy had no clue. He had pretty much spilled his guts about what she wanted to know to the best of his abilities, and she replies by laughing hysterically at him. And, to make matters worse, he could feel the curious and confused looks of all the others practically burning holes into his back. "D-did I-I say s-something w-wrong?" Double D stuttered, glancing up at Marie who was now, in fact, wiping tears from her eyes from laughing so hard.

When she finally regained some of her composure, she looked up at him with wide grin and shook her head. "Hehehe... N-no, not at all Double D," she answered, still trying to keep herself from laughing some more. "I'm sorry I laughed at you, Sweetie," she apologized, sitting back up straight. "I just couldn't help myself. That answer was just so you. You sounded so calculated and precise. You were trying so hard to say that, it was simply too adorable not to laugh at..." After seeing how red he was, she immediately got an idea. "Aaaaw. Poor thing," she added, reaching out and caressing one side of Double D's face, "you got so embarrassed when I laughed at you, huh?" Now she was talking to him as if he was a little puppy or even a baby. "I'm sowwy, Babe."

Double D, after hearing her making fun of him, allowed a frown to appear on his face, looked away, and crossed his arms across his chest. Double D, as uncharacteristic as it sounds, was in fact pouting from Marie making fun of him. "... I'm so very glad you find my short-comings amusing, Marie," he grumbled, still not looking back at Marie, who was still trying her best not to laugh anymore. Her hand was still resting against his face, as if to make him feel better about getting embarrassed. And, to some extent, Double D had to admit that despite being somewhat humiliated by his own girlfriend, he did appreciate her touch.

When he refused to look back at her, Marie smiled. "... Are you mad at me?" She asked, batting an eyelash at him and sounding innocent about it.

"... Maybe a little," Double D replied quietly, still pouting as if he was actually irritated.

"Would a kiss make things better?" Marie asked again, this time, slowly leaning her way forward across the table.

Double D caught her slowly leaning forward from the corner of his eye. When he saw that, he realized it was going to happen regardless of how he answered back... Though, by this point, he couldn't really say he had a legitimate objection to it. "... I suppose it couldn't hurt," he answered, finally turning his head back around so that now they were looking at one another. He was still beat red in the face, but now he had an (T_T)look on his face, due to the fact that he was a little irritated from being laughed at... Only a little, though. Marie didn't bother to answer back. She merely flashed him a sly smile before reaching out, grabbing the back of his neck with both hands, and pulling him in for a firm kiss.

And there it was again. The feeling of kissing Marie Kanker, and having absolutely no problem with it. Double D had to admit while it was still a weird feeling, it was ultimately a good one. He didn't even pay no mind to Kevin when he heard him whistle at them from the other table, followed by him shouting, "Get a room, you two!" Marie slowly moved her hands from behind Double D's neck and instead gently started to caress both sides of his face as the kiss lingered. Double D's fake pout slowly melted into a warm, lazy smile as he finally gave into the sensation. Needless to say, he was proud of himself. Sure, he was a little annoyed when Marie started to laugh at him... But the whole pouting thing was all an act. He was embarrassed, but not that embarrassed. He just though he would play along, since pouting would've been the perfect thing to go with the situation.

... At least with Marie, it was.

"... Having a nice lunch, Romeo?" Just than, Double D and Marie heard an all to familiar deep voice. Abruptly breaking the kiss (Much to Marie's disappointment) Double D turned around to see both Ed and Eddy, standing behind them with trays of food. Neither of them knew now long both had been standing there. Eddy looked down at Double D with an annoyed/disgusted expression. Ed on the other hand had a blank look, with no real emotion visible. At first, Ed and Eddy just looked down at Double D and Marie, with Double D straightening up his clothes frantically and Marie sending them both annoyed looks. But, after a few seconds of silents, Eddy sighed. "Sorry we're late," he began, as he and Ed sat on either side of Double D. "Teacher made me and Mono-Brow stay after class."

Seeing as how neither Ed or Eddy were making a fuss about Marie sitting at their table or about what they had just witnessed, Double D allowed a small smile to show. "Th-that's quite alright, Eddy," he stated, folding his arms on the table. He then turned to Ed, who was, like Eddy, already going at his lunch. "I hope you two don't mind if Marie sits with us."

There was a moment of silence again between the Eds, as Eddy looked from Double D to Marie. Though, only after about three seconds of thinking, Eddy let out a sigh. "Hey, last time I checked it was a free country," Eddy grumbled, not even looking up from his tray. As you could expect, it wasn't an enthusiastic response, but more of a non-caring "whatever" kind of response. "Just as long as you two promise not to suck each others faces while we're eating."

"Last time I checked it was a free country," Marie replied, quoting Eddy's initial response. Eddy looked up from his tray and sent an annoyed scowl at Marie, who simply looked back at him with a confident smirk. Eddy narrowed his eyes at the Kanker, while Double D and Ed looked at each other, concerned. But, after a few seconds, Marie sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine. If it bothers you that much, I'll warn you ahead of time so you can look away. How's that sound, Big Guy?"

Eddy, at first, just continued to send the girl a dirty look. It was clear that Marie wasn't going to play by anyone's rules but her own, and Eddy let out a low grumble when he realized that. So, crossing his arms across his chest, he reluctantly nodded, while still keeping his annoyed scowl aimed at her. But, Marie smiled triumphantly, completely ignoring Eddy's frown.

"Glad you saw it my way," she said, reaching out and patting Eddy atop the head.

To Be Continued...

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